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Anxiety and Its Types

Introduction Anxiety is generally described as a psychological condition which brings about distinct detrimental physiological responses which is caused as result of various external stimuli in the form of stressors which destabilize a person’s normal mental state. In other words it is a condition with physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and cognitive effects brought by a […]

Sony Ericsson Merger – Case Study of Joint Ventrue and Acquisitions

Introduction Mergers and acquisition is one the strategies that many companies are using to help in strengthening their position in the market. Globalization has facilitated this process where companies from any part of the world can easily come together to form a large global corporation. Companies are merging to benefit from capabilities and strengths of […]

Dinamika Pelumas Sdn. Manufacturing Production Rising

Introduction Competitiveness is increasingly becoming a necessity for companies that want to excel in this competitive world. Most production companies have employed various mechanisms to enable them maximize their profitability. However, this has become difficult as more competitors come into play, in effect, restricting such improvements on manufacturing cost reduction rather than on increasing the […]

Color and Light

Introduction How do we see colour? What enables visual perspective? Most people wonder how they experience different colour shades. The exploration of colour and light requires one to understand the concept of waves. Waves have the high and low volts that make up a wavelength. “The length of the wave determines its energy for instance, […]

Impact of Nuclear Energy in France

Introduction The world is characterized by two major sources of energy. Non renewable energy sources include fossil fuels and coal. Renewable energy sources include hydropower, geothermal, biomass, solar, wind and nuclear energy. The latter form of energy is gaining much popularity for its ability to get replenished again and again. The nuclear energy in particular […]

Deficits of Standardized Testing in Learning

Introduction Human beings have always strived to make their lives better through various means of inventions and innovations. The need to have excellent medical service, infrastructure, electronics and improved agricultural production have led man to continue with his endless journey by getting education that will help him achieve his dreams. Education has always played a […]

Hung Liu Artistic Work and its Contribution to Human Life

Introduction Born in 1948 in China, Hung Liu is a famous Chinese-American artist who uses her paintings to present themes like gender, culture, politics, and war. Hung acquired her skills in the field of art from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, where she acquired a Bachelors Degree in Art, and later got […]

Negotiation & Bargaining-Human Need Theory

Introduction In his theory of human motivation, Abraham Marslow (1943) classified human needs into five classes, which included physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. In his motivation theory, he argued that the integrated wholeness of a person should always form the basis of the theory, with emphasis being on the fulfillment of one’s goals and […]

Concepts of Unions

Introduction Primarily, under normal social scenario, people consider ethics a life value. In many occasions, ethics encompasses individual, faction or societal politics at the expense of meeting organizational values. These values must represent fairness to all members and social harmony. Unlike individualism, ethics provides a platform of collective organizational responsibility whether in communal or business […]

Culture and Anarchy by Mathew Arnold

Introduction Culture is the way of life of a particular people or society. These include beliefs, traditions, food, customs, dress, language, music, art and literature. When someone is immersed in a new culture apart from the one he is used to, someone feel vulnerable, frustrated and fearful. This is due to the lack of awareness […]

Internet Consumer Activity

Introduction The 21st century has presented various advancements in the marketing industry. There have been numerous competitions among businesses with companies striving to implement the latest media applications to reach a maximum population. To acquire clients, incentives and better means of packaging is applied to generate maximum returns. There has been specialization and delegation of […]

SWOT analysis of Book world Bookstore

Introduction Book world bookstore is a fully operational business that has been in business for the past two years. This means that book world has undergone so much in terms of business, the booms and recessions in business has all been undergone by this business. It has faced the fiercest most competition and it has […]

Yahoo: Organizational Development and Change

Introduction Yahoo is a cosmopolitan American brand that has its head offices in both Sunnyvale and California, in the US. Yahoo has recognition in its products and services that include Yahoo Groups, video distribution, fantasy sports, advertising, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers just to mention, but a few. In 1994 January, David Filo and Jerry Yang […]

Privacy in the Digital Age

Introduction Social, economic, and technological advances have dramatically increased the amount of information any individual can access or possess. Unfortunately, this has also brought about various challenges that must be addressed1. Generally, information is a vital treasure in itself, and the more one has the better. Having valuable, intellectual, economic, and social information creates enormous […]

Ascent: Building a Learning Company

Introduction A learning organization is considered to be one that has the following characteristics: One that remembers and learns; one that esteems public recording; and one that applies learning to modify individual policies and process. The following are the forces that influence an organization to grow to a learning organization: Power of customers, information power, […]

Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis- Coca-Cola Company

Executive summary Coca-cola Company is the global leading manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and beverages. It is a giant company that has continually enjoyed the advantage of manufacturing and distributing top and favorite brands in the United States of America which have spread to diverse markets in the world. It has also expanded to […]

Some Theories and Theorists on Leadership

Introduction The concept of leadership is very critical in any given society or institution particularly when it comes to guiding people’s behavior. The success of any society is highly connected to the type of leaders who manage the various affairs. Many researchers have conducted investigations to explore this concept which has proved difficult to obtain […]

Factors affecting marketing strategy: Nodan Yogurt

Introduction Nodan is a type of off-brand yoghurt manufactured by a local company that sells milk products. The product is available in several stores in the U.S where the company has business partners willing to sell the yoghurt alongside other branded products like Chobani and Cantaloop among many others. According to consumers, Nodan Yogurt is […]

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Introduction Riordan is an international manufacturing company which specializes in large scale production of plastic parts. These plastics are used in the manufacture of beverage containers at the company’s plants in the United States. The plants are located in several cities such as Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia. The company also has a fan manufacturing […]

The Apollo Program

Introduction The Apollo program can still be seen as one of the most ambitious and costly programs of the US government. The program’s overall cost was over 20 billion dollars that was spent within a decade (Gisler & Sornette 2009). Many people argue that its negative effects undermine the positive impact. However, many researchers agree […]

Child Behavior Today and Ten Years Ago

Introduction: Same Old Story Complaints about the spoilt children of the next generation have been around since the beginning of time. Even though it might seem that the concerns about the spoilt generation have started to appear since the beginning of the XX century, every single generation is no stranger to the fear for children […]

Responsibility and Attributes towards the Natural World

Introduction The connection between human kind on one hand and nature and the environment on the other becomes weaker as time goes by due to rapid urbanization and growth of towns and technology. It has been very difficult for individuals living in urbanized areas to appreciate nature because they do not always experience it. People […]

The Order of Importance of the Five Senses from Most Important to Least

The knowledge that human beings need to understand the operations of the outside world depends on their modes of sensitivity. As such, the human sensory organs are categorized into vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell. The sense organs are made of specialized cellular configurations that accept specific stimuli. The senses are all critical in the […]

Hybrid car vs. fossil fuel car

A hybrid car is better than a conventional car due to fuel efficiency and limited environmental pollution. Most of the environmental problems that many modernized societies have to contend with today emanate from overreliance on fossil fuel as the primary source of energy. This includes the transport sector where fossil fuel cars are the main […]

The application and implementation of short term and long-term remuneration reward plan

Introduction For any given Company, Business, Firm or Organization, it is the paramount duty of that Institution’s Human Resources or Compensation Committee to recognize the crucial role people play in the achievement of both the Institution’s short-term and long-term objectives as a key source of gaining advantage over its competitors1. Therefore, for the Institution to […]

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Introduction This paper is a personal reflection on the evidence Dan Brown uses in his book, and how he uses the same to support his case. For better understanding of the evidence, the paper contrasts the evidence brown uses to similar materials in the Gospel narratives of John, Mark and Luke. Brown gives special attention […]

Almarai Company

Introduction Almarai Company is a food company in Saudi Arabia. The company was started in 1977 and its headquarters is in Ridaya. The company manufactures various products such as dairy liquids, yogurts and desserts, bakery, foods, poultry and infant formula. Almarai also has arable farms that it operates in Argentina (Almarai co ltd, 2013). The […]

The acquisition between Google and Motorola Mobility

Google is a multinational company that is based in the United States and specializes in Internet-related products and services (Duthel, 2008). Some of its products and services include cloud computing, search, online advertising technologies and software (Hamen, 2011). In 2011, Google acquired Motorola Mobility. Motorola, Inc. is also a multinational company based in the US […]

Gender and the Black Freedom Movement

Introduction In the recent past, scholars and historians have focused commendable attention on the activities of Afro-Americans in the United States that led to their liberation. Historians have thus produced numerous analyses of civil rights organizations, history of the intellectual aspects of the liberation thoughts of the black Americans, biographies of people who played key […]

Scenario Project: Investigative Plan

Introduction In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of robberies undertaken in Brooklyn, a region that continues to experience high rates of daytime and night robbery crimes, mainly perpetrated by people armed with guns. The robbers target various people in undertaking their actions; for instance, they may target vulnerable people, mostly […]

MasterCard International

Introduction In the present world, information technology (IT) is at the core of most business activities. It provides the foundation that enables today’s business enterprises to function and flourish. Whether it is in procurement and production, manufacturing and maintenance, customer care and sales, communication and collaboration, tracking and measurement, or virtually any other business discipline, […]

National Economic Policy

Policy Mix to Increase Output without Changing Interest Rates It is the desire of policy makers to boost economic growth in all ways possible. One of their main problem is always how to increase economic output while maintaining interest rates as low as possible because high interest rates discourage some components of aggregate demand especially […]

Carlos Ghosn and Renault-Nissan: Leading for Global Success

Introduction Nissan being the second largest company in the automobile industry in Japan recorded a significant increment in their sales profit in the year 2006. However, due to unpredictable shifts in the market they suffered substantial losses before Renault chipped in and appointed a new CEO; Carlos Ghosn. Carlos then took charge of the company […]

Americas Rise to Become a Super Power

Introduction The main cause of the two world wars was the armed conflict between major powers (Andrea and Overfield 1994). International rivalries were a significant influence on the global wars while formation of allied alliances further fueled the war. This paper will argue that the U.S. moved so quickly from being the least militarized industrial […]

E-Recruitment: Analysis of Current Trends

Introduction In an organization, recruitment is one of the core activities or responsibilities of the Human Resource Department. It involves finding, interviewing, selecting, and employing qualified applicants. E-Recruitment is one of the methods used by organizations to find suitable candidates for job positions. It involves recruiting employees with the help of electronic sources, mainly through […]

Othello as the Outsider

Introduction The play Othello by Shakespeare is a tragedy of human relationships where the protagonist is unable to adjust to the rules and principles of Venetian society. His alienation from actions and concerns affects his much because his physical appearance along with his character traits is in dissonance with the context of the play. Hence, […]

Fiscal and Monetary Policies

Introduction Fiscal policy is defined as “government’s program with respect to the purchase of goods and services and spending on transfer payments and also with respect to the amount and types of taxes” (Samuelson and Nordhaus 3). The difference between monetary and fiscal policy is that monetary policy is implemented by the government whereas fiscal […]

How Changes in Technology Has Contributed Towards the Globalization of Markets and of Production

Introduction Globalization can be defined as the phenomenon that is created due to the interaction of humans globally where creation of new development is the basic effect. A scenario where economy, technology, and politics interact is created as well as a reduction in the states regulations. The rise of new invention has lead to the […]

The Getty Center in Los Angeles

Introduction The Getty Center is a complex similar to a campus, located in Los Angeles. The $360 million centre was designed by Richard Meier and partners, between the period 1984 and 1997. The centre comprises six buildings which cover an area of about one million square feet, located in the middle of about 25 acres […]

Political Ideologies: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Introduction Inthe contemporary times, two dominant ways of life reign humanity. These two ways of life have gradually degenerated into two ideologies, viz. the Western capitalism and the Eastern socialism. Most of the Western countries embrace capitalism, which reflects liberalism, competition, and unrestrained freedom (Pejovich 71). The states promote a competitive economic environment where individuals […]

The Messiah and Messianic Prophesy in Jewish and Christian Thought

Introduction In Hebrews, the word messiah refers to ‘anointed one’ or someone sent on divine mission with reference Jewish perspective. Particularly, biblical presentation of Messiah revolves around someone ‘holy and righteous’, sent to redeem human nature from sin. In this regard, Christians believe on the Old Testament prophesy about the birth of ‘a Messiah’, who […]

Classics of Moral and Political Theory

Introduction The foremost thrust of morality erudition over the precedent years has exposed a propensity to an astonishing extent, to shift towards a distinct path. The superseding intention of philosophy has been to convey the sphere of ethics under the control of the coherent self. Founded on philosophers’ notion of the individual as a self-directed […]

Purchase of a Franchise

Introduction Organizations and individual entrepreneurs continue to adopt more innovative approaches to business. Evidently, globalization and technological developments have played crucial roles in this business. Generally, these two factors have increased the rate of business processes. It is observable that brands have advanced beyond their domestic and regional markets (Schell 2011). There is a notable […]

Argument For or Against Choosing Visual Culture as a Favored Instructional Methodology

Culture concerns itself with what is most distinctive about humanity in terms of surplus, excessive, and beyond the strict material measure. In addition, the capacity for self-transgression and transcendence measures the humanity. Visual culture refers to the material artifacts, buildings and images, and time-based media and performances produced by human labor and imagination, and it […]

Heavy Metal’s Gender Trends

Abstract Heavy metal is a type of rock music, which emerged in the UK and the USA in the mid 20th century (Marino, 2013). From then on, the genre’s songwriters, singers, and scholars have been looking for new ways to popularize and add value to folk music to attract a wide range of audience. An […]

Managing Contemporary Warehouses

The dynamics of a globalizing world continue to press operations and supply chain managers to realizing efficiency in moving and receiving goods (Anonymous, 2002). In the Twenty First Century, modern warehouses present many challenges that lead to loss of time and business opportunities or competitive edge (Leinbach & Capineri, 2007). A major challenge presented by […]

Data resource management

In the recent past, technology has increasingly been adopted in organizations. It assists in developing efficiency and thus customer satisfaction. The competitiveness of a business is vested on the quality of its management decisions. A number of systems that aim at meeting a certain objective in the business arena have been developed. They are either […]

Product Reassessment in Newspaper Positioning

Repositioned Target Market Demographics The target market for newspapers is traditionally persons 15 years and above. However, this is the generalized market. Newspaper positioning entails dissemination of information to masses. However, as noted before, this appeal is declining because of the entry of internet, which aids in quick dissemination of information. This has greatly reduced […]

Instructional Leadership

Introduction In the last two decades, the world has witnessed the appearance of new theoretical models in the sphere of educational leadership. Two of the principal models, as evaluated by several empirical researchers, are instructional leadership and shared institutional leadership. In contrast to former leadership models employed by school administration (i.e. contingency theory, trait theories, […]

Day of the Dead

Introduction The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, which is located in the “Island of The Souls” conducts the ceremony. Alan Aldridge describes a cult as a […]

Animal Abuse Problem

Animal abuse is defined as a deliberate infliction of psychological pain, distress, deprivation, or death of an animal by human beings. Animal abuses occur every time human beings fail to meet the animals’ basic needs. In general, animal abuses comprise of all intentional, socially, and unacceptable behaviors that threatens the welfare of our fellow animals. […]

The Theory of Art Development by Nikolaus Pevsner

Introduction: The Time for the Change Has Come Culture is something that is never stable – floating together with time, sometimes keeping in pace with the latter, sometimes overrunning it, and sometimes lingering somewhere in the past, it follows the specific, unpredictable pattern. Turning steady even for a moment is unnatural to culture in general […]

Power Relations in Greco-Roman Myth

Several literatures available describe the position men and women occupied in the Greco-Roman mythology, with the most interesting consideration being on the position of the women in the Greek and Roman societies. In these societal settings, women were no better than slaves who often had no power, thus they had to be submissive to their […]

Cuba and Soviet Missile

Introduction and research question International relations have been tense since the beginning of human civilization. The world’s most powerful nations have been fighting for dominance and power over the less powerful countries. One big way of showing dominance is through war and possession of weapons of mass destruction that would create fear to a nation’s […]

Tucker Company:

Case Study Background An extensive reorganization became noticeable at Tucker Corporation in the fiscal year 1993. This made the Corporation to be divided into three key product segments namely utility turbines, military engines and the commercial jet engines. Each segment was to be governed by a vice president directly reporting to Mr. Harnett, the corporation […]

Components, Benefits, and Challenges of Response to Intervention

Introduction Response to Intervention (RTI) is a learning approach to assessment, instruction, and intervention planned to offer effective data- based intercessions for struggling students (Kubiszyn, & Borich, 2000). Even, though RTI was developed as a means of early determination and identification of distinct education entitlement, it is gradually becoming a general approach to school improvements […]

Correlational Study Examining Emotional Intelligence, Burnout, and Job Insecurity

The notion of emotional intelligence According to Mayer, Salovey and Caruso (2008), the original notion of emotional intelligence (EI) was that some people have the capacity to reason as well as utilize emotions to augment their thoughts more efficiently than others (p.503). Ever since 1990, emotional intelligence has developed into a small sphere of consulting, […]

The Civil War Dilemmas: Slave-Owner Relations

In the middle of the 1800s, slavery and interpersonal relations between people with different social conditions were considered to be one of the most burning issues for consideration. Different families introduced absolutely different attitudes to the idea of slavery and owner-slave relations. The vast majority of rich people did not find it necessary to respect […]

Global Warming and Carbon

Introduction Global warming is believed to be as a result of excess carbon in the atmosphere. Scientists have predicted climate change. This essay analyzes and evaluates an article “The Global Warming Myth” by David Bellamy. Bellamy, who is a professor, is a founder of Tree Appeal and a well known botanist and environmental campaigner, as […]

Application of Evidenced-Based Practice in Autism

Introduction Sackett et al (1996) defined Evidenced-based practice (EBP) based on medicine as, “the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence based in making decisions about the care of individual patience, furthermore EBP involves integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research” (cited in Social Work Resources, […]

WalMart and its Criticism

Introduction In recent years, Wal Mart has come under intense criticisms. Its major critics have been Christian groups and labor organizations in relation to the company’s practices. In the long run, the company has ended having bad public relations. This is a matter of concern to the management. As a matter of fact, there are […]

Employment Practices at Wal-Mart

Introduction Wal-Mart is the leading retail chain in the US and the global retail industry. It is also the largest employer in the US private sector. Despite its financial success over the years, the company has been accused on several occasions of engaging in unethical practices in order to achieve its business targets. It has […]

How Wal-Mart Could Continue its Extraordinary Growth?

Grand strategy is about an organization utilizing all resources at its disposal for the purpose of winning a competitive edge or maintaining a competitive edge. Therefore, an organization can continue its extraordinary growth when it identifies and aligns all its resources towards the strategic goal (Ireland et al 45). Wal-mart can only continue its extraordinary […]

Human trafficking in Mozambique

Introduction For many years, Mozambique has been held with high regard especially by the donor community. The country has done well on basic poverty reduction. It seems to be right on course in achieving its Millennium Development Goals in the area of reducing child mortality and improving the health of mothers. It has also made […]

Gun Control in US

All year round, approximately 30,000 people are reported to die from gunshot wounds in the USA. In 2010, the US reported gun violence as the leading cause of premature mortality, with young people falling victims. However, it is such a pathetic state for a developed country as the US to have such high mortality rate […]

E-Commerce Technology: Wal-Mart Corporation

Products Wal-Mart’s product portfolio is wide, allowing the retailer to serve diverse client needs to boost its market share. Various stores stock different products. The corporation consists of ten operating divisions that specialize in different products. Wal-Mart discount stores fall under one division. They stock general merchandise, such as clothing, household items, and food products, […]

Tunnel Design and Cunstruction

Introduction Tunnels refer to any enclosed passageway. Usually, tunnels pass underground to bypass natural barriers and to reduce the cost and impact of aboveground construction. This paper looks at various aspects concerning tunnel construction. The main issues of interest include the construction of underwater tunnels, construction of tunnels in soft soils, and the examination of […]

CASCO: Global Operations Management 

This paper aims to provide a brief review of six software packages that PPQ Parts can use for its material, resource, and inventory planning and management. This paper reviews each of the selected software packages for its cost effectiveness, user friendliness and compatibility with the current system of PPQ Parts. CASCO CASCO can be useful […]

Masafi Water Company and Al Ain Water Company

The researchers from Worldwatch institute have found out that the consumption of bottled water has gone up to approximately 40% (Wait, 2008).There have been various reasons for this consumption such as, climatic change, raised living standard and population growth etc. According to Saleem, particularly, in Middle East, the consumption of bottled water from 2003 to […]

Analysis of Disney Operationalize Sustainability

The Walt Disney Company was founded by the Disney brothers Walt and Roy in 1923. It is known as the leading animation industry in America; however, it has diversified into live film production, theatre, radio and online media (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). Disney owns ABC broadcasting television network, Disney channel, and ABC family among […]

Dr Frankenstein & His Monster: Compare & Contrast

Introduction The monster is Frankenstein’s double. Not only do the two beings resemble in terms of their reactions to their circumstances, but their desires and personalities are also quite similar. Comparison of the Characters Frankenstein and the monster had comparable personalities; they were both lonesome and sympathetic beings. The monster grew apart from his creator, […]

Learning in an organization

Introduction Learning in an organization is one of the most important aspects if the organization will make any meaningful achievement in achieving their mission and vision statements. Employees are the most important investment of any organization and their roles as employees can only be achieved if the organization has effective mechanisms of ensuring effective and […]

Physical Geography of Tristan da Cunha

Overview of the Tristan da Cunha Tristan da Cunha belongs to a collection of islands that is located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The current population of the Island is approximately 310. The main settlement is made up of the Edinburg of the Seven Seas. The terrain of Tristan da Cunha is a rugged. However, […]

Gender Roles in the 19th Century Society: Charlotte Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

Introduction The position of women in the society of the 19th century is one of the most controversial discussion questions from the perspectives of feminist movements and different psychological ideas. In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman presents her vision of the problem of the female role in the family and society […]

Christopher Columbus Biography

Inhabitants of ancient and medieval Europe had no idea that there was a landmass between Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. Even progressive minds like those of Christopher Columbus did not have any inkling that if explorers travels from Europe to Asia using a westward route, they would eventually stumble upon the New World. Thus, the […]

Mental Illness as a Theme of The Yellow Wallpaper

Introduction One of the reasons why the short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman has traditionally been referred to as such that constitutes a high literary and philosophical value is that it contributed towards advocating the legitimacy of psychiatry as a newly emerged medical science. At the same time, Gilman’s story represented a […]

Lebanon’s Political and Business Environment

Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyze political environment of Lebanon, business environment, principal business activities, exports, imports, balance of payments, social, technological and cultural environment, demographics, GDP growth rate for the last ten years, banking and tourism industry, Hofstede’s country characteristics (power distance, collectivism, masculine, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation) and so […]

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty Controversies about animal cruelty Animal cruelty is whereby one inflicts suffering upon an animal. In most cases, the harm is inflicted on them to gain from them. Animals have historically been killed for food, fur and other products that are beneficial to human beings. However, humans overdid this and turned cruel. They fail […]

Racial Stereotypes Impact on People

Introduction Stereotypes are thoughts that are adopted by people pertaining to specific ways of undertaking things. Stereotypes are the most profound behaviors of inter-group attitudes. They represent the most common of all prejudicial reactions. The people who stereotype show the views they hold about the group that is being stereotyped. The former group ascribes certain […]

Fitness and Sport Learning

The role of sport in education has long been underestimated by educators because most of students’ achievements are measured by their intellectual skills and abilities. In fact, physical education is as important as such discipline as mathematics, physics, biology, or literature. During the courses, my attention was attracted by Ken Robinson’s lecture on the role […]

Hate Crime Among Juveniles

Introduction Hatred refers to a deeply rooted emotional detest that an individual has against other people, ideas, or material objects. Hatred usually results from anger or a negative experience that a person has undergone. Emotions of hatred result into hate crimes and children are not an exception. A number of juveniles have been convicted of […]

Beauty and Deja Vu

A déjà vu experience is one where a person relates what is happening presently to an unreal obscure memory from the past. The memory may be correct or incorrect but the person who experiences it feels that the event unfolding before his eyes is familiar. A feeling of déjà vu makes a person feel that […]

Warnings and Morals of British Literature

Introduction Literature plays an important role in shaping the morals of society. Literature also plays a central role in enabling cultural integration. Also, it defuses myths about particular cultures. Literature also plays a significant role in globalization. This happens when literature from a given culture is read throughout the world. For instance, William Shakespeare’s books […]

“Henry IV” by William Shakespeare

Introduction Shakespeare recounts the circumstances under which King Henry ruled Britain. In preceding acts, King Henry had overthrown King Richard II before declaring himself King over Britain. However, his reign was characterized with constant rebellion. The Percys who had aided him to be King were behind the uprisings. Previously, they had helped him overthrow King […]

Oil Exports from Middle-eastern Countries

Introduction The discovery of oil affected the Middle Eastern economy in mostly positive ways. However, these positive results created a domineering attitude in which Gulf countries sought to use their superior economic position to advance political agendas. This approach has yielded undesirable results in targeted and untargeted countries. Therefore, Middle Eastern countries should avoid the […]

Cyber-crime – New Ways to Steal Identity and Money

Introduction Cybercrime takes place online, and new methods of committing the cybercrime keep emerging because criminals look for easier ways to steal from unsuspecting internet users. Individuals or groups of people commit crime. The crime has increased because more people use the internet to do their shopping, banking or social networking such as Facebook and […]

“A Short History of Reconstruction” by Eric Foner

Introduction A short history of Reconstruction by Eric Foner is centered mainly in the period surrounding the Civil war era, a period which bore profound controversy and intrigue. African Americans and women from an early stage in American history found themselves misplaced in society and the developing findings that followed led to the alteration of […]

“Into the wild” by Jon Krakauer

Introduction Jon Krakauer, the author of the novel into the wild, explores the entire life of a young man. Krakauer explores the main character, Chris McClandess’ determination to live a life free from oppression, which underscores the theme of ultimate freedom. After graduating from the University of Emery in Atlanta, McClandess decides to pursue his […]