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United Nation and Climate Change

However, the key limitation of the given measure is that the UNO has not yet come up with the strategy of classifying the effects of the climate change and whether UNO is able to embrace [...]

Environmental Risks in the United Arab Emirates

With this in mind, the primary objective of the given study is the deep analysis of the main environmental risks that the UAE faces and the creation of the appropriate risk assessment method in order [...]

Water Control Issue in the United Arab Emirates

The second considerable consumer of the water supplies in the United Arab Emirates is the domain of the private household. The fundamental problem, which brings some serious problems to the household management of water, is [...]

Energy Consumption in Utah

The rate of energy consumption is considerably high in the State of Utah, with the geological surveys indicating that the region is position thirty-ninth among the American States in issues of power consumption measured through [...]

Nuclear and Coal-Fired Power Generation

In conclusion, while energy manufacture through coal-fired stations could be essential regarding the absolute enormousness of worldwide energy necessities, it is unblemished that nuclear power ought to have a much greater part in the upcoming [...]

Economic View on Water and Pollution

Some of the water is found in the continents' rivers, lakes and in the subsurface. This research tries to explain the importance of water especially in an economist's perspective by explaining the uses of water [...]

US Position on International Environmental Concerns

The United States of America being of one of the most powerful countries in the world is attempting to lead from the front by discouraging pollution and abuse of the environment by employing environment management [...]

Air Pollution in Los Angeles

The escalation of congestion in the city has worsened the problem of air pollution because of the volume of unhealthy air emitted in the atmosphere.

Sustainable Development Definition

There is also need to implement the use of new technology in the management and interaction processes. In economic terms sustainability can be defined as the adjustments done within the processes of running businesses based [...]

Noise Pollution Project

Besides these two, noise also has an effect on the learning of an individual so that it distracts the individual in a way that s/he is not able to learn, as would be the case [...]

Climate Change Impacts on Business in Bangladesh

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bangladesh is the most vulnerable to impacts of the global climatic change particularly from the rising sea level since it is located on the low altitude Bay [...]

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The subject of environmental and natural resource economics is important in that it provides an understanding of the significance of natural resources in any country, and largely their contribution to the economic growth of any [...]

Ecological Dimensions of Globalization

Globalization refers to "the growing economic interdependence of countries through the increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services; international capital flows; and rapid and widespread diffusion of technology".

Transportation Impact on Climate Change

It is apparent that the number of motor vehicles in the world is increasing by the day, and this translates to an increase in the amount of pollutants produced by the transportation industry annually.

Transpacific, Australian Waste Disposal Agency

The services department is classified into the general waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal unit, industrial waste disposal and other waste disposal unit. In accordance with the Waste Management Act, the company has the certification and [...]

Marine Ecosystems, Human Dependence and Impact

The growth of communities dependent on fishing is proportional to the destruction of marine ecosystems. The survival of the human race, and the survival of millions of species of wildlife is dependent on a healthy [...]

Water Quality Control

With regards to the first strategy, it is important to touch the hearts and minds of the next generation's leaders and policy makers. They have to see and experience the benefits of their actions.

Environmental Influences and Psychology

Natural environments, therefore, have provided me with opportunities to improve my health. Restorative effects of natural environments on me have profound health benefits and allow me to appreciate them.

Irish Red Deer as an Endangered Species

The red deer spends most of the time feeding and it has the ability of maintaining fat reserves to use during the winter season when there is scarcity of food. The color of the red [...]

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management is the preferred committee of management for this report. Founded in 1995, the Barwon Coast Committee of Management is in charge of managing coastal reserves between Collendina and the [...]

Australia Coastal and Catchment Management

In addition, the country has the best water storage capacity per person, which is necessary for sustainable agricultural activities and water supplies for domestic consumption, particularly during prolonged dry seasons. For centuries, water has been [...]

The Bellarine Committee of Management

The Bellarine committee of management regulates the work of many reserves in the region, including such reserves as the Edwards Point State Faunal Reserve, the Portarlington Recreation Reserve, and the Salt Lagoon State Nature Reserve.

Managing Farm Dams to Support Waterbird Breeding

The frequent fires and forest clearance in these areas have led to extensive migration of different species of birds. For example, they should take some of the endangered birds and breed them separately in a [...]

Nuclear Safety Culture

This research will focus on nuclear safety issues by looking at some of the major nuclear accidents and incidents around the world and what can be done to counter such accidents.

Dubai’s Environmental Sampling and Analysis

The efficiency of the environmental project conduction largely depends on all the aspects of the data collection process implementation sampling and analysis. Moreover, sampling and analysis are only a part of the project.

Deforestation and Countermeasures

Excessive clearing of vegetation on the earth's service results to an alteration of the equilibrium in gaseous volumes in the atmosphere, and the current levels of greenhouse gases are alarming, especially in the urban areas.

Australian Mining Industry’s Environmental Strategies

However, it has created a new debate about its viability to introduce sustainable change and the potential for adopting alternative strategies of environmental protection, such as the direct action strategy and the emissions trading scheme, [...]

Environmental Technology and Its Disruptive Impact

One of the tendencies of the modern world is the promotion of the environmentally friendly technologies and sources of energy. Although the use of environmental technologies can be claimed good or evil depending on the [...]

Aviation’s Environmental Impact and Pollution

One of the main disadvantages of the speedy technological progress is the pollution of the environment. However, in spite of all the world's efforts to improve the state of the environment, the damage is done [...]

Curb Plastic Waste: Intervention Stages

Given the adverse effects of plastic wastes on the environment, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans, in particular, an intervention needs to be developed to help curb and mitigate the scope of the problem.

Human Behavioral Effects on Environment

Environmental cues shape human behaviors because they make people perceive a certain environment in a given way and behavior in a manner that fits that environment. In addition, environmental cues may force people to change [...]

E-Waste Management for the Local Environment

The negative consequence of poor e-waste management, such as poor e-waste disposal, might cue the thoughts of the locals on the need to improve on their environmental awareness, thus joining the local environmental organization proposed.

Environmental Behavior and Air Pollution in Ohio

Once people become aware of the harmful effects of air pollution on the environment and health, it is likely that they will adopt positive behaviors, reduce behaviors and activities that contribute to air pollution and [...]

Water Pollution and Management in the UAE

The groundwater in UAE meets the needs of 51% of users in terms of quantity mainly for irrigation. Surface water is the source of groundwater and plays a major role in groundwater renewal.

Setting Up a Safari Zoo in the UAE

The paper below focuses on the barriers to setting up a safari zoo in the UAE. Through this, the study will identify the animals that are more likely to be comfortable in the zoo.

Global Warming and Its Impacts

In particular, one should focus on the main effects of global warming; for instance, it is possible to speak about the transformation of agricultural production and the threats to food security.

Environmental Management and Human Impact

Due to overpopulation or expanding of the slums, people are engaged in activities that harm the environment since the supply of amenities such as water, sewerage and energy becomes difficult.

America’ Major Environmental Challenges

The government has to acknowledge that the US and the international community still require fossil fuels and therefore regulation procedures as well as policies governing new technologies like coal-to-liquids conversion plants have to be reviewed [...]

The American Black Bear’s Ecology

The determination of the number of black bears in a specific region is a challenging task according to American Bear Association. The association associates the difficult to the nature of black bears.

Waste-to-Energy Plants Benefits

The EPA documents that once waste has been converted into energy through incineration, only 10% of the initial waste volume is recovered as ash to be disposed in the landfills. The cost of converting waste [...]

The Inventory Plan: PET-bottles Recycling

For this reason, I want to point out that the most important steps, which the goal includes, are considered to be production of the item materials, transportation of the product, the product fabrication and postconsumer [...]

Yellowstone National Park Challenges

However, the introduction of some species in the park altered the natural ecosystem. For instance, the once-popular fishing for subsistence use and harvesting have declined to pave the way for the maintenance of the natural [...]