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Our average clients’ satisfaction rate is 4,9 our of 5. Because we work only with the best academic experts and continuously improve our service, we believe we offer one the best service available.

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4.9 out of 5
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90 reviews
4.9 out of 5
Based on
62 reviews
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187 reviews
4.9 out of 5
Based on
489 reviews
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Very satisfied students

I love this website
I visit it regularly even if I don't have an order to place. It's very useful.
Love the paper samples that this site offers. Study blog, guides, and writing tools are awesome, too!
If I could, I’d gladly express my deepest gratitude to each employee of this service personally. You’re so cool!
Wouldn’t think that one day I’d be writing something like this about an academic help site, but I can’t get enough of IvyPanda. They’re super helpful.
If it wasn’t for help and all the assistance I got from this website...
If it wasn’t for help and all the assistance I got from this website, I’d have probably quit my studies, as they were becoming unbearable. The hardest part was adding part-time job. Because of that I never had enough time. So using Panda was crucial for me.
This website is extremely useful even if you don’t want to spend money on orders. It’s got an informative blog and free tools.
My only problem with this service is that I had to wait a little while before I got the draft of the work.
IvyPanda is a very professional and reliable service. If anyone is having troubles with studies, I immediately recommend them this site.
I’m so glad I found a service I can always count on
I’m so glad I found a service I can always count on. Employees of ivypanda are true experts.
Was surprised to see so many inconsistencies in my order. Good thing the revision didn’t take much time and I still met the deadline.
Such a cool service! And the website looks pretty, too! It’s very comfortable and user-friendly. 10/10!
I really like the delivery speed of this service. They can really pull off tight deadlines. And I love them for this.
All the experts and the support team are always polite...
All the experts and the support team are always polite and ready to help; they are ok with adjustments and additional requests. I feel that my studies went to the next level.
There’s so much cool stuff on IvyPanda website. And don’t even get me started on the service they provide! So good!
It took them some time to correct all my remarks but the result was awesome. Nobody’s perfect.
I and my friend came to IvyPanda with the same assignment. We received two absolutely different files with interesting essays.
Really great
There is not much I can say, just thanks to the support team and my expert. This was just what I needed. They were so fast and responsible, fantastic job.
I really appreciate the efforts of the team. I can’t even imagine how it feels like working on another essay every day.
Perfect task performance, well done! I will return to them when I have another uninteresting and tough assignment.
Before I found IvyPanda I addressed my dad for academic assistance. But since I’m at college it feels weird. I prefer to order it now.
The best study assistance servise I've ever seen. Thank you!
Getting help from IvyPanda always makes me so happy, because they never disappoint!
Some tasks are too complicated for an average student. Our teachers grudge explanation, and I was so stuck with it I had to order from IvyPanda.
If you would ask me what is my favorite website, I’d reply that it is IvyPanda. You know what I’m talking about, right?
I regret having lost a whole lot of time for this assignment before I came across IvyPanda in the web. They did it great.
completing writing tasks was always a challenge for me
As a student from a non-English-speaking country, completing writing tasks was always a challenge for me. I had to spend extra time for checks and proofreading to make sure my writing is good enough. I use IvyPanda a lot-it helps me improve my writing.
My writing expert did extensive research to complete my order. I was shocked with the length of bibliography.
The order was for two pages but the file I downloaded contained two and a half. I asked them to make it shorter because we have strict requirements.
They write that they reply strait away but I had to wait for a half an hour. Dunno what happened there. Anyway, the job was done fine.
It was just a well-written work
For this price, I thought I was going to get something fancy. It was just a well-written work.
I’d prefer to cope by myself but some tasks are really tough. With IvyPanda it works out faster.
When I’m stuck with an assignment I always ask for help from IvyPanda. They are great, totally recommended!
Many thanks to the support team and the writing expert. They managed my complicated assignment before the deadline.
I have a lot of things to do apart from my college. Unfortunately, the teachers never understand that. This website is my only way out.
They helped me with my business plan structure. The order was a non-typical one but I enjoyed our cooperation.
I’ve made multiple orders from IvyPanda and I’ve never had any issues with them. I think they hire only professionals.
I am a frequent customer of IvyPanda and I’ve told all my friends about them. They have good prices and qualified staff.
I enjoyed reading the text they sent me. Very good style and well-thought structure. I’ll order from them again.
The result was fine but I had a couple of remarks regarding the citation style. They changed those places without any additional payment from me.
All the works delivered by experts at IvyPanda are so beautiful! I could read them all day! Amazing.
I’m incredibly thankful for all the assistance I got from this service. It makes my life much easier.
IvyPanda can easily put many other services to shame. Their website looks beautiful. It’s easy to use. Pricing is affordable. My #1 choice!
Everyone should know about this service! Seriously, it makes so much sense for me now that I started using it, even though I was skeptical before.
IvyPanda is a huge time-saver. Instead of asking around for someone to check my work, or rereading it myself, I simply order editing service.
For the first time in a year that I’m using this service, my order got delayed. Pretty unpleasant. I hope this won’t happen again.
The number of services this website provides is mind-blowing. They can do pretty much anything!
This website is at the top of my all-time favorite educational resources. It’s got samples, tools, articles, and the amazing service.
IvyPanda never fails to impress me with its quality and its experts’ deep knowledge on probably every subject imaginable.
I remember my first orders at IvyPanda. It was something magical. Now it seems like it’s just another service. Good, but used to be better.
Love the innovative approach that IvyPanda introduces. Instead of doing all the work for me, they assist me in completing the task.
I can’t say that the experience I had here was the biggest disappointment, but it wasn’t perfect either. I might give it another try.

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How can you help me with my assignment?
At IvyPanda we help you reach your academic goals by pairing you with academic experts in your field of study to help with assignments. Our experts go above and beyond to provide the best support, in line with our Fair Use Policy. With our extensive cohort of experts, we can ensure fast access to the help you need.
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We source the best talent globally. Our experts are based in the USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere. We ensure that all our experts hold a minimum Master’s qualifications, with many holding a Ph.D. in their area of expertise. Our recruitment process is rigorous with only 2 out of every 100 candidates getting accepted into our expert cohort.
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Privacy is paramount. We take extensive security measures to ensure that all data transmissions are encrypted and secure. We use SSL encryption, do not share any information with third parties and ensure that not even the academic experts you work with have access to identifying personal information. We use TrustedSite® and other vendors for maximum site security.