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Welcome to The Great Gatsby Essay Topics page prepared by our editorial team! Here you’ll find a large collection of essay ideas on the novel! Literary analysis, themes, characters, & more. Get inspired to write your own paper!

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🔬 Literary Analysis of The Great Gatsby: Essay Topics

  1. What are the literary devices used to create the image of Jay Gatsby?
  2. Analyze how Fitzgerald uses imagery in The Great Gatsby.
  3. What do colors symbolize in The Great Gatsby?
  4. How does Fitzgerald use geographical setting to show the contrast between social classes in the novel?
  5. How does Fitzgerald convey a notion of the American Dream through metaphors and symbols?
  6. What does the green light in Daisy’s window represent in The Great Gatsby?
  7. What does the Valley of Ashes symbolize in The Great Gatsby?
  8. What role does Nick Carraway’s narration play in the story? If we got it through an omniscient third-person narrator, what would we gain or lose?
  9. Could the story have been set in other places, like Chicago or Los Angeles, or were New York City and Long Island absolutely necessary?
  10. Look at the novel’s opening lines. If we accept Nick’s advice when we read the story, will our views of it change? Or, in other words, does refraining from criticism promote compassion?
  11. Is there a hidden meaning of the title of The Great Gatsby? What is it?
  12. How is the color white used within the novel? When does it make a false representation of innocence? When does it truly represent innocence?
  13. What is the role of a New York setting in the novel’s storyline?
  14. What is the real meaning of ‘great’ in the title of The Great Gatsby?
  15. What significance do colors have in the party’s descriptions in chapter 3?
  16. Elaborate on the green light as the symbol of the American dream.
  17. What is the meaning of the phrase “Can’t repeat the past?.. Why of course you can!” What does Gatsby really want from Daisy?
  18. What role do the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg play in The Great Gatsby?
  19. How is The Great Gatsby a satirical representation of the society?
  20. Are the rich in the novel really so careless as everyone believes them to be?
  21. Create an alternative ending for The Great Gatsby. Justify your choice.
  22. What is the relationship between those born rich and those who became rich in the novel?

🎭 Essay Topics on The Great Gatsby’s Characters

  1. Discuss female characters and their significance in The Great Gatsby.
  2. Compare Gatsby and Wilson. In what ways are they similar?
  3. Who is the most responsible for Gatsby’s death? Why is it so?
  4. Why do Tom and Daisy stay together at the end of the novel?
  5. Does Gatsby’s money bring him real happiness?
  6. Can Jay’s feelings for Daisy in The Great Gatsby be considered love?
  7. How do secondary characters affect the story?
  8. Who is the real hero in The Great Gatsby?
  9. Can we call Jay Gatsby a romantic hero or a villain?
  10. What does Jay Gatsby really live for in the novel: the present or the past?
  11. Compare Myrtle and Daisy.
  12. What does Tom’s quarrel with Myrtle in chapter 2 tell us about his personality?
  13. Elaborate on how both Tom and Gatsby want to change not only the future, but the past in chapter 7.
  14. What was Gatsby’s power of dreaming like? Was Daisy a worth object?
  15. Is anyone to blame for Gatsby’s death?
  16. Are there any moral characters in the novel?
  17. Can Jordan and Daisy be considered perfect role models for the upper class in America? Why or why not?
  18. Is Gatsby really great? In what way? How does his greatness evolve as the plot unfolds?
  19. How does Nick’s character change over the course of The Great Gatsby?
  20. Does Gatsby deserve the definition of a self-made man? Why or why not?
  21. What role does Daisy play in the conflict between Gatsby & Tom?

🌻 Essay Topics on The Great Gatsby’s Themes

  1. What are the central themes in The Great Gatsby?
  2. What roles do fidelity and infidelity play in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby?
  3. What importance does sex have in the story?
  4. What role does alcohol play in The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald?
  5. Did Fitzgerald really criticize the idea of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby?
  6. Does love play have any importance in The Great Gatsby?
  7. What role does the relationship between geography and social values play in the novel?
  8. What is the meaning of time in The Great Gatsby?
  9. How do the aristocratic East Eggers, Tom and the Sloanes, regard Gatsby in chapter 6? How is their contempt connected to the theme of social class in the novel?
  10. Analyze The Great Gatsby through the prism of feminist theory.
  11. How are the themes of kindness and compassion presented in The Great Gatsby?
  12. Describe how the theme of ambition is presented in the novel.
  13. Elaborate on how Fitzgerald contrasts education and experience in The Great Gatsby.

⌛ Essay Topics on the Context of The Great Gatsby

  1. Describe how F.S. Fitzgerald’s life experiences influenced The Great Gatsby.
  2. What are the examples of modernism in The Great Gatsby?
  3. How does Fitzgerald represent the society of his time in the novel? Would you like to live in the Jazz era? Why or why not?
  4. How is America shown in The Great Gatsby? What values do the East and the West represent?
  5. How does Fitzgerald provide a critical social history of Prohibition-era America in his novel?
  6. How is the economic boom of postwar America shown in The Great Gatsby?
  7. Why did The Great Gatsby was neither a critical nor commercial success just after its publication? Why did its popularity grow exponentially several decades after?
  8. How are racial anxieties of the time shown in the novel?

📊 The Great Gatsby: Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Make a critical comparison of the novel with the 2013 movie.
  2. Make a comparison of the novel with the 1949 movie.
  3. Compare The Great Gatsby movies of 1949 and 2013.
  4. Compare and contrast two classic American novels: The Great Gatsbyand The Grapes of Wrath.
  5. How are Donald Trump and The Great Gatsby’s Tom Buchanan alike?
  6. Compare Miller’s Death of a Salesman and The Great Gatsby.
  7. What other fictional or non-fictional character from a book or movie can Nick Carraway be compared to?
  8. Make a critical comparison of The Sun Also Rises and The Great Gatsby.
  9. Compare The Great Gatsby with A Farewell to Arms.
  10. Make a comparison of Daisy from The Great Gatsby with Henrietta Bingham from Irresistible.
  11. What pop stars of nowadays Daisy can be compared to?
  12. Macbeth vs. Jay Gatsby: make a character comparison.

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