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Flood Disaster Recovery Plan and Stakeholders

The scope of this document: responsibilities, major hardware and software procedures, disaster response, testing of the recovery plan. The purpose of this disaster recovery plan is to provide detailed guidelines to all the stakeholders when [...]

Benthic Macro-Invertebrates Diversity

This study dedicated to the estimation of the benthic ecosystem biodiversity and its dependence on environmental features of the ecosystem. It is known that the composition of benthic invertebrates strongly depends on the characteristics of [...]

Biodiversity, Its Importance and Benefits

Apart from that, the paper is going to speculate on the most and least diverse species in the local area. The biodiversity can be measured in terms of the number of different species in the [...]

Global Warming and Human Impact: Pros and Cons

These points include the movement of gases in the atmosphere as a result of certain human activities, the increase of the temperature because of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of the oceans' level that [...]

Air Pollution and China’s Governmental Measures

The consequences of air pollution in China are already becoming evident, and not only they are the reason for environmental problems, but also they have a significant influence on the health of Chinese people living [...]

Noise and Vibration Hazards

Noise and vibration hazards are some of the risks that employees and public in general are often exposed to by the leading companies, especially in the manufacturing and transport sectors.

Lake Erie Water Pollution

There are worries among the members of the community that the lake could be facing another episode of high toxicity, and they have called for the authorities to investigate the main causes of the pollution [...]

The Importance of Saving the Environment

Toxins and contaminants pollute the environment and consequently interfere with the health of man and other animals. In other words, the future is guaranteed if the environment can be safeguarded and preserved at the current [...]

Biofuel: Renewable Energy Type

The purpose of this essay is to discuss this statement and evaluate its accuracy in accordance to the latest studies, as well as the pros and cons of biofuel in general.

Waste Recycling Technologies in Dubai

The purpose of the current research is to investigate the trend of recycling in Dubai. To evaluate the statistical relationship between the monthly household income and the frequency of recycling for a household.

Disaster Response and Counseling Evaluation

The analysis of the series of Haitian disasters demonstrates that rescue and crisis management efforts may be undermined because of such reasons as under-funding and collapsed infrastructure that substantially interfered with the fulfillment of the [...]

Environmental Issues: the Use of Biofuel

The use of biofuel can be viewed as one of the safest and the cleanest ways of improving the current environmental issues and promoting the concept of sustainability as the foundation for the change on [...]

Zoos for Conservation of Endangered Species

However, at the moment, they could be considered important scientific and research centers that investigate the current situation related to species and create conditions needed for their survival and further preservation.

Green Building and Green Practices Promotions

One of the aspects of LCA is life cycle costing, which evaluates the financial cost of the design and maintenance of the building and is important for estimating the expenses associated with green buildings' characteristics.

Amount of Energy Used by the Country

The population is one of the top factors that determine the amount of energy used by a country. In this section, the researcher will focus on common fuel sources, emissions, and total energy consumption in [...]

Preserving of the Drinkable Water Worldwide

Water pollution is associated with the period of liberal economic reforms and the weakened control over the degree of pollution of natural waters as plenty of dangerous chemicals, industrial production, hydraulic engineering, and transport systems [...]

National Security Structure in New York

The state has already made considerable efforts to improve emergency preparedness strategy aimed at organizing homeland security efforts so that all the stakeholders could contribute to the provision of safety.

Green Building Programs Assessment

Each of the initiatives evaluates the impact that buildings have on the environment as well as the way these buildings were built and how they can be disposed of in the future. The main objective [...]

Drinking Water Availability and Quality in the USA

To understand the importance of the issues of drinking water quality and availability in the Southwestern United States, factors such as local climate, population changes, consumption of local and imported water, wastewater treatment, and recycling [...]

Information Technology and Environment Sustainability

The aim of this research paper is to analyze the available literature in order to obtain the information on the possible effects of IT on environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, determine its validity, locate [...]

Habitat Loss, Land Use and Conservation

As for the benefits of preserving the collection of plants, it needs to be said that it allows preventing many useful species from extinction and, therefore, contribute to a more positive ecological situation.

Anthropocene and Human Impact on Environment

While the exaggeration of the issue, as well as misinterpretation of some facts and conclusions, indeed take place, the conclusion drawn by the deniers is wrong and simply aligns the bias in the opposite direction, [...]

Climate Change Probability and Predictions

Winsberg argues that in the area of climate modeling, the standard pattern of using probabilities for the separation of scientific practices from the ethical and social influences because of the significant complexity of these global [...]

Lifestyle Influence on the Planet

In the global context, it could reduce the number of global acres by almost six and a half million. One more aspect to consider is the spread of renewable energy resources.

Climate Changes and Human Population Distribution

Compelled by the lack of a thorough clarity on the relationship between population distribution and climatic conditions, this research proposal therefore aims at conducting the research study to determine what effects do climatic conditions have [...]

Multidimensional and Collaborative Disaster Management

In most cases, communities depend on government intervention for the management of disasters thereby, undermining the deployment of adequate resources to maintain equilibrium of the different aspects of the society to prevent the detriments of [...]

Environmental Pollution and Green Policies

Although various scholars are of the view that green technology reduces the level of pollution, adequate research on the use of this form of technology needs to be conducted so as to fully contain environmental [...]

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge’s Issues

The article in question addresses the correlation between the value of property prices and the proximity of open spaces. The authors address two research questions, investigating the possibility of a correlation between the proximity of [...]

The Dakota Access Pipeline Controversy

Although the project is expected to bring millions of dollars to the local governments and communities, as well to create permanent and temporary positions on constructions sites, it has been marked as controversial because it [...]

Sustainable Future and Alternative Solutions

Thus, the importance of contributing to the formation of a sustainable future seems to be undoubted in the modern context. First of all, it shows that sustainability is a culture; otherwise stated, it is a [...]

Dioxins and Furans in Japan’s Environment

However, there is a concern that the industrial sector is releasing a high amount of dioxins and furans which are very dangerous to human health. According to Wittich, the primary health concern of dioxins and [...]

Wolf Population’s Restoration in Adirondack Park

The recent findings in the wildlife populations' research demonstrate that the restoration of wolves in the Adirondack Park may positively influence regional development and may contribute to the improvement of the environmental condition.

American Indian Environmental Movement in Arizona

The presence of the ethnic-cultural minority population in the state largely contributes to its multicultural diversification and enrichment as even new generations prefer to live up to the unique values and worldviews passed to them [...]

Water Crisis Resolution and Investments

Based on the factors mentioned above, it could be said that the primary goal of the paper is to discuss the issue of the water crisis, as it is of paramount importance for the survival [...]

Low Carbon Indigenous Innovation in China

In 2011, the installation of the three wind turbines in Minnesota caused a 42% increase in the import of the Chinese solar cells by the United States with over 30 times exports of the US [...]

Critical Political Ecology

Finally, the author claimed that the absence of social conflict was explained through the community's dependence on CLC's economic activity and the assumption made by the members of the community regarding the role of government [...]

“This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein

The second argument is that geoengineering is not quite as reliable and predictable as we are lead to believe, and the results of a failed experiment, even on a local scare, might have far-reaching consequences.

European Rabbit in the Australian Ecosystem

In the research that was conducted, it clearly indicates that the intended ecological purpose that led to the introduction of the species in the region was not the same reason as to why the species [...]

The Benefits of “Green” Concrete

For instance, the E-Crete, a "green" geopolymer concrete offered by the company of Zeobond, has the potential of considerably reducing the amount of CO2 emissions involved in the production of concrete.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE

The three main forms of CSR in the UAE include emiritization, corporate philanthropy, and environment. This is driven by the teachings of Islam that value giving to the needy and mitigating the pain and suffering [...]

The Term “Proactivity”: Life and Study Skills

Therefore, it is important to involve as many people in the achievement of greater ecological efficiency and safety as possible. Later, I plan to communicate my findings and achieve the implementation of potentially effective solutions [...]

Hurricane Katrina’s Analysis

The evidence provided in the materials shows that New Orleans is vulnerable to flooding due to its low elevation, continuous human interference, haphazard construction of levees, and disappearance of natural wetlands and barrier islands.

Carbon Cycle Analysis

Therefore, the authors succeed in proving that the phenomenon of climate variability has a direct effect on the carbon cycle and the related processes.

Environmental Risk Assessment

The thing is that the process of risk assessment is often criticized and questioned in the framework of its value and credibility.

Practical Application of Biofuels

It is important to understand that biofuel is not a novel concept, and have been considered for use since the beginning of the 20th century and the development of the first cars.

Natural Resources, Their Classification and Impacts

Resting on the great importance of natural resources which are considered the basis of the functioning of our society, the precise analysis of their global significance and the way they promote the prosperity and development [...]

Forests Integration in the Urban Space

It is apparent that the increase in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by the various activities, including the manufacturing process, transportation systems, and other human activities have led to an increase in [...]