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Environmental Service: Road Cleanup Term Paper

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Environmentally it would be very difficult to argue against the fact that waste management has become an eminent factor of consideration in the whole world. The development of land is occurring at an alarming rate while the rates of recycling, scarce usage and proper disposal of waste remain dismally very low.

The amount of discards by users exacerbates various environmental problems. The significant environmental strains are thus attributable to unregulated use and discarding mechanisms especially for waste that involves synthetic materials due to improper discards.

Thesis statement

This paper presents a road cleanup of trash and examines the real situational effects of waste to environmental degradation. The analysis also focuses on the intellectual behavior of people regarding environmental cleanup procedures. In the fight against negative impact posed to the environment by waste, recycling or reuse of materials such as glass, plastic bottles, and metals are major campaign strategies for environmental justice and peace.

Environmental effects of Waste

On the issue of the environmental effects, industries may be causing a lot of strain to the environment but the proposed solutions counters on intoxication and cleanup management techniques. Today the environment is facing a serious challenge whereby the plastics are not recycled, and instead they face haphazard dumping all over.

Plastics remain at the dumping sites for hundreds of years because they break down at a very slow pace and thus the reason why we need a controlled mechanism. For the above mention reasons, it would be better to cleanup and sort waste for recycling, other than keep producing new similar products and dumping.

Today the world is faced with the problem of global warming, as a result, if emissions to the atmosphere. Besides the fuel and emissions of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, the waste deposits also cause major global effects.

The solution to environmental degradation

The first procedure is an urgent need to inform people and ensure they understand the fundamental principles of enhancing life through waste management. Study indicates that only a ninth of the used plastic bottles are recycled. The rest face is dumping into the woods, roadsides, seascapes, streams or rivers. These decay-resistant materials clog the landfills, thus causing intoxication through leaching (McKinney et al., 162). What procedures can boost the deposits cleanup procedures?

As an environmentalist, I was involved in various cleanup procedures. The best practices for enhancing plastic recycling in today’s setting are through awareness campaigns over the impact on the environment. It is important to create responsiveness among consumers over home or business recycling initiative, provide the consumers with the latest news, and recycling methods regarding ways of dealing with wastes (McKinney et al., 150).

Other than enforcing awareness, the physical cleanup procedures comprise of three main steps. The environmentalist must assess contamination of the site, for instance, the number of waste deposits. The assessment phase can call for testing where analysis of soils or water samples brings out a clear indication of the amount and extent of contamination, thus giving a proper outline on the cleanup procedures and intensity.

The assessment also assists in determining the safety precaution such as the paraphernalia that those involved must possess. The second phase involves the development of a cleanup plan by the registered and licensed specialists. This also ensures safety over potential exposures to contaminated or toxic materials. The cleaning procedure may either entail active physical removal of waste to another site for treatment or disposal and treatment of the contaminated soils or water. Lastly, there is a need to plan for the remedial actions.

In support of any form of active cleanup, a proper system ought to be setup for instance; some systems may require the use of water to remove the waste. The geologists assist in determining the amounts of contaminants while considering the time and cost requirements.

Implementation of some waste-removal systems occurs overtime, therefore, requires maintenances plans. Such systems require professional monitoring to ensure proper functioning. The monitoring phase has to continue even after the cleanup process is over, to ensure that the environmentalists meet remediation goals and analyze the need for further actions.

While recycling is analytically termed expensive, the debate that supports it should reflect the bright side of the outcome, such as the litter-free environment and global friendliness. The depository law-governing people’s reactivity to plastics would work if people were to focus on the importance of recycling. (McKinney et al., 150) a clean environment makes the society to remain healthy and supportive to better lifestyles.

As the environmental activists involved in the cleanup procedures, they have to evoke a response by educating the public on issues regarding the effects of waste dumping to the environment. Arguably, the majority are aware of the dangers of damping, but ignorantly turn their back on the need to carry out the procedures since someone is in charge of performing the tasks.

Possibly this negative culture is within and does not seem to go until more campaigns are garnered. Environmentalist should also consider other ways of enlightening and encouraging people to use biodegradable products instead.


People reaction to the need for environmental cleanup procedure is an eminent indication that negative responses over life are a reality in the contemporary world. This lack of concern disappoints and worries due to the threats it pauses, especially over the future of the environment. Culturally, the intellectual behaviors determine the control over the effects of waste on the environment.

People’s acquaintance over the dangers of poor dumps of wastes poses major threats to conservation. Besides the environmental cleanup procedures, everyone ought to share knowledge concerning the environmental dangers created by harmful deposits so that everyone knows how to respect and preserve nature.

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