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The Three Choirs Vineyard Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 26th, 2019

The wine industry is one of the most competitive industries in many countries around the world. Companies involved with wine production have to put in place the right marketing and promotional strategies in order to retain and attract customers.

The Three Choirs Vineyard offers different wine varieties and accommodation services in addition to a beautiful and relaxing environment. The Three Choirs Vineyard facility has a wine shop, gift shop, daily guided tours, a restaurant, eleven boarding units, and a state of the art winery with 75 acres of vines.

To fully analyze the Three Choirs Vineyard, it is important to highlight the organization’s marketing strategies such as segmentation, targeting and positioning.

To begin with, Three Choirs Vineyard has tried its level best to divide its market into segments of consumers with a common inclination towards a particular brand of products and services.

Market segments are created according to demographic variables, income, behavior, lifestyle and the type of benefit sought from the product or service. Consumers with the same interests and needs are divided into small segments to ensure that everyone is fully satisfied.

The success of Three Choirs Vineyard is attributed to its segmented market. Three Choirs Vineyard provides a unique experience for its customers with the different varieties of wine and other recreational facilities being perfect segments for its customers.

Three Choirs Vineyard caters for wine enthusiasts, gift shoppers, holiday makers and those just looking for a beautiful place to relax. The organization produces different brands of wine according to the different preferences of its segmented market.

Promotional schemes of products and services depend on the unique tastes and preferences of a particular market segment. After creating market segments, the next step to be taken by the organization is targeting the created segments.

An organization develops marketing schemes and plans to effectively reach the created market segments. In an attempt to target its wide range of segments, Three Choirs Vineyard has elaborate marketing schemes targeting its market segments.

To begin with, the organization has wine tasting tours that target wine lovers and holiday makers. Three Choirs Vineyard has discount plans for each market segment according the marketing goals of each segment.

The organization offers two packages of wine for both its rich and average income customers through the adopt a vine with wine promotion. An organization strives to create a particular perception in the mind s of customers with regard to their market segment through positioning.

Taking Three Choirs Vineyard as an example, the organization has different wine brands for the rich, middleclass, teenagers, the old, women, men, Christians and non-Christians. All brands are created with the aim of creating a particular perception in a targeted market segment.

Positioning is an effective marketing strategy that ensures that all market segments are accommodated. Each brand of wine is prepared, priced and positioned according to the requirements of a particular market segment.

The three marketing strategies have been effectively used by Three Choirs Vineyard in an attempt to retain, satisfy and attract customers.

An organization needs to analyze and fully understand its environment of operation for it to achieve its organizational goals. In order to analyze its environment of operation, there are certain external factors that the organization needs to understand.

These factors are commonly referred to as the PESTLE factors. Three Choirs Vineyard faces some legal, social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect its daily activities. The legal and environmental categories of the PESTLE factors are very crucial in the UK wine industry.

Three Choirs Vineyard faces strict regulations that guide the winemaking industry. The alcoholic strength of each wine category has both minimum and maximum limits that need to be followed. Enrichment and de-acidification of wine produced in the UK is also regulated to ensure that the standards are maintained.

The legal regulations limit export business of wine making companies such as Three Choirs Vineyard. The level of sulphur dioxide in red wine is limited to 150 milligrams per litre for all UK wine industries.

Records concerning wine bottling and enrichment must be recorded immediately and kept for a minimum of five years for accountability purposes. The UK wine labeling regulations are very strict because they are harmonized with the EU wine labeling regulations.

The wine label must include the alcoholic strength, the nominal volume, country of origin, sulphur dioxide content and the type of wine. Fluctuating values of international currencies affect the price of wine at the international market.

Wine companies such as Three Choirs Vineyard end up incurring loses on its exports due to weak foreign currencies. The Three Choirs Vineyard holds daily tasting events and it is therefore required to have a Winery Special Event Permit.

There are quite a number of environmental regulations and issues that affect the wine industry in the UK. Environmental factors form part of the PESTLE factors that affect the UK wine industry.

Vineyards and other winery operations are considered as Agricultural activities by the UK authorities and therefore the zoning of farms is done by bona fide government agencies.

All wine producing facilities like Three Choirs vineyard are inspected after very six months to check whether there are any activities which are harmful to the environment. All companies that produce wine must have a Winery Waste Disposal Permit to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

The PESTLE factors affect the marketing mix adopted by Three Choirs Vineyard in a number of ways. To begin with, the sociological factors help the organization in the process of market segmentation. The organization uses the data gathered from sociological analysis to segment its market.

Three Choirs Vineyard has segmented its wine market according to age, sex, level of income, religion and the type of satisfaction sought from wine. The data obtained from analyzing external sociological factors helps a great deal in market segmentation.

Economic factors such inflation and exchange rates play a significant role in the pricing of goods and services at Three Choirs Vineyard. Promotion of goods and services is an essential component of a marketing mix that is enhanced by the PESTLE factors.

It would be difficult for Three Choirs Vineyard to promote its products if the UK as a country was politically unstable. The success being enjoyed by Three Choirs Vineyard is as a result of the good political and economic relationship that the UK enjoys with the rest of the world.

An organization or company can only develop an efficient and effective marketing plan if all the PESTLE factors are put into consideration. The marketing mix adopted by Three Choirs Vineyard brings good results because the organization constantly considers the PESTLE factors.

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