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Environmental Health Law

The contemporary society pays considerable attention to development of safe and favorable environment for people. The Noise Control Act is one of many regulatory documents aimed at controlling environmental hazards. The act reveals standards of noise emissions in workplace, commercial production, residential noise, etc. (Noise Control Act, 1996). According to the Act, EPA was responsible […]

World Bank’s Transformation of Human-Environmental Relations in the Global South

This paper explores how far, and in what ways, the World Bank has transformed human-environment relations in the global south, since the mid 20th century. Evidence from this paper shows that although the World Bank has contributed to environmental degradation in some countries in the global south, the global financial institution has had a more […]

Culture and Leadership in a safe Industrial Environment

Abstract The purpose of this paper was to discuss the role of culture, management leadership, and employee involvement in the process of improving safety in an industrial environment. In this regard, the discussion focused on the development and implementation of an improved environment, health, and safety (EHS) program at GE Aviation. The main goal of […]

Environmental Conditions in Tunnels towards Environmentally Sustainable Future

Introduction Construction of tunnels, either to pave the way for vehicles, pedestrians, and/or water, requires civil engineers to consider the impacts that such an endeavour has on the environment. A tunnel is a duct that goes through or under the earth surface or another structure purposely to offer passage for rains, people, and cars amongst […]

Corporate Environmental Policy Statements in Mainland China: To What Extent Do They Conform to ISO 14000 Documentation?

Abstract This paper presents a critical analysis of the document that is titled “Corporate Environmental Policy Statements in Mainland China: To What Extent Do They Conform to ISO 14000 Documentation?”. The paper seeks to explore the extent to which industries in China implement issues of environment management as exemplified in the codes of environmental management. […]

Jiangsu Province Environmental Analysis

Introduction Recently, China has experienced rapid industrialization, and its GDP has increased considerably. However, the industrialization phase materializes at the expense of the environment. There is insufficient consideration of the environmental resources, the overall environmental quality, and the health considerations in China1. This paper will take a stringent environmental analysis of Jiangsu province, China. Essentially, […]

Improved Work Environment for Employees Working at a Production Plant

Employees working at a Production Plant Abstract Provision of up to date and comfortable work environment is one of the determinants of employee motivation and performance in the present day business context. Organizations strive to improve the physical work environments to enhance employee satisfaction leading to enhanced overall organizational performance. Failure to provide conducive work […]

Quality and Environmental Management

Appropriate management systems ensure quality and safer structures. The purpose of this report is to evaluate Domhus UK Ltd, a manufacturer of high specification prefabricated houses, various aspects regarding its operations. By analysing various construction management books, journals, and websites, the report discusses the company’s significant environmental aspects, suitable objectives, targets and environmental management programmes, […]

Consumer Preference towards the Shopping Environment

Introduction Many researches are focusing on consumer behavior and preferences in Malaysia because of the increased shopping activities in the region. The shopping environment in Malaysia has changed significantly over the last couple of years because of the economic gains achieved by the country. Malaysia is one of the upcoming global economies in terms of […]

Environmental factors affecting McDonalds Corporation

Introduction All global and domestic organizations or corporations have external factors that affect their operations. Some of the factors may be controlled by the organizations but in most cases, the organizations have no power to control most of the factors (Nicoulaud, 1989). However, they may be able to manage or influence them. These factors are […]

Modern State as an Impediment to Environmental Issues

Introduction The modern state was the main obstacle to modern environmental issues between 1960 and 2000 because it perpetuated consumerism, greater poverty disparities, resource exploitation, and population growth. These factors affected the status of the environment negatively and thus acted as obstacles. Consumerism between 1960 and 2000 The modern nation state was an impediment to […]

Volkswagen and the Business Environment

Introduction Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VW) is a car manufacturer and vendor that operates in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and both Americas. It offers passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and their parts; apart from that, engines and turbines, as well as chemical reactors, are developed and sold by the company. VW is a group of eleven brands […]

Knowledge Management Assessment in Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi

Executive summary Recently, public sector organisations have been put under significant pressure to continuously increase their effectiveness and enhance their services, which has been aimed at improving their competitiveness both in the public and private sectors. While knowledge management (KM) is not a new concept for the public sector, the manner of institutionalising the knowledge […]

Environmental Issues and Management

Introduction The ISO 14000 is a set of standards which guide business organisations on how to implement good environmental practices. The most dominant standard in the ISO 14000 series is the ISO 14001, which deals with environmental management systems. The ISO 14000 standard outlines various environmental issues which business organisations need to comply with. Organisations […]

Environmental Issue in China

Executive Summary Rapid growth in China is negatively affecting the environment. Air pollution in Beijing is now a major source of concern, while the Chinese government seems to be doing little to protect the environment. Thus, this paper presents an in-depth public diplomacy strategy based on building a network of influence to advocate for policy […]

Strategic Marketing Nature of the Business Environment

Firms obtain the information they require by studying the internal and external environments so that they understand the present and foresee the future. The general environment consists of components in the wider society which has impact on an industry and the firms in it. Such components can be classified into six environmental sections: global, technological, […]

Conventional Media and the New Media Environment in Modern China

Introduction With the emergence of telecommunication technology, the world is experiencing a major revolution in the communication sector. Theoretically, people are able to communicate with one another regardless of the distance separating them (Zhang, 2009). After several years of market reforms and development, China’s media had big changes in terms of communication models, management philosophy, […]

Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Standards

EPA Regulations and the Impact on Transportation Standards The objective of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to establish a program that helps to minimize the greenhouse gas emission. The agency works in liaison with other organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to enhance fuel efficiency. The growth in international trade has […]

Transportation Standards and Environmental Regulations

The rapid growth of global economy and the rise of globalization in the past decade led to the increase in products consumption as well as the expansion of goods distribution streams worldwide. The outburst of the global economic development and manufacturing could not but have a robust impact on the natural environment, and global warming […]

Environmental Analysis for Companies

Nowadays it becomes more and more obvious that ethics should be implemented not only in humanitarian sciences but also in so-called “exact” sciences, in particular, mathematics, analytics, and business statistics. In this context, after establishing its mission and objectives of management, a company should start the diagnostic phase of the strategic planning process in the […]

Environmental damage from the BP oil spill

The outcome a disaster leaves a huge impact on the society from several perspectives. Whether it is the whole management or the individual groups connected with the disaster intentionally or unintentionally, environment hazards that result due to the disaster would not ease and continue to affect the lives. Moral and ethical issues may completely become […]

Critical Analysis: “Workplace Environment and its Impact on Organizational Performance in Public Sector Organizations”

Introduction Explicit review of this analytical paper resonates within an unlimited time frame. Reflectively, the review will authenticate relevance of a research article which apparently failed to comprehensively capture conceptualization ideas discussed within its periphery of ideal and actualization. Besides, the critique paper reflects on the methodology strategy and adopted methods which appear to have […]

Social and ethical responsibilities of management in business environment

Abstract Managers in the day-to-day running of affairs in business environment are normally faced with different challenges that vary in nature. It is of great importance that their action or decision be favorable to both the company and the society. In this manner, the company improves its prospects in capturing new market segments, and the […]

Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company

Executive Summary The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (OESHCO) or Be’ah has been known as the first privatize waste management company in Oman. Previously the government of the Sultanate was responsible in the implementation of waste management systems and environmental projects of the country but come 2007, such responsibility was given to Be’ah. The primary […]

SWOT analysis of the Environmental Agency of UK

Introduction SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an essential tool in organizations and business decision making. SWOT analysis is used in strategic planning, evaluation of a competitor, product development and marketing. Normally, the SWOT analysis template is in form of a grid with four sections, each one consisting one of […]

Global Organizational Environment

Introduction The global economic environment has become more interlinked in the 21st century than ever before because more business enterprises have realized the importance of having trade relations within and outside their countries. Several prevailing factors that have a direct impact on the global economy influence greatly how the world business environment is likely to […]

A Robust Strategy for Sustainable Energy

Introduction Cheap energy as well as modern and more efficient infrastructure are the foundations for sustainable economic growth. An increase by a country’s energy infrastructure would reflect its increase in its GDP. Investment in climate friendly infrastructure is viewed to be the basis for achieving environmental sustainability, economic growth as well as efficient management and […]

Analysis of interpersonal environment

Introduction The study on the impact of interpersonal environment on burnout and organizational commitment is of particular importance to managers and human resources professionals and scholars in the service industry because by nature services have to be delivered through people. To effectively deliver services, service workers must have several characteristics such as high level of […]

Ways of differentiating the content, process, product or learning environment to meet the needs of a highly gifted or under-achieving student.

Differentiation of the content, product or learning environment to meet the needs of a highly gifted or under-achieving student is of great importance in the learning process. This is because it helps in meeting the needs of every child in order to facilitate their learning process. There are several ways that can be used in […]

Competitive Environment in a Global Industry: Agrana

Case Study Strategic Analysis Global-based companies are the companies that have extended their business interests to most parts of the world. These types of companies are directly affected by major global decisions. In most cases, businesses with global operations start small and eventually become big companies that serve many customers, mostly from all parts of […]

International Business Environment

Scientific innovations and inventions in technology and transport networks has facilitated the growth of international trade; companies’ engaging in international trade benefit from an increased goods and services market but also suffer an increased competition from domestic and international players. Countries and companies trade the through economic policies of absolute and comparative advantage (Hitt, Hoskisson […]

Environments Shape Organizations

Introduction Organizations’ performance largely depends on the environment under which they operate. Here, environment can mean either internal or external factors that directly or indirectly affect how an organization operates towards achieving its set goals. These factors are known for causing either positive or negative impacts that consequently influencing how that organization works. In most […]

Environmental Assessment – Environmental Management Systems

Introduction Environmental Management Systems have been identified as a means of encouraging environmental sustainable work practices and process improvement. Nevertheless, others have suggested that EMS is nothing more than an environmental compliance tool that may be useful to demonstrate compliance but in reality, provides little more. This analysis focuses on these views through concise literature […]