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The Venus Women’s Garage Essay

Executive Summary

A number of changes have been witnessed in various parts of the world. For instance, most societies across the globe aim at bringing up women who are self-reliant economically and socially. Consequently, the founders of Venus garage have the pleasure to usher in a new fundamental facility that will address most women’s needs.

The Venus (women’s garage) facility aims at providing Kuwait women with a chance to have their cars repaired while at the same time paying attention to their beauty needs. The Kuwait society has been delimited over the years by Middle Eastern rituals, beliefs, and customs. As a result, a number of women in the Kuwait society have often lacked the opportunity to be independent.

For example, the Kuwait women who are motorists cannot access motor vehicle services at a garage. As a result, they always have to seek assistance from their male relatives or friends in order to have their cars repaired. Therefore, the Venus garage aims at addressing the women’s needs that the Kuwait society has overlooked over the years. The Venus garage will offer its clients an array of services for the female motorists in Kuwait.

Some of the services will include, a beauty parlor that will offer several beauty care services, a cafeteria, as well as, a motor vehicle garage. The Venus garage will also have highly skilled professionals who will deliver first class and relevant services in accordance to the needs of the clients.

Currently, the market that Venus will be part of has two major rivals. As a result, the Venus garage aims at initiating new trends and offering quality services and products. The Venus garage aims at attaining its goals through vigorous promotional campaigns, which will take place in every part of Kuwait. The promotional campaigns will help to promote the slogan of Venus garage, which is entitled “motors made beautiful”.

The Venus garage clearly understands that the customers form the core of their assets. Therefore, Venus aims at satisfying the needs and the expectations of its customers by exploiting the CRM strategy that encompasses establishment of a loyalty program and supplementary benefits.

The CRM strategy will enable Venus to manage its interactions with customers effectively by employing the use of technology in marketing and offering customer services. In order for Venus to scale greater heights in the market in terms of growth and expansion, the company will have to develop strategies that will enable it to adapt effectively to change. The company will also have to provide first class services through a team of zealous and skilled staff.

The Product

The Venus women’s garage is a facility that aims at providing motor vehicle repair and beauty services to Kuwait female motorists. The Venus garage will be strategically located at the heart of Kuwait city along Alsoor Street near Dasman square roundabout. The customers are assured of a relaxing experience due to its exclusiveness founded upon aromatherapy concept.

At Venus, we believe that every female motorist requires an additional subtle care for herself, as well as, her car. Customers can access services offered at Venus via two major channels. First, a customer can book for an appointment via the Venus website. Second, customers can reserve their visits by dialing the Venus hotline numbers.

Some of the services that will be offered at Venus include motor vehicle repair services, maintenance/periodical checkups, carwash services, as well as, self-care services such as trendy manicure and pedicure, hair care services, and aromatherapy services. Additionally, customers will also have access to a cafeteria that will be serving different hot and cold beverages, fresh snacks, and salads.


The vision of Venus garage is to bring together Kuwait female motorists while providing them with professional motor vehicle and beauty care services at a competitive price within the shortest time possible that provides for optimal revenue and returns.

Sales Strategy

In order to generate its sales, the Venus garage will employ the penetration strategy. The penetration strategy will enable it to provide target customers with subsidized prices in comparison to its competitors in the market. The strategy will entail provision of an increased number of services offered, as well as, supplementary promotional services such as free car wash and health checkups on oil and tires for new and regular customers.

The major goal of Venus garage is to provide its clients with first class services at minimum cost. The penetration strategy is justifiable because of the existing fierce competition in the market. The major rivals in the market already have established brands and a strong base of customers.

Therefore, it might be detrimental for the Venus garage to pursue a similar pricing strategy as its competitors. Venus should offer lower prices and properly package its services in order to draw customers. As a result, it will have an opportunity of generating more sales within a short period. Additionally, intensive research and development will enable Venus to stay relevant in the market.

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