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Environment Essay Examples and Topics

“The Great Climate Experiment” by Ken Caldeira

In the article "The Great Climate Experiment: How far can we push the planet?", the author attempts to describe the problem of environmental pollution resulting from the excessive release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere [...]

Environmentally Sustainable Society

The environment to sustain society can be achieved if policies that advocate for the protection of the environment are enacted. The curriculum has been introduced in some of the education systems to incorporate policies that [...]

Cancer Alley: Environmental Justice Analysis

The name "Cancer Alley" was created, due to the exceptionally high number of industrial and toxic facilities that are located in this area."The seven-parish industrial corridor has the highest density of petrochemical industries in the [...]

The Perception of Healthy Human Environment

The combination of these attributes affects the survival and wellbeing of the said organism. Taking care of the environment should be the collective responsibility of every member of society.

Understanding Nature and Meaning to Humans

By saying that "the idea of nature contains an extraordinary amount of human history,", the author wants to show that, though when defining nature most of the times we tend to separate humankind from other [...]

Sustainable World’s Development

The source of energy for cooking, lighting, heating water and space and supporting other appliances is renewable and emits less harmful gases into the atmosphere. The home designs and the materials used in the construction [...]

Environmental Sustainability Understanding

In May 2001 126 countries and the EU agreed and adopted the text of this global treaty, referred to as the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants How can you prevent water pollution?

Dealing With the Climate Change Issues

Many American's erroneously thinking that being the 'good guys' does anything to help the environment but clearly, more needs to be done if a lasting solution to the problem is to be gotten.

Environmental Perils: Climate Change Issue

Many people have been lamenting over the issue of the climate crisis, For instance, Mindy Lubber, a former regional administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, delivered a speech in October 2008 at a [...]

Status of Kyoto Treaty and Montreal Protocol

Scientists, the World over through the United Nation have mobilized nations to be signatories of these treaties to curb the depletion of the Ozone layer. Surprisingly, of the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol, it is [...]

Disaster Planning for Families

However, families can be able to adopt an emergency preparedness plan to improve the ability of all the people in the family to help in the rescue and evacuation procedures. The training plan can be [...]

Natural Biochemical Cycles in the Ecosystem

Water moves through the environment through various processes such as evaporation and transpiration from the vegetation into the environment. This leads to the accumulation of these elements in the environment.

Ecosystem and Its Energy Sources

Life is manifested by the changes in energy and the ecosystem is, therefore, existent by a virtue of a continuous flow of energy that is being transmitted through the chain of food.

Environmental Geology and Sustainability

Taking soil as an example, one will have to admit that the changes in the soil will necessarily pose a threat of extinction to several plants. The carbon cycle can be referred to as an [...]

Increasing Sustainability of Forestry in Brazil

The genetic process seeks to increase the adaptability of plants to the dry climate of forest areas in Brazil. The socio-ecological approach is described in the report to connect the social welfare of rural areas [...]

Ecological Systems Model Aspects

After all, the sub-sequential phases of my development, as an individual, do illustrate the soundness of the idea that the process of one's upbringing can be conceptualized in terms of a tree, the parts of [...]

Sustainable Watershed Management Plan

The sustainable resource management program has evolved, planning the process of water usage as it becomes difficult to receive sufficient water supply to maintain the land in the future.

Personal Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion and contamination of resources such as air, water, and soil, which leads to the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife.

Sustainable vs. Unsustainable Development

Sustainable development is the type of development that satisfies the current needs of the society without interfering with "the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs".

“Climate Science Is Not Settled” by Steven Koonin

As organizations and researchers strive to determine the impacts of their activities on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and the environment, Koonin asserts that the world is extremely far from the knowledge required to make good [...]

The Implementation Deficit in the Niger Delta

The aim is to analyze Deficits of oil-related regulations in the Niger Delta and the existing gaps in the current literature on the emerging socio-environmental deprivations of the region in the context of oil exploitation.

Carbon Credit and Amazon Carbon Project

The project had the purpose of reducing GHG emissions from swine waste and improving sustainable development in the area. The project primarily concentrated on the reduction of GHG emission through the capturing and combustion of [...]

Environmental Issues in Urban Systems

One factor that we may want to underline is that the question of man's demand and use of natural resources can be addressed about the ability of nature to produce these resources as well as [...]

Ecological Processes in Five Various Ecosystems

In the lake ecosystem, water is the most important medium for the support of the floral and faunal lives. Generally, the biological communities in the two ecosystems were composed of biotic factors of different classes, [...]

The Sustainability of Lifestyle

The sheer convenience of the machines that I use as well as the attitudes I bring towards utilising water in general have made it so that I think nothing of the amount of water that [...]

The National Ganga River Basin Project

The National Ganga River Basin Project is one of the latest ideas supported by the World Bank Group. The total project cost that comes from the World Bank Group and other invited non-bank sources is [...]

Atmosphere and Climate Dynamics Seminar

According to the speaker, vegetation affects the atmosphere through a number of ways including limiting the amount of sun's radiation, controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, changing the color of reefs, and [...]

Environmental Damage vs. Better Living Standards

The improvement of people's standards of living is directly proportional to the growth of science and technology. Some people have gone ahead to assert that the annihilation of the environment is an unavoidable corollary of [...]

Strategic Environmental Sustainability

It is apparent that the world has focused on targeting big companies and industries in the quest to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the pollution of the environment.

Integrated Sustainable Water Management in the UAE

The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 was unveiled by the Ministry of Energy in 2017 to ensure that access to water during an emergency and normal conditions are sustainable within the internal standards, local regulations, [...]

Integrated Sustainable Water Resource Management

The major problem associated with understanding the future demand and supply of water is centered on the failure to comprehend the uncertainties associated with socioeconomic development in many countries and the influence of climate change [...]

Hotspots: Global Conservation Priorities

To be considered a hotspot, an area must satisfy two parameters: the area must have a minimum of 1,500 species of vascular plants as endemics and must have suffered a minimum of loss of at [...]

Heavy Crude Oil Emulsification in Water

Proponents argue that the emulsification of heavy crude oil in water helps to lower the viscosity of heavy crude since water is a continuous phase while the oil molecules are the dispersed phase.

Climate Change and American National Security

Today, the solutions to climate change are still highly complicated and often seem impossible due to the involvement of a wide range of factors and determiners, as well as the global nature of the phenomenon [...]

Anthropogenic Climate Change and Policy Problems

To address the problem of climate change, authorities representing the fields of politics, business, science, and economics are to join their efforts in the hope of creating effective policies helping to minimize and reverse the [...]

Advanced Pollution Prevention in the United States

In the United States, the overview of the previous legislation shows that the government used to enforce measures that would deal with pollution control which occurred at the final stage of production processes. The Pollution [...]

Carbon Emissions Initiative in the UK

In this case, they are supposed to be reduced by 60% and this is before 2030. There has been a lot of opposition to this initiative because the country is still fresh from a recession [...]

Global Warming Skepticism and Reliable Facts

Principally, this has been majorly based on the fact that much of the human life greatly depends on the rather shifty environmental patterns; that is why scientists and environmentalists have been at the forefront of [...]

The Novel “A Friend of the Earth”

In particular, a fair share of these individuals appear to regard the environmentalist cause as such that represents the value of a "thing in itself", quite unrelated to the essence of the objectively predetermined social [...]

Plans versus Politics: New Orleans after Katrina

From this perspective, organizational functions to be involved in disaster recovery planning should be discussed at the level of collaboration between governments and agencies and at the level of organizations that became victims of Hurricane [...]

Climate Change, Air Pollution, Soil Degradation

Then followed by outdoor air pollution, soil degradation which can also be called as soil contamination, global overpopulation, drinking water pollution, nuclear waste build-up, disappearing of the water supplies, indoor air pollution, depletion of the [...]

School Fire Crisis: Response Plan

Operations: This department will handle the challenges of the crisis by providing necessary support to students and families. Logistics: The logistics team will be in charge of managing and delivering all necessary equipment and supplies [...]

Climate Change in Canada

The Harper government has done little to ensure implementation of the agreements to reduce emissions. Since governments around the globe have failed in their commitment to reduce emissions, going green remains the only option.

Disaster Recovery Planning

The advantages of involving the third-party services mentioned in the previous paragraph in effective recovery planning are the following: Being aware of all the possible disasters that might happen or that can be prevented in [...]

Demographic Transition Model and Food Security

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the demographic transition model and the specifics of global food production. At the first stage, the population grows slowly, and in the second stage, the population growth [...]

Environmental Problems in Literary Fiction

While the year is never specified explicitly, it is apparent from the description of the technology that the novel describes the United States of the second half of the twentieth century.

Hurricane Harvey Crisis Management

This paper will provide a series of bullet points that will outline the damage, how it was handled, what outcomes were present, and the possible ways in which it could have been done better.4.

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

Despite the fact that the book must be recognized as a groundbreaking accomplishment in the struggle for preserving the environment and improving the quality of life across the globe, one must admit that the lack [...]

Grundfos: Environment and Society Results

Self-assessment is conducted via surveys that are distributed to other players in the industry; annual self-assessment indicates whether the company is capable of controlling the trends in each area.

Environmental Health Assessment of Home

It is possible to say that the HEAL provides all the necessary information to drive environmental improvements at home and can be of help for both the professionals and the households.

Endocrine Disruptors Study Report

The process starts with the manufacture of chemicals and progresses in a series of events that end in the presence of such substances in the blood of humans or animals.

Disaster Response Stage: Healthcare Challenges

The process of triage, transportation of the victims, the timeliness of the response, the interagency collaboration and online communication may cause barriers to the high quality of care and result in the increased mortality rates.

Hurricane Katrina: Emergency Response

Regarding the power of the natural disaster, its management demanded the consolidation of all local resources and improved collaboration at all levels to assist people who found themselves in difficult conditions and provide them with [...]