Gender Studies: Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

Introduction In spite of being a highly modernized country, Saudi Arabia has some of the most restrictive laws for women. Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are greatly influenced by the religious beliefs of the country’s population. The country is predominantly Islamic with about 97% of the population practicing this religion. Islam plays a significant role […]

Biological Anthropology

The methods of analysis paleoanthropologists use to understand hominid evolution Paleoanthropologists apply various methods to understand the evolutionary processes of hominids as well as construct the ancient cultures. In other words, similar methods used in the study of evolution are also to understand the lifestyle of the hominids. The regularly applied method is the use […]

Strategies for Managing a Group of Business

Introduction Diversification is a marketing strategy that lies in expanding market segments or sales volumes by introducing new product lines. At a business level, it implies creating new industry departments entering the manufacture of a new product. It can also imply entering business whose goals are beyond the existing business strategies. The diversification strategies form […]

Youth Issues: Video Games Effects

Introduction Video games are on the rise amongst today’s youths. Their influence on the youth is a challenge to both parents and some education experts, although scientists and psychologists support the games. The merits of video gaming to youths overrule the demerits. With gaming, kids grow up as smart and sharp individuals having developed minds […]

Cultural Studies: Australian Folk Songs

Introduction Folklore has always been used to pass culture and historic information of communities from one generation to another. According to Bohlman (78), folklores were used to entertain the audience, pass cultural practices, and impart desirable knowledge to the young members of the society. Members of society used folklores to educate the younger generation to […]

Job Skills in Business

Adaptability Through the work of Green (2012), it was noted that adaptability when it comes to skill training, technology immersion and horizontal transfers within a corporation was one of the skills most sought after in present-day job applicants. One of the reasons behind this level of desirability is connected to present day HR practices wherein […]

PEST Analysis Definition

Pest Analysis PEST analysis is a strategic management tool used to analyze the political, economic, social, and technological environment in the operational setting of a business (Daughtry & Casselman, 2009). The political environment that surrounds the marketing of the Nissan GTR in the Middle East varies depending on the country. The Arab spring upset the […]