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Air Pollution Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. A Discussion of Air Pollution & Related Health Implications on the Community
    The first task in the multidisciplinary team should be to identify the leading sources of air pollution within the community and the nature of the specific toxics or hazardous chemicals associated with the pollutants.
  2. Climate and Air Pollution
    The earth has a number of climatic systems that ensure the distribution of heat across the face of the earth. Global warming is the result of retention of heat by the earth’s atmosphere originally from […]
  3. Preposition 23: Suspension of Air Pollution Control Act
    On the one hand, it was approved by the California Air Resources Board that considered it more realistic to suspend the implementation of this law due to the existing $ billion deficit leading to the […]
  4. Air Pollution by Automobiles
    This paper shall address specific automobile pollutants in relation to causes and public health, to draft possible recommendations to the obstacles, in order to manage the problem.
  5. Air Pollution and Its Consequences
    Air pollution refers to the infusion of chemicals, particles and biological matter that are hazardous and are the cause of discomfort to humanity and other living organisms into the atmosphere.
  6. Car Air Pollution
    Further, NO2 can prevent the flow of oxygen in the blood to other parts of the body like the brain. These toxic substances settle in the lungs and disrupt the normal flow of air in […]
  7. Air Pollution and Health Policy in China
    The proposed study aims to critically assess the health impact of various forms of air pollution arising from overreliance on coal so as to inform current and future health policy directions in China.
  8. Air Pollution Effects on the Health in China
    The justification of the study is premised on the fact that China is one of the world’s largest coal producers and consumers, hence the need to evaluate the health implications of coal pollution on the […]
  9. Air Pollution Sources, Effects and Ways of Minimizing
    This paper discusses the various sources of air pollution, the effects of air pollution, and ways of minimizing air pollution. Definitely, the destruction of the atmosphere is a serious issue of concern to many people, […]
  10. Air Pollution Characteristics and Effect
    Accumulation and deposition of this substance can damage the ozone layer and affect the visibility of the environment. The accumulation of this pollutant in the atmosphere can cause severe damage to the reproductive organs, lungs […]
  11. Do Air Pollution in Schools Influence Student Performance?
    When the quality of the air is poor, allergens are likely to be present in the air. To this end, the paper has revealed that poor IAQ may cause a number of short and long-term […]
  12. Environmental impacts of Air Pollution
    The current high growth rates have contributed to high concentration of particulates and pollutants in the atmosphere owing to the population’s over reliance on various sources of energy.
  13. Air Pollution: Public Health Impact
    In this regard, the paper explores various articles on opencast coals mining, aviation emissions, and geological storage of carbon dioxide and public health concerns in air pollution.
  14. Houston Air Pollution
    Though pollution is virtually everywhere, the paper focuses on Houston, one of the major cities is the US that have unacceptable levels of pollutants that pose health risks to the lives of people, plants, and […]
  15. Air Pollution: Human Influence on Environment
    For these reasons, the emission of aerosols in the air has become a major issue of concern allover the world and it is one of the many issues that need to be addressed and controlled […]
  16. An Investigation of Green Roofs to Mitigate Air Pollution with Special Reference to Tehran, Iran
    Thus, the aim of the research is to inquire into the basic information on the concept of green roofs, to answer the research questions on different attributes of green roofs, methods used to construct green […]
  17. China’s Air Pollution Is Not Unique
    China and the United States of America have adversely been mentioned to be the leading polluters of the atmosphere. The recent statistics indicate that the gap between the level of pollution by China and that […]
  18. Air Pollution Impacts on Weather and Climate
    Air pollution is rated to be the major cause of discomfort in the living creatures of the world for air is essential for the survival of every living creature.
  19. New York City Air Pollution Problem
    One positive impact of technological advancements on the environment in New York is the ability to provide communication options that are friendly to the environment.
  20. Principles of Air Pollution Control and Analysis
    The increased attention to air quality is a recent development as people were previously not concerned about the quality of air in the atmosphere.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Air Pollution

  1. Environmental Justice and Air Pollution in Canada
    One of the best ways is to explain that air pollution is a major contributor to the burgeoning problem of global warming.
  2. Dealing With Air Pollution
    Polluted air contains nitrogen oxides and other toxic substances that dissolve in the atmosphere to return to the Earth in the form of acid rain, which is detrimental to the ecosystem.
  3. Air Pollution Effects on the Health and Environment
    According to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, there are six principal air pollutants, the excess of which critically affects the health, lifestyle, and welfare of the population. Still, to my mind, the priority should […]
  4. The New York City Air Pollution
    As the reports say, the state of health of some of the New York residents has grown increasingly worse, mostly due to the air pollution and the diseases that it has triggered.
  5. Environmental Behavior and Air Pollution in Ohio
    Once people become aware of the harmful effects of air pollution on the environment and health, it is likely that they will adopt positive behaviors, reduce behaviors and activities that contribute to air pollution and […]
  6. Environmental Revolution: Air Pollution in China
    For instance, a case study of the current pollution levels in China reveals that the country is struggling with the management of hazy weather.
  7. Air Pollution in Los Angeles
    The escalation of congestion in the city has worsened the problem of air pollution because of the volume of unhealthy air emitted in the atmosphere.
  8. Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Health Effects
    It emphasizes the fact that air contamination has a negative influence on the health of the representatives of the general public.
  9. Air Pollution Impact on Children’s Health in the US
    In these parts of the country, the level of air pollution is much higher. Nevertheless, the growing number of vehicles in the United States contributes to air pollution.
  10. Air Pollution and Respiratory Illnesses in Nigeria
    The purpose of the article presented was to test the relationship of the respiratory system illness and air pollution in developing countries, especially in Africa.
  11. Water & Air Pollution and Health Issues in Brazil
    The main environmental effects of pollution include the destruction of marine habitats, water scarcity, and anoxia. The conclusion is informative because the writer includes strategies to alleviate the problem of air and water pollution in […]
  12. Air Pollution in Beijing and Its Effects on Society
    It is worth noting that different regions/countries/cities in the world have different levels of air pollution depending on the intensity/presence of causing agents and the techniques applied in dealing with air pollution.
  13. Air Pollution as the Trigger of the Ecological Catastrophe
    The key data collection tool is a survey that is targeted at determining the main factors of air pollution, finding out the social opinion regarding the quality of air in different cities, and estimating the […]
  14. Air Pollution in Beijing and the Decision-Making Bias
    Severe air pollution in Beijing did not become a subject of worldwide concern and discussion until the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which brought the issue to the attention of the global public due to the immense […]
  15. Air Pollution and China’s Governmental Measures
    The consequences of air pollution in China are already becoming evident, and not only they are the reason for environmental problems, but also they have a significant influence on the health of Chinese people living […]
  16. Indoor Air Pollution: The Silent Killer in Rural India
    The video “Indoor air pollution: The silent killer” discusses the detrimental impact of indoor air pollution in rural Indian households on people’s health. The problem of indoor air pollution is rather significant, and people should […]
  17. Air Pollution as a Factor for Renal Cancer
    Therefore, to prevent renal cancer, it is crucial to examine the primary causes and look for better strategies to curb the issue.
  18. Air Pollution in Washington State
    The problem of air pollution is closely related to the issue of the energy supply of the US. Due to the high level of air pollution in Washington state, there is a growing threat to […]
  19. Climate Change, Air Pollution, Soil Degradation
    Then followed by outdoor air pollution, soil degradation which can also be called as soil contamination, global overpopulation, drinking water pollution, nuclear waste build-up, disappearing of the water supplies, indoor air pollution, depletion of the […]
  20. Air Pollution in the United Arab Emirates’ Cities
    In the article called Evaluating the Potential Impact of Global Warming on the UAE Residential Buildings, the author focuses on the negative consequences of global warming on the situation in the United Arab Emirates.
  21. Air Pollution, Its Constituents and Health Effects
    The National Ambient Air Quality Standards are the regulations or policies that are adopted by states to ensure the safety of the environment.
  22. Climate Change: Reducing Industrial Air Pollution
    One of the most effective measures of air quality in the USA is the Air Quality Index, which estimates air conditions by concentrations of such pollutants as particle solution, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, […]
  23. How China Cuts Its Air Pollution
    5, which is the smallest and one of the most harmful polluting particles, were 54 percent lower in the last quarter of 2017 as compared to the same period in 2016, specifically in Beijing.
  24. The Public Perceptions of Air Pollution and Related Policies in London
    The primary questions for consideration are the public perceptions of air pollution and related policies in London and other cities of the United Kingdom, previous surveys regarding existing policies related to the environment or air […]

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