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“Vietnam: An American Ordeal” by George Moss Essay

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Updated: Apr 5th, 2022

A Strategic Thinker

The book “Vietnam: An American Ordeal” offers some of the best ideas towards better organizational management and performance. The book examines how the American soldiers dedicated themselves in order to stopping the spread of communism. I have gained new competencies and skills that can make me successful. Many organizations have their unique missions and visions. Every employee should focus on such missions. According to Moss (2010, p. 39), “personal orientation to cooperative work is something critical in an organization”. Such orientations are common in the armed forces. Employees and managers “should support cooperative work because it is the first path towards improved organizational performance” (Moss, 2010, p. 48). The above book offers the best strategies towards achieving every organizational goal.

I have always worked hard as a strategic thinker. Strategic thinking is an informed approach towards addressing challenges in our lives. Strategic thinkers focus on every issue encountered in their organizations. They use this approach to make accurate decisions. A “strategic thinker will also examine the issues that might promote or affect business performance” (Cruz, 2008, p. 37). I always use strategic thinking to address the issues affecting me. I have also interacted with my workmates and friends in order to make good decisions. I always think deeply before making my decisions. I always identify and implement new strategies in my workplace. Employees should embrace teamwork to realize their potential. Some of my biggest duties are mentoring and supporting others. I have always embraced the best skills whenever communicating with different individuals in my organization. My current obligation is to promote the best practices through continued mentorship and support. The above practices define my daily work and life.

Cooperation and Support from Others

Cooperation and interaction are two important practices in many organizations. Individuals can use the above practices to exchange their views and ideas. Every person or employee requires a mentor in order to succeed. Mentors are important because they guide us. Mentors also equip us with the best concepts or ideas. I am ready to “increase my competencies in communication, problem-solving, and decision-making” (Cruz, 2008, p. 53). I will embrace new ideas from my managers and supervisors. I need “guidance, mentorship, and encouragement from others in order to accomplish my work successfully” (Cruz, 2008, p. 63). I will borrow “new concepts such as teamwork, critical thinking, strategic planning, and management in order to improve my competencies” (Cruz, 2008, p. 69). Managers, supervisors, and administrators can offer the best concepts to their employees. I will embrace the above practices in order to achieve my professional goals.

I will also interact with my fellow employees to improve my communication abilities. My goal is to make the best decisions that can promote organizational performance. Many leaders offer appropriate mentorship programs to their employees. This practice will improve the level of organizational performance. A good leader focuses on the missions and goals of his or her organization. Individuals cannot realize their leadership objectives without collaborating with their mentors and teammates. I will also seek feedback and responses from different managers and leaders. These managers will also equip me with new strengths and competencies that can make me successful. Students and employees can learn a lot from Moss’ book. The “concepts of cooperation and interaction can promote the best organizational practices” (Cruz, 2008, p. 103). This scenario explains why I am focusing on the best organizational skills and ideas in order to realize my personal goals.

Military Lessons from the Course

The book by George Moss offers the best ideas towards promoting both personal and professional performance. The first military lesson gained from this course is the importance of teamwork. Soldiers always work as teams in order to achieve their military goals. I will embrace the concept of teamwork because it promotes the best organizational practices. Teams will solve their problems much easier. Many teams will achieve their goals within the shortest time possible. Employees should commit themselves to their organizations’ goals and objectives. Commitment is also a relevant lesson gained from this course. I will always commit myself to my duties and goals. According to Moss (2010, p. 89), “honor and duty are two powerful attributes of soldiers”. Every person should be happy with his or her job. The practice will promote the level of business performance.

Some meaningful skills have emerged from this course. One of these skills is the ability to think critically. Critical thinkers engage their workmates and friends whenever addressing various organizational challenges. Critical thinking “helps employees examine every challenge affecting their organization” (Moss, 2010, p. 106). A critical thinker will make swift decisions without leaving any stone untouched. My dream is to improve my skills as a critical thinker. Communication skills and problem-solving abilities are critical towards realizing my personal goals. The course has equipped me with various leadership concepts such as “responsibility, honesty, passion, and commitment” (Cruz, 2008, p. 85). I have become self-motivated, charismatic, and optimistic. I will use these competencies to address every challenge in my life. I am planning to use the above lessons in order to achieve my career objectives. I will also read more articles, magazines, publications, blogs, and books to increase my skills. I will use the ideas obtained from this course to improve my leadership competencies.

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