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Paintings Essay Examples and Topics

Abstract Painters: Transforming the Reality

4 Subjective response: Reminding of a waterfall, the artwork introduces the audience to a world of the surreal. The mixture of colours creates the environment for developing a synaesthesia and literally hearing the colours create [...]

Plein-Air Painting: History and Factors

A number of researchers attribute Plein-Air painting to a number of inventions made in the 19th century. The French impressionists were a group of artists from the 19th century who studied the impact of light [...]

Pablo Picasso’s Painting Artworks

To understand the variety and importance of Pablo Picasso's contribution to the world art, it is necessary to focus on analyzing such artist's famous works as Boy with a Pipe, Guernica, and The Weeping Woman.

“Bird’s Hell” by Max Beckmann

The picture Bird's Hell was painted in 1938 by Max Beckmann, an outstanding German portraitist and printmaker, one of the greatest masters of the interwar period of the 20th century.

Art’s Comparison

There was also a distinction in age of the painters whereby, impressionism painters were generally older as compared to post impressionism painters.

Olga Belyaeva’s Art

In the present epoque of post-modernism, the characteristic feature of life on the whole and art, in particular, is the quality of intertextuality, a special alloying of the cultural achievements of the past in the [...]

Raphael’s Painting Career

Although the style that Rafael developed over the course of his evolution as an artist was influenced greatly by the works of Leonardo da Vinci in terms of composition and technical expression and Michelangelo in [...]

Vincent van Gogh Artistic Works

This picture is one of the first works that attracted the attention of artists and critics to van Gogh. The painter is able to use different shades of grey and yellow in order to illustrate [...]

Religious Symbolism in Renaissance Paintings

Although the art pieces created by Masaccio, del Castagno and Lippi may seem completely different, with the common thread of Christianity as the only thing that links them, a close analysis of the messages behind [...]

Community of Graphic Novelists

The conflict of nature vs.nurture would later on become the trademark of the works made by the members of the African American painters community and its key tradition.

Paintings: Andrew Wyeth Exhibition

The validity of this idea can be illustrated in regards to both: the spatial/representational aspects of the exhibition in question, and the discursive appropriateness of the actual selection of Wyeth's paintings.

Audrey Fox Paintings

Though the medium of the three works is different, the works share lots of features in common. The background of the three works is blue.

Femme Fatale Concept

The essay focuses on the three paintings by Matisse, Gauguin, and Kirchner in order to demonstrate how these pieces of artworks have captured femme fatale as savage and Primitivism styles in the paintings.

Trodden Weed

The lighting of the painting, which appears to have been well thought-out, indicates that the walk was happening in the afternoon.

The Art of Frieda Kahlo and Chicano Art

She incorporated the use of Mexican and pre-Colombian art work, imagery and concepts in some of her works which included "My Nurse and I", a self portrait that depicts Kahlo in the hands of a [...]

Who is Devi, Hindu Goddess?

She is perceived as the mother of the universe. The dissimilar forms which the goddess uses to manifest herself to the people are signs of her divinity.

Joan Miro’s Self Portrait I

The painting's major themes encompasses Miro as the painting's painter and subject, political radicalism, positivity of western influence in the artistic styles of Catalan artists as well as the use of the varying artistic styles [...]

The Obstacle Race by Germaine Greer

The relationships lead to termination of the development and prosperity of female painters as they take the roles of a wife and mother. The society perceives women artists and their conditions in the art industry [...]

Explorations of Iconography

This, of course, was meant to emphasize the fact that Venus's godliness is being reflective of her physiological constitution of a woman, capable of breastfeeding.

Djoser and Imhotep Art History

Figures in paintings and size of sculpture were calculated by the status of a person as opposed to normal rules of linear perspective which brings out a real image. He was a symbol of rising [...]

Jackson Pollock: Portrait and a dream

The underlying concept of the painting appears to have been borrowed from the literal depiction of "self-portrait" and "the dream" where the "self-portrait" is assigned to the right hand side while "the dream" appears to [...]

A Written Analysis of Other Artists’ Works

The composition of the painting The composition of the picture seems to be of a particular importance, as numerous elements of the painting, including texture, forms, lines, etc.show the depth or perspective of the author's [...]