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TRIP Policies and Regulations Descriptive Essay

The development of businesses and corporations worldwide has created a market that is property and rights oriented. There is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for, in a form of copyrights and patents.

Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, for ideas and potential goals, plans and strategies. An idea is worth much more than the finished product because it is the basis for all production.

One of the regulations that protects inventions and inventors, consumers and businesses is the TRIPS Agreement- which is Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. It takes control over trading and selling privileges in the market, regulating and enforcing guidelines for fairness and honesty.

The purpose of this paper is to take a detailed look at the regulations and the process that govern transfer, sale and the general movement of products.

An important aspect related to rights for these products and issues that could come up will be closely examined, which will clarify the problems that presently exist in the market and trading industry.

The power of laws will be examined, through the example of TRIP, as it is a global agreement, which covers the whole market and is equally applicable to all people and organizations.

Since profits and potential future success are one of the key points in trade and businesses, the reasons for agreement such as TRIP will be analyzed. The difference between countries globally, is very noticeable.

The developed countries have an established order and control of goods and intellectual property, while developing countries might have some setbacks or limitations that can be used by others to their advantage.

The agreements are also made for a purpose to treat all members equally, to the point that if a certain favor or a special condition is offered to one participating side, everyone must receive the same treatment without exceptions.

Previously, the world trade was not as regulated as it is today, which led to a number of unfair and unbalanced transactions. The transport and use of certain products might be regulated as well. For example, some products or technologies or even concepts, will not be allowed to be used in some parts of the world.

This might be due to cultural differences or specificity of a product. Some businesses would not want to suscept the market to their ideas or product or they might want to keep it exclusive for their own country.

The stability of the country, as well as relations between countries depends on governments, their communication and cooperation. The paper will also focus on the technology and information that might be taken out or taken into the country.

The intricate relationship between the government, business and the economy directly affects the trade and the criteria which set up the framework and structure of the economy.

When new countries join and become members, they are bonded by the same agreements and provisions. The governments take an active part in the enforcement and control of the established rules and regulations.

The need for agreements and laws that regulate trading and property possession are a necessary attribute of the global economy and businesses. Governments, private corporations, as well as individuals, all participate in the establishment and continuation of fair and respectable trade.

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