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Tourist in the Andalusian region Essay

In Spain, the Andalusian region provides both local and international visitors with unrivalled tourist attractions. However, the awareness of these attractions depends on successful tourism marketing strategies. It is worth noting that tourism involves selling services. Therefore, a well-crafted services marketing plan is crucial to the long-term success of Andalusian Heritage tours.

Market segmentation, positioning and service quality are some of the marketing strategies that can be used to promote Andalusian Heritage tours. Market segmentation divides Andalusian Heritage’s visitors into manageable groups.

On the other hand, market positioning and service quality enhances visitors’ perception of this wonderful attraction. This paper provides insights into how market segmentation, positioning and service quality can be used to market the Andalusian Heritage tours in Spain and abroad.

Market segmentation is a process through which customers are classified into divergent groups or subgroups. In other words, consumers are divided into subsets with similar characteristics or needs. For that reason, the various segments of Andalusian Heritage tours’ visitors require different products and services. Andalusian Heritage tours’ market can be segmented based on demographic and behavioral patterns of the visitors.

Therefore, visitors should be targeted based on their home region and preferences. Moreover, these tours are mainly visited by people who come from the Andalusian region, the rest of Spain and abroad. Consequently, Spain’s tourism board must target locals and international visitors using different marketing methods. Domestic tourism plays a pivotal role in upholding the status of flourishing tourist destinations.

For that reason, the Andalusian Heritage program must endeavor to promote its tours to the local Spaniards. Domestic tourism creates a situation where the local population is able to enjoy what the surroundings offer. Accordingly, the Andalusian Heritage program must create experiences and attractions that are affordable and interesting to the Spanish people.

On the other hand, attractions for international visitors must guarantee satisfaction. Therefore, the Andalusian Heritage program must come up with innovative ways of competing for international tourists. Some of the most effective methods of attracting international tourists include creating multi-seasonal experiences, focusing on adventure travel and giving online promotional tools a global outlook.

For instance, the Andalusian Heritage Program’s website should not be in English alone. Another way of segmenting these tours’ market is through preferences.

Some of the visitors have an interest in culture, shopping, nature and touring the region via specific itineraries offered by the Andalusian Heritage program. Therefore, different experiences should be created to ensure that all visitors leave the Andalusian region satisfied.

A business embarks on market positioning when it develops a brand image or a product in a client’s mind. Market positioning, therefore, improves a customer’s belief in a certain product. Excellent promotional activities and the right business mix are some of the ways through which the Andalusian Heritage can be positioned as a global brand in the tourism sector.

Furthermore, Andalusian Heritage tours’ overseas and local visitors must be followed up. Follow-up ensures that visitors are not left on the cold. Conversely, lack of follow-up disintegrates the bond between the locals and the tourists. Consequently, only a few visitors make return visits to an attraction.

Emails and other online methods are cheap and quick ways of doing follow ups. Furthermore, traditional methods, such as direct mails are suitable ways of complementing or substituting the online methods.

Service quality is one of the factors credited with repeat customers in any business venture. In addition, providing unrivalled services helps a business in gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals. There is a positive correlation between service quality and behavioral intentions of a consumer. Accordingly, a range of attributes in a service contribute to a customer’s intention to purchase it.

Service quality, therefore, dictates the overall impression of the Andalusian Heritage Program. Producing and delivering high quality services is the most effective way of ensuring that Andalusian Heritage tours stands out from other tourist attractions in the world. However, tourism marketing is different from other types of services marketing. Firstly, tourism services are mainly recreational and hospitable in nature.

Secondly, unlike other service industries, customer must travel to the area where the products are being offered. Lastly, the recreational and friendly experiences dictate whether or not a visitor will visit an attraction. Consequently, tourism products must be marketed differently from conventional products.

The Andalusian Heritage program must, thus, ensure that services offered along all routes are of good quality. For instance, trip planning packages, such as food, lodging and maps must be of unrivalled quality. In addition, these services must be offered in a timely, prompt and reliable manner.

Andalusian Heritage tours should be promoted ruthlessly to Spanish and overseas visitors. A successful services marketing strategy will ensure that these attractions stand out from other wonderful tourist destinations in the world.

In addition, market segmentation, market position and service quality can ensure that all Andalusian Heritage routes’ visitors are reached and their needs fully catered for. These marketing strategies are also a sure way of positioning the Andalus Heritage as an unrivalled tourist destination.

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