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  1. Modern Liberalism and Modern Conservatism
    Modern conservatism has it that God’s law is the ruler of both people and the countries and should ever be in their hearts.
  2. Concepts of International Relations Theories: Realism and Liberalism
    Nevertheless, largely, these policymakers agree that there is an inexorable connection the world of theory and that of policy. The main reason why many theories of international relations are of no use to policymakers is […]
  3. Development Of Classical Liberalism, Its Critique By Modern Liberalism
    The origins of Modern Liberalism range from the anti-industrialism of the Luddites, to the Utopian visions of the early Socialists, to the readiness for violent revolutionary action of committed Communists.
  4. Classical Liberalism Concepts
    These philosophers also believed that the right to own, profit from, and dispose of private property rather than living as serfs, tied to the land without owning it, would contribute to the health and wealth […]
  5. Neo-liberalism in Latin America: Brazilian and Cuban Models
    It entailed the reduction of economic roles of the Brazilian state, characterized by the transfer of several trade functions traditionally under the control of the state to the markets.
  6. Political Liberalism Ideology and the U.S. Politics
    Rather, it is the establishment of a particular form of political stratification and liberal procedures. Instead, they should be founded on an ethos of belief which according to Schmitt is the foundational basis of all […]
  7. Liberalism versus Marxism
    Marxism isolates the predispositions and laws of capitalism so as to understand the direction of capitalism; and in this case the direction of capitalism is in four phases which include the beginning, maturity, decline and […]
  8. Thinking Government: Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism in Post World War II Canada
    This leads to the second implication which was summarized by political scientists in the following statement: “nothing can be guaranteed in life and that all individuals are also free to fail, to stumble to the […]
  9. Definition of the Liberalism Ideology
    The generation of wealth is the collective duty of every member of the society, and rules of justice only seek to enhance the ownership and distribution of these resources.
  10. Realism vs. Liberalism
    In the international system, the United Nations plays an important role in influencing the foreign behavior of states. In contrary, realists observe that the only actor in the international system is the state.
  11. Principles of Liberalism and its Connection to Enlightenment and Conservatism
    A person has the freedom to be in business according to the classical liberalism. There were inspectors to check the working conditions of the workers.
  12. Requirements of Neo-liberalism
    In order to ensure that the economy realizes relevant development, governments need to ensure that the interest rates in the country are determined by the market.
  13. Neo-Liberalism in Theory and Practice
    This is the world’s fastest growing industry due to the need for people and companies to keep in touch with the rest of the world.
  14. John Rawls’ Philosophy of Liberalism: Strengths and Weaknesses
    It is possible to note that Rawls’ philosophy can be applicable in the contemporary world as it addresses major issues associated with unequal distribution of resources.
  15. Minimal State Liberalism vs. Active State Liberalism
    Minimal state liberals argue strongly that government intervention is a bad thing for the freedom of Americans and active state liberals argue strongly that government intervention is necessary to preserve the freedom of Americans.
  16. Schools of Political Economy: Marxism, Liberalism and Mercantilism
    It seeks to understand the driving forces of the economy and the key actors in the world economy. Governments and economic actors are the key elements in the economy, according to liberalism.
  17. Classical Liberalism: A Faction within Ideology
    Nonetheless, liberals of the twentieth century claimed that this was not a restriction, but a guidance to ensure equal opportunities for all.
  18. Locke vs. Burke: from Political Authority and Glorious Revolution to the Interpretation of Liberalism and Conservatism
    Therefore, it seems that the Glorious Revolution was more of a revelation for the people of their power to choose and to change.
  19. Political Liberalism
    According to Rawls, some of the good things are exceptions as the society remains neutral and retains the values of justice.
  20. John Rawl’s Philosophy of Liberalism
    The contribution that members of a given society have in forming rules that decide how social and economic resources are distributed improves living standards for all.
  21. Explaining of Liberalism
    The structure of payoff, the future of the shadows, and the players’ numbers are the factors that affect existence of cooperation in states that are afflicted by anarchy.
  22. Concept of Liberalism Ideology in Modern Society
    For instance, the advertisements made on television, print media, and the social media do not represent the views of the consumer, but instead they aspire to convene the interests of the capitalists, including the most […]
  23. Definition of Political Liberalism
    The word freedom refers to a person being free to do whatever he fells or wants to do without any restrictions from the agent, self and other obstructions.
  24. “It is Liberalism, not Realism that offers a more realistic understanding of contemporary international relations”
    The question that remains in the minds of scholars and practitioners of international relations is whether China will regard itself as an ordinary member of the world community or will see itself as a special […]
  25. Conservatism and Liberalism Approaches in Analysis Public Policies
    Liberalism is inclined on the ideas of existence of a compact between government and its people to which people are accorded the rights of revolution in case the compact is breached. Ideally, this means that […]
  26. How is Narco-Governance Related to Political Liberalism?
    The impunity displayed by these drug lords goes beyond just controlling the government spending; the government is always at their beck and call and any disgruntled voices are either intimidated into silence or killed, in […]
  27. Pluralism and Neo-Liberalism on a Contemporary Workplace
    This is regurgitated in the context of collective representation of the employees. Articulation of diverse views is more welcomed and makes the society a healthy place to live in.
  28. Comparison between Theories: Realism vs. Liberalism
    While realism is taken to portray pessimism in the relations between states in the international system, liberalism depicts optimism and positivism in as far as the relations and goals of states in the international system […]
  29. Contemporary Stage of Globalization and Neo-liberalism in Europe
    When evaluating the globalization level in the European regions, it is vital to begin by classifying the substantial elements that describe the changes that globalization induces and their likely influence on the economy.
  30. “The End of Reform: New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War” by Alan Brinkley
    The objective of the book is to give a fresh look to the Great Depression and the post war liberal new deals.
  31. Economic and Political Liberalism and Democracy
    The essay also examines the importance of the concept of economic and political liberalism and the relationship between liberalism and democracy.
  32. Mid-Nineteenth Century Liberalism
    The articles are “The Exhibition The Crystal Palace” and “The First Half of the Nineteenth Century: Progress of The Nation and Race”.
  33. Neo-Liberalism vs. Classic Liberalism
    One of the reasons for this is that, unlike what it happened to be the case with Classic Liberalism; Neo-Liberalism refuses to refer to the notion of freedom as an abstract category, which represents the […]
  34. Liberalism and Realism
    Liberalism set up a code of conduct in the political structure of a nation through identifying the norms of a state or country.
  35. Cornel West’ Views on Liberalism
    West is of the view that blacks in the United States are different from those in other parts of the world because of the exceptional levels of unregulated and uncontrolled violence that is always directed […]
  36. Liberalism: History, Ideologies, Justification
    As of today, liberalism-related discourses incorporate a vast variety of liberalism’s definitions, which in its turn; can be explained by the fact that the very concept of liberalism never ceased being the subject of an […]
  37. Liberalism and Its Critics
    Karl Marx was one of the philosophers who opposed liberalism arguing that the system is based on a defective policy that allows the rich and the powerful in society to own the means of production […]
  38. Liberalism and Socialism as Political Philosophies
    People are not entrusted with the regulation of the country’s resources, and they willingly submit their freedom to the government to ensure that a sufficient amount of resources is provided for every person.
  39. Government Concept in Relation to Classical Liberalism
    The government formulates, implements, and monitors public policy And a proponent of Classical liberalism Some tenets of Classical Liberalism: The individual comes before the state Private property ownership “capitalism” Pre-political individuality Limited government control over […]
  40. Concept of the Liberalism
    Therefore, there is a need to have rules that cater to the interests of all people. This is a weakness in regard to the principle of liberalism.

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