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Women in the World: Sara Slocum Analytical Essay

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2019

Many journalists and researchers focus such a question as organizational ethics and ability of a company to act responsibly in order to promote the interests of its stakeholders and bring improvements to families and individuals. This paper is aimed at discussing a short film Women in the World: Sara Slocum presented by the Responsibility Project (2012).

This movie eloquently demonstrates that a company can succeed by creating an extra value for customers and reducing unemployment in the city. To a great extent, this film suggests that an organization should try to benefit the community, since in this way this business can gain the loyalty of clients. This is the main argument that one can make and it is applicable to many for-profit organizations.

This film tells the story of Sara Slocum who runs the company Bottomless Closet. This organization helps unemployed people prepare for the job interview (The Responsibility Project, 2012). For instance, the employees of this company assist women in selecting clothes that are most suitable for the interview (The Responsibility Project, 2012).

Moreover, they review the resumes of their customers and help them prepare for the conversation with the interviewer (The Responsibility Project, 2012). The main issue discussed in the film is the ability of company to benefit the community in which it operates. The activities of Bottomless Closet contribute to the reduction of unemployment in New York and improve the welfare of many households.

The ability to improve the welfare of citizens is of great importance to contemporary businesses that must demonstrate that they genuinely care about the needs of community and increase their revenues at the same time.

This film shows that Sara Slocum and her colleagues emphasize the success of their clients, rather than only profitability of their business. The women, who use their services, are more likely to cope with job interviews. The activity of this organization is certainly worth attention of consumers and business administrators.

On the whole, it is possible to identify several social factors that affect corporate ethics. One of these forces is the changing opinions of clients who pay more attention to the social performance of businesses and their attitudes toward the community (Ravichandra & Regani, 2007, p. 83).

Provided that an organization completely disregards the needs of clients, it is quite probable that their products or services will not enjoy significant popularity (Ravichandra & Regani, 2007, p. 83). It is quite possible that their profitability will decline in the future. Thus, corporate executives must not pay attention to only to the financial performance of the business.

Apart from that, currently, there are many consumer associations and they raise people’s awareness about their practices adopted by private companies. Thus, clients can compel business to act in a more responsible way. This is one of the things that business administrators have to consider.

Additionally, governmental agencies pay close attention to environmental practices, its compensation policies, and financial reporting; otherwise it will face significant fines. So, these social drivers raise the ethical standards that businesses have to reach. To a great extent, they have shaped the practices of many large and small businesses.

The idea of corporate social responsibility can significantly affect the decisions of managers and employees of many organizations. Businesses must make sure that their reputation is not tarnished in any way by any scandal. Modern managers do not want their companies to receive negative publicity from the press or even from clients. This is one of the reasons why many corporations implement eco-friendly technologies and promote diversity in the workplace.

They also donate to charity. These cases illustrate that the changing views of consumers influence the practices of modern businesses. Nevertheless, one should take into consideration that such organizations as Bottomless Closet set an example for other businesses. This is the major achievement of Sara Slocum and her colleagues.

This video shows how a company can genuinely care about the interest and well-being of clients. However, this is not a legal responsibility of the organization. There is no law that requires businesses to think about the welfare of the community. This institution is obliged only to offer them service or products and adhere to the legal and professional regulations.

So, corporate social responsibility is not one of the requirements that the state sets. The company founded by Sara Slocum attempts to create an extra value of its clients and bring improvement to the community without any pressure from outside. This is probably the main distinguishing feature of this business and its founder.

On the whole, these examples show that modern companies have to think about the interests of its clients and the improvement of life in the community. Bottomless Closet is an example of a business that benefits its clients and reduces unemployment in the city. This issue is extremely important at the time, when many people have to overcome the consequences of the recession. The activities of Sara Slocum can certainly raise the standards of corporate social responsibility.

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