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Why the System Architecture Should Be Used? Case Study


Explain what type of architecture the new payroll application should use and why

The type of architecture the new payroll system should use is a web-based application, under system architecture. System architecture defines a system’s behavior structure as well as other system views. The web-based system gives access to the payroll system from any web browser. This architecture uses several elements which when integrated provide a roadmap for which an overall functional system can be implemented for different uses. The elements which are essentially subsystems include software, hardware, network support, security, and processing methods.

Below are the reasons why the system architecture should be used;

  1. The users shall be created by the administrator thus a separate check can be processed for each.
  2. Tax information is automated thus helpful to the user during monthly or yearly reporting.
  3. The system will have multiple users. Each user has given different rights thus information in the system cannot be easily altered.
  4. Employment history or records are readily available through a simple request process.
  5. It enables and provides a central path through which all users can access data thus providing a security benefit.
  6. Since it is partitioned due to its various elements, it means that there are fewer interdependencies which makes the system easier to map out. It also makes the system safer since there are no system overload points.
  7. It enables centralized system updates thus leaving no hanging applications which keep the database layer safe.

Identify what types of technology will be involved in the architecture and explain the purpose of each technology

The system architecture is divided into three partitions. Each partition deploys a different service and has different components and technologies.

  1. Presentation layer – this layer provides the user interface and is responsible for the input and output of information. The technologies include monitors, client CPUs loaded with operation systems, keyboards, mice, and printers. Switches and routers can also be used depending on how many client machines are in the system. Web browsers such as internet explorer, are used to access web applications.
  2. Below is a list of technologies used in the web application and their functions.
    1. HTML – The technology is used to create WebPages by use of a markup language. It is used to define the structure of a webpage. It is also used to create visually appealing user interfaces along with another language such as XHTML.
    2. Java Script – One of the essential technologies of the www, it a programming language used to make a page dynamic thus adding client-side behavior. It enables the animation of elements and validation of data input from web forms so it could send correct data to servers. It also sends data to the servers via Ajax.
    3. Ajax – This technology asynchronously allows web applications to exchange data with the server in the background without disrupting activities of the current web page. It allows the page content to be changed dynamically thus the page does not need to be reloaded. This is handy especially when it comes to login into WebPages.
    4. CSS – It is a technology used to set a web page’s visual style by changing the HTML content into user-friendly, graphical presentations like fonts, colors, and layout.
    5. HTTP – It is an application protocol for all communication in the WWW. Web browsers use HTTP to retrieve web pages from remote servers through the internet.
  3. Business layer.
  4. This layer provides data validation and processing. In this layer, PHP is used to process instructions. PHP is one of the available server-side scripting languages that run on web servers and is used with database management systems. It acts as a filter by taking in input and giving out the requested output through HTML. The payroll can use PhP technology, once installed on web servers since its scripts can be customized to each user’s request. PHP also easily integrates with other project software.
  5. Data layer.
  6. This layer stores all user information and well web application login details. In this layer, all queries are constructed through SQL technology as well as executed via the relevant API such as Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress.
    1. API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and routines that help in building applications. Since it can access databases, it is used for web-based systems and database systems. An API in this architecture can be used to add a specific set of features into an existing application while helping the application in data sharing. An API can be set up on Microsoft Access. It would receive the employee’s timesheet and send it down the system architecture. In the API it would be saved for processing. With the help of the MySQL queries, it would calculate the employees working hours. It would also count the hours each employee worked and calculated it with the total pay per hour. The software would then calculate all the tax deductions and subtract them from the total pay. The payroll information can then be sent out to the internet as well as other networked computers. The employee can then open a web browser and use their log-in details to access their payroll information from anywhere in the companies system as well as online.
    2. MySQL. –

Create a graphical representation of your recommended architecture

Graphical representation

Below is a graphical representation of the recommended structure.

Identify and describe any potential ethical issues that could arise in connection with the new architecture

As with any computer system, there are ethical issues that could arise in connection to the new structures. If the users make too many requests the whole experience can be slowed down since the server will overload and lead to the users not able to connect to the server. If data is input incorrectly it can affect a large data set. There is a concern for hackers and data corruption from viruses since the system can be accessed from any machine. Computer fraud is also a concern and proper system control protocols need to be set in place. The management also has less control over computer resources such as file systems on the database.


The goal of this paper is to explain why a web-based system under system architecture is the ideal payroll system for a large company. The company already had systems like a database system as well as a functional WAN thus making networking over the WWW cheaper and easier to setup. By using MySQL and PHP technologies data can be safely, securely, and easily shared across all the clients over the internet. The advantages of this architecture also far outweigh the disadvantages thus making it the perfect system for the company.

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