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Kuwait’s Desert Pollution Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Apr 26th, 2022

I am writing to you concerning the burning environmental issue, namely the pollution of the desert areas with the domestic waste. I would also like to suggest the possible waste solutions to improve the existing situation.

Historically, desert was devastated to a great extent during the Gulf War and certainly, this fact cannot be written off. But the future of this fragile ecosystem depends on those people who inhabit the country, and it is a debt of honour to preserve it. I am myself of opinion that, if you do not interfere right now, a sad end is in store for the desert.

Obviously, the given problem might seem not that important if to observe the general environmental situation of the country, which is extremely close to that of the environmental catastrophe, but as an ordinary citizen, who is not indifferent to the state of the planet and concerned with the legacy we will leave to the next generations, I have chosen the sphere in which individuals can help the authorities. Hopefully, after careful consideration of my proposal you will take into account some of the suggested ideas.

According to Kuwait Times from Friday, October 12, 2012 desert areas around Kuwait are suffering from the great environmental damage which is caused by the campers who thoughtlessly leave their garbage in the place which is said to be the important part of Kuwait’s cultural heritage and natural habitat for numerous animals, birds and insects.

As it is reported, after the camping season is over, campers are to remove their tents from the desert, but many disobedient representatives of this group are reluctant to follow the order (Fattahova). It is regrettably stated by the eyewitness that desert’s sands are covered with litter as far as eyes can see.

However, the behaviour of campers is out of control today as the corresponding law has not been approved yet. Let me notice, that flora and fauna of the desert are endangered by the toxic substances which different types of waste contain in them.

It should be underlined that you cannot come across majority of the species among those present in desert anywhere else. Few people will dispute that the desert is vital for biodiversity.

Needless to say, that the substances which are not decomposed represent a particular worry for the ecosystem. All the provided reasons confirm the importance of taking measures as soon as possible.

The obvious beginning point is to mention the fact that Kuwait is going through the tough period which is connected with political, economical and environmental issues. The latter one was the main subject of the analysis. Taking into account the current state of the desert areas, several options were obtained which could be put into practice.

First of all, all efforts should be applied to approve the decree according to which campers are not only to remove their tent at the end of the camping season but the waste left behind, as well. More than that, people should be aware of the fact that they will be definitely penalized for any violation of the law.

Experience of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) evinces that it is prudent to establish cleanup authorities to negotiate with people or companies to clean up the site after them (Laws & Regulations).

Then I would like to point out that organization of a thorough cleaning of the desert areas by volunteers could help authorities a lot. Such call might meet an overwhelming response of those citizens who care about the environment of this country. The practice of the UAE could be adopted in Kuwait.

As it is reported, “An online call for a desert clean-up by Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan was all it took to touch hundreds of hearts and bring together organizations, volunteers, young and old to participate in cleaning up desert areas across the UAE on Friday and Saturday” (Sherif).

The commendable actions of the Municipal council, cleaning the desert areas, should be specially pointed out. Heavily preoccupied with the work connected with the tents removal, this organization makes their contribution to the process of transformation of the Kuwaitis desert areas from environmental disaster into the safe site (Fattahova).

In addition, such simple measure as putting up ‘no littering’ signs could be essential and valid option used as the warning and reminder for people who is going to spend their time in the desert.

Another idea is to ask mass media to join the so-called campaign. This will definitely be a fruitful cooperation. As an example I would like to provide the case of the local newspaper from the UAE, namely Gulf News, whose staff is known for their environmental orientation. The following statement is provided in the article entitled “UAE desert to get clean touch on Friday”:

The newspaper launched the ‘No to Plastic Bags’ campaign four years ago in response to hundreds of camels and gazelles dying in the desert after eating plastic bags. Readers, environmentalists and businesses from around the UAE swung into action.

Gulf News channelled this energy into the ‘Go Green’ campaign. And, in a bid to reduce the use of plastic bags, Gulf News distributed 200,000 free jute bags to subscribers’ (Sherif).

Permit me to observe that it is also possible to promote a healthier environment on TV and radio exploiting famous media faces.

Furthermore, the entire attitude of everyone in the country has to change. It seems to be connected with the civic awareness and education.

As it is asserted, “environmental education encourages inquiry and investigation and enables the learner to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and effective decision-making skills” (Pandey 169).

The Environmental Monitoring Information System of Kuwait (eMISK) was established to make the geo-environmental database available to the public at large (eMISK Overview).

It should be called a good and promising start and the next step is to establish the proper waste management, co-working with various recycling companies, encouraging them to take part in the national struggle for environmental safety.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that it is perfectly clear that putting the environment in order is a long-term project, but just that very case could be the reason to accept any helping hand.

The whole point of these observations is that contamination of the desert areas is the problem that could be solved if working in tandem – government and society. The unanimity is the force that can remove mountains. I hope that if the above measures were taken the problem would be dealt with.

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