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68 Urbanization Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Is Taiwan Urbanization Rate Growing? Urban & Rural Areas
    The ratio of the urban population to the total population determines the degree of Taiwanian urbanization. There has been a decline in the agricultural industry and this could be one of the ways to revive […]
  2. Urbanization and the Environment
    Due to urbanization, the number, the size, the kind and the compactness of cities, in addition to the effectiveness of their management of the environment are major concerns for attainment of the international sustainability.
  3. Human Geography: Urbanization
    The high prices of food in some regions of the world make most of the people to starve. Most of the people in developed countries like in US, UK, Canada and Australia are well endowed […]
  4. Baseball and Urbanization
    For instance, at the very beginning of the nineteenth century, the urban population in the United States was 5% of the total population.
  5. Urbanization Advantages and Disadvantages
    These resources are easily exploited because of the availability of facilities and labor in the cities, which leads to economic development and improvement of living standards of the city dwellers.
  6. Urbanization in Mexico
    Some services are available in the urban areas but most of the residents are not in the position to pay for them.
  7. Urbanization and Environment
    The resources can be identified through the acquisition of knowledge about the environmental conditions of the areas in which urban development is expected to take place.
  8. History of Urbanization in Brazil in 1980
    In addition, according to Morrison, “there is a disparity in term of salary or wage differentials, and therefore aspirations and lifestyles, among classes in the country”.
  9. How do Migration and Urbanization Bring About Urban Poverty in Developing Countries?
    When there is a high rate of rural to urban migration, there is pressure on the limited resources in the urban centers.
  10. Urban Economics: The Urbanization Process and its Effects
    However, the rate of urbanization started to increase in the late 20th century and by the beginning of the 21st century, a significant portion of the developing world’s population lived in urban settlements.
  11. China’s Success in the Urbanization Process
    The current paper aims at reflecting and analyzing the article to comprehend the reasons of why the challenges appear during the process of urbanization when it is so important for the society and becomes a […]
  12. Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Urbanization Challenges
    As documented in the literature, Port-au-Prince is faced with many urban challenges and problems, ranging from social and geographic segregation to elevated poverty levels and occurrence of natural disasters which compound the problem of poverty.
  13. Urbanization in Hong Kong and Effects on Citizens
    However, “while the proportion of people living in small cities is expected to decline, the million-plus cities accounting for about 40% of the total urban population in 2011 is expected to increase to 47% percent […]
  14. Industrialization, Urbanization, and Migration
    The beginning of the Industrial Revolution is shown both in the article and the book focusing on terrible working conditions in the factories.
  15. China’s National New-Style Urbanization Plan
    The problems related to the rapid growth of the city population have accumulated at a certain point and started to prevent the further improvement of the quality of life of the population.
  16. Affirmative Action, Social Movements and Urbanization
    Affirmative action, according to Messerli, can be conceptualized as the preferential treatment of minorities in various aspects in the society. The following are some of the arguments supporting and opposing affirmative action in employment and […]
  17. Urbanization Processes in Post-Socialist China
    To explain this phenomenon, this paper answers three questions what is the cost of forming this middle class what led to the emergence of this middle class how has the formation of the middle class […]
  18. Urbanization and Sub-Urbanization in the United States
    The exposition resulted in the creation of a beautiful urban space, and people acknowledged the benefits of city planning as well as the cooperation of different professionals.
  19. “Rapid Urbanization” Article by Jennifer Weeks
    Research shows that many rural dwellers in developing nations move to towns and as cities struggle to accommodate the high growth, the rural residents often end up living in slums that are already teemed.
  20. Agricultural Revolution and Changes to Ancient Societies in Terms of the State, Urbanization, and Labor
    This made the climate and soil more adaptable to plant growth and farming as some of the wild variants of barley and fruit began to grow in the region on their own.
  21. Aegean’s Urbanization: Technology and Pattern
    The intense trading activity in the Aegean region was also supported by the geographical positioning of the region near to the ocean so as to be accessible to the urban civilizations of the Near East.
  22. New Urbanism: The Problems of Urbanization
    The scales of differentiating private to public space include the following: spatial, degree of exclusivity and openness, and modes of social encounter.
  23. The Relationship Between the High Rate of Urbanization in Africa and AIDS Spread
    This movement results in to increase in the number of people in the towns and cities in a particular year. The increased social interaction of people in towns has led to increased HIV/AIDS infections in […]
  24. Rapid Urbanization and Underdevelopment
    The essay through examples of the developing world and the developed world establishes the linkage between rapid urbanization and underdevelopment in both; the cities as well as the outlying peripheral areas.
  25. Urbanization Merits and Challenges
    Urbanization is in most cases associated with the human movement from the rural to the urban areas. This is as a result of increased population in the rural areas in relation to the lands and […]
  26. Urbanization and American Immigrant Myth
    The questions of urbanization and the growth of megacities have raised the significant attention of many people recently. The are several reasons for that, such as “the neoliberal globalization since 1978”, the wrong actions of […]
  27. Urbanization Process in Mesopotamia
    History of the involvement of the cities in the world has different reasons that lead to the development and establishment of the towns.
  28. Technology and Migration in the Industrial Urbanization
    The history of the United States has a life-changing period between the end of the nineteenth century and the middle of the twentieth – industrial urbanization.

📌 Most Interesting Urbanization Topics to Write about

  1. The Pressures of Urbanization on the Environment
  2. Urbanization Problems And Sustainable Development
  3. The Urban Mortality Transition and Poor-Country Urbanization
  4. Urbanization and Agricultural Policy in Egypt
  5. Urbanization Has Negatively Affected Biological Diversity
  6. Urbanization and Food Security: Empirical Evidence from Households in Urban Southwest Nigeria
  7. Urbanization and Rural Development in the People’s Republic of China
  8. Urbanization Migration And Development In Asia Economics
  9. The Roles of Women in Urbanization vs the Challenges of Living in the Countryside
  10. Urbanization, the Creation of Cities and the Impacts on the Natural Environment
  11. Urbanization, Mortality, and Fertility in Malthusian England
  12. Urbanization Of Urbanization During The 19th Century
  13. Urbanization and Labor Market Informality in Developing Countries
  14. Urbanization in India: Evidence on Agglomeration Economies
  15. Relocating or Redefined: A New Perspective on Urbanization in China
  16. Wildlife and the Impact of Urbanization
  17. Urbanization and the Viability of Local Agricultural Economies
  18. Sustainable Development Policies Can Reduce Urbanization Problems
  19. The Causal Relationship between Urbanization, Economic Growth and Water Use Change in Provincial China
  20. Urbanization Of Poverty And The Sustainable Development Of Urban Areas In Chile

👍 Good Research Topics about Urbanization

  1. Urbanization as a Fundamental Cause of Development
  2. The Affect of Industrialization and Urbanization After Civil War
  3. Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Beijing’s Urbanization Efficiency from 2005 to 2014
  4. Role of Landscape Architecture in Urbanization
  5. Urbanization, Gender, and Business Creation in the Informal Sector in India
  6. World Capitalism and Third World Urbanization
  7. The Major Problems Associated with Rapid Urbanization
  8. Urbanization Patterns, Information Diffusion and Female Voting in Rural Paraguay
  9. The Negative Impact of Urbanization on the Earth and Environment
  10. Urbanization, Lifestyle Changes and the Nutrition Transition
  11. The Role of the Demographic Transition in the Process of Urbanization
  12. Regional Differences in China’s Urbanization and its Determinants
  13. Urbanization in Romania During the Twentieth Century up to Today
  14. Urbanization Trends in Chicago Versus Houston
  15. What is the Role of Globalization on Urban Urbanization
  16. Technological Progress and the Urbanization Process
  17. Urbanization, Productivity and Innovation: Evidence from Investment in Higher Education
  18. The Relationship Between Urbanization And Industrialization
  19. Urbanization Is the Main Contributor to Disaster Occurrence in Developing Countries
  20. Urbanization, Inequality, and Poverty in the People’s Republic of China

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