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Victoria’s Secret Company’s Management Essay

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2020

Management of Victoria’s Secret often claim that the company is offering products solely for females to make them empowered and more confident. They also claim that they are far from pornographic approaches other retailers (such as Frederick’s of Hollywood) employ. However, when looking at the products offered by the two companies, it becomes clear that the brands are not very different. More so, they both provide quite similar messages concerning sexuality.

First, it is important to stress that Victoria’s Secret tries to distance itself from such companies as Frederick’s of Hollywood. The former stress that they do not sell products to make women toys in men’s hand but they want to make females empowered and confident (“Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret” n.p.). At the same time, the two brands are very similar.

One of major similarities between the two brands is the products they sell. Their major product is women’s underwear. It is necessary to note that both brands focus on such attributes as sexiness, comfort and attractiveness. Both brands make use of embroidery and various decorative elements. Both brands also utilize quite similar color schemes as black, red and blue tinges prevail though colorful underwear is quite common in Victoria’s Secret as well as Frederick’s of Hollywood.

The messages articulated are also quite similar. For instance, Victoria’s Secret delivers the following messages: “Naughty at Night: Wear seductive panties & nothing else”, “Some Like It Hot: Gorgeous, embroidered styles bring the heat”, “Desire in Bloom: Our new Very Sexy collection is provocative & petal-perfect” (“Victoria’s Secret” n.p.). Frederick’s of Hollywood articulates the following messages: “Every kind of sexy: Just how you like it”, “Where super comfy meets ultra sexy”, “What you desire”, “Make hearts race” (“Frederick’s of Hollywood” n.p.). Clearly, these are very similar messages that focus on sexuality and attractiveness. In some cases, Victoria’s Secret is more conspicuous than its competitor is.

It is also important to add that the brands provide quite similar views on sexuality but seem to target at different audiences. When looking at models of Victoria’s Secret, it is clear that the brand aims at young females (between 15 and 25). The models are very slim and young. The models of Frederick’s of Hollywood are older as those are females in their twenties or even late twenties. Their bodies are more feminine and the majority of them are not very slim. At the same time, both brands promote the image of a woman as a sexually active female who is confident enough to wear bold outfits. Women are continuously told that their bodies are their greatest power. Of course, mature women can make their own conclusions but such conspicuous advertising affects young females who start sharing the promoted view on sexuality.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood are two brands that focus on female body attractiveness and sexiness. At the same time, the latter simply sells products to women to make them look and feel pretty while the former tries to convince everybody that they are trying to empower women through developing their confidence. In reality, both brands are based on the existing view on sexuality.

Female bodies are still seen as a way to become successful in certain areas of life (private life). However, people should not ban those products or advertisements (though the quantity of merchandise should be definitely reduced). It is more important to make sure that young girls will make correct conclusions and will not simply share the views on sexuality that are profitable for such brands as Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

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