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87 Utilitarianism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism: Examples and Facts
    In libertarianism, the libertarians’ perceives the government as the one that threatens peoples’ rights. It is not suitable for the government to dictate the life of an individual.
  2. The Utilitarianism Theory in Society
    Therefore, utilitarianism should lead to an increase in happiness of the society. In utilitarianism, rules are necessary in the governing of the actions.
  3. Introduction to the Utilitarianism Theory
    The good in the action is what is focused on and not what it leads to. This is in disregard of Bentham’s thought that pleasure is the same qualitatively and the only thing that matters […]
  4. Utilitarianism Theory Application in Duelling Dilemma
    The claimants in this scenario consist of the government of the PRC, those protesting against the censorship and the general public who might not be aware of such attempts by the government.
  5. Utilitarianism for Animals: Testing and Experimentation
    There are alternatives in testing drugs such as tissue culture of human cells and hence this is bound to be more accurate in the findings.
  6. Analyzing the Differences between Utilitarianism and Libertarianism: Ethical Issues and Moral Judgments
    As Luntley says, t6he first and the foremost is the ability to make sure that the truth is independent from judgment.
  7. Limitations of Utilitarianism
    The reasoning is that the greater good would be to kill one person, as opposed to five because the happiness of five people is much greater than that of one.
  8. Concept of Utilitarianism Theory
    The good thing about the utilitarianism theory relates to the notion that it is the simplest form of any applicable ethical system.
  9. Principles of Utilitarianism
    At this point, the utilitarian theory is also associated with the tools that can provide individuals and community with happiness through recognition of felicity as the foundation of all human actions.
  10. Utilitarianism Theory Essay
    At the center of the utilitarian argument that shifts from the concern we physically have for our personal feelings of pain and pleasure, to others feelings of pain and pleasure, is the belief that this […]
  11. Analysis of News Article Using Act Utilitarianism and Kant’s Categorical Imperative
    The other issue in consideration is that of the black market which is supposedly benefiting due to the lack of a legal market for body organs.
  12. Justice Theory: Business Ethics, Utilitarianism, Rights, Caring, and Virtue
    The foremost portion of business ethics understands the theory of rights as one of the core principles in the five-item ethical positions that deem essential in the understanding of moral business practices.
  13. Utilitarianism: Death Penalty: Utilitarian View on Capital Punishment Essay
    Another significant benefit offered by the death penalty to the society is that it leads to the permanent incapacitation of the convicted person.
  14. The Application of the Principle of Utilitarianism in Explaining the Death Penalty
    However, the theory supports a form of punishment when the level of suffering is so high that it is beneficial to society.
  15. Utilitarianism: The Moral Story of Flight 93
    Considering the huge negative repercussions of Flight 93 in terms of loss of lives, destruction of invaluable resources and a series of other harmful consequences; as a utilitarian, one would argue that shooting the plane […]
  16. Media Ethics: Towards Employing Utilitarianism and Kantian Theory in Examining Practical Ethical Issues
    In the claim, it is clearly evident that the author would choose the action that has a greater impact and helps more people that of continuing to film instead of lending a hand.
  17. Utilitarianism and Deontology: The Case of Coca Cola
    This is one of the deontological rights that the company may have under deontological ethics; it must not be condemned for the reason that its products cause obesity to young children.
  18. Strengths and Weaknesses of Utilitarianism Essay
    Ross is of the view that people do not undertake tasks because they are aware of the consequences of their actions; rather, the decision to undertake such tasks is propelled by a promise that they […]
  19. Peter Singer and John Rawls on Utilitarianism
    Consequently, we should not engage in slavery even if utilitarianism theory assumes that such engagement may produce pleasure, happiness, and contentment to the majority or the greatest number of people.
  20. Utilitarianism and Natural law theories
    This may be done with the interest of the society at heart where, the person wants to improve the well being of everyone else in the community.
  21. Examples of Utilitarianism in Business: Utilitarianism Case Study
    This argument has led to the development of the second premise in the theory, which states that in order for actions and decisions to qualify as right and moral, they must appeal to the happiness […]
  22. Sandel’s Analysis of Utilitarianism and Libertarianism
    It is therefore important to point out the circumstances that led to the creation of the U.S.political system that incorporated the principles of utilitarianism and libertarianism.
  23. Utilitarianism and Human Resource Management
    In order to fully comprehend the effects of the United States president on the Bill of Rights denial, it is imperative to understand the provisions of the utilitarianism and the significance of Bill of Rights […]
  24. Utilitarianism in Government
    In the modern society, the government applies utilitarianism with the sole purpose of offering an answer to the practical question asking what should be done in society to improve the conditions of living.
  25. Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theories
    Unfortunately, there is limited information about the limits of the rights of individuals and this makes most people abuse the freedoms of others.
  26. Utilitarianism’ Critique by B. Williams and P. Pettit
    Consequentialism is a concept in normative ethics that opines that the goodness or badness of an action is determined by the impacts of the action and not the motive of the doer.
  27. Philosophy Issues: Kantianism and Utilitarianism
    Utilitarianism can be explained using the principle of ‘the end justifies the means’, meaning if the end of a processor action is good, then the means of arriving at that end are also good and […]
  28. Philosophy Issues: Utilitarianism or Deontology?
    Regardless of the extent to which some people are opposed to the applications of moral principles, which should be consistent with the scriptures of God, they are used to produce the best results in communities.
  29. Defensive Approach: Utilitarianism
    The utilitarian attitude towards rights is that the moral ‘right’ is built on the basis of utilitarian aspects, especially on the principle that seeks to reduce pain and suffering of living organisms.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Utilitarianism

  1. Ethics of Relativism, Utilitarianism and Libertarianism
    Therefore, the concept is based on the fact that reality felt by an individual is bound to the culture or societal beliefs.
  2. Retributivism and Utilitarianism Theories
    Another approach to the question of punishment has a theory of utilitarianism. However, it is possible to suggest some fusing of these two different theories in an attempt to create some new approach to the […]
  3. Robert Nozick’ Ideas about Utilitarianism
    Nozick was of the view that people are not in a position to differentiate between their experiences when in the experience machine and when outside.
  4. Michael Sandel’s Objections to Utilitarianism
    The moral and intellectual pleasures were considered to be “highest pleasures”, and the experiences, that caused satisfaction of flesh were considered to be “lower pleasures”. The pleasures of the majority, in that case, are considered […]
  5. Comparing Utilitarianism with Immanuel Kant’s View
    On the other hand, the teleological ethical perspective states that the results for all actions matter in determining the nature of the undertaken decisions.
  6. Ethics: Egoism, Utilitarianism, Care and Virtue
    It is necessary to note that it is benign most of the time, but the issue is that such behavior may not be liked by other members of society, and it can lead to numerous […]
  7. Ethics of Divorce: Deontology and Utilitarianism
    Before analyzing the ethics of divorce, the paper first introduces the subject of ethics followed by the theme of divorce in the contemporary societal settings.
  8. Virtue Ethics, Utilitarianism, and Deontology
    Utilitarianism relates to the concept of value in that the quality of something which is good is measured by the value attached to it.
  9. Utilitarianism in Ron Paul’s Rhetoric
    In fact, former Congressman Ron Paul believes that in order to create the most good, the best strategy is to reduce the involvement of big government in the affairs of men.
  10. Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Virtue Ethics, Egoism
    Quote: The amanagers of a corporation must take responsibility to fulfil their duties to their stockholders and to the public’. According to this normative theory, the utility can be described as anything that is related […]
  11. Act and Rule Utilitarianism in Decision Process
    On the basis of the act-utilitarianism, as an oncologist, I would give the trial drug to the genetics researcher since her recovery would benefit many people under the Malaria research.
  12. Deontology vs Utilitarianism in Medicine: Dray v. Staten Island Univ. Hosp.
    The ACOG and the AAP made a statement that even the most substantial evidence for the benefit of a fetus could not be considered as an ethical presumption to neglect the decision of a pregnant […]
  13. Difference Between Social Contract, Utilitarianism, Virtue and Deontology
    This essay gives a description of the differences in how ethical contractarianism, utilitarianism, virtue, and deontological ethics theories address ethics and morality.
  14. Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism and Deontological Ethics
    The foundation of utilitarianism theory is in the principle of utility. On the other hand, the theory of deontology embraces the concept of duty.
  15. Utilitarianism and Ethical Relativism
    The two ethical theories discussed in the reading that I found the most interesting were utilitarianism and ethical relativism. I believe that this ethical theory has numerous useful applications in the contemporary world and that […]
  16. Utilitarianism vs. Moral Relativism
    If to assume that moral relativism is true, then it is impossible to discuss good and bad outside the specific situation. Thus, their actions were morally wrong according to the assumptions of moral relativism.
  17. Utilitarianism as an Ethical Principle
    From this, he obtained the regulation of usefulness, that the good is anything that brings the maximum happiness to the maximum number of people.
  18. Utilitarianism: John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham
    The main difference between Mill’s and Bentham’s conception of Utilitarianism is that Mill, though a consequentialist, makes a case for the qualitative aspects of happiness.
  19. Act Utilitarianism: Term Definition
    The theory advocates for actions that bring a large amount of pleasure and little pain to the majority of the people or rather the course of actions that maximize happiness and minimize pain by considering […]
  20. Act and Rule Utilitarianism
    Considering that John is a drunkard who drove himself to the accident that led to the rapture of his kidney; the choice of giving him the kidney would be avoided based on the fact that […]
  21. Utilitarianism & Social Contract in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well
    While Helena represented the lower class of the society and believed in the Utilitarianism values to the road of success, Bertram was much inclined towards the elements of social contract theory and its application.
  22. Elements of Utilitarianism as a Philosophical Theory
    First, in Utilitarianism, the decision-makers should not only consider the happiness that the decision brings but also the unhappiness or pain.
  23. The Difference Between Act and Rule Utilitarianism
    Utilitarianism emerged as a systematic theory at the end of the eighteenth century with the philosophical works of Jeremy Bentham, who created the “greatest happiness of the greatest number” formulation of the principle of utilitarianism.
  24. Abortion and the Theory of Act Utilitarianism
    One possible philosophical approach to the problem of choice in such sensitive issues as abortion is the theory of Utilitarianism measuring the moral value of the action.
  25. Virtue Ethics: Kantianism and Utilitarianism
    Despite the strengths and theoretical significance of both approaches, the theories of Aristotle and Aquinas suggest more flexibility and breadth in ethics interpretation as compared to rule-based theories.
  26. Utilitarianism Critique From Kantian Perspective
    In the words of Kant, utilitarianism cannot be used as a yardstick in the evaluation of human actions because it is not universal.
  27. Thomas More’s Utopia, Utilitarianism, and Technology
    Therefore, the meaning of “utopia” did not change to a tangible extent, as the modern meaning aligns with the one that More assigned to it.
  28. A Critique of Utilitarianism
    Utilitarianism is a philosophical theory that states that the morality of an action is based on its effects; any action that increases the pleasure and happiness of the greater majority is just.

❓ Utilitarianism Essay Questions

  1. What Is a Good Example of Utilitarianism?
  2. How Would Charles Darwin Critique John Stuart Mill in Utilitarianism?
  3. What Are Some Objections to Utilitarianism?
  4. What Are the Main Strengths and Weaknesses of Utilitarianism and Formalism?
  5. What Is Utilitarianism in Layman’s Terms?
  6. What’s the Difference Between Act and Rule Utilitarianism?
  7. How Does the Utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill Compare to Jeremy Bentham’s?
  8. What Is the Difference Between Pragmatism and Utilitarianism?
  9. How Would Aristotle Respond to Utilitarianism?
  10. What Are the Best Arguments for and Against Utilitarianism?
  11. Which Definition Best Describes Utilitarianism?
  12. What Are the Main Principles of Utilitarianism?
  13. What Is the Opposite of Utilitarianism?
  14. What Are the Three Types of Utilitarianism?
  15. Is Utilitarianism Fundamentally Opposed to Libertarianism?
  16. What Is the Relationship Between Utilitarianism and Consequentialism?
  17. Why Is Utilitarianism Called an Unfalsifiable Ethic?
  18. How Does Utilitarianism Differ Between John Stuart Mill and Peter Singer?
  19. Why Are INTJs Obsessed With the Philosophy of Utilitarianism?
  20. What Are the Criticisms of Utilitarianism?
  21. What Are the Best Arguments Against Utilitarianism and for Deontology?
  22. What Are the Two Key Objections to Utilitarianism?
  23. Is Democracy Based on Utilitarianism?
  24. What Does the Term Utilitarianism in English Literature Mean?
  25. Which Is Right: Utilitarianism, Deontology, or Some Combination of the Two?
  26. Why Is Utilitarianism Considered a Consequentialist Theory?
  27. How Can a Libertarian Refute a Progressive Plea to Utilitarianism?
  28. Who Came up With Utilitarianism?
  29. Where Was Utilitarianism Practiced?
  30. How Does Utilitarianism Threaten Individual Rights?

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