High School Gpa Calculator

Struggling with calculating your GPA for high school or college? Then, you’re in the right place! Knowing your GPA helps to get into a good college, that’s why you should find the best options for your abilities, and improve your studies.

In this article, we provide guidelines on how to calculate your GPA; what are weighted and unweighted GPA; how to convert letter and percentage grades into points.

We also reviewed many fantastic tools to help you out. All you need to do is to enter the data into fields, and you’ll get your overall GPA.

We believe our list of high-school GPA calculators that can handle any task is irreplaceable for students and try to update it whenever we can.

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I. Reviews: 8 best high-school GPA calculators

Many students are puzzled by the question—how high-school GPA is calculated.

The point is:

If you have access to the Internet, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. Just use one of these tools, and you’ll get the results immediately.

1. GPA Calculator.net

This tool has two variants of calculating—for those who use letters and those who use percentages.

You can easily switch between formats by clicking Grade Format button in the top right corner.

Then, you’re free to put data like course names, credit hours, and grades. If you wish, you can add other semesters that are calculated automatically as long as you do.

Below the tool, you’ll find useful instructions on how to calculate. Although the tool is super easy to use, you’ll find illustrative examples and detailed guidelines.

2. GPA Calculator

calculator image

Another comfortable tool to know your GPA in seconds.

You can control the process by switching between weighted and unweighted grades. When you turn on weighted grades, you can choose Honors, IB, AP, and College credits.

Want to know your GPA for four years? Just add as many semesters as you need.

By the way, the cumulative GPA is presented within the pie—it’s comfortable to estimate your abilities with such visualization.

3. Quick GPA

Firstly, you can open the Grade Table to convert your grades into points. For some students, this information is extremely helpful. Others may want to make more calculation with the help of the tool.

To do that, choose your course type, grade, and credits for every course in the semester and repeat for every semester you need to add.

If you need to calculate courses with AP grades, mind to set the College course type.

In the top right corner, you’ll see your GPA. It will change as long as you add or delete courses.

4. GPA Calculator

A fantastic tool to calculate GPA on the 12-point scale. Enter your data, e-mail, and get the result!

calculator image

The best part about this scoring calculator:

You don’t have to enter courses’ names and letter grades. Just choose them right on the page.

The list of subjects is enormous—along with Math, Science, and History, you can choose Genetics, Anthropology, Interpersonal Communications, Liberal Arts, Manufacturing, and more.

5. College Simply

This tool is developed for those who want easily know their GPA by using a weighted GPA calculator. The difference between high-school and college GPA is that in high school, there are often specific courses that have higher worth such as AP, Honors, or College.

They’re classified as weighted as long as they’re much harder to pass. This way, you get 0.5 or 1 point higher grade than during regular classes.

For one class, you can choose only grade and course type (Regular, AP/Honors, College).

6. Everyday Education

calculator image

Here’s another GPA average calculator for all your needs.

Its usage differs from other popular tools—you don’t have to enter your classes names or grades on your own. Just choose the letter grade for each class and mark it in the row with your class type.

This way is much faster than others and has an additional tool below where you can get cumulative GPA for all 4 years of college studies, for example. It’s made by entering each semester’s GPA and units.

Everyday Education also offers a small FAQ if you have any problems with GPA conducting. There you’ll know about the difference between weighted and unweighted grades.

7. Koofers

One more comfortable tool for calculating GPA with weighted courses.

To change the weight of the course, use the scale on the right side. If you need to add an Honor class, add 0.5 to every scale’s point. If you add AP or College, then add 1 point.

The best part:

At the end of the page, you’ll find detailed instruction on how to calculate high-school GPA. It contains a few examples of how to make conversions and a formula to conduct the overall GPA.

8. Chegg

Chegg is a wonderful service for students. It offers books and publications for rent that helps you to save money. It also has fantastic tutors and test preparation programs.

calculator image

Along with these services, you can find dozens of guides and instructions on their blog.

And now you can even use their tool to figure out your GPA.

On the right side, you can see the table with percentages and letter grades. Here you can figure out your grades in points including those cases when you apply for Honors or AP classes.

You can also print the results with one click.

These were the best 8 high-school GPA calculators. Now you can easily convert your grades into points and get your total GPA.

With the help of these services, you don’t even need to remember the formula. Just put in the data and get the calculations that are free to use and print.