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147 Global Warming Essay Titles & Examples

A global warming essay is a popular assignment in schools and colleges. Over here, our experts came up with 128 amazing titles that you can use for practice or inspiration.

☀Top 10 Global Warming Essay Topics

  1. The impact of global warming on physical geography.
  2. The benefits and limitations of solar power.
  3. Contribution of deforestation to climate change.
  4. How successful are international climate agreements?
  5. Comparing the average carbon footprint across different countries.
  6. How individuals can fight against global warming.
  7. Largest contributors to the greenhouse effect.
  8. What are the causes of global warming?
  9. Changes in the sea climate over the last 20 years.
  10. The impact of global warming on weather patterns.

📝 Global Warming Essay Structure

If you study science, journalism, or politics, chances are that you will need to write a global warming essay at some point.

While finding things to write about shouldn’t be an issue, your paper must be structured well to receive an excellent mark. The following step-by-step process will help you to organize ideas and ensure that your essay on global warming flows logically.

1️⃣ Choose the right topic

If your instructor didn’t provide a list of possible topics to write about, you would need to do this yourself.

Ideally, the focus of your paper should be rather narrow, as this will allow you to demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills. For example, you could write about global warming causes and effects or comment on national policies that aim to prevent environmental damage.

Make sure that there are plenty of resources on your chosen subject and that it sounds interesting to you. Otherwise, the writing process will be more difficult.

2️⃣ Find sample papers on global warming, climate change, and related problems

There are plenty of example essays available on the Internet, so this shouldn’t take too long. While reading other people’s work, note how they structured key points. Write down any global warming essay titles that seem interesting, and then brainstorm to find an ideal name for your piece.

3️⃣ Create a list of key points based on your thoughts and research

Once you have a title, finding resources online is easy. Be careful to select scholarly resources, such as articles from academic journals, books, and official reports.

The information contained in news articles may be biased, so try to refrain from relying on them. As you read, write out the main ideas related to your subject and any thoughts and responses you have.

4️⃣ Organize your points into a proper global warming essay outline

The introduction should have some background information. Reserve your main arguments for the body of the paper. Each paragraph should begin with one key idea, followed by an explanation and examples. The information in the next paragraph should be connected to or follow logically from the arguments you present. This will help you to create a logical flow.

5️⃣ Write a strong global warming essay thesis

A thesis statement should reflect the focus of the work and be clear and succinct. If you are struggling with this part, ask a friend to read your outline and suggest what the main idea should be.

You can also check essay samples to see how other students structured their thesis. As you write the paper, return to your thesis to see if the content fits in with it. Do not include too much irrelevant information as this will cost you marks.

6️⃣ Create a neat conclusion

The purpose of a global warming essay conclusion is to tie together all of your points and offer the reader a proper closure. For this reason, you should write a plan of your conclusion after you’ve mapped the rest of the paper.

Repeat your thesis statement at the beginning of the final paragraph and then offer more details by returning to the main arguments. Do not include any new resources of information in the end, as this will make your paper look unfinished!

Following the steps described above will assist you in writing an excellent, well-organized student essay on global warming! Before you begin working on your paper, check our samples – they would help you to make great global warming essay titles!

🏆 Best Global Warming Research Topic

  1. Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It
    One of the first signs of global warming is changes, noticeable to ordinary people: winters become milder and milder, lots of glaciers start melting, and the level of seas starts rising.
  2. Global Warming: Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases
    The increase in plant growth triggered by the global warming stimulates reduction of carbon dioxide and thus decreases the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  3. Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming
    It provides an investigation of possible causes of the occurrence and particularly forms a critical view of the effects of population growth to global warming.
  4. Human Factor in Global Warming
    This has brought out the need of examining the link between global warming and radiation of the earth, factors which manipulate the conversion of the sun rays on the earth and the effects of human […]
  5. Health Effects of Global Warming
    Studies which have been conducted in the United States about the effects of global warming on human health and mortality have mainly concentrated on either the rise in days with extremely hot weather or the […]
  6. Effects of Global Warming on the Environment
    Global warming refers to the increase in the mean temperature of the air near the surface of the earth and oceans, which started in mid-20th century as well as its anticipated prolongation.
  7. ESD Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming
    The balance of input of energy into the earth and its eventual loss control the earth’s temperature. Support segments will also avail their insights of the plan and comment on its closure or extension.
  8. A World Without Ice: Effects of Global Warming on Polar Regions
    The impacts of global warming in the Polar Regions are so clear and have severe repercussions that they led to the institution of the International Polar Year. Global warming is leading to a reduction of […]
  9. Effects of Global Warming: Currently and Future
    One of the effects is the rise of the seal level due to the melting of the ice at the poles.
  10. Impact of Global Warming on Arctic Wildlife
    High surface temperatures lead to “the melting of ice in Polar Regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions causing a rise in the ocean and sea levels, which affects the amount and pattern of […]
  11. Global Warming Advantages: A New Look at the Phenomenon
    Global warming will become a threat to it, and will save a lot of money that may involve in clearing and keeping the ice blocks off the roads.
  12. Causes and Effects of Global Warming
    The following discussion comprises of the effects of the global warming as well as the mitigating measures to be put in place.
  13. Global Warming Exploration and Its Facts
    Despite the controversy that surrounds the causes of global warming, human beings are slowly beginning to appreciate the fact that much of the heating up of the earth’s surface is attributable to their activities.
  14. Global Warming Outcomes and Sea-Level Changes
    The outcome of global warming has been exhibited by the melting of ice and snows in areas such as the Antarctic which has changed the average sea level of the whole world because the ice […]
  15. Causes of Global Warming
    Global warming is the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures due to a corresponding increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases, for example carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, which creates a ‘greenhouse’ effect: the retention of […]
  16. Global Warming Threats and Solutions
    The threat is real and unless we act appropriately, almost half of all earth will be under the sea at the turn of the century.
  17. Global Warming: Since the Middle of the Twentieth Century and Next
    Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth’s near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation.
  18. Global Warming Causes, Effects and Solutions
    This paper is an in-depth evaluation of the facts surrounding global warming, and it seeks to establish the causes and effects of the phenomenon, and proposes solutions for mitigating the effects of global warming.
  19. Global Warming: Causes and Effects
    Although people are not only aware but have also have tasted the impacts of these effects, very few individuals have taken the required action to save the earth from destruction, as most people still embrace […]
  20. Are Human Activities Behind the Exacerbating Level of Global Warming?
    Despite this controversy, reliable research has shown that the production of greenhouse gases by the activities of humans is the leading cause of global warming.
  21. Effects of Global Warming on Human Health, Human Welfare, and Human Settlements
    Populations that live in risk prone areas are more likely to suffer loss of land to the increasing sea level and risks of dangerous waves; when the temperatures increase; they lead to melting of the […]
  22. Global Warming: Arguments for and Against
    In proving that global warming is not a theory but a fact, believers claim that, it impacts like: melting of arctic sea ice, rise in the sea level, surface temperature rise, melting of glaciers and […]
  23. Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Solutions
    When carbon dioxide emissions are released to the air, they remain in the atmosphere for over 100 years, and with time causing the temperature on the earth to increase, which results to global warming.
  24. Global Warming: Consequences and Effects
    As a result of man’s increased activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, global temperatures are increasing rapidly, with severe consequences to climate patterns, the wildlife, flora and fauna, and the health of mankind […]
  25. Global Warming Impact on International Business: Apple and HP
    The author posits that many nations in Europe perceive the upsides of global warming to include warmer summer and winters an attraction for more tourists, a favorable weather for growing Blueberries for local and international […]
  26. Global Warming: Facts and Arguments
    In fact, the argument is that human activities are not substantial to cause global warming. They believe that changing human economic activities to reduce the impact of global warming is very expensive and is not […]
  27. Ways to Reduce Global Warming
    The objectives of this report are to identify the causes of global warming, to highlight the expected effects of global warming and to identify ways of reducing global warming.
  28. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
    According to, global warming is the average persistent increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth’s surface leading to changes in global climate patterns over a given period of time.
  29. Can a Switch to Renewable Energy Sources Help Combat Global Warming?
    This paper will argue that since fossil fuels have been the primary contributors to the global warming problem, a switch to renewable energy sources will help to mitigate global warming and possibly even reverse the […]
  30. Global Warming: Causes, Effects and the Future
    Science of the greenhouse effect has been known for quite a long time where the similarity between the radioactive properties of the earth’s atmosphere and of the glass in a green-house has been pointed out […]
  31. Global Warming Should Not Cause Panic
    From the above evidence provided by different scholars it evident that global warming is something that should not cause a lot of worries and panic to the people.
  32. Is Global Warming Good or Bad?
    In my opinion, global warming causes adverse effects that outweighs the positives and therefore, efforts should be invested to manage it through mitigation in order to lessen greenhouse gases emissions, adapting to its effects and […]
  33. Climate Change: The Complex Issue of Global Warming
    By definition, the greenhouse effect is the process through which the atmosphere absorbs infrared radiation emitted from the Earth’s surface once it is heated directly by the sun during the day.
  34. Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming’s Effects on Populations
    To add to all the problems is the fact that the Earth is seeing a major depletion in the natural resources and fossil fuels which are the established source of energy that must be greatly […]
  35. Global Warming Effects: Greenhouse Gas and the Earth’s Atmosphere
    The burning of these fuels release tones of green house gases into the atmosphere which significantly contribute to the sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth.

🥇 Most Interesting Titles for Global Warming

  1. Global Warming and Coral Reefs
    The frightening evidence of the devastating tendencies in coral reef reduction can be illustrated by the case of the coral cover of the Rio Bueno, a coral reef site on the North East of Jamaica […]
  2. Global Warming – The Biggest Threat in the 21st Century
    According to Solomon “global warming has become a question for citizens and not only for scientists”.”Global warming has implications on our quality of life-it affects our nutrition, and brings about adverse changes in natural phenomena […]
  3. Global Warming Causes and Unfavorable Climatic Changes
    Others believe that the reason behind the occurrence of global warming is the negligence of people in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  4. Effects of Global Warming on Human Health
    The increasing global temperatures cause the level of water in the seas to rise due to the melting of sea ice and glaciers.
  5. Concepts of Global Warming: Survival of Living Organisms
    This is because; the backbone of most global economies is agriculture and industrialization, factors that depend on the stability of the existing environmental conditions.
  6. The Seriousness of Global Warming
    The problem touches upon the rise of temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the influence of gaseous emissions and combustion gases, which are the reasons for the ecologists and scientists’ concern.
  7. Global Warming and Excess Carbon in the Atmosphere
    The changes in climate that have occurred are not sufficient to make the assertions that the world is in danger. The challenge is that the climate change supporters have gone to extents of politicizing the […]
  8. Global Warming in Canada
    The increase in the concentration of green house gases consequently leads to a rise in the amount of thermal and infrared radiations on the surface of the earth.
  9. Global Warming Effects on the Cayman Islands
    The effects of global warming are the social and ecological changes because of increment of global temperature. Causes of the greenhouse gases due to the human activities are shown below: On the other hand, human […]
  10. Global Warming Is Real: Fundamentals of the Phenomenon
    So, first of all, there is a need to point out that global warming seems to be not only an environmental and climatic issue, but also one of the most important mechanisms of evolution.
  11. Global Warming and Increase of Global Temperature
    Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth’s near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation.
  12. What Is The Scientific Consensus On The Rate Of Global Warming And Its Causes?
    Thus, basing on the scientific information at hand, it means that the more the quantity of gases emitted into the atmosphere the thicker the layer of the blanket and the warmer the earth.
  13. Global Warming: Justing Gillis Discussing Studies on Climate Change
    Over the years, environmental scientists have been heavily involved in research regarding the changes in climate conditions and effects that these changes have on the environment.
  14. China and Global Warming
    Bearing in mind that global warming is such a threat to livelihood, it is imperative for China to start looking into ways of reducing its industrial activities for the sake of others living on planet […]
  15. Key Global Warming Issues
    It is crucial to bring on board the views of those who view global warming as a myth that need not to be addressed.
  16. The Role of the Arctic in Increasing the Effect of Global Warming
    Changes in climatic conditions in the Arctic affect the rest of the world because they increase global warming and contribute to the rising of the sea level.
  17. Global Warming: Impacts, Adaptations and Mitigation
    In addition, the use of efficient energy methods also leads to a reduction and control of global emission and concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  18. An Analysis of the Global Warming Phenomenon Based on the First Law of Thermodynamics
    In addition, this energy must be equal in magnitude to that leaving the earth’s atmosphere since the earth is an open system. Therefore, the overall energy in the universe must be equal to the energy […]
  19. Global Warming and Natural Disasters
    As most people in the society are unaware of any relationship between global warming and flooding, the research aims at imbibing knowledge on the changes that are expected on the water levels in the society […]
  20. Potential Causes of Global Warming
    A greenhouse effect refers to the phenomena where water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other major gases in Earth help in sustaining the atmospheric temperatures near the surface of the Earth.
  21. Global Warming Refugees: A Reality of the Twenty-First Century
    It is necessary to understand particular causes of migration to be able to develop efficient measures to help people. Therefore, it is clear that people are unlikely to come up with an efficient solution and […]
  22. Global Warming and its Effects on the Environment
    This paper explores the impacts of global warming on the environment and also suggests some of the measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of global warming on the environment.
  23. Major Impacts of Global Warming In Human Health
    Global warming is a rise in average temperatures on the earth surface due to human activities such as burning of coal and oil refining, eventually the activities cause emission of greenhouse gases in the air […]
  24. Global Warming Causes and Adverse Effects
    Human activities which are referred to as anthropogenic factors are the major causes of global warming which have resulted into some effects such as sea level rise as natural factors are not known to account […]
  25. On Why Global Warming Is a Reality
    Some of the debated issues include “the causes of global warming and whether the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature is normal or exceptional”. However, scientific research indicates that the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere […]
  26. Climate Change – Global Warming
    For instance, in the last one century, scientists have directly linked the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere with the increase in temperature of the earth.
  27. Impact of Global Warming on Wine Makers
    This paper will consider the ways in which the wine industry can adjust to the global warming phenomenon and continue producing high quality wines for the market.
  28. Power Plants Role in Escalating Global Warming
    It shall highlight the extent to which global warming is caused by power plants and delineate the consequences it has had on the world as well as the potential dangers it poses to the world.
  29. Global Warming and Climate Change
    Transportation processes have led to the prevalence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the fuels used to power most modern forms of transport are carbon-based.
  30. The Ability of People Handling Global Warming
    On the other hand, opponents of global warming squabble that global warming is harmful to all the living creatures in the world.
  31. Global Warming Results for Economics
    Thus, two articles in The Economist magazine recently that offer a slightly revisionist view of climate change and climate change models are very relevant to the operation of national economies.
  32. Global Warming and Melting of Polar Ice Sheets
    The collaboration of the different scientists allowed them to make the claim that due to global warming, there is an average increase in temperatures in recent decades.
  33. Climate and Conflicts: Security Risks of Global Warming
    In details, the article analyzes the relationships between the impacts of climatic stress factors and the anticipated responses. The article details the effect of greenhouse to the equality in the world.
  34. Global Warming and Its Consequences
    As for the secondary problem that the opposition is facing in relation to the species extinction due to the increase in the pace of global warming, the change of the natural habitat of the species […]
  35. Energy Development and Global Warming
    It is based on these factors that this paper will delve into the various factors that prove the existence of global warming and will attempt to create a method by which such a problem can […]
  36. Global Warming and Its Impacts
    In particular, one should focus on the main effects of global warming; for instance, it is possible to speak about the transformation of agricultural production and the threats to food security.

💡 Good Essay Topics on Global Warming

  1. Global Warming Impacts on Canadian Arctic Security
    The onset of global warming has resulted in a significant rise in temperatures and the melting of ice in the Arctic region.
  2. Global Warming and American Physical Society
    The issue of Global Warming has always been thorny, and more so in the 21st century. In the eyes of Professor Callan, the rating of the American Physical Society plummeted drastically.
  3. Meat Consumption and Its Input on Global Warming
    However, reduction, shift to other sources of protein, and consumption of organically manufactured proteins, are some of the alternatives that environmentalists suggest to save the environment and reduce global warming.
  4. Global Warming in “The Island President” Documentary
    Jon Shenk’s 2011 documentary The Island President depicts the tragedy of the small island nation of the Maldives endangered by the global rise in sea level.
  5. Aviation Impact on Air Quality and Global Warming
    The United Kingdom’s aviation sector is the largest, most mature, yet the fastest expanding source of CO2 emissions compared to any other industry in the country.
  6. Are the Effects of Global Warming Really That Bad?
    Regarding the thesis statement, the author indicated that global warming is a critical issue and the further changes in the temperatures could cause further detrimental effects to the environment and the lives of people.
  7. Global Warming: People Impact on the Environment
    One of the reasons for the general certainty of scientists about the effects of human activities on the change of climate all over the globe is the tendency of climate change throughout the history, which […]
  8. Global Warming and Human Impact: Pros and Cons
    These points include the movement of gases in the atmosphere as a result of certain human activities, the increase of the temperature because of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of the oceans’ level that […]
  9. Global Warming and Man-Made Carbon Dioxide Factor
    It is a proved fact that carbon dioxide is one of the gasses that contribute to the creation of the greenhouse effect.
  10. Global Warming in the Film “Politics of Doubt”
    Many scientists say that the menace of global warming is tremendous as the climate statistics show that the planet atmosphere temperature has been increasing since the 1980’s.
  11. “Making Sense of Global Warming” by Eugene Sadler-Smith
    Thus, the article suggests a tool for approaching the issue of global warming, but Sadler-Smith highlights the fact that this aspect does not exhaust the possible ways in which the HRD can contribute to the […]
  12. Global Warming and Climate Change: Fighting and Solutions
    The work will concentrate on certain aspects such as the background of the problem, the current state of the problem, the existing literature on the problem, what has already been attempted to solve the problem, […]
  13. Global Warming Threat and Scientific Evidence
    For example, one of the latest articles by The Guardian talks about the effect of the global warming on the Arctic ice, which melts and causes local animals to suffer from the lack of food.
  14. Global Warming and Alternative Energy Awareness
    Therefore, it is essential for life cycle managers to consider how the design and the development of the database will affect its disposal.
  15. Global Warming and Anthropocene in Anthropology
    One of the most notable aspects of today’s living in the West is that, along with making possible the invention of new technologies, the ongoing scientific process also results in encouraging people to choose in […]
  16. Polar Transformations as a Global Warming Issue
    Changes in vegetation due to global warming will be varying as the regions are covered with three main vegetation types: polar desert, boreal forest, and the tundra.
  17. Global Warming Impact on the Natural Environment
    In my opinion, humans did not cause global warming as the impact is not crucial, but people speeded the processes that lead to a dramatic environmental change.
  18. Global Warming From a Social Ecological Perspective
    It is logical to assume that the more people participate in solving the issue, the greater the chances of success will be.
  19. Global Warming Skepticism and Reliable Facts
    Principally, this has been majorly based on the fact that much of the human life greatly depends on the rather shifty environmental patterns; that is why scientists and environmentalists have been at the forefront of […]
  20. Gender Views on Global Warming in McCright’s Study
    He supports his point by stating that even though the female gender tends to believe the scientific consensus more, the men, on the other hand, have a better understanding when it comes to the issues […]
  21. Global Warming as Environmental Injustice
    A good example of environmental injustice is the issue of global warming. Developed nations should help developing nations deal with the negative effects of global warming.
  22. Science of Global Warming and Climate Change
    I have decided to choose worldwide warming and climate change because these two issues affect the integrity and sustainability of the universe.
  23. Advertisement Analysis: Global Warming
    This instigates the interest to try to understand the essence of the advertisement message. Immediately after viewing the advertisement, a vivid person would develop a desire to associate with the advertisement since the setting of […]
  24. Global Warming, Its Consequences and Prevention
    The main point of this research is to identify various possibilities and consequences that might be caused by global warming and to discuss theories of this phenomenon’s prevention.
  25. The Paris Agreement and Next Steps in Limiting Global Warming
    The article outlined the findings of the research by Rose et al, who investigated the short-term implications of the agreement and argued that it was capable of bringing a meaningful change to the world.
  26. Global Warming and Possible Solutions
    The effects of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey on the United States and surrounding areas have caught a lot of attention from the media due to the size of the affected area.
  27. “Merchants of Doubt” Documentary on Global Warming
    When applying some of Rawls’ concepts of justice to the situation described in Merchants of Doubt, it becomes clear that the actions of tobacco companies and such public figures and scientists as Frederick Singer who […]
  28. Masdar City: A Step to Solving Global Warming
    According to Mezher, Dawelbait, and Tsaia, the UAE is a country in which the influence of negative environmental impacts is acute due to the industrial features of development in the state and intensive oil refining.
  29. The Paris Agreement: Solution to Global Warming
    The Paris Agreement of December 2015 in France marked a significant milestone in the history of global environmental work since the majority of world leaders under the United Nations have gathered to prevent the future […]
  30. Medical Anthropology: Global Warming and Health
    According to Singer and Baer, corporate globalization has the most negative effect on human health as it influences the creation of global warming and contributes to the spread of severe diseases such as cancer and […]
  31. Global Warming in the “Soylent Green” Movie
    The future of humanity and of the entire universe is determined, most significantly, by the power of man, which can be made use for the growth or the destruction of the world.
  32. Global Warming. “An Inconvenient Truth” Documentary
    Al Gore discusses the political and economic of global warming and the main causes of the government’s apathy towards this problem.
  33. Global Warming: Causes and Consequences
    Other definitions of global warming are “the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation”.
  34. Atmospheric Pollution and Global Warming
    Green forests help in soaking the suspended particles in the air and thus clean the air for all of us to breathe.
  35. Global Warming Effects and Impact
    In this case we find that political leaders and business men have put this factor into consideration, whereby debates have come up to discuss on the ways of curbing this global warming by holding seminars […]
  36. Business vs. Global Warming: Discussion
    The temperature of the globe is rising and its consequences are knocking at the door of humanity. High temperature will increase the rate of evaporation of vast water reservoirs in sea, oceans, and rivers.

📌 Simple & Easy Global Warming Essay Titles

  1. Global Warming and Effects Within 50 Years
    Global warming by few Scientists is often known as “climate change” the reason being is that according to the global warming is not the warming of earth it basically is the misbalance in climate.
  2. Global Warming: Causes and Impact on Health, Environment and the Biodiversity
    Global warming is defined in simple terms as the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface including the air and oceans in recent decades and if the causes of global warming are not […]
  3. Global and Regional Responsibility in Conditions of Global Warming
    Global sustainability in relation to global warming is a term that has increasingly been in usage by people in various sectors of society and is seen as extremely crucial to saving the environment.
  4. Global Warming Concepts Analysis
    In a grim and powerful assessment of the future of the planet, the leading international network of climate scientists has concluded for the first time that global warming is ” unequivocal”.
  5. How Global Warming Has an Effect on Wildlife?
    According to one of the most detailed ecological studies of climate change, global warming is already directly affecting the lives of animals and plants living in various habitats across the world.
  6. The Influence of Global Warming and Pollution on the Environment
    This essay is going to address global warming from a psychological point of view with an emphasis on the psychological and social reasons that make it important to tackle this problem which is threatening the […]
  7. Global Warming-The Early Signs of Warning
    The main factor leading to this decrease in the average annual range of temperatures is an increase in the minimum temperatures; this however has not been accompanied by a commensurate increase in the average maximum […]
  8. Global Warming: Ways to Help End Global Warming
    An innovative understanding of global warming has included it in the agenda of firms and governments. 5 trillion dollars are shouldering the responsibility of collecting and distributing information on the firms’ exposure to carbon emission-related […]
  9. North American Response to Global Warming
    The evident facts can be found in places changes in the rate of polar Warming in places like the melting glaciers in Montana as well as the declining marshes in the Chesapeake Bay, the bleaching […]
  10. The Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming
    The film illustrates to a great degree how it was the greed of the oil and gas tycoons that have led to the dismantling of the electric car idea, but that they were not alone […]
  11. ‘The Global Warming Myth’ by David Bellamy
    The argument against the occurrence of global warming, as highlighted by Bellamy who depicts it to be more of a myth in the general public instead of a reality, is based on the dubious nature […]
  12. The Global Warming in the Future Problem
    Studies in the UK have found that warming could increase rainfall by more than 20 percent during the winter by the 2080’s and decrease it by the same amount during summer months in the southern […]
  13. Global Warming Issues Review and Environmental Sustainability
    Whether it is the melt down of Arctic ice, the damage of the Ozone layer, extra pollution in developing countries; all sums up to one thing in common and that is global warming.
  14. Documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”: Different Opinions About the Issue
    According to the film, the main aim of the scientific organizations is to get funding for the research of this problem and attract additional attention to global warming, while in reality, the climate is changing […]
  15. Global Warming and Environmental Refugees
    Moreover, since environmental refugees have to leave their homelands, the developed countries are responsible for their relocation; thus, have to provide refugees with all the necessary financial and emotional support to ease their adaptation process […]
  16. Global Change Biology in Terms of Global Warming
    A risk assessment method showed that the current population could persist for at least 2000 years at hatchling sex ratios of up to 75% male.
  17. Global Warming: Physical and Economic Impacts
    In a bid to mitigate possible risks to the ecosystem as well as humankind due to the aftermath of global warming, a majority of the countries have thus far implemented various policies designed in such […]
  18. Global Warming Positive Aspects
    A sustained increase in the surface temperatures of land will lead to the melting of the Arctic Ice. This will lead to the formation of a new trade route that will cut the cost of […]
  19. Global Warming: Reality or Hoax?
    The scope of this concern can be evident in the fact that the position on global warming was an issue in the US presidential election, and still an issue of dispute between the leading parties […]
  20. Al Gore and Global Warming: Hurricane Katrina Was Avoidable
    The essay seeks to explore the roles played by the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership in the tragedy The terrible and devastating incidences of hurricane Katrina still linger in the minds of Americans and the […]
  21. Global Warming Problem Overview: Significantly Changing the Climate Patterns
    The government is not in a position to come up with specific costs that are attached to the extent of environmental pollution neither are the polluters aware about the costs that are attached to the […]
  22. False Solution to the Problem and Global Warming: Nice Weather
    It is a false solution to the problem we face, and here, now, I propose a brand new form of action that may very well revolutionize the manner with which the issues at hand are […]
  23. GIS Project: Global Warming and Its Causes
    For the GIS project, it is necessary to study the main aspects and problems of global warming and the way it affects the geographic presentation of the planet.
  24. Effects on Society From Global Warming
    In future books on history, the last decades of 20th century are going to be referred to as the time of ‘environmental/politically correct craze’, because during the course of this historical period, the enforces of […]
  25. The Global Warming Debate: Is It Real?
    Regardless of the side that has the truth, it is very important to treat the issue of global warming with utmost attention given the potential it has for causing misery on the planet.
  26. Phenomenon of the Global Warming and the Increase in the Temperatures of the Earth’s
    Global warming is the increase in the temperatures of the earth’s air surface and the subsequent increase in the water levels that is, oceans and sea levels increase.
  27. Global Warming: Negative Effects to the Environment
    The effect was the greening of the environment and its transformation into habitable zones for humans The second system has been a consequence of the first, storage.
  28. Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
    However, most researchers agree that global warming is in fact taking place, based on three main pieces of evidence: the average temperature increase, the sea level increase, and the melting of glaciers.
  29. “Global Warming Heats up Need for Malaria Vaccine” by Sylvain Fleury: Analysis of Article
    The central thesis of the author, Sylvain Fleury, is that global warming is one of the major, if not the major, causes of this high spread rage of infectious diseases.
  30. Global Warming and Health & Emergency Sectors
    It is important to stress that ambulance service work in various communities is based on the quality of medical supplies and work of qualified specialists being the members of emergency team.

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