Research Design and Methodology

This study seeks to understand an article in psychological research in terms of its methodology and design. Two articles were chosen for the study with the main one being the article by National Institute of Mental Health (NHIM) called “Continued Use of Stimulants for ADHD Likely Does Not Increase Risk for Hypertension, but May Affect […]

Towards Understanding why most Business Reengineering Projects Fail

Today, more than ever before, the business environment is characterized by intense competition, shifts in customer demands and expectations, rapid globalization trends, and the ever domineering convergence of technology. To maintain a competitive lead under these conditions, many organizations have turned to business process reengineering to fundamentally revamp critical business processes that have become outdated […]

Paul Quinn College

Classification of Paul Quinn College Paul Quinn College is a privately run, four-year, faith-based liberal arts college (Paul Quinn College n.p.). College Affiliate Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Paul Quinn College n.p.). Year of College Foundation College was founded in Austin, Texas, on April 4, 1872 (Paul Quinn College […]

Interpretation of Poem Child of the Americas

Introduction Aurora Levins Morales, the author of the poem Child of Americas was born of Puerto Rican mother and a Jewish father in Indiera, Puerto Rico. She later relocated to the United States: New Hampshire and Chicago. Currently she hails from San Francisco alongside with her family. In Child of Americas, she draws tremendously from […]

Freedom of Religion in the U.S

Introduction Religious disagreements have often been the cause of discord, violence, and hatred in many parts of the world. In the U.S. during the colonial times, religious differences were the cause of religious conflicts and persecutions before the founders of the US undertook to work together to protect religious freedom and end persecutions and religious […]

Organizing as One of the Manager’s Functions

Every organization needs to ensure to run smoothly and, on order to achieve its goals, each organization develops its management concepts. The position of the manager includes the responsibilities include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These are the four basic functions of management and they are essential to reach the company’s goals. It is important […]