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Lai Company Training and Development Program

Introduction Developing a training program requires creation of relevant objectives and realistic budget. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to present a comprehensive training program for Lai Company focusing on team building and sales techniques for thirty participants to be held at Ramada Palace Hotel than is located 30 miles from the company’s headquarters. Delivery mode […]

Management: Business Environment

The current business environment is highly competitive and the best method in determining productivity is through creating an ultimate TQM environment as Daft suggests. The approach proposes that the management should not make employees feel they are competing amongst each other instead they should view each other as members who should work closely to achieve […]

Dwight Eisenhower’ Biography and Career

Biography Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States born in 1890 in Denison, Texas. Eisenhower was born to a mechanic father, a deeply religious pacifist mother, and had six siblings. He was nicknamed Ike. As a small boy, Eisenhower developed a keen interest in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, playing cards, […]

Psychology Issues: Social Anxiety Disorder

Introduction Also referred to as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is a psychological condition that is associated with the constant fear of surrounding social conditions (Ledley & Heimberg, 2005). It may also be regarded as extreme discomfort experienced by an individual because of fear. People who suffer from social anxiety disorder are often concerned about […]

Emirates: Eco Friendly Construction

Introduction Conservation of resources is a moral responsibility for every individual and corporate entity in the world today. The concept of eco-friendly building is based on the need to stay tuned with the growing concern for environmental sustainability. Construction companies are currently coming up with plans to ensure all future construction projects are eco-friendly. Numerous […]

Astronomy Issues: Life on Mars

Introduction Mars is a planet that is similar and closer to earth than other planets. The planet has soil and rocks on its surface, and it has some gases in the atmosphere. Earlier researches indicated that there was a possibility of having some water, which is an essential aspect of life. According to astronomical researches, […]