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62 Wildlife Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Wildlife Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Impact of Global Warming on Arctic Wildlife
    High surface temperatures lead to “the melting of ice in Polar Regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions causing a rise in the ocean and sea levels, which affects the amount and pattern of […]
  2. Wildlife Management in Urban Areas
    The end result of reducing the number of predator and carnivores in a given ecological system will cause an imbalance that allows organisms in the lower levels of the food chain to multiply to the […]
  3. A Call for Conservation of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
    Though economic benefits of such drilling are obvious, they do not outweigh the need to preserve the pristine nature of the area o the benefit of thousands of animal and plant species that depend on […]
  4. Negative Effect of Tourism on Wildlife
    Tourism can lead to interference and destruction of the wildlife ecosystem, leading to decrease in the population of the animals and degradation of their habitats.
  5. Urban Wildlife Issues
    Actually, it is important to note that not all human developments are destructive; a focus toward taking care of or conserving animals in urban areas has promoted conservation and sustainability of environment and biodiversity.
  6. American National Park Service and Wildlife
    The law reads in part: “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such […]
  7. Emerging Energy Development’ Impacts on Wildlife
    One of the major concerns involves the effect of energy development on wildlife and natural ecosystems. It is important to lessen the effects of energy development on wildlife and natural ecosystems.
  8. Wildlife Parks Visitor Management Issues
    Administrators of wildlife parks have to employ different strategies of visitor management to ensure that they have a balance of demand by visitors and the available regeneration capacity of the wildlife parks.
  9. Water Transportation Industry’s Impact on Wildlife
    It is possible to note that emissions and the use of ballast water can be seen as serious issues that pose hazards to maritime animals.
  10. Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory and Its Risks
    The mission of the Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory is to provide evidence to governmental and non-governmental organizations to ensure the protection of the wildlife in the country.
  11. Relations of World Wildlife Fund for Nature and Media
    The purpose of this NGO is to safeguard nature and to stop the degradation of the planet’s environment and “to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature”.
  12. Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge’s Issues
    The article in question addresses the correlation between the value of property prices and the proximity of open spaces. The authors address two research questions, investigating the possibility of a correlation between the proximity of […]
  13. Wildlife Control In and Around Airports
    The main purpose of the paper is to describe possible ways to protect and control the airport area from wild animals and birds that are potentially dangerous to the safety of passengers and can disrupt […]
  14. Wildlife in Art, Science and Public Attitudes
    In her opinion, Hirst’s approach to art that involves “taking things out of the world” to get to their essence is extremely contradictory and aims to oversimplify the concept of wilderness.
  15. Wildlife Controls Around Commercial Airports
    Managing the safety of the airports is one of the most important responsibilities of civil aviation authorities around the world. Security in the aviation sector is the factors often given priority because of the magnitude […]
  16. Hunting in Wildlife Refuges in California
    In addition, the lack of regulations and the prohibition of hunting in wildlife refuges in its entirety has led to the overpopulation of certain species and the introduction of imbalance to the ecosystem, with the […]
  17. Oil Development in Arctic National Wildlife Range
    This paper describes the issues based on the development policy of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the efforts made by the government to conserve the ANWR.
  18. Trails of Wild Life Tourism
    The tourism of wild life should be looked in the way it is creating an impact on the ecological balance in the nature and also on the economy of the whole nation.
  19. The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
    A home to a great variety of wildlife and endangered species, the Manas Sanctuary is located in the Himalayan foothills, in the far eastern state of Assam.
  20. How Global Warming Has an Effect on Wildlife?
    According to one of the most detailed ecological studies of climate change, global warming is already directly affecting the lives of animals and plants living in various habitats across the world.
  21. Should the Arctic National Wild Life Refuge Be Opened to Oil Drilling?
    The Baloney Detection Kit used in the series of discussions provides the guidelines for the arguments presented. Wherever there is a need to justify an argument advanced for the debate or against the drilling, the […]
  22. Human Wildlife Conflict
    The issue of collisions between wildlife and motor vehicles is a major challenge in most countries owing to the unpredictability of the animals’ closing in correspondence to the vast sizes of the parks and lands […]

⭐ Good Research Topics about Wildlife

  1. Learning During Wildlife Tours in Protected Areas: Towards a Better Understanding of the Nature of Social Relations in Guided Tours
  2. Wildlife-Based Recreation and Local Economic Development
  3. Location-Specific Modeling for Optimizing Wildlife Management on Crop Farms
  4. African Wildlife Policy: Protecting Wildlife Herbivores on Private Game Ranches
  5. Illegal Logging, Fishing, and Wildlife Trade
  6. Network Structure and Perceived Legitimacy in Collaborative Wildlife Management
  7. Protected Areas, Wildlife Conservation, and Local Welfare
  8. Habitat Conservation, Wildlife Extraction, and Agricultural Expansion
  9. The Transaction Costs Tradeoffs of Private and Public Wildlife Management
  10. Caring for Native Wildlife Securing Permit and Approval
  11. Evaluating Tax Policy Proposals for Funding Nongame Wildlife Programs
  12. Dealing With Wildlife Damage to Crops
  13. Clear Forest Cause Extinction of Wildlife
  14. Forensic Techniques for Wildlife Crime
  15. Bird and Wildlife Management at Airports
  16. Economic Benefits, Conservation and Wildlife Tourism
  17. Environmental Plans and Wildlife Management Programs
  18. The Current Issues Involving Wind Farms and Wildlife
  19. Ecological Fever: The Evolutionary History of Coronavirus in Human-Wildlife Relationships
  20. Opportunities for Transdisciplinary Science to Mitigate Biosecurity Risks From the Intersectionality of Illegal Wildlife Trade With Emerging Zoonotic Pathogens

👍 Simple & Easy Wildlife Essay Titles

  1. Mitigation Measures for Wildlife in Wind Energy Development
  2. Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Analysis
  3. Ethical Considerations for Wildlife Reintroductions and Rewilding
  4. Save Wildlife and Forest for Our Future Generations
  5. Spatial Data Analysis and Study of Wildlife Conservation
  6. Global Warming and Its Threat to the Future of Wildlife and Its Habitat
  7. Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish: Treatment of the Sea World and Marine Wildlife
  8. Information and Wildlife Valuation: Experiments and Policy
  9. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land
  10. Identifying and Assessing Potential Wildlife Habitat Corridors
  11. Regulating the Global Fisheries: The World Wildlife Fund, Unilever, and the Marine Stewardship Council
  12. Wildlife Gardening and Connectedness to Nature: Engaging the Unengaged
  13. Urban Sprawl: Impact Upon Wildlife
  14. Human Activities, Wildlife Corridors, and Laws and Policies
  15. Pollution and Its Effects on Wildlife
  16. Tourism, Poaching, and Wildlife Conservation: What Can Integrated Conservation and Development Projects Accomplish
  17. Wildlife-Based Tourism and Increased Tourist Support for Nature Conservation Financially and Otherwise
  18. Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods Through Wildlife Tourism
  19. Evolving Urban Wildlife Health Surveillance to Intelligence for Pest Mitigation and Monitoring
  20. Gray Lodge Wildlife Area: A Home for the Animals

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