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64 Socialism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Socialism & Democracy: Fundamental Believes and Concepts
    The most distinct difference between the socialism and democracy is that in socialism we are mostly focusing our energies on the governance of the economic activities and the economic systems of a given country while […]
  2. Socialist Health Care System Advantages
    Arguably, the socialist health system is the best of the three health system. This will be well taken care of in scenario of a socialist health system because it is a government policy to have […]
  3. The Cold War Between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America
    The Americans believed in the principles of democracy and free enterprise while the Russians believed that the whole world must convert to a system of governance according to the teachings of Karl Marx and Lenin.
  4. To what extent did the text promote socialism?
    The negative effects of the capitalist form of government are identified to be one of the themes that the writer of the book dwelt on.
  5. How Capitalism Beat Communism/Socialism
    This is exactly the reason why USSR was doomed to collapse in just about every society, the functioning of which is being concerned with the observance of Socialist principles, the prolonged continuation of social, cultural […]
  6. Thinking Government: Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism in Post World War II Canada
    This leads to the second implication which was summarized by political scientists in the following statement: “nothing can be guaranteed in life and that all individuals are also free to fail, to stumble to the […]
  7. Compare of Capitalism and Socialism
    In light of this definition and description, one would argue that this is the most convenient system of economic governance because individuals have the freedom to conduct business in a manner that best meets their […]
  8. Similarities between Capitalism and Socialism. Compare & Contrast
    In this system, the government manages the overall means of production but the members have the duty of choosing the best setting for the production, the amount to produce and which product should be produced.
  9. Fascism and Socialism: Conceptual Study
    The movement aimed at intertwining the Church, the State and the Party into a single entity, which, supposedly, could make the state stronger and eventually turn it invincible to the attacks of the enemies was […]
  10. Differences between Capitalism and Socialism
    In capitalist economic models, the rate of employment is determined by the pressures of demand and supply in the labor markets.
  11. Political Ideologies: Capitalism vs. Socialism
    Capitalism dominates the western countries with its headquarters being the United States, while socialism dominates most of the former Soviet States and the majority of states in the Far East. This initial accumulation of wealth […]
  12. Family as an Agent of Socialization
    When children grow up they try to find out the political parties their parents prefer and investigate the issues that make them to be members of these parties.
  13. Nikolai Ostravasky’s “How the Steel Was Tampered” and Chinese Literature
    One front is the gun while the other front is the use of the pen meaning that the forum was emphasizing the use of literature to perpetuate the socialist agenda as well as to control […]
  14. How Does Revolutionary Communism Compare With Democratic Socialism?
    Revolutionary communism holds it that the capitalism would never let go of their hold on community and political power and as such, only a violent revolution can result in the changes that communism calls for.
  15. Liberalist and Socialist Responses to Khomeini
    The main point of his work is based on the idea that government should be guided by divine laws and there should be executive and administering organs that would implement laws and ordinances of Islam.
  16. Socialism and Communism after Marx
    However; Karl Marx failed in his Marxism theory as a result of the establishment of the middle class. Following Karl Marx’s demise in 1844, Friedrich Engels who was became the narrator of the Marxism theory […]
  17. 20th Century Socialism
    According to Debs, the Socialist Party was to be the party of the working class irrespective of the race and color.
  18. Macroeconomics: Socialism, Totalitarism and US Economics
    Compare and contrast the approach to economics of the U.S.system of government to Socialism Capitalism, which is the economic system in the U.
  19. Socialist Market Economic System of China
    To efficiently deal with the historical question on socialism when in the process of practicing of the transformation of China, the Chinese society emphasized on improvement of the road and distinguished market system.
  20. Liberal and Socialist Feminist Theories
    The development and growth of feminist movements and gender roles were accompanied with the emergence of various theoretical models that explained the roles of women and their positions in the society.
  21. Similarities and Differences Between Communism and Democratic Socialism
    This is because, according to the proponents of both ideologies, in Capitalist countries, the majority of ordinary citizens are denied the right to have a fair share in the national wealth.
  22. Could Socialism ever Work?
    Socialism advocates for the abolition of the private-enterprise economy favoured by capitalism and the establishment of a system where public ownership maintains a dominant position in the economy.
  23. Women Liberation during the Socialist Era
    A federation was started, Women’s Federation, to better the status of women in the society. With this sort of confidence and the backup of the law, women were empowered to bargain even at the household […]
  24. Transition from communism to socialism
    The change in the country’s governance would imply that the ideas and behaviors that people hold to must also change. The importance of religion and civil freedom in relation to our behaviors becomes manifest.
  25. Market Structure during Post-Mao China: Capitalism or Socialism?
    One of the major changes is the increase in the gap between the rich and the poor in the Chinese community.
  26. Corporate Social Responsibility: Socialist and Capitalist Perspective
    The state should ensure that tranquility and calmness is in the society. The role of the state is to provide guidelines that would bring sanity in business.
  27. Ritzer and Zelizer Exploration of Weber’s Socialist Theory
    Upon critical review of the texts, it is notable that the authors use different perspectives to examine Weber’s arguments on the division of labor and modes of production.
  28. Socialist Market Economy and Communism in China
    A socialist economy is defined as an economy whose main objective is to create equality and ensure that the means of production in the market is owned by the working class of the state. The […]
  29. Socialist Market Economy of China Shift toward Capitalism
    In fact, the United States is currently the largest world economy though it could be surpassed by the second biggest global economy of China by the financial year 2015 in terms of the PPP.
  30. Chinese Path of Socialism
    One of the most common definitions of democracy is that it is ‘a government of the people, by the people, and for the people’.
  31. Venezuela and Struggle for Socialism
    Power struggles and inequality perpetuate into modern society because of the affluent, and powerful people enjoy more privileges than the poor and the powerless individuals.
  32. Unregulated Spending on Government Socialist Programs
    The socialist programs debate present Americans with a cruel dilemma; while some of the people acknowledge that they are likely to confront hazards such as illness or aging in the course of their lives which […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Socialism

  1. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
    The impacts of modernization in china is largely attributed to the emergence of socialism before the reform and as well as opening-up policy in the year spanning from 1949 to 1979.
  2. Socialism: H. White’s and J. Keynes’ Ideas
    The validity of this statement can be well illustrated, in regards to White’s strive to work out a strategy for making the U.S.economy less sensitive to the externally induced stimuli.
  3. Socialism as an Economic Model
    The primary objective of Socialism is to give the means of production to the hands of the whole society instead of private hands.
  4. The Cultural Revolution at the Margins Chinese Socialism
    The significant influence on the beginning of the Cultural Revolution was provoked by the head of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong, who attempted to consolidate the communist concepts and views as the official ideology […]
  5. Islamic Economic System and Socialism Comparison
    As to the philosophy division, Karl Marx based his exploration on the dialectical theory of Hegel, and with the abandonment of the idealistic views, introduced the theory of materialism.
  6. Socialist Realism Limitations in Soviet Music
    As far back as 1917, communist leaders realized the importance of the persuasive power of culture and employed it in the machinery of a new government.
  7. Canadian Technological Socialist Party’s Ideology
    The main focus of the party is on the provision of industrial automation reform, social programs, and the creation of non-market socialism based on the manufacturing of products through the most efficient automated means, their […]
  8. Human Nature in Socialist View Since 1800
    The work by Robert Owen, “Lectures on the Rational System of Society”, is written in the middle of the 19th century.”Socialism and Human Nature” is created by Arnold Peterson in the middle of the 20th […]
  9. Liberalism and Socialism as Political Philosophies
    People are not entrusted with the regulation of the country’s resources, and they willingly submit their freedom to the government to ensure that a sufficient amount of resources is provided for every person.
  10. Socialism Practice in Successful Countries
    To some people, a successful political system is the one that offers a high level of satisfaction and the quality of living to its citizenry.
  11. Socialist vs. Capitalist Approach to Social Issues
    Capitalism also refers to a system where the economy is independent of the state. In a Socialist economy, the intellectual property belongs to the government.
  12. Urbanization Processes in Post-Socialist China
    To explain this phenomenon, this paper answers three questions what is the cost of forming this middle class what led to the emergence of this middle class how has the formation of the middle class […]
  13. Conservatism, Nationalism, Socialism as Ideologies
    From the time of its establishment, the term has been used in the description of a broad range of views about political science.
  14. Economy of Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and Socialism
    Government structure: the structure of the government in the two countries, involves federal governments that are led by the political elites in the countries. The government has the duty of formulating policies that regulate the […]
  15. Adolf Hitler and National Socialist German Workers Party
    To carry out his objective without hindrance, Hitler established the “Gleichschaltung”, which was a forum to ensure that he took control of all the major institutions in the country.
  16. Astrology in Socialist, Capitalist, Psychological Views
    The fact that many people overlook what astrologers do or say has resulted in the unavailability of information in the area of study.
  17. Charles Fourier and Count Saint-Simon’ Socialism
    Although today the majority of political thinkers are more skeptical about the idea of utopian socialism in general and versions of this ideology represented in the works of Charles Fourier and Count Saint-Simon, in particular, […]
  18. Economics: Socialism vs. Liberal Capitalism
    Karl Marx, a great proponent of socialism, refers to the ethical, economic, and political contribution of socialism to the welfare of the society in asserting his position on the debate of the best economic model.
  19. The Original Tenets of Socialism
    The notion of moderate socialism is one that incorporates the basic tenets of socialism wherein there are economic and political arrangements within the government which focus on the public or community ownership of the materials […]
  20. Socialism in Chile, Cuba, and Venezuela
    It has been observed that at present the socio-economic systems of Cuba and Venezuela is very much inclined with the ideologies and philosophies of socialism; Chile, on the other hand seems lagging behind in attaining […]
  21. Climate Change During Socialism and Capitalistic Epochs
    The exclusion of utopian component of the first epoch socialism leading to capitalistic epoch is responsible for the current state of affairs in climate change hence creating the need for second epoch socialism Climate change […]
  22. Different Aspects of Socialism and Communism
    After the collapse of the largest country in the world, the USSR, covering almost half of the continent, with the regime performing within this country, people tend to analyze the mistakes, which were made by […]
  23. American Dream and Socialism in the Book “The Jungle” by Sinclair
    The main idea of the book lies in upholding the Marxist belief of the inevitable collapse of capitalism and the accession of the proletariat, or industrial working class.
  24. Utopian Society: National Socialism and Libertarian Democracy
    In its turn, this will effectively eliminate the need for the policies of social appeasement to be practiced in our society.
  25. Place of Art in the Period of Soviet Socialism
    The art place in the period of Soviet socialism was formed on the basis of proletarian ideology and cultural movements; constructivism was considered to be the background movement influencing the formation and promotion of art […]
  26. Socialism: Conservative Critique by Dagger, Santoni and Somerville
    It is a set of economic and social theories that advocate for public ownership and decentralized administration of the forms of production and the distribution of the goods produced.
  27. Economic Way Between Communism or Socialism and Capitalism in China
    A positive example of this mix is Israel, where socialism is dominant in the rural areas and capitalism, is dominant in the urban areas, this has led to an increase in the welfare of the […]
  28. Socialism and Liberalism Comparison
    From aristocracy to socialism, equality and equitable distribution of wealth has been the reason for conflict between the masses and their leaders.
  29. Phenomenon of the Capitalism and Socialism
    The system values private ownership with the price system as the system of determining the rate of exchange of goods and services.
  30. The Relations Between Capitalism and Socialism
    On the other hand, Marx defined socialism as a principle that ensures the most of these production factors are owned and controlled by the society or the state for the benefit of the whole community […]
  31. The Dramatic Events of Socialist Ukraine
    The chaos continued until the end of the Soviet-Polish war and the signing of the Peace of Riga in 1921. One of the most dramatic events in the history of Ukraine and the USSR as […]
  32. Research of Utopian Socialist Ideas
    The early socialists fail to make changes because the system that they proposed did not deliver its promises of security, prosperity, and equality. However, scientific socialists held that revolution and socialism were the major components […]

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