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Well-Developed Training Program’s Charachteristics Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 9th, 2020


It is necessary to understand that a well-developed training program does not guarantee that the process of training is going to be successful, and numerous aspects should not be overlooked.

Good Training

There are many characteristics of a good training program. Students must get used to the environment and overall process of training. It is paramount to ensure that learners do not have any complaints during the process, and they are not confused (Hodell, 2006). Even small details should be taken into account and not disregarded. Chairs should be comfortable, and well-positioned. Also, it is important to consider the possibility that practice may be needed after each session (Barbazette, 2006). Blended learning is one of the approaches that should be considered, but it is essential to ensure that students are not overwhelmed by different kinds of information (Morrison, Ross, & Kemp, 2004).

Feedback also should be gathered because it will increase the effectiveness of future pieces of training (Alvord, 2010). It is also imperative to consider the fact that managers should also actively participate to achieve common goals (Rothwell, Lindholm, & Wallick, 2003). Participants should be fully committed and motivated, and the necessity of the process should be explained. The pace at which training is delivered is also paramount, and professional trainers will be able to resolve this issue. Students should be aware of the objectives of the training, and they must understand that there are goals that should be reached. The quality of training materials is also essential. Evaluation has a crucial role in the whole process, and should not be disregarded. It is quite important to note any weaknesses of training that occur, and they should be immediately addressed (Wang & King, 2009).

Budget Report

A well-designed budget is one of the most crucial aspects because it is necessary to consider the fact that additional expenses should be limited. It is paramount to make sure that every aspect is considered in each category of the budget. There will be five experts that will conduct the training over the period of 30 days. The fee of one professional is $80000, and the overall cost is $400,000. Two hundred course manuals will also be needed for each student, and they are sold for $10 each. Ten technical assistants will be hired, and they will be paid $350. Also, traveling cost is going to be $500. Project managers and project co-coordinators will be paid $200 and $100 respectively. The estimated cost of rent, light and heating is going to be $150, and it is based on the overall office rent. Recruitment and marketing will not be necessary. Additional travel cost is going to be $1250. Five image projectors will be bought, and they will cost $1000. Also, fifty laptops are going to be purchased, and they will cost $6000. Also, the need for refreshments should also be taken into account, and they will be worth $300. Evaluation of the project is going to cost $350. Overall, the budget is going to be $415810. It will be more costly than expected because of additional expenses on traveling, fees, overheads, etc.


In conclusion, many aspects should be considered to make sure that training is successful. High quality of the developed program is essential, and it is imperative that it is cost-efficient.

Table 1. Training Budget

Category Number Cost Total Cost $
Experts’ fee 5 80000 400000
Course manual 200 10 2000
Travel cost 5 100 500
Technical assistant 10 350 3500
Project management
Project managers 2 200 400
Project co-ordinators 2 180 360
Rent, light, heating 1 150 150
Recruitment and marketing
Access support
Travel costs 5 250 1250
Image projector 5 200 1000
Laptop 50 120 6000
Refreshments 30 10 300
Evaluation of project
Evaluation 1 350 350
Total 415810


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