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Web Presence Creation Problem Solution Essay

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To drive the position about the relevance of a web presence home let us consider purchases of vehicles in the US prior to 1995 (Schneider, 2009). During this era the process of buying a car was often snared by aggressive sales personnel with ‘no haggling’ policies taking the pole position.

The result was many buyers of vehicles often left dealerships feeling confused, worried or even cheated after a transaction (Schneider, 2009).

However, this would soon change with the establishment of an online vehicle purchase company known as Autobytel in 1995 (Schneider, 2009). Through effective use of an online presence dealers were able to reduce prices by reducing selling costs thus resulting in increased sales volumes.

The web site required would be buyers to register and offer some form of description of the vehicle to be purchased. Following the success for such ventures it is reported that as of 2009 over 90% of buyers do some form of online research prior to buying a vehicle (Schneider, 2009).

Electronic commerce has registered a continuous and rapid growth in numbers until the year 2000. This plunge affected the industry for a period of almost three years and in 2003 the e-commerce industry began to show new signs of life.

Along this line there has been an increase in electronic fund transfer mechanisms that have greatly eased the procedure of online commerce. In this report the online web presence suggested will fall in the B2C category (Schneider, 2009).

This category forms the bulk on online commercial entities as it replaces the role of business to customer oriented commerce. The report will provide detail on the choices made in the creation and establishment of the web site.

It is hoped that through the online presence gained by inclusion of a website the business can increase sales volumes and address customer needs to an improved extent. In the next stage the discussion will begin by focusing on the central node.

Central Node

To begin with the web presence has to lie upon a central node. To gain a better understanding of the term central node let the discussion describe peer to peer (P2P) networking (Shen, Yu, Bufford & Mursalin 2010).

Bit torrent is used for content distribution and there is no central node on the system. This is because the data is stored on various interconnected computers. In this case the central node is a tracker that keeps data on which computer contains what data and how to find the shortest path to complete a transfer of data.

The central node in this case keeps a list of all peers and paths to the data required. However for our purpose the central node would best be a server used as a central storage point for all the data pertaining to the website (Helmy 2006).

This node will require that the user uses some form of authentication to gain access to the information stored on the server (Helmy 2006). This is also the procedure to follow when updating or adding any additional pages or data to the website.

All other nodes are connected to this computer through a mesh. The requirement to maintain authentication and authorization of all mesh nodes by this node suggests the server will be quite powerful to allow all these operations are performed on time and in an accurate fashion (Helmy 2006).

This topology has one major inconvenience in that adding a single computer forces the addition of cabling right from the central node to the computer (Bangia 2005).

In such a situation the associated costs of cabling are reasonably high. One advantage of recent technology that can be effective in management of the topology is the use of Wi-Fi and broadcast transmissions. This allows for fast and cheap addition of nodes on the network.

About Page

This is the page the visitors to the website will encounter first when they visit the website (Kernek 2005). The address of this page is ‘www.yourdomain.com’ in this case it will offer some information on how to become an effective radio presenter.

Internet radio has gained a lot of popularity and the use of file formats such as MP3 has greatly eased the task of providing listeners a good variety of music and presentation (Kernek 2005). This concept was thought to be ideal given that radio allows the host to move the listener away from the self into the host’s mind.

Other than this is the fact that unlike normal radio, internet radio is cheap and is available anywhere there is a suitable connection to the internet (Kernek 2005). For these reasons an internet radio presenter was seen as an appropriate choice for future efforts.


As it has been mentioned in the previous section the major advantage that internet radio offers is based on cost. The setting up of an alternative radio station will require purchase of expensive equipment for transmission and operation (Kernek 2005).

This can be accomplished much more easily with the internet as the transmission is free as long as a suitable connection exists. This further suggests it is suitable for start up where initial capital may be an issue.

Also by use of interesting combinations of songs the presenter can teach listeners a great deal about the outside world experiences (Heberlein 2002). An example of this is the amount of information Karl Haas has taught people in relation to classical music.

Through the use of a good host and presentation songs can be merged to create stories. It is reported a good host can say a lot without uttering a single word.

This position was made clear by the $60 million raised by Real Networks in early 2004 for the left wing alternative to right wing radio programs is proof of the efficacy of internet radio (Lee 2005).

Some stations have taken advantage of the internet radio and command a reported 40% listening across the whole of the USA (Lee 2005).

In addition to the above advantages of internet radio it has been reported that a good host is one capable of satisfying listener’s curiosity (Geller 2007).

The listener relies on a good investigative and conclusive discussion on pertinent issues. As an individual the author finds such work very enjoyable and feels capable of meeting the task requirements given some time.

Contributing Nodes

Having covered all the essential material it is crucial to consider useful links that may add value to the web site / presence (Gearon 2010). It is reported that useful links to other sites with valuable information demonstrates a willingness to share and extended knowledge of the industry (Masterson & Pickton 2010).

This also is known to be a good technique for improving ones search engine ranking. The higher this ranking the more visitors the web site is likely to attract.

A good example of a contributing node is a link to a station that offers an alternative approach to the questions being debated. Once again the example of the right and left wing radio stations is a good example to use as a guideline (Martel-Lawson 2004).

Listening to what the competition is saying is a good technique to ensure that the station remains refreshing and relevant to the listeners (Martel – Lawson 2004).

Another popular way to provide useful contributing material is to provide links to product affiliates and sponsors. In addition to that another popular technique is the use of complimentary services that allows users to feel a part of the experience.

It is not uncommon to see listeners win or receive various complimentary gifts from the stations. These are the result of the creator having done some groundwork and can go a long way in assisting listeners (Cherry & Jacob 2005).

Care should also be taken to consider links in the context of the listeners (Neuman 2007). Some links can even be used to generate revenue as is the case with Google ad sense.


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