1,000+ FREE Online Textbook Library & Learning Resources for All Subjects

1,000+ FREE Online Textbook Library & Learning Resources for All Subjects

The textbook price problem is getting out of hand.

CollegeBoard estimates that, on average, undergraduate students at public universities will have spent about $1,298 on textbooks and supplies in the 2015-2016 school year. For in-state students, this number is actually higher than their annual tuition!

There is good news, though:

The open content movement is on the rise, and there are hundreds of open source textbooks and educational resources available online.

What are open source textbooks and educational resources?

The definition is rather simple: they are textbooks and online classes licensed under open copyright licenses (e.g., Creative Commons). Since they are freely available, you can either read them online or download them as PDFs at no cost. (You may, however, have to pay a small amount if you wish to get a hard copy.)

So this list is essentially a free online textbook library. Here, we’ve gathered hundreds of links to open textbooks and online courses from different websites and sorted them by subject. To improve your research even more, we’d recommend you to look through an essay database with thousands of academic paper samples written by real students.

Who are the open source textbooks for?

  • College and high school students who can use them as a free or cheap alternative to their textbooks
  • Educators who can adapt the textbooks to their courses and distribute copies to their students (read more about what’s permissible under different Creative Commons Licenses)
  • Anyone who wants to learn and study

How do you use this list?

  • The textbooks and educational resources are listed by subject. You can navigate to a specific section using the links below.
  • If you’re looking for a specific textbook, author, or topic, just press Ctrl+F to search for any keyword.
  • If you can’t find a specific book, there is another list of links to free textbooks listed by subject.

Open Textbooks Library

Anthropoly and Archeology
Art and Design
Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional CritiqueGerald Raunig, Gene ReyCC-BY-NC-ND
Art Appreciation and TechniquesSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Art HistoryWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Art HistoryBoundlessCC-BY-SA
Digital Foundations: Introduction to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suitextine burrough, Michael MandibergCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and MeaningUniversity of North Georgia PressCC BY-SA
Internet for Performing ArtsTal Sanders, Pacific UniversityCC BY-NC
Media Studies 101BCcampus OpenEdCC-BY
Open Content Photography ProgramWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Graphic Design and Print Production FundamentalsGraphic Communications Open Textbook CollectiveCC-BY
Biology and Genetics
BioFundamentals: Introductory Molecular BiologyMichael W. Klymkowsky, Melanie M. CooperCC-BY-SA-NC
BiologyJean BrainardCC-BY-SA
Biology Advanced ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Biology ConceptsDouglas Wilkin, Jean BrainardCC-BY-NC
Cell Biology and GeneticsCharles TwesigyeCC-BY-SA
Computing LifeNational Institute of General Medical SciencesPD
Diversity of Algae and PlantsMemory TekereCC-BY-SA
Ecology and EnvironmentJohn Kiogora MworiaCC-BY-SA
Encyclopedia of LifeEOLCC-BY-SA
Evolution BiologyJassiel Nyengani ZuluCC-BY-SA
Genes and DiseaseNational Center for Biotechnology InformationPD
Help Me Understand Genetics HandbookLister Hill National Center for Biomedical CommunicationsPD
Human Biology – BreathingCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – CirculationCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – Digestion and NutritionCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – EcologyCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – GeneticsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – Lives of CellsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – Nervous SystemCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – ReproductionCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – SexualityCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human Biology – Your Changing BodyCK-12CC-BY-NC
Human PhysiologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Inside the Cell – BiologyNational Institute of General Medical SciencesPD
Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology: Discovering the Unseen World Through Hands-On InvestigationCUNY Academic WorksCC BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Molecular and Cellular BiologySaylor AcademyCC-BY
MicrobiologySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Microbiology and MycologyJassiel Nyengan ZuluCC-BY-SA
Modern BiologyOpen Learning InitiativeCC-NC-BY-SA
Nucleic Acids and ChromatinOpenLearnCC-NC-BY-SA
Online Biology BookMichael J. FarabeeCustom
Plant and Animal PhysiologyRémi RakotondradonaCC-BY-SA
Rediscovering BiologyAmy Does, Norman A. Johnson, Teresa ThielCustom
Sensory SystemsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
The New GeneticsNational Institute of General Medical SciencesPD
The Structures of LifeNational Institute of General Medical SciencesPD
Understanding BiodiversityDouglas WilkinCC-BY-NC
What is BiodiversityMelina Laverty, Eleanor SterlingCC-BY
Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective (Financial)MerlotCC-BY-NC-ND
Advanced Business Law and the Legal EnvironmentDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
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Electronic Literature CollectionA. Fraknoi, D.Morrison, S.Wolff
Budget & Finance Administration in Recreation & SportDaniel McLeanCC-BY-SA
Business Plan Development GuideLee Swanson, University of SaskatchewanCC BY-SA
Business Communication for Success (Canadian Edition)Scott McLean, Murray MomanCC-NC-BY-SA
Business English for SuccessScott McLeanCC-NC-BY-SA
Business EthicsAims Community CollegeCC-BY-SA
Business EthicsWilliam Frey, Jose A. Cruz-CruzCC-BY
Business FundamentalsGlobal Text ProjectCC-BY-SA
Business Information Systems: Design an App for ThatRaymond Frost, Jacqueline Pike, Lauren Kenyo, Sarah PelsCC-NC-BY-SA
Business Law and EthicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Business Law and the Legal Environment (EMBA Edition)Don Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Business Law and the Legal Environment (2 Volume Set)Don Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Business Law and the Legal Environment: MAcc EditionDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Building Strategy and Performance.Kim WarrenCC BY-NC-SA
Business StatisticsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Development: The Seven Challenges ApproachDennis RiversCC-BY
Core Concepts of MarketingJohn BurnettCC-BY
Corporate CommunicationSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Democratizing InnovationEric Von HippelCC-BY-NC-ND
eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital worldQuirkCC-BY-SA
E-Commerce and International BusinessUlrich WernerCC-BY-SA
Economics: Theory Through Applications (2 Volume Set)Russell Cooper, Andrew JohnCC-NC-BY-SA
Effective Article Marketing for Promotion and ProfitMotown TerriCC-BY-SA
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective (2nd ed.)Richard T. Watson, Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt, George M. ZinkhanCC-BY
Ethics and EconomyDag G. AaslandCC-BY-NC-ND
Exploring BusinessKaren CollinsCC-NC-BY-SA
Financial Accounting FundamentalsThe University of VirginiaCC-BY-SA
Foundations of Business Law and the Legal EnvironmentDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Green IS: Building Sustainable Business PracticesMarie-Claude Boudreau, Adela Chen, Mark HuberCC-BY
How to Use Microsoft Excel: The Careers in Practice SeriesJoseph M. ManzoCC-NC-BY-SA
Human RelationsLaura PortoleseCC-NC-BY-SA
Human Resource ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Human Resource ManagementLaura PortoleseCC-NC-BY-SA
Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing TechnologyJohn GallaugherCC-NC-BY-SA
Innovation Happens ElsewhereRon Goldman & Richard P. GabrielCC-NC–BY-SA
Intercultural CommunicationScott McLeanCC-NC-BY-SA
International Finance: Theory and PolicySteve SuranovicCC-NC-BY-SA
International Trade: Theory and PolicySteve SuranovicCC-NC-BY-SA
Introduction to BusinessSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Business, Management, and EthicsWilliam FreyCC-BY-SA
Introduction to Contracts, Sales and Product LiabilityDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Introduction to Economic AnalysisR. Preston McAfee, Tracy R. LewisCC-NC-BY-SA
Introduction to Financial AccountingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to the Law of Property, Estate Planning and InsuranceDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Involvement of Banking in the Commonwealth of Independent StatesSaydullo Abdullaev, Valentin Antonovich KotovCC-BY-SA
Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real TimeMichael Solomon, Lisa Duke Cornell, Amit NizanCC-NC-BY-SA
Law for EntrepreneursDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Law of Commercial TransactionsDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and FinanceDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Legal Aspects of Marketing and SalesDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
Macroeconomics: Theory Through ApplicationsRussell Cooper, Andrew JohnCC-NC-BY-SA
Management Accounting Concepts and TechniquesIntrotocostBY-NC-SA
Management Information SystemsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Management LeadershipSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Managerial AccountingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Managing Groups and TeamsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Mastering Strategic ManagementDave Ketchen, Jeremy ShortCC-NC-BY-SA
Microeconomics: Theory Through ApplicationsRussell Cooper, Andrew JohnCC-NC-BY-SA
Money and BankingRobert E. WrightCC-NC-BY-SA
Negotiations and Conflict ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Operations ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Organizational BehaviorSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Organizational BehaviorTalya Bauer, Berrin ErdoganCC-BY-NC-SA
Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and PracticeJason S. Wrench, Narissra Punyanunt-Carter, Mark Ward Sr.CC-NC-BY-SA
Personal FinanceRachel SiegelCC-NC-BY-SA
Principles of AccountingLarry WaltherACARR
Principles of EconomicsLibby Rittenberg, Timothy TregarthenCC-NC-BY-SA
Principles of FinanceSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Principles of MacroeconomicsLibby Rittenberg, Timothy TregarthenCC-NC-BY-SA
Principles of ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Principles of MarketingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Project ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Project ManagementMerrie Barron, PMP, CSM, Andrew R. BarronCC-BY
Project Management from Simple to ComplexRussell Darnall, John M. PrestonCC-NC-BY-SA
Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid EconomyLawrence LessigCC-BY-NC
Risk Management for Enterprises and IndividualsEtti Baranoff, Patrick Lee Brockett, Yehuda KahaneCC-BY-NC-SA
Six Steps to Job Search SuccessCaroline Ceniza-Levine, Connie Thanasoulis-CerrachioCC-BY-NC-SA
Small Business ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Small Business Management in the 21st CenturyDavid T. Cadden, Sandra L. LuederCC-NC-BY-SA
Statement of ValuesWilliam FreyCC-BY-SA
Strategic Information TechnologySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Strategic ManagementSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Survey of EconomicsLibby RittenbergCC-NC-BY-SA
Sustainability, Innovation, and EntrepreneurshipAndrea LarsonCC-BY-NC-SA
Technical CommunicationPau-San HarutaCC-NC-BY-SA
The Art of Leadership and SupervisionLaura Portolese, Phil Upperman, Bob TrumpyCC-NC-BY-SA
The Business Ethics WorkshopJames BrusseauCC-NC-BY-SA
The Environments of the OrganizationWilliam FreyCC-BY-SA
The Legal and Ethical Environment of BusinessTerence Lau, Lisa JohnsonCC-NC-BY-SA
The Legal Environment of BusinessDon Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro K. LiebermanCC-NC-BY-SA
The Market-Led OrganisationOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
The Principles of ManagementMason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, Jeremy ShortCC-BY-NC-SA
Tourism: The International BusinessRobert Christie MillCC-BY
Unleashing the IdeavirusSeth GodinCustom
Applied EcologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Chem I Virtual TextbookStephen LowerCC-BY-NC
Chemical PrinciplesRichard E. Dickerson, Harry B. Gray, Gilbert P. Haight, Jr.Custom
ChemistryFHSST AuthorsGFDL
Chemistry – BasicCK-12CC-BY-NC
Chemistry – IntermediateCK-12CC-BY-NC
Chemistry Concepts – IntermediateCK-12CC-BY-NC
ChemWikiUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Analytical ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Biological ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – History of ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Inorganic ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Organic ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Physical ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
ChemWiki – Theoretical ChemistryUC Davis ChemWikiCC-BY-NC-SA
Concept Development Studies in ChemistryJohn S. HutchinsonCC-BY
Environmental ChemistryDejene Ayele TessemaCC-BY-SA
From Vitamins to Baked Goods: Real Applications of Organic ChemistryCK-12CC-BY-NC
General Chemistry ISaylor AcademyCC-BY
General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications (2 Volume Set)Patricia Eldredge, Bruce AverillCC-NC-BY-SA
Georgia WaterWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Getting StartedStephen LowerCC-BY-NC
Heat TransferWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Industrial ChemistryHelen Njeri NjengaCC-BY-SA
Inorganic ChemistryChrispin KowenjeCC-BY-SA
Analytical Chemistry 2.1David Harvey, DePauw UniversityCC BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Chemical Engineering ProcessesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Introductory ChemistryDavid W. BallCustom
Introductory Chemistry 1Dahir Mohamed Yusuf, Paul M. ShiunduCC-BY-SA
Introductory Chemistry 2Dejene Ayele TessemaCC-BY-SA
Macromolecules in Biological SystemElias Narciso MatosCC-BY-SA
Materials ScienceWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical HazardsNational Institute for Occupational Safety and HealthPD
Open Chemistry (University of California, Irvine)CurrikiCC-BY
Organic ChemistryDaley & DaleyACARR
Organic Chemistry 1Mhehe & KoraneCC-BY-SA
Organic Chemistry 2MheheCC-BY-SA
Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis, Vol. ITimothy SoderbergCC-BY-NC-SA
Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis, Vol. IITimothy SoderbergCC-BY-NC-SA
Physical Chemistry 1Onesmus M. MunyakiCC-BY-SA
Physical Chemistry 2Onesmus M. MunyatiCC-BY-SA
Separation, Electroanalytical and Spectrochemical TechniquesVincent MakokhaCC-BY-SA
The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological ChemistryDavid W. Ball, John W. Hill, Rhonda J. ScottCustom
The Chemistry of HealthNIHPD
Virtual Textbook of Organic ChemistryWilliam ReuschCC-BY-NC-ND
Volumetric Chemical AnalysisP. M. ShiunduCC-BY-SA
Xray CrystallographyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Computer science and IT
A College Student’s Guide to Computers in EducationDave MoursundCC-BY-NC
A Faculty Member’s Guide to Computers in Higher EducationDave MoursundCC-BY-NC
AbstractionStephen Wong, Dung NguyenCC-BY
Accessibility of eLearningOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Ada ProgrammingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Advanced Artificial IntelligenceSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Advanced DatabasesSaylor AcademyCC-BY
A-level Computing/AQAWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
AlgorithmsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
An introduction to Data and InformationOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
An introduction to Data and InformationOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Applescript for Absolute StartersBert AltenburgCC-BY
Applications of ICT in LibrariesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Association Learning + Technology ReportWikiBooksCC-BY-NC-SA
Artificial IntelligenceSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Basic Computing Using WindowsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital ExplosionHal Abelson, Kel Ledeen, Harry LewisCC-BY-NC-SA
Building Skills in Object-Oriented DesignSteven F. LottCC-BY-NC-ND
Building Skills in ProgrammingSteven F. LottCC-BY-NC-ND
Building Skills in PythonSteven F. LottCC-BY-NC-ND
Business Information Systems: Design an App for ThatRaymond Frost, Jacqueline Pike, Lauren Kenyo, Sarah PelsCustom
C ProgrammingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
C# ProgrammingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
C++ ProgrammingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Cascading Style SheetsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
CGI Programming on the World Wide WebShishir GundavaramCC-BY-NC-SA
CompilersSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Computer ArchitectureSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Computer Communications and NetworksSaylor AcademyCC-BY
An Introduction to Computer NetworksPeter Dordal, Loyola University of ChicagoCC BY-NC-ND
CryptographySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Discovering Information Systems: An Exploratory ApproachOpenUCTCC-BY-NC-ND
Discrete StructuresSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Dive into HTML5Mark PilgrimCC-BY
Dive into PythonMark PilgrimGFDL
Education for an Information AgeBernard John Poole, Elizabeth Sky-McIlvainCustom
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic PerspectiveRichard T. Watson, Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt, George M. ZinkhanCC-BY
Elementary Data StructuresSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Eloquent JavaScript: A modern Intro to ProgrammingMarijn HaverbekeCC-BY
Encyclopedia of Human-Computer InteractionInteraction design foundationCC-BY-ND
Essential Microsoft Office 2000Bernard John Poole, Rebecca L. RandallCustom
Essential Microsoft Office 2007Bernard John PooleCustom
Firefox ManualFloss ManualsCC-BY-SA
Flash TutorialsWikiBooksCC-BY-NC-SA
FLOSS ManualsFloss ManualsGNU-GPL
Free as in FreedomSam WilliamsGFDL
GIS Commons: An Introductory Textbook on Geographic Information SystemsMichael SchmandtCC-BY-SA
Graphics and Information Management SystemsChifwepa, VitalicyCC-BY-SA
Grokking the GimpCarey BunksOpen Publication
How to Assemble a Desktop PCWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with PythonPeter Wentworth, Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey, and Chris MeyersGFDL
HyperText Markup LanguageWikiBooksCC
Information SecuritySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Information System: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology V1.1John GallaugherCC-NC-BY-SA
Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v1.2John GallaugherCC-NC-BY-SA
Interpreting Information Systems in OrganizationsGeoff WalshamCC-BY
Introducing ICT SystemsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Autonomous RobotsCorellCC-BY-NC-ND
Introduction to C ProgrammingRichard Mobbs, Marina CarterCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Computer ScienceWikiversityCC-BY-SA
Introduction to Computer Science ISaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Computer Science IISaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Computing: Explorations in Language, Logic, and MachinesDavid EvansCC-BY-NA-SA
Introduction to Digital Logic with Laboratory ExercisesJames FeherCC-BY
Introduction to HTMLRichard MobbsCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to ICTGilford T. HapanyengwCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007D McKieCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007D McKieCC-BY-SA
Introduction to Microsoft Windows XPD McKieCC-BY
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007D McKieCC-BY
Introduction to Modern Database SystemsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Programming Using JavaDavid J. EckCC-BY-SA
Introduction to UNIXRichard MobbsCC-BY-NC-SA
ItrainOnline Multimedia Training KitItrainOnlineCC-BY-NC
Mobile Applications DevelopmentSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Multimedia Design and ApplicationsEkol, George L.CC-BY-SA
Network SecurityOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python 2.0WikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python 2.6WikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Open Source Development with CVS, 3rd EditionMoshe BarGNU-GPL
Operating SystemsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction (Part II)Jerome H. Saltzer, M. Frans KaashoekCC-BY-NC-SA
Producing Open Source SoftwareKarl FogelCC-BY-SA
Programming from the Ground UpJonathan BartlettGFDL
Programming Fundamentals – A Modular Structured Approach Using C++Kenneth Leroy BusbeeCC-BY
Programming in CKishori MundargiCC-BY-NC-SA
Programming LanguagesSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Programming Languages: Application and InterpretationShriram KrishnamurthiCC-NC-BY-SA
Project Management from Simple to ComplexRussell Darnall, John M. PrestonCC-BY-NC-SA
Python for Informatics: Exploring InformationCharles SeveranceCC-BY-SA
Representing and Manipulating Data in ComputersOpen learnCC-BY-NC-SA
Software EngineeringSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramsHarold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie SussmanCC-BY-NC
Text-Based Productivity ToolsElijah I. OmwengaCC-BY-SA
The Cathedral and the BazaarEric S. RaymondOpen Publication
The Future of the Internet and How to Stop ItJonathan ZittrainCC-BY-NC-SA
The Internet Superuser TextbookDu Toit, Masha Malczyk, Anna van Belle, Jean-PaulCC-BY-NC
The Wealth of NetworksYochai BenklerCC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
Think Python: An Introduction to Software DesignAllen B. DowneyGFDL
Understanding Open Source and Free Software LicensingAndrew M. St. LaurentCC-BY-ND
Using WikiBooksWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Web DevelopmentSaylor AcademyCC-BY
What is a Wiki?WikiCC-BY-SA
Wireless Networking in the Developing WorldWireless Networking AuthorsCC-BY-SA
x86 DisassemblyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
XML – Managing Data ExchangeWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
An Outline of the U.S. EconomyChristopher ContePD
EconometricsBruce E. HansenCustom
Financial AccountingJoe Ben Hoyle, C. J. SkenderCC-NC-BY-SA
Financial AnalysisJohn PetroffCC-BY-NC-SA
Historical Beginnings: The Federal ReserveRoger T. JohnsonPD
Intermediate MacroeconomicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Intermediate MicroeconomicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
International Economics: Theory and PolicySteve SuranovicCC-BY-NC-SA
International Finance: Theory and PolicySteve SuranovicCC-BY-NC-SA
International TradeSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Boundless EconomicsIndependentCC BY-SA
Introduction to Economic AnalysisR. Preston McAfee, Tracy R. LewisCC-BY-NC-SA
Living EconomicsLivingEconomics.orgCC-BY-SA
MacroeconomicsJohn PetroffCC-BY-NC-SA
Managerial AccountingKurt Heisinger, Joe Ben HoyleCC-NC-BY-SA
MicroeconomicsJohn PetroffCC-BY-NC-SA
Microeconomics: Markets, Methods and ModelsDoug Curtis, Ian IrvineCC BY-NC-SA
Microeconomics: Theory Through ApplicationsRussell Cooper, Andrew JohnCC-BY-NC-SA
Money and BankingRobert E. Wright, Vincenzo QuadriniCC-BY-NC-SA
New Rules for the New EconomyKevin KellyCC-BY
Political EconomyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Economics – Theory Through ApplicationsOpen Learning InitiativeCC-NC-BY-SA
Principles of EconomicsLibby Rittenberg, Timothy TregarthenCC-BY-NC-SA
Principles of MacroeconomicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Principles of MacroeconomicsLibby Rittenberg, Timothy TregarthenCC-BY-NC-SA
Principles of MicroeconomicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Principles of MicroeconomicsLibby Rittenberg, Timothy TregarthenCC-BY-NC-SA
Quantum MicroeconomicsChris GaskettCC-BY-NC
The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and FreedomYochai BenklerCC-BY-NC-SA
Upsetting the Offset: The Political Economy of Carbon MarketsSteffen BöhmCC-BY-NC-ND
Access to Knowledge: A Guide for EveryoneFrederick Noronha, Jeremy MalcolmCC-BY-SA
Classroom Management and SupervisionRidwan Mohamed OsmanCC-BY-SA
College SuccessBruce Beiderwell, Linda F. Tse, Tom Lochhaas and Nicholas B. deKanterCC-BY-NC
Common Wisdom: Peer Production of Educational MaterialsYochai BenklerCC-BY-NC
Comparative EducationEmmy H. EmboziCC-BY-SA
Contemporary Issues in EducationSsemanda EnosiCC-BY-SA
Copyright for LibrariansBerkman Center for Internet & Society, Electronic Information for LibrariesCC-BY-SA
Creating Open Educational ResourcesBerkman Center for Internet & Society, Electronic Information for LibrariesCC-NC-BY-SA
Curriculum StudiesGrace NyagahCC-BY-SA
Dance SkillsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Developmental PsychologyJohn T. PhiriCC-BY-SA
Distinction Through Discovery: A Research-Oriented First Year ExperienceFlorida Atlantic University Nyagah, GraceCC-BY-NC-ND
Education for an Information AgeBernard John PooleCustom
Educational CommunicationGeorge L. EkolCC-BY-SA
Educational Evaluation and TestingRidwan Mohamed OsmanCC-BY-SA
Educational ManagementGerald Ngugi KimaniCC-BY-SA
Educational ResearchRidwan Mohamed OsmanCC-BY-SA
Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and TechnologyMichael OreyCC-BY-SA
Essential Microsoft Office 2000Bernard John Poole, Rebecca L. RandallCustom
Essential Microsoft Office 2003Bernard John Poole, Lorrie Jackson, Rebecca L. RandallCustom
Essential Microsoft Office 2007Bernard John PooleCustom
Essential Microsoft Office XPBernard John Poole, Lorrie Jackson, Rebecca L. RandallCustom
Experiencing the HumanitiesRichard JewellCustom
Handbook of Emerging Technologies for LearningGeorge Siemens, Peter TittenbergerCC-BY-NC
History of EducationSsemanda EnosiCC-BY-SA
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, SchoolBoard on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and EducationCustom
ICT Integration in BiologyMamadou Sarr, Salomon Tchameni NgamoCC-BY-SA
ICT Integration in ChemistryGilbert Oke Onwu, Salomon Tchameni NgamoCC-BY-SA
ICT Integration in MathematicsChris Olley, Solomon Tchamen NgamoCC-BY-SA
ICT Integration in PhysicsSémou Diouf, Salomon Tchameni NgamoCC-BY-SA
Instructional Design ModelsWikiBooksCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to General Psychology (for Educators)Auma OkumuCC-BY-SA
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling (for educators)Auma OkumuCC-BY-SA
Key Skills: Making a DifferenceOpenLearn
Learning PsychologyCatherine W DenyekoCC-BY-SA
Learning Science in Informal Environments: People, Places and PursuitsPhilip Bell, Bruce Lewenstein, Andrew W. Shouse, Michael A. FederCustom
Managing a School’s Educational ResourcesJudith RazafimbeloCC-BY-SA
Media Education KitUNESCOCC-BY-NC-SA
Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and TrainingMohamed AllyCC-BY-NC-SA
OER Handbook for Educators 1.0Open Educational ResourcesCC-BY
Open Educational Content – Introduction and TutorialsOpen Educational ResourcesCC-BY-SA
Open Educational Resources Conversations in CyberspaceOpen Educational ResourcesCC-BY-NC-SA
Philosophy of EducationSamson O. GungaCC-BY-SA
Reflective TeachingJane Ciumwari GatumuCC-BY-SA
Social and Cultural Foundations of American EducationWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Sociology of EducationCyrille MihamitsyCC-BY-SA
Special Needs EducationEdward Ntare RutondokiCC-BY-SA
Study SkillsStudent Development and Support ServiceCC-BY-NC-SA
Teaching in a digital ageA.W. (Tony) BatesCC-BY-NC
Teaching MethodologyCaroline W NdiranguCC-BY-SA
The Art of Reading at UniversityJoyce Leung, Donna McGee ThompsonCC-BY-SA
The Instructional Use of Learning ObjectsDavid WileyOPL
The Public Domain Enclosing the Commons of the MindJames BoyleCC-BY-NC-SA
The Theory and Practice of Online Learning 2nd edTerry AndersonCC-NC-BY-SA)
A Beginner’s Arduino GuideWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
A Guide To PIC Microcontroller DocumentationWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and ScientistsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Advanced Robotics BookWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Advanced Structural AnalysisWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
All About CircuitsPatrick LloydCustom
Analog and Digital ConversionWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Analogue ElectronicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Analysis and Design of the Traffic Control SystemWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Applied EcologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Applied RoboticsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Artificial Neural NetworksWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
ATRIAS 2.1 HandbookWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Basic Electrical Generation and DistributionWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Battery PowerWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Build Your Own Solar Power GeneratorWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Building ServicesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Chemical Engineering Process Dynamics and ControlsUniversity of CalgaryCC-BY
Chip Design Made EasyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Circuit IdeaWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Clock and Data RecoveryWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Communication NetworksWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Communication SystemsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Communication SystemsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Computer Systems EngineeringWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Consumer Electronics Certification and RegulationWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Cyberbotics’ Robot CurriculumWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Data Coding TheoryWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Digital Circuit Projects: An Overview of Digital Circuits Through Implementing Integrated CircuitsCharles W. KannCC-BY
Digital CircuitsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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Digital Integrated CircuitsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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Embedded Control Systems DesignWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Embedded Control Systems for Intelligent MachinesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Embedded SystemsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and SocietyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Energy Efficiency ReferenceWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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Engineering GuesstimationsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Engineering StaticsOpenLearningCC-NC-BY-SA
Engineering TablesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Engineering: An Introduction for High SchoolCK-12CC-BY-NC
Engineering: An Introduction to Solving Engineering Problems with MatlabCK-12CC-BY-NC
Evolution of Operating Systems DesignsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Expert SystemsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fire Simulation for EngineersWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Floating PointWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fundamental Digital ElectronicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fundamental Specifications for Steel ConstructionWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering IDon JohnsonCC-BY
Fundamentals of TransportationWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
General Engineering IntroductionWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Geothermal Heating and CoolingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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House ConstructionWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Introductory PLC ProgrammingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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Lessons in Electric Circuits, Vol I DCTony R. KuphaldtCustom
Materials in ElectronicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Mechanics of EngineeringMadhukar VableCustom
Microprocessor DesignWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Mindstorms RoboticsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
MyHDL and the NEXYS 2 BoardWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
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Socratic Electronics A Resource for Inquiry-Based Electronics InstructionTony R. KuphaldtCC-BY
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Telescope MakingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
The Art of CitiesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Transportation EconomicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Transportation Geography and Network ScienceWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Transportation Systems Simulation – A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIMWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Understanding MultitouchWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Urban Traffic OperationsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
VHDL for FPGA DesignWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Vibrations of StructuresWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Water Resources DirectoryWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
What is Testing?CK-12CC-BY-NC
English and writing
A Celebration of Women Writers ed. by OckerbloomAlice Lee MoquéPD
Basic Speller Student MaterialsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Clear Simple: Developing Effective Print Materials for Low-Literate ReadersNIHPD
Commonsense CompositionCK-12CC-BY-NC
Electronic Literature CollectionElectronic Literature OrganizationCC-BY-NC-ND
English Composition ISaylor AcademyCC-BY
English Composition IISaylor AcademyCC-BY
Exploring Perspectives: A Concise Guide to AnalysisRandall FallowsCC-BY-NC-SA
Foundations of Academic Success: Words of WisdomThomas C. PriesterCC-NC-BY-SA
Journalism 101CK-12CC-BY-NC
Pre-College EnglishSaylor AcademyCC-BY
About Writing: A GuideRobin JeffreyCC BY
Start Writing FictionOpenLearnCC-NC-BY-SA
Style for Students Online: Effective Technical Writing in the Information AgeJoe SchallCC-BY-NC-SA
Technical Report WritingCarol A. VidoliPD
Technical WritingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
The American RenaissanceSaylor AcademyCC-BY
The Flat World Knowledge HandbookMiles McCrimmonCC-NC-BY-SA
The Glyfada MethodCK-12CC-BY-NC
The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online TextbookTrudi Jacobson, Greg Bobish, Deborah Bernnard, Daryl Bullis, Jenna Hecker, Irina Holden, Allison Hosier, Tor LoneyCC-NC-BY-SA
Three Modules on Clear Writing Style: An Introduction to The Craft of ArgumentThe Cain Project in Engineering and Professional CommunicationCC-BY
University of North Carolina College WritingUNC-Chapel HillCC-BY-NC-ND
Writing in College: From Competence to ExcellenceAmy GuptillCC-NC-BY-SA
Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 1Writing SpacesCC-BY-NC-ND
Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2Writing SpacesCC-BY-NC-ND
History and civilizations
Languages and Communication
Business Communication for SuccessScott McLeanCC-BY-NC-SA
Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication StudiesRichard G. Jones, Jr.CC-BY-NC-SA
Professional Communication Skills for LeadersLMI PCSL Core Curriculum Lower Mekong InitiativeCC-BY
Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Development: The Seven Challenges ApproachDennis RiversCC-BY
Communication TheoryWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Communications Skills TextbookFoundation OERCC-BY-NC-SA
Deutsch im BlickDr. Zsuzsanna AbramsCC-BY-NC-ND
Francais InteractifUniversity of Texas at AustinCC-BY
LibertéOpen Learning InitiativeCC-NC-BY-SA
Chapeau! First-Year FrenchOpen Learning InitiativeCC-NC-BY-SA
From Sound to Meaning: Hearing, Speech and LanguageOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
How Language Works: The Cognitive Science of LinguisticsMichael GasserGFDL
How to Communicate as a Health VolunteerMr. Daniel ErchickCC-BY
How to Present with TwitterOlivia MitchellCC-BY-NC-ND
Introduction to Public SpeakingCourseraCC-BY-SA
WAC and Second-Language Writers: Research Towards Linguistically and Culturally Inclusive Programs and PracticesWAC ClearinghouseCC BY-NC-ND
Key Skill Assessment: CommunicationOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
LibertéGretchen AngeloCC-BY-NC-SA
Mobile ESLDr. James O’DriscollCC-BY-NC-SA
Open Translation ToolsOpen Translation ToolsGNU-GPL
Oral CommunicationsLearnHigherCC-BY-NC-SA
Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and PracticeMark Ward Sr., Jason S. WrenchCC-BY-NC-SA
Principles Of Human CommunicationSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Public RelationsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Public SpeakingSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Spanish IWiliversityCC-BY-SA
Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public SpeakingAnne Goding, Jason S. Wrench, Danette Ifert JohnsonCC-BY-NC-SA
Technical CommunicationPau-San HarutaCC-BY-NC-SA
The Art of CommunityJono BaconCC-BY-NC-SA
We Are the MediaDan GillmorCC
Legal studies
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and AlgebraShoupCC-BY-ND-NC
A Concise Introduction to LogicCraig DeLanceyCC-BY-NC-SA
A First Course in Linear AlgebraBeezerGFDL
A Modern Formal Logic PrimerTellerCustom
A Problem Text in Advanced CalculusErdmanCC-BY-NC-SA
Abstract Algebra: Theory and ApplicationsTom JudsonGFDL
Advanced Algebra II: Activities and Homework by FelderKenny M. FelderCC-BY
Advanced Algebra II: Conceptual Explanations by FelderKenny M. FelderCC-BY
Advanced StatisticsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
AlgebraKhan AcadememyCC-BY-SA
AlgebraSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Algebra – BasicCK-12CC-BY-NC
Algebra Explorations Concepts, Pre-K through Grade 7CK-12CC-BY-NC
Algebra IRawley, Gloag, GloagCC-BY-SA
Algebra II with TrigonometryCK-12CC-BY-NC
Algebra II with Trigonometry ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
An Introduction to MATLAB and MathcadSiemersCC-BY-NC
APEX CalculusHartman, Heinold, Siemers, Chalishajar, BowerCC-BY-NC
Applied Discrete StructuresDoerr, LevasseurCC-BY-NC-SA
Applied Finite MathematicsSekhonCC-BY
Basic AlgebraWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Basic Algebra ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Basic Analysis: Introduction to Real AnalysisLeblCC-BY-NC-SA
Basic Arithmetic Student HandbookDept. of Mathematics, Scottsdale Community CollegeCC-BY-SA
Basic Geometry ConceptCK-12CC-BY-NC
Basic Math Textbook for the Community CollegeBrownCC-BY
Basic MathematicsLeblCC-BY-SA
Brief CalculusCrowellCC-BY-SA
Calculus Instructor’s Manual Study Guide VideosStrangCC-BY-NC-SA
Calculus 1Saylor AcademyCC-BY
Calculus ABSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Calculus ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
College AlgebraCarl Stitz, Jeff ZeagerCC-BY-NC-SA
College AlgebraSaylor AcademyCC-BY
College TrigonometryCarl Stitz, Jeff ZeagerCC-BY-NC-SA
Computing Technology for Math ExcellenceDr. Patricia DeubelN/A
Conceptos de Álgebra II con Trigonometría – en EspañolCK-12CC-BY-NC
Diagrams, Charts and GraphsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Difference Equations to Differential EquationsSloughterCC-BY-NC-SA
Differential EquationsEkolCC-BY-SA
Dimensions (video)Alvarez, Ghys, LeysCC-BY-NC-ND
Elementary AlgebraBurzynski, EllisCC-BY
Elementary AlgebraReddenACARR
Elementary Calculus An Approach Using InfinitesimalsKeislerCC-BY-NC-SA
Elementary Differential Equations Student Solutions ManualWilliam F. TrenchCC-BY-NC-SA
Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems Student Solutions ManualWilliam F. TrenchCC-BY-NC-SA
Elementary Linear AlgebraKuttlerCC-BY
Foundations of Real World MathSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Functions DefinedImproper IntegralsCC-BY-NC-SA
Fundamentals of MathematicsBurzynski, EllisCC-BY
Fundamentals of Matrix AlgebraHartmanCC-BY-NC
Gentle Introduction to the Arts of MathematicsJoe FieldsCC-BY-NC-SA
GeometryCifarelli, Gloag, Greenberg, Sconyers, ZahnerCC-BY-NC-SA
GeometrySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Geometry – BasicCK-12CC-BY-NC
High School Mathematics ExtensionsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
How We Got from There to Here: A Story of Real AnalysisRobert Rogers and Eugene BomanCC-BY-NC-SA
Intermediate AlgebraReddenCC-BY-NC-SA
Intermediate Algebra Student WorkbookScottsdale Community CollegeCC-BY-SA
Introduction to Mathematical ReasoningSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Matrix AlgebraKawCC-BY-NC-ND
Introduction to Real AnalysisTrenchCustom
Introduction to Real AnalysisTrenchCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex SystemsHiroki SayamaCC-BY-NC-SA
Introductory Algebra Student HandbookScottsdale Community CollegeCC-BY-SA
Linear AlgebraHeffersonCC-BY-SA
Linear AlgebraCherney, Denton, and WaldronCC-BY-NC-SA
Linear AlgebraChihakaCC-BY-SA
Linear Algebra, Theory and ApplicationsKuttlerCC-BY
Linear ProgrammingMtetwaCC-BY-SA
Math AnalysisCK-12CC-BY-NC
Math Analysis ConceptCK-12CC-BY-NC
Math in a Sustainable SocietyKaslikCC-BY-NC
Math in SocietyLippmanCC-BY-SA
MathematicsThe Free High School Science TextsGFDL
Middle School Math – Grade 6CK-12CC-BY-NC
Middle School Math – Grade 7CK-12CC-BY-NC
Middle School Math – Grade 8CK-12CC-BY-NC
Middle School Math Concepts – Grade 6CK-12CC-BY-NC
Middle School Math Concepts – Grade 7CK-12CC-BY-NC
Middle School Math Concepts – Grade 8CK-12CC-BY-NC
Natural Resources BiometricsDiane KiernanCC-BY-NC-SA
Notes on Diffy Qs: Differential Equations for EngineersLebl Ralph W. P MasengeCC-BY-NC-SA
Number TheoryRalph W. P MasengeCC-BY
Numbers, Units, and ArithmeticOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Numerical MethodsMasengeCC-BY-SA
Numerical Methods with ApplicationsKaw, Kalu, NguyenCC-BY-NC-SA
PreAlgebra (Khan Academy)Reuger; CSNCustom
PrecalculusStitz, ZeagerCC-BY-NC-SA
Precalculus ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Precalculus: An Investigation of FunctionsLippman, RasmussenCC-BY-SA
Probability and StatisticsChegeCC-BY-SA
Proofs and Concepts: the fundamentals of abstract mathematicsMorrisCC-BY-NC-SA
Ratios, Proportion and PercentagesOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Reasonable Basic AlgebraSchremmerGFDL
Reasonable Decimal ArithmeticSchremmerGFDL
Rounding and EstimationOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Single Variable CalculusAlmukkahal, Cifarelli, Fan, JarvisCC-BY-NC-SA
Single-Variable Calculus ISaylor AcademyCC-BY
Squares, Roots and PowersOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Tea Time Numerical AnalysisBrinCC-BY-SA
Texas Instruments Calculus Student EditionCK-12CC-BY-NC
Texas Instruments Trigonometry Student EditionCK-12CC-BY-NC
The Essential Elementary & Intermediate AlgebraBlakelyCC-BY-NC-SA
TrigonometryLanders, MeeryCC-BY-NC-SA
Trigonometry – Second EditionCK-12CC-BY-NC
Trigonometry ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Vector CalculusCorralGFDL
Worldwide Differential CalculusMasseyACARR
Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and KeysOpenStax CNXCC BY
Introduction to Music TheoryCatherine Schmidt-JonesCC-BY
Reading Music: Common NotationCatherine Schmidt-JonesCC-BY
Sound of PhysicsJames McLeanCC-BY-NC-SA
The Basic Elements of MusicCatherine Schmidt-JonesCC-BY
Understanding Basic Music TheoryCatherine Schmidt-JonesCC-BY
Nursing and Health
Philosophy and Ethics
An Introduction to PhilosophyPhilip PecorinoCC-BY-NC-ND
Computers, Information Technology, the Internet, Ethics, Society and Human ValuesPhilip PecorinoCC-BY-NC-SA
Consciousness StudiesWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
David HumeOpenLearnCC-NC-BY-SA
Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World ViewsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
ExistentialismSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Formal LogicWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Historical Introduction to PhilosophyWikiversityCC-BY-SA
Introducing PhilosophyOpenLearnCC-NC-BY-SA
Introduction to Ethical StudiesLee Archie, John G. ArchieGDFL
Introduction to Formal LogicP.D. MagnusCC-BY-SA
Logic and ProofsOpen LearningCC-NC-BY-SA
Medical EthicsPhilip A. PecorinoCC-BY-NC-ND
Modern PhilosophyBCcampus OpenEdCC-BY
Moral and Political PhilosophySaylor AcademyCC-BY-NC-SA
Philosophy of ReligionPhilip A. PecorinoCC-BY-NC-ND
Reading for Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking, An Open Source Reader,Lee Archie, John G. ArchieGFDL
Physics And Astronomy
21st Century PhysicsCK-12CC-BY-SA
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics – Vol 1David J. RaymondGFDL
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics – Vol 2David J. RaymondGFDL
All About CircuitsAll About CircuitsDSL
Atomic PhysicsC. A. KiwangaCC-BY-SA
Basic PhysicsCK-12CC-BY-SA
Basic Physics of Nuclear MedicineWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Calculus-Based PhysicsJeffrey W. SchnickCC-BY-SA
Chaos: Classical and QuantumPredrag Cvitanovic´GFDL
College PhysicsPaul Peter Urone, Roger HinrichsCC-BY
Conceptual PhysicsBenjamin CrowellCC-BY-SA
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBookWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Electricity and MagnetismSam Kinyera ObwoyaCC-BY-SA
Electricity and Magnetism 2Henri RasolondramanitraCC-BY-SA
ElectronicsSam Kinyera ObwoyaCC-BY-SA
FHSST PhysicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fukushima AftermathWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Fukushima Aftermath: Whither the Indian Point Nuke?WikiBooksCC-BY-SA
General RelativityBen CrowellCC-BY-SA
Geometrical Optics and Physical OpticsHerimanda A RamilisonCC-BY-SA
University Physics Volume 2OpenStaxCC BY
Introduction to ElectromagnetismSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to MechanicsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introductory NeutronicsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Light and MatterBen CrowellCC-BY-SA
Mathematical Physics IRené Yves RasoanaivoCC-BY-SA
Mathematical Physics IIIssakha YoumCC-BY-SA
MechanicsBen CrowelCC-BY-SA
Mechanics IITilahun TesfayeCC-BY-SA
Modeling and Simulation for High School Teachers: Principles, Problems, and Lesson PlansCK-12CC-BY-NC
Motion Mountain – The Adventure of PhysicsMotion MountainCC-BY-NC-ND
Nuclear PhysicsTilahun TesfayeCC-BY-SA
Open Source PhysicsOpen Source PhysicsCustom
People’s Physics BookJames H. DannCC-BY-SA
People’s Physics Book Version 3 (with Videos)CK-12CC-BY-NC
People’s Physics ConceptsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Physical Science Concepts for Middle SchoolJean BrainardCC-BY-NC
Physical Science for Middle SchoolJean BrainardCC-BY-NC
University PhysicsOpen LearningCC-BY-NC-SA
Physics – From Stargazers to StarshipsCK-12CC-BY-NC
Physics – IntermediateCK-12CC-BY-NC
Physics Concepts – IntermediateCK-12CC-BY-NC
Physics for K-12Sunil Kumar SinghCC-BY
Physics Study GuideWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Properties of MatterSisay ShewamareCC-BY-SA
Quantum MechanicsRené Yves RasoanaivoCC-BY-SA
Radiation OncologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Radioactive Waste ManagementWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Simple NatureBen CrowellCC-BY-SA
Solid State PhysicsSam Kinyera ObwoyaCC-BY-SA
Special RelativityWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Statistical PhysicsSisay ShewamareCC-BY-SA
Thermal PhysicsTilahun TesfayeCC-BY-SA
This Quantum WorldWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Political Science
American GovernmentImothy O. Lenz, Mirya HolmanCC-BY-NC-ND
American GovernmentSaylor AcademyCC-BY
American Government and Politics in the Information AgeDavid L. Paletz, Diana Owen, Timothy E. CookCC-BY-NC-SA
Basic Political ConceptsPaul DelespinasseCC-BY
Democracy in BriefIIP DigitalPD
Elements of Political CommunicationWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Ethics and Public PolicySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Global JusticeSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Human Rights in BriefAZS IndexPD
Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to PoliticsSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to Western Political ThoughtSaylor AcademyCC-BY
Nationalism, Self-determination and SuccessionOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Political ScienceBoundlessCC-BY-SA
The 9/11 Commission Report9/11 CommissionPD
The CIA World FactbookCentral Intelligence AgencyPD
Anxiety DisordersNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Applied History of PsychologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Biological PsychologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Bipolar DisorderNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Challenging Ideas in Mental HealthOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive NeuroscienceWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
DepressionNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Dialectical Behavioral TherapyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Eating DisordersNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
eSource: Behavioral and Social Science ResearchE-sourcePD
Groups and TeamworkOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Handbook of epistemologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Internet for PsychologyCharles StangorCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to PsychologySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to PsychologyCharles StangorCC-BY-NC-SA
Introduction to PsychologyWikibooksCC-BY-SA
Lucid DreamingWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Men and DepressionNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Mental Health MedicationsNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Noba Psychology SeriesJames PennebakerCC-BY-NC-SA
Open Source PsychologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Principles of Social PsychologyCharles StangorCC-BY-NC-SA
Psychology A Student Friendly ApproachSaylor AcademyCustom Copyright
Research Methods in PsychologyPaul C. PriceCC-BY-NC-SA
SL PsychologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Social PsychologyWikibookCC-BY-SA
Systems Thinking and PracticeOpen LearnCC-BY-NC-SA
The Making of Individual DifferencesOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
The Psychology Of Emotions, Feelings and ThoughtsMark PettinelliCC-BY
Women and Depression: Discovering HopeNational Institute of Mental HealthPD
Anatomy and Physiology of AnimalsWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
AP Environmental ScienceUniversity of California CollegeCC-BY
Comparing StarsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Deserts: Geology and ResourcesTerrence MoorePD
Earth ScienceCK-12CC-BY-SA
Earth ScienceEdward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. LutgensCC-BY
Energy Conservation and Environmental ProtectionSarma V. PisupatiCC-BY-NC-SA
Environmental Science in the 21st CenturyThe National Science BoardCustom
Evolution through Natural SelectionOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Gene Manipulation in PlantsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
Genes, Technology and Policy/The ScienceWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Geology of the National ParksUSGSCC-BY-NC-SA
Geothermal Energy—Clean Power from the Earth’s HeatWendell A. Duffield, John H. SassPD
GIS Commons: An Introductory Textbook on Geographic Information SystemsMichael SchmandtCC-BY-SA
American Environmental HistoryDan AllossoCC BY-SA
Life in the PalaeozoicOpenLearnCC-BY-SA
Life ScienceCK-12CC-BY-SA
Nature of Geographic InformationJames L. Sloan II, Ryan Baxter, Wesley Stroh, Beth Fletcher KingCC-BY-NC-SA
Outline of American GeographyJohn FlorinPD
Own You Own SpaceLinda McCarthyCC-BY-NC-ND
Physical GeographyK. Allison, Lenkeit-MeezanCC
Plate TectonicsOpenLearnCC-BY-NC-SA
An Introduction to RadioactivityThe University of PortoCC-BY-SA
Science Appreciation: Introduction to Science LiteracyJohn White, Michael Dennincustom license
Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot AirCK-12CC-BY-NC
The Opensource Handbook of Nanoscience and NanotechnologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate TectonicsU.S. Geological SurveyPD
eSource: Behavioral and Social Science ResearchE-soursePD
Social Problems: Continuity and ChangeUniversity of Minnesota Libraries PublishingCC BY-NC-SA
Introduction to Social Network MethodsRobert A. Hanneman, Mark RiddleCustom
Introduction to SociologySaylor AcademyCC-BY
Introduction to SociologyWikiBooksCC-BY-SA
Introduction to SociologyHeather Griffiths, Nathan Keirns, Eric Strayer, Sally VyainCC-BY
Living in a Globalised WorldThe Open UniversityCC-BY-NC-SA
Minority Studies: A Brief Sociological TextRuth DunnCC-BY
Negation: Essays in Critical ThinkingHerbert MarcuseCC-BY-NC-ND
Sociology of the FamilySociology of The FamilyCC-BY
Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, Brief Ed.Steve BarkanCC-BY-NC-SA
Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, Comprehensive Ed.Steve BarkanCC-BY-NC-SA
The Art of CommunityJono BaconCC-BY-NC-SA