Disruptive Change

Organizations usually encounter problems while trying to overcome disruptive changes in the business sector, due to change in technology, innovations, customer buying patterns or products and services. These disruptive changes cause several organizations to make responses in unanticipated ways. This may cause some companies to close down while others may struggle survive yet never regain […]

Comparison of writers

The author Arthur Miller as analyzed through the book “Death of a sales man” and the author Flannery O’Connor as analyzed through the book “A good man is hard to find” are both similar because the authors are inclined towards tragedy. In other words, their works both end disastrously. However, the circumstances surrounding these downfalls […]

English Language Learning

Part One Learning does not just involve passively receiving and remembering what is taught but entails actively constructing meanings of the learner’s concepts and ideas gained from the environment and are better comprehended if the learner is motivated to learn as advocated by the Implicit Theories of Intelligence. This therefore means that teaching ELL should […]

Fatigue in workplace

Introduction Quite a large number of American workers as well as all workers around the world have experienced fatigue and stress at work. Studies have shown that there is constant relation between the health of an individual and the person’s productivity at work. Fatigue seems to be more common to women which can be attributed […]

Subliminal perception and persuasion

Subliminal perception and persuasion are associated with the notion of mind control. Mind control entails controlling individuals without their knowledge. They involve making a person or a group of people do stuff that they would not have done. If a stimulus presents itself below the level that can make an individual aware of it, but […]

Industrialization after the Civil War

Introduction The US is the nation where industrialization first took place outside Europe. The most successful industry in this former British colony during the period of the civil war was shipbuilding. Other industries include iron manufacturing. The agricultural, construction, and mining industries also experienced an exponential growth during the mid 19th century, which was further […]