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88 Realism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Idealism and Realism
    Of the two, spiritual is considered the most important human aspect because it focuses on the mind and character but not the physical human body. It says that the strength of the minds of people […]
  2. Concepts of International Relations Theories: Realism and Liberalism
    Nevertheless, largely, these policymakers agree that there is an inexorable connection the world of theory and that of policy. The main reason why many theories of international relations are of no use to policymakers is […]
  3. Theory of modern art : theory of realism
    The proper use of art, according to this declaration, was to document “a true picture of the events” and shape the mind towards the revolutionary ideal[7].
  4. Realism in the Service of Politics: Two Views of War
    Nevertheless, the objections of the Nazi regime to all the non-realist artists is understandable in light of the Third Reich’s goals and methods of achieving them.
  5. Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism Period
    However, Richard Wright is the most important figure of this period; actually, the other writers were said to have attended “Wright School”.
  6. Symbolism and Realism in Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
    The character development in the story is presented through Emma’s realization of the imperfection of the world. Although Madame Bovary as a realistic novel is widely recognized, Flaubert’s quest of distortions and illusions lead to […]
  7. How Realism Is Brought Out In “Slumdog Millionaire” A Novel by Vikas Swarup
    It is not easy to belief that Ram is uneducated and yet he can answer the questions and outdo educated people in the concert.
  8. Neorealism and Traditional Realism
    On the other hand, neo-realists say that the system is defined by anarchy and the reaction of states to anarchy is dependent on the power and capability of the state.
  9. A Dose of Realism: The Syrian Situation
    Machiavelli, states that the ongoing Syrian uprising is a part of a conflict that has been in Syria for a long period of time.
  10. Magical Realism of “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Garcia Marquez
    By using the two supernatural characters, the writer identifies the misperception of the old man in the town and ridicules the society’s appreciation of the simpler supernatural explanation of the spider-girl.
  11. The Realism Theory in Relationships of State and Non-state Actors
    The influential states have powers that they use to subjugate the poor and powerless in the system. In the realists’ perspective, the organization is the property of the rich nations, which is used to enforce […]
  12. Direct Realism
    The perceptions that influence the validity of the direct realism theory have a great impact on understanding the reality. Through the information that is relayed from the material object to the mind through sensory nerves, […]
  13. Realism vs. Liberalism
    In the international system, the United Nations plays an important role in influencing the foreign behavior of states. In contrary, realists observe that the only actor in the international system is the state.
  14. Nikolai Ostravasky’s “How the Steel Was Tampered” and Chinese Literature
    One front is the gun while the other front is the use of the pen meaning that the forum was emphasizing the use of literature to perpetuate the socialist agenda as well as to control […]
  15. Realism versus other Theories of International Relations
    In this debate, most scholars are of the view that the choice of the international relations theory has a great impact on global politics.
  16. The importance of realism and naturalism in American Literature
    Furthermore the completion of the railway in 1869 enabled businessmen to come and exploit the land for gold and other minerals.
  17. The Influence of Realism and Naturalism on 20th Century American Fiction.
    The aim of the modernist writers was not only depiction of life “as it is”, but search of solutions to dilemmas and problems of the society of the 20th century.
  18. Feminism builds up in romanticism, realism, modernism
    Exploring the significance of the theme as well as the motifs of this piece, it becomes essential to understand that the era of modernism injected individualism in the literary works.
  19. Should we be realist or non-realist towards religious claims
    The central tenet of realistic perception of religion is, therefore, the claim that God exists, otherwise referred to as the Objectivity of God’s reality.
  20. Realism from “Girlfriends”
    This documentary is done in such a way that it presents the realities of the world in a simple but clearly structured manner.
  21. Realism in “Girlfriends” (1978) Directed by Claudia Weill
    The dialogues in The Girlfriends movie are moderate and oblique, and a superb sense of the accidental exists. As a result, events and characters in the film are depicted half out of the picture.
  22. Comparison between Hooters Translates in China and Harry Potter and Magical Realism
    Having stayed in china for a long period, Craig wanted to bring to focus the culture and the lifestyle of the Chinese.
  23. The Idea of Political Realism in the International Relations
    Security as one of the basic issues and the relevance of morality are also recognized to be important elements of realism in international politics.
  24. Distinction Between Realist, Liberal and Other Approaches to Peace and Security
    This paper covers two topics: the fall of the League of Nations and the subsequent creation of the United Nations, and the development of the European Union.
  25. Realist and Liberal Theories of International Relations
    Realism is a theory of international relations that arose slowly out of the work of various theorists who took a distinctive attitude and view in the analysis of international affairs.
  26. Criticism of Realism Theory in International System
    The international system dictates the foreign policy of a state implying that changes in the international system would probably affect the foreign policies of a state.
  27. “The Representation of the Real”: Courbet, Manet, Realism and French Modernity
    They exemplified the trend in French art termed Modernity, defined by the poet Charles Baudelaire as a pursuit of “the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent”1.
  28. Art influences Culture: Romanticism & Realism
    In addition, the paper also highlights issues of the time and influences of the later works on the art world. Realism presented events of the society as they happened in reality.
  29. The Role of the ‘No Miracles’ Argument for Scientific Realism
    While referring to the ideas of the above-mentioned philosophers of science, it is reasonable to start with the discussion of anti-realists’ ideas and their visions of the effectiveness of the ‘no miracles’ argument because in […]
  30. “It is Liberalism, not Realism that offers a more realistic understanding of contemporary international relations”
    The question that remains in the minds of scholars and practitioners of international relations is whether China will regard itself as an ordinary member of the world community or will see itself as a special […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Realism

  1. Realism as portrayed in the plays An Enemy of the People and A Taste of Honey
    In the play, An Enemy of the People, Ibsen uses a realistic framework to articulate his ideas on the stage. The play A Taste of Honey is a representation of a Kitchen Sink realism play, […]
  2. “Realism” by Paul Berman
    In this view, this essay seeks to investigate the reality in the meaning and the notion of the word “realism” as described by Paul Berman.
  3. Classical and Structural Realism
    The above-mentioned helps to explain the particulars of the Realist conceptualisation of power in IR, as such that ‘comes out of the gun’s barrel’, on the one hand, and serves as the main indication of […]
  4. Magical Realism: Garcia Marquez
    Magical realism is explained as the desire of the author to show the ordinary life of people with the instances of unreal, fantastic events.
  5. Comparison between Theories: Realism vs. Liberalism
    While realism is taken to portray pessimism in the relations between states in the international system, liberalism depicts optimism and positivism in as far as the relations and goals of states in the international system […]
  6. Concept of Direct Realism in Philosophy
    Perception is the central issue in understanding the theory of direct realism, therefore, it is important to keep in mind the central aspects of this notion and only then try to understand the theory of […]
  7. Realism and the Unreal in “The Female American” by Winkfield
    The novel also introduces several facts that are difficult to place in the eighteenth century society including the roles of female missionaries in the spread of Christianity and the heroine who alters the fate of […]
  8. Structural Realism Theory and the Developing world
    The suggestion that academicians in the hub of the field, principally in the US and UK, are the inventors of premise, while scholars in the far away countries, Africa and most of the developing world, […]
  9. Realism and Prudence in Foreign Policy
    According to neo-realists the structure of the global system comprises of two aspects: lack of overall authority means chaotic state of affairs, and the egoistic nature of humans means all countries are functionally the same.
  10. Book Review: Classical realism and neo-realism
    Realism points out that power is based on characteristics that can be tangible or intangible, and can emanate from the use of the armed forces, level of income, and the size of a state.
  11. Melodrama in Realism and Naturalism
    French artists coined the term melodrama to refer to plays with exaggerated plots and actors with the purpose of touching the emotions of the audience.
  12. Liberalism and Realism: Ensuring the Nation’s Growth
    Liberalism set up a code of conduct in the political structure of a nation through identifying the norms of a state or country.
  13. Magical Realism as a Literary Genre
    The concept of loreal Maravillas was introduced in 1949 to the Americans where the foundations of magical realism were traced from the art world.
  14. China–Japan Relations: Realism and Constructivism
    The invoking of realism as a framework often happens in the description of the relationship between China and Japan. In order to examine the research question, the theories of realism and constructivism will become the […]
  15. Realism in International Relations and History
    The main purpose of the political realism as a theory is to provide the analysts with the opportunities to project and forecast the development of various political situations of the international and global character.
  16. Thomas Hobbes’ and Classical Realism Relationship
    Neo-realism on the other hand is the modern realism practiced in most of the nations today. One of the greatest contributions that Hobbes made in realism was the definition of power.
  17. Realism in American and British Literature
    The concept is interested in looking at the daily lives of individuals from both the lower and middle classes, whose character is determined by social factors. The movement covered the whole country since it was […]
  18. Realism of Manet, Courbet and Millet
    The painter had a vision of ensuring that his work reflected the real life activities of the people viewing his work.
  19. Classicism, Realism and Contemporary Art Paintings
    In my opinion, this difference is concerned with the fact that, whereas, many artistic works of the past can be enjoyed by just about anyone, this is far from being the case with the examples […]
  20. Socialist Realism Limitations in Soviet Music
    As far back as 1917, communist leaders realized the importance of the persuasive power of culture and employed it in the machinery of a new government.
  21. Platonic Realism and Counterarguments
    Although the Platonic view of value has gained much acceptance since its emergence, it has failed to address some of the underlying issues that deter the universality of things and the need for associative rules […]
  22. Iraq War from Political Realist Standpoint
    In the conclusion the paper touches on the flaws of realism theory such as pessimism from the view of human affairs at the global arena and its inability to explain the boundaries or limits in […]
  23. Political Economy: Realism as a Theoretical Paradigm
    For instance, the voice in the international arena is regarded as one of the most potent tools to gain or retain power.
  24. Renaissance and Realism Art Periods
    The paintings of the time alongside the artwork were presented mythically and also depicted the religious aspect. The presence of the monarchial administration helped most merchants to come up, something that led to the development […]
  25. Political Research Methods: Positivism and Realism
    Though each of the methods listed above pursues the same goal of defining a link between the variables in a research, there is a tangible difference between the methods that these approaches offer to a […]
  26. Realism and Idealism in the Statecraft Simulation
    That way, the actions of all states during the World Wars I and II can be described as selfish and motivated by the pursuit of new resources or survival which fits into the realist approach.
  27. Postmodernism, Realism, Anti-Realism in Nursing
    The effects of postmodernism in our society are real. Equally, in our hospital prayers held for the inpatients and outpatients attest the effects of postmodernism in nursing.
  28. Realist Foreign Policy Analysis by Anders Wivel
    The author delves into the peculiarities of foreign policies and the challenges that appear in the course of its analysis. The usage of different concepts and perspectives to investigate the foreign policy and answer the […]
  29. Realism of Wide Sargasso Sea and Madame Bovary
    As I read the texts, the regular language used in the two texts is evidence that the writers sought to make their texts easy to understand for both the middle-class Americans and the aristocrats.
  30. Realism and Naturalism in Howell’s “Editha”
    The short story contains a number of characteristics of Realism, such as the representation of real life, a focus on ordinary people, middle-class characters, interacting within themes of society and social classes.
  31. French Art Movement New Realism
    Klein was particularly interested in what he called the vacuum the endless expanse of the sky above his head, the sea at his feet.

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  1. Realism: Art Movement
    This movement appeared in France in the 1840s as a reaction to changes in the government, military, and economic spheres.edouard Manet, Gustave Courbet, Ilya Repin, Edward Hopper, and other representatives of early realism contributed significantly […]
  2. Third-World Debt and Kissinger’s Realism Theory
    The USDS also stressed that Kissinger believed Americans held on to ideals as peace or freedom and were uncomfortable to acknowledge power and interests as the basis of their foreign policies and objectives.
  3. American Naturalism: Weaknesses of Realist Fiction
    American naturalism is a genre and not simply the reflection of a philosophical position as elements of the novels. The social to invades the self is more properly a self-image and is the creature of […]
  4. Political Realism in Light of Marxism and Idealism
    The reason for the above statement is because the underlying principle behind this theory is that politics is rational and that there is a reasonable explanation for the actions of states in politics.
  5. Realism: ”Life in the Iron Mills” by Rebecca Harding
    She broke into the issue as a youthful woman in the 1860s with “Life in the Iron Mills,” which established her as one of the founders of American Realism.
  6. Social Realism of Christian’s Companions in Pilgrimage
    This paper will try to point out the allegorical functions and relationship to the social realism of Christian’s companions and Christian’s antagonists in The Pilgrim’s Progress.
  7. The Realism of The Importance of Being Earnest
    The form of the play expresses its realism in the brevity of the play and in the naturalness of the lines.
  8. Realism in American Literature
    Corresponding tendencies in the drama are shown in the writings of Ibsen, Hamptman and Galsworthy.”In the United States, Wolfe, Hemingway and Faulkner are among the leading representatives of the modern school of realism”..
  9. Realism and Idealism in International Relations
    Therefore, it is the decision-making process that marks the actual importance of a state and determines the role that it plays in the reconstruction of a country.
  10. Magical Realism. “Pedro Paramo” by Juan Rulfo
    The short novel written by Juan Rulfo, originally published in 1985, tackles the death of Comala through the narration of the ghosts of the former inhabitant of the town.
  11. Left Realism Theory Analysis
    In the same year they wrote the book ‘What is to be Done About Law and Order?’ They said that criminology errs in assuming crime is not connected to social and economic problems in a […]
  12. Realism, Idealism and Progressive Idealism
    Although realism contributed in the understanding of the concepts and environment through provision of an ideal approach, it also left out in art the hope and love in their work.
  13. Howell’s Idea of Realism in American Short Stories
    When Alcee unexpectedly falls in love with Clarisse at the end of this tale, it indicates that the real women strive to escape traditions to earn their rights. Realism is shown in the sense that […]
  14. The Realism in Art Movement
    The paintings of authors representing the movement of realism are extremely vivid and are likely to create an impression of presence in the painting while observing it.
  15. Constructivist Critique of Realist Theories
    The dominance of the realist approach to international relations is being challenged by constructivism which finds the overemphasis of realism on power, national security and national interests being the chief reasons for increasing global instability.
  16. The Ideas of American Realism and Naturalism in Litetrature
    In the new 20th century the American literature agenda is described as a fact of a great meaning. The most powerful capitalistic country at the head of the world gives birth to the gloomiest and […]
  17. From Realism Through the Postmodern Era
    This brought about the birth of the Gothic era; this meant that the entire splendor that was held in the colonial time was sluiced away with the coming of reality.
  18. Naturalism and Realism of Mark Twain and Jack London
    Literature is one of the art forms invented by the humanity to reflect the phenomena of the objective reality. As contrasted to Twain’s work, “The Law of Life” by London is a depiction of positive […]
  19. Magical Realism in “Tropic of Orange” by K. T. Yamashita
    The extension of borders of the tropic, the contraposition between the life in LA and the life in Mexico, the change of events is a typical technique of Magical Realism, namely, hybridity that implies extensive […]
  20. The Link Between Realism and Impressionism in Art
    In fact, the key aim of art criticism is to realize the nature of the work and try to understand the author’s motives which originated the concept of the creation.
  21. Realism Fundamental Postulates and Their Relation to the Educational Discipline
    This is a philosophy of education that views the world as it is. In addition, it is founded on the principle that reality is what we see and judge as to the truth.
  22. Why Wars Happen: Liberal, Realist, Identity Perspectives
    The Kuwaiti attack by Iraq saw the torching of oil fields, the death of several Iraq and Kuwaiti soldiers as well as the citizens of the two countries.
  23. International Relations: Realism in the 21st Century
    Even the balance of power theory has been found to be inaccurate and the tendency of making self serving adjustments to avoid criticisms has also contributed to the fact that realism in international relation is […]
  24. Realism and Naturalism in American Literature
    In the earlier decades, realism was not the dominant literary style in the US but became more influential and important to a famous novelist in the US.
  25. Realism in Girlfriends Directed by Claudia Weill
    Weill manages in using narration as a way of inviting the audience to identify with the characters of the film. The inclusion of relationship conflicts also allows for the audience to look at the film […]
  26. What’s Magical Realism, Martin Amis Concept
    The writer psychologically tries to influence the mind of the reader creating an unstable image of the place that he is describing and leaving some parts to the imagination.
  27. Realism, Strategies and War
    The reality is that people expect the worst and have to create plans for such occurrences. Realism is a philosophical branch of thinking that tries to expand the knowledge of people and explain what reality […]

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