American Eagle Outfitters Vs. Aéropostal Research Paper

Introduction American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is a well established clothing retailer with stores in various towns and cities across the world. The company was established in 1977 by Jerry and Mark Silverman. In 1991, however, an abortive expansion plan resulted in huge financial losses for the company. This forced the Silverman family to sell their […]

The concept of co-opetition as a strategic method Case Study

Introduction The field of strategic management has been exposed to many new challenges that are often unexpected in the recent past. And, these unexpected challenges stem from organizational strategic action as well as strategic thinking, which are coupled with the changing dynamics of business environment. Therefore, it is important to not only adapt new interpretive […]

Impact of motivation on second language acquisition Proposal

It is generally known that motivation has a positive impact on second language acquisition (SLA); however, it does not guarantee good results (Ormond, 2008). Several activities of grammar acquisition among ESL may present a distinct basis for instruction. A number of scholars have highlighted the significance of logical linguistic input in acquirement procedure. Some of […]

The position of women in society and social change Essay

Introduction Many scholars view the world wars witnessed in the 20th century as agents of social change. This is because the wars supported egalitarianism in society where roles were distributed based on merit and expertise but not based on gender. The twentieth century period was an era of liberation to women since their rights were […]

Change Management, BPR and successful ERP implementation Critical Writing

It is a challenging endeavor to implement an ERP system since the process involves external and internal entities. Thus, the implementation of an ERP system necessitates change management and business process reengineering. Business process reengineering (BPR) The successful implementation of an ERP requires the involvement of certain level of business process reengineering. This is to […]

How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others Article

Raymond S. Nickerson in his article, How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others, reminds us that, “To communicate effectively with other people, one must have a reasonably accurate idea of what they do and do not know that is pertinent to the communication” (p. 737). Therefore, for effective communication one […]