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Marxism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Marxism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. John Lennon’s Imagine and Marxism
    At the same time, the following question will be answered: 1) Why has this song become so popular and why does it have a great appeal on listeners; 2) Is it possible to build and […]
  2. Liberalism versus Marxism
    Marxism isolates the predispositions and laws of capitalism so as to understand the direction of capitalism; and in this case the direction of capitalism is in four phases which include the beginning, maturity, decline and […]
  3. Marxism will not return as a major ideology in the 21st century
    Initially, the ideology was first introduced in Canada by the British intellectuals and as a result, it ended up dominating the ideals and major principles of the socialist parties in the country.
  4. History paper, Marxism theory
    The formation of this class, which controlled the wealth of the entire community, formed the basis of Marxism theory of the minority wealthy individuals at the expense of the majority poor people.
  5. What Does Marxism Tell Us About Economic Globalisation Today?
    Though, crises are known to be more in the developed countries of today, Marxism reckons a time, based on today’s observations of capitalism, when the globe will be industrialised, a situation that will render the […]
  6. Marxism as a Sociological Theory
    The bourgeoisie is the social class that is associated with the “ownership of the means of production”. This is based on the fact that the output of the proletariats was “valued in terms of the […]
  7. Income Inequality in Marxism, Structuralism, Neoliberalism, and Dependency Theory
    The peculiar features of every country’s development should be discussed from the point of the character of the economic relations within the country and from the point of the country’s position within the global economic […]
  8. Schools of Political Economy: Marxism, Liberalism and Mercantilism
    It seeks to understand the driving forces of the economy and the key actors in the world economy. Governments and economic actors are the key elements in the economy, according to liberalism.
  9. Contribution of Marxism and Imperialism in Shaping the Modern International Political System
    Therefore, the postulated concepts of class struggles, materialism, and the surfacing of a capitalistic world market incredibly provide a point of alignment of the Marxism concepts and theories of international relations.
  10. Relationship between Institutionalized Racism and Marxism
    The owners of the means of production utilize their power to subjugate and dominate the inferior class, which is the minority race in the US.
  11. Human Rights: Universalism, Marxism, Communitarianism
    Marxist and Communitarian do not believe in the existence of human rights. In fact, having and exercising human rights will not benefit the members of the society.
  12. Why Marxism is Scientific
    The second section illustrates that the history of the development of Marxism is scientific and it conforms to the progressive development common to the development of scientific knowledge.
  13. Marxism and Post-Marxism
    As per this definition therefore, organizational politics implies the use of organizational power and culture to make certain decisions in regard to key organizational issues with a view of promoting both organizational agenda as well […]
  14. Marxism in Development Geography
    Marxist Geography is critical in nature, and it utilizes philosophy and theories of Marxism to look at the spatial relations of human Geography.
  15. Application of Marxism Theoretical Perspective in ‘To be taken with a Grain of Salt’
    Symbolically, the notion of interactions of the dead and the living developed by To be taken with a Grain of Salt perhaps exemplifies the differences in the classes of people.
  16. The Best Political Philosophy is Marxism
    It is also important to note that these group of theorists also believed in the fact that people are selfish. On the contrary, Locke believed in a rational man, even though he could be selfish […]
  17. Marxism Perspective in Production
    According to Marx, economic systems deal with the development of strategies and policies that govern the behavior and employment of the means of production.
  18. Has Post-Marxist and Critical Theory Strengthened Marxism?
    The theories look at the philosophies which shape the relationships between nations and the key interests of the nations which participate in international relations.

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