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Global Warming Advantages Research Paper

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  • Global warming can change the climatic conditions and atmospheric temperature of the earth. Severe cold zones will experience warm climate which can enhance plant and animal growth in that regions (Global Warming: Pros & Cons).
  • The temperature required to warm the frozen areas will come down due to global warming. This means, saving a lot of energy at the global level (Global Warming: Pros & Cons).
  • The period of each season will change in relation to the change in atmospheric temperature. This, in due course, will increase the cultivation and productivity of agricultural crops (Global Warming: Pros & Cons).
  • The floods that ensue global warming will carry the fertile sediments to distant areas where vegetation is less. These deposits will cause origination of new regions of cultivable land (Global Warming: Pros & Cons).
  • During winter season most of the roads in cold countries will face road blockage due to fall of snow. Global warming will become a threat to it, and will save a lot of money that may involve in clearing and keeping the ice blocks off the roads (Global Warming: Pros & Cons).
  • The higher level of carbon dioxide will increase plant growth on the earth. The plants will get more carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis.

Global Warming 2

This will accelerate their growth, thereby releasing more oxygen to the atmosphere (Pros and Cons of Global Warming).


Global warming is caused due to the release of an increased percentage of green house gases such as carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. These gases are formed mainly out of various human habitats and the installation of human amenities.

The power plants installed through out the world emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide when the organic fuel applied in them is burnt to produce electricity. Automobiles used by people pollute the atmosphere in countless ways. Gases released from refrigerators and industrial structures add more hazards to the ozone layers of the atmosphere.

They aggravate the global warming process to a higher level. Health and hygiene of people are affected severely and constantly by the atmospheric pollution. Various diseases like asthma, viral infections, Tuberculosis etc., will become rampant as a result of these. Moreover, this phenomenon increases the occurrence of clouds world wide which are evolved through the frequent atmospheric changes.

As per global dimming theories promulgated by the scientists, global warming will reflect solar radiation resulting in the reduction of temperature in the atmosphere. These scientists and environmentalists argue that global warming can be a threat to the environment and can create dangers to every living creature, especially, human beings in one way or the other. But it does not mean that it will only bring disaster or catastrophe.

It has its merits too (Visco). If the situation is viewed pragmatically it could be seen that global warming can accelerate the adaptability of frozen regions like Siberia, Arctic and Antarctic to human habitation. It will prevent the global people from the fear about the possibility of another ice age and the calamities that ensue.

The energy consumption will become very minimal for warming the extreme cold regions during the winter season. The change in climatic conditions will act as instrumental in boosting the agricultural production in many areas of the earth which is now lying barren. And lastly, not the least, the mountains will grow higher and higher as a counter-measure of the nature to face the adversities of the melting glaciers in the steep mountainous regions (Rosenberg).

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