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78 Extinction Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for extinction essay topics? One of the most severe ecological problems is worth exploring.

Extinction is the termination of a certain living form, usually a species, or a language. The death of the last individual of the species (or the last speaker) is considered to be the moment of extinction. This phenomenon of animal extinction s considered to be the world’s largest threat to wildlife. In the last 50 years, the wildlife population sizes have dropped by 60%. That’s why animal extinction is one of the major ecological issues.

Whether you need to write a research paper or an argumentative essay on extinction, this article will be helpful. It contains top endangered species essay topics, titles, extinction essay examples, etc. Write an A+ essay about extinction with us!

🏆 A+ Extinction Essay Examples

  1. Animal Extinction and What Is Being Done To Help
    The affected species, the causes of the change, as well as the possible criterion of arresting the situation, forms the subject of their discussion.
  2. Extinction of minority languages
    On the other hand, the extinction of minor languages leads to the extinction of certain cultural groups and their individualities, turning the world into a global grey crowd.
  3. Human Activities and their Impact on Species Extinction in Arctic
    Unfortunately, what should be taken into consideration is the fact that as human interference continues to escalate within the region such as overfishing, oil drilling, population expansion and the effects of global warming this has […]
  4. Their Benefits Aside, Human Diets are Polluting the Environment and Sending animals to Extinction
    The fact that the environment and the entire ecosystem have been left unstable in the recent times is in no doubt.
  5. Comparison of Two Archaeological Papers on the Extinction of Animals Due to the Activities of Human Societies.
    In this study, the varying trends on the abundance of certain species were used to describe changes observed in the hunting practices and the animal species that were hunted.
  6. Mass Extinction Theories
    It can thus be speculated that the species that could not withstand the effects of global warming had to become extinct due to the adverse changes in climate.
  7. Preventing Animal Extinction in the UAE
    In essence, the UAE has been at the forefront of protecting endangered species from extinction and promoting an increment in their population, by putting up breeding programmes which help in multiplication of such animals.
  8. Premature Extinction of Species
    For thousands of years of geological time, the extinction of some species has been balanced by the emergence of the new ones.
  9. Chinese Dialects and Extinction Threats
    The problem of the reduction and extinction of the local dialects is one of the most sensitive and unresolved issues in China.
  10. Earth’s Biodiversity: Extinction Rates Exaggerated
    This is because most animals and plants have been projected to be extinct by the end of this century yet the method that is used to forecast this can exaggerate by more than 160%.
  11. Is Cannibalism the Reason for Neanderthal’s Extinction?
    They also found that cuts and fractures on the deer bones that were very similar to the ones that were found in the Neanderthal body.
  12. The Cause of Human Extinction: Nature’s Ferocity or People’s Irresponsibility?
    The following sections will provide statistical data and projections as well as non-scientific scenarios for the end of the world and the extinction of the human race.
  13. Extinction of Music Education
    Plato quoted: “The decisive importance of education in poetry and music: rhythm and harmony sink deep into the recesses of the soul and take the strongest hold there.
  14. Dodo Bird and Why It Went Extinct
    One of the extinct species of bird is the dodo bird. Its extinction has made it hard for scholars to classify the bird when it comes to taxonomy of birds.
  15. Language Extinction in East Africa
    Most of the languages in the world fall under the endangered languages category with UNESCO approximating the percentage of endangered languages to be around 60%-80%.
  16. Human Evolution and Animal Extinction
    The recent scholarly findings prove that invasions of Homo sapiens to the Austronesian and American continents were the major factors that conditioned the extinction of numerous animal species.

📌 Best Extinction Essay Topics

    1. Population Explosion and the Possible Extinction of Humans
    2. The Continuous Pollution on Earth Post Human Extinction in The World Without Us, a Book by Alan Weisman
    3. The Endangerment And Mass Extinction Of The Tiger: Can We Stop It
    4. The Wildlife Biodiversity and its Continuous Extinction
    5. The Permo Triassic Mass Extinction And The Earth´S Triassic Period
    6. Mass Extinction Of Biodiversity From The Enchanced Greenhouse Effect
    7. Profit Maximization and the Extinction of Animal Species
    8. What Are the Consequences of the Removal/Extinction of an Organism from the Food Web
    9. The Biological Description of the Dodo and Its Extinction

🔝 Top Ideas for an Essay about Extinction

  1. The Circumstances that Led to the Extinction of Dinosaurs
  2. We Must Save The Great White Shark From Extinction
  3. Problem of the Extinction of Many Rare Species
  4. The Destruction of Natural Habitats and the Extinction of Plants and Animals
  5. Why Extinction Does Happen It Is Not Indefinite
  6. Cascades of Failure and Extinction in Evolving Complex Systems
  7. The Permian Triassic Extinction Event And It’s Effects On Life On Earth
  8. Upper Estimates of the Mean Extinction Time of a Population with a Constant Carrying Capacity
  9. What Could Have Caused The Extinction Of Dinosaurs
  10. The Role of Fungus in the Extinction of Dinosaurs
  11. Saving the Whales: Lessons from the Extinction of the Eastern Arctic Bowhead
  12. The Extinction, Endangerment, And Captivity Of Endangered
  13. The Effects of Language Extinction on Cultural Identity in Third World Countries

👍 Endangered Species Essay Topics & Title Ideas

  1. Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs by Stephen Jay Gould
  2. The Ghost of Extinction: Preservation Values and Minimum Viable Population in Wildlife Models
  3. Recovery After Mass Extinction: Evolutionary Assembly in Large-Scale Biosphere Dynamics
  4. The Devonian Extinction and the Long Process of Evolution in the Past 300 Million Years
  5. The Process Of De Extinction And Its Ecological And Moral Consequences
  6. The Need to Save the Animals from Extinction Using Genetic Engineering
  7. The Brink Of The Extinction Of America ‘s Civility And Inclusion
  8. The Current Extinction Rate Throughout The World: We Must Act Now
  9. Conservation Biology: Extinction, Habitat Loss, Invasive Species, Overexploitation
  10. Why Evolution And Extinction Is Essential To Humanity
  11. The Guam Rail Should Be Saved from Possible Extinction Essay
  12. The Extinction Event and Life in the Post-Apocalyptic Greenhouse
  13. Causes of Animal and Plant Extinction, and Its Effects on Humans
  14. Ultimate Extinction of the Promiscuous Bisexual Galton-Watson Metapopulation
  15. Saving the Cheetahs of the Serengeti from Extinction
  16. The Influx of New Languages and Its Dangers to the Extinction of the English Language
  17. The First Great Whale Extinction: The End of the Bowhead Whale in the Eastern Arctic
  18. Causes of Canine Extinction and Disappearing Species
  19. The Themes of Isolation, Extinction and Man’s Limitations in the Poetry of Robert Frost
  20. The Viability of the Catastrophism Theory in Dinosaur Extinction
  21. Why The Asian Small Clawed Otter Is At The Brink Of Extinction
  22. Species Extinction To Environmental Deterioration
  23. The Extinction Of Neanderthals And Early Modern Humans

❓ Research Questions About Extinction

  1. Did Humans Cause the Mass Extinction of Megafauna During the Late Pleistocene?
  2. What Are the Consequences of the Extinction of an Organism for the Food Web?
  3. What Do We Mean by Extinction?
  4. What Was the Worst Extinction in History?
  5. What Are the Five Major Extinctions in Earth’s History?
  6. Are We Overdue for a Mass Extinction?
  7. What Are the Potential Benefits and Consequences of De-extinction?
  8. What Could Have Caused the Extinction of Dinosaurs?
  9. What Events Apparently Triggered the Mass Extinction?
  10. Why Evolution and Extinction Is Essential to Humanity?
  11. Why the Asian Small Clawed Otter Is at the Brink of Extinction?
  12. Will Global Warming Lead to Mass Extinction of the Worlds Species?
  13. What Causes Extinction of Animals?
  14. What Are the Three Types of Extinction?
  15. What Is the Cause for Extinction and What Are Its Effects?
  16. What Causes More Extinction?
  17. Which Is the Main Cause of Extinction of Several Species?
  18. How Are Humans Causing Animal Extinction?
  19. How Will Extinction Affect Humans?
  20. What Causes Extinction and What Are Its Impacts?
  21. Why Is Extinction a Problem?
  22. How Does Extinction Affect Biodiversity?
  23. How Does Extinction Affect Evolution?
  24. What Usually Happens after a Mass Extinction?
  25. What Is the Advantage of Extinction?

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