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US Army’s Logistics Services on the Kava Island Essay



A modern organization operates in a stiff business environment. This therefore demands setting up effective strategies for its survival and growth. Haddow et al (2004) argues that critical thinking and strategic approach is essential for an organization. They enable an organization to deliberate on what decision to take in order to fend existing competition among its competitors, and immediate environment. When incorporated effectively, these elements eventually assist organizations to achieve a competitive advantage.

I’m working with the US army. The army intends to augment its logistics services in Kava. The army is among the many organizations that have recognized the aspiration of pioneering to new lands, and expanding its business opportunities. Kava is an island, found in the Southern Pacific region. The island has an active population, with fifty percent of the population under the age of fifteen.

The country is made up of various types of people, languages and religions. The Kava population is largely dependent on tourism, fishing and natural resources. Despite its economic stability, Kava faces a number of issues, which make it vulnerable to disasters such as terrorism- arising from within and outside the country, diseases, and the petroleum spill issues. However, Kava is fortunate to have a series of organizations which have been instrumental in helping the country deal with its disasters.

This paper explores issues present in Paradise. The paper discusses the forces present in framing a business problem in the area. Also, the paper discusses the organizational and environmental situations in the area that hamper business expansion opportunities. Finally, the paper invokes critical thinking skills in solving the problem.

Description of the Business Problem

My business expansion strategy will likely face various strategic challenges while integrating in Kava. Among the challenges is the issue of natural disasters. The natural disasters experienced include; fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, among others. Similarly, man-made disasters are also common in the island. The man-made disasters include HIV/AIDS and terrorism, both existing within and outside the country. These disasters have altered businesses that have already settled in the island. Hence, the disasters will have a direct cost effect to my business expansion strategy as well.

The other challenge affecting Kava, which will impact on my expansion mission, is the diversity of its population. There are several languages spoken in Kava. Although global languages such as English and Spanish are widely spoken, the indigenous languages remain a major medium of communication. The people also have several problems ingrained in their traditional beliefs. This is pictured through local religions, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.

The other problem present in Kava is the population. Statistics point out that majority of the population comprises young people, who are less than fifteen years. The situation is complex because most of these teenagers are not educated. The trend in population shows that Kava may face the challenge of competitive employment and dependence because of the age structure, and the level of competitive professional qualification. This will have a consequence to my business.

Forces that are involved in formulation of the problem

According to Ayad (2010), forces that aid in identifying a business problem vary. Kava, presents internal and external forces which make the recognition of the problem easy. The area presents forces such as religious, population, disasters and language issues. These problems call for devising some important business decisions.

Organizational and Environmental Obstacles

Advertising and Expansion

Presently, there are no logistic businesses operating in Kava. Perhaps, the cost of advertising will be affordable, as the area consists of many media outlets. However, since my organization is expanding, communication will be a challenge in achieving advertising goals. The challenge is even worse because of mixed languages spoken in the area. The area is also susceptible to natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes, to mention a few. This challenge will be complex to contain. Additionally, my organization will face a challenge in handling health hazards and coordination, during disaster response and recovery.

Critical Thinking

The problem presented in Kava demands more critical thinking skills to resolve. Hence, the eventual goal of my strategic planning will help in forming and managing an efficient and elaborate system to enable my business succeeds in the island. The decision to restructure my business in Kava will encompass various stakeholders. It will include activities such as shaping the leadership, finance, human resources and physical resources among other pertinent aspects of my business.

According to Ayad (2010), the first decision making step is defining the problem. The problems existing in Kava are diverse. They include prevalence of natural and man -made disasters, diversity, leadership and education among other factors. By embracing this strategy, I would establish a priority, based on measurable scale such as time money. This will enable me assess if I have made progress or not.

Re-evaluation of a situation is critical in decision making. Re-evaluation allows a decision maker to alter his or her thinking skills after defining a given problem. By carefully reevaluating the situation, I will develop an option if the decision is worth implementing or abandoning (Ayad, 2010).

Haddow (2004) argues that many business decisions are designed by gathering information. Gathering relevant information about the problem in context allows a decision maker to prudently make informed judgments (Kambil, 2007). In this case, I will use my time wisely to gather vital information, seeking advice and utilizing the available resources to ensure accurate decision is achieved.

Whereas first decisions may prove useful, exploring alternatives can provide new thinking. According to Kambil (2007), being open, practical, non-judgmental, thinking ahead and keeping records of ideas provide a new dimension on already set decision. In this case, I will limit myself to options that seem reasonable. I will carefully assess the situation and keep records to enable me evaluate the ideas carefully. After analyzing options available, I will make an informed choice on the available options.

Implementing a decision is not an easy task. It needs more effort. However, taking action and communicating to the rest of the stakeholders ensures a decision taken is implemented smoothly and in tandem with organization mission (Kambil, 2007). Communication for what will change and follow up strategies after implementation helps to reinforce the strategy undertaken, and guarantees organizational success.

References List

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Haddow, G. et al (2004): Introduction to Emergency Management; Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann Publishers.

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