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“The Mirror Has Two Faces” Film Analysis

Introduction “The Mirror Has Two Faces” is a film that deals with an issue that is not usually talked about in the open. It is about how a married couple, both university professors, typically happy together despite their agreement not to consummate their marriage. This sexless marriage set up was initiated by the husband, Gregory, […]

Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications and Issues

Introduction Psychological tests play a crucial role in learning and understanding human behavior. In a psychological context, the term test refers to any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity, mental ability, and personality of an individual (Kline, 2000). Psychological tests are objective in nature, as they seek to identify strengths and weaknesses in an individual. Psychologists […]

Intersectionality and Gendered Racism

Intersectionality and gendered racism Intersectionality is a study that seeks to examine the level of oppression and discrimination that people of a minority group encounter in their daily lives. The intersectionality concept enables people to understand the different experiences with regard to the social categories of a person (“Intersecting Race, Class, and Gender” 1). It […]

Guardians Gardens Orphanage

Guardians Gardens Orphanage must implement effective and competitive strategies to become outstanding. This can be facilitated by building client trust on care and adoption issues. First, it is not possible for the people to adopt/take children from/to untrustworthy organizations. Essentially, churches, governmental organizations, and some private sectors are taking roles in this area. This implies […]

Rehabilitation and Correction Philosophy

Introduction of rehabilitation and correction philosophy was the best step when providing fairness and justice to all. In essence, this was meant to modify peoples’ perspectives through rectifying their crimes and civil mistakes committed against other people. In this regard, great changes have occurred within the last few decades in this field of corrections. These […]

Bicultural Paradigm in a Contemporary Society

Introduction Background Information The bicultural paradigm, which is adopted in this paper, is derived from an individual’s coexistence in a setting that has more than one cultural inclination. According to Kagawa-Singer (93), this form of a paradigm focuses on a number of areas. The areas include the language, behavior, and even emotional aspects of an […]

Correction Trends Evaluation

Introduction Correctional service departments play an important role in the criminal justice system. There have been different trends which have influenced the operations of correctional service systems in the U.S to make them well equipped to handle convicted offenders. Over the years, they have been forced to adapt to legislative changes introduced by the government […]