Operations Management

Operation management is a key area of management in any successful organization. The management ensures business operations use the available resources in an organization effectively to meet dynamic consumer needs (Lewis, & Slack, 2003, p.11). Nike, a market leader in the sports shoes and apparel has a commanding thirty two percent of the global market […]

Film critique: Die Hard

Introduction Film like all other forms of art employs the usage of different elements of narrative to tell a particular story. No two film plots are exactly the same and each director has his/her own way of ensuring that each piece of work he/she is involved in has unique features that link the final product […]

Conditioning Theory by B.F. Skinner

Brief Overview of the theory According to Skinner, operant conditioning is a form of conditioning that that influences the formation of personality (Skinner, 1948, p.23). In other words, it is a learning method where people’s behavior is changed with the introduction of different incentives and reinforcements. External factors should be considered in explaining the behavior […]

Production management: quality management systems. Case study of IDT Australia limited.

Introduction Historically, manufacturing management concept was coined by Adam Smith in eighteenth century in his contribution to specialization of labor in manufacturing. Adam Smith indicated that industrial jobs can be broken into smaller jobs and laborers were recommended to specialize in areas that they deem perfect, skilled and efficient (Anon, 1998). Accordingly, Fredrick Taylor coined […]

Role of Central Bank

Different countries operate their own central bank that controls and monitors operations of commercial banks within their economy; central banks are the custodians of commercial bank. Other than being the sole printer of notes and coins currency of a nation, central banks provide their countries’ currencies with price stability by controlling inflation. To control and intervene in an […]

Buddhism in Canada

Introduction Buddhism emanated from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who is the founding father of Buddhism practices. Buddhism is based on the assumption that reality is a constant instability together with the principle of interdependence, the dominance of mind and consecrated admiration of health and the world. Buddhists use these founding principles as a standard […]