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Concepts of Global Warming Research Paper

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Life sustenance and the survival of living organisms primarily depend on the prevailing environmental conditions. On the other hand, it is important to note that, these prevailing environmental factors have varying impacts on global economic, social, and political systems. This is because; the backbone of most global economies is agriculture and industrialization, factors that depend on the stability of the existing environmental conditions.

The current economic crisis is a clear indication that something went wrong somewhere, and because all economic activities thrive from favorable environmental conditions, then for sure it is not wrong for one to argue that, the well-being of the environment is at stake. Changing life patterns socially, economically, and politically are main contributors to the increasing environmental degradation, a factor that has greatly contributed to the escalating global temperatures; hence global warming (Weart pp. 1-4).

Global Warming

The impacts of human practices are many on the environment, although in most times individuals have failed to acknowledge the role they play as concerns global warming. Currently, the living species survival is at stake primarily because of the, many calamities that have not only caused property loss, but also loss of life and natural diversity. The escalation of global temperatures hence, melting of ice lands is one clear manifestation of such impacts of environmental degradation.

Global warming is the rapid escalation of Earth’s temperatures, primarily near the Earths surface. The rate is so high to an extent that even scientists are worried, because unless individuals take precaution and adopt mitigating factors to global warming, the survival of future generations is at stake.

Causes of Global Warming

The primary cause of global warming as research studies indicate is the build up of gases that cause the green house effect hence, leading to the escalation of temperatures.

Although individuals may argue that, the overall increase is as a result of natural factors such as volcanic activity and other effects due to the sun rays (Horner pp. 65-73), it is important to note here that, accumulation of green house gases as a result of uncontrolled human activities is the major cause of global warming.

Some of these practices include un-controlled use of fossil fuels, and clearing of vegetation and world habitats. Examples of greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuels include carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and methane (Philander pp. 49- 72).

Clear Signs of Global Warming

Each individual in many ways has felt the impacts of global warming either directly or indirectly. It will beat logic for individuals to argue that, because any calamity has not befallen them, then global warming is never an issue to them. Global warming is one of the major threats to the survival if living organisms.

For example, assume at one point all world ice lands melting. The impact from such an activity will be so threatening to the survival living things because, it will not only cause flooding of water bodies, but also it will lead to many deaths, something, which may cause extinction of some living species.

Research findings clearly show that, currently, there is an increased rate of ice melting globally. For example, studies by the intergovernmental panel on climate (IPCC) show that, there is an increased rate of ice retreats, and melting of global ice lands for example, the ice sheets of West Antarctica and other mountain glaciers.

Due to this, there is need for all individuals to acknowledge that global warming is real, hence the need to combine forces and ensure individuals control global warming. Increase in glacial melting has led to the ever-increasing sea level, a factor that has contributed to the escalating number of calamities in the recent past for example, the tsunami and many hurricanes.

This is even made more worse because scientist have predicted that, in the near future this rate is likely to increase by approximately sixty centimeters, something that will cause flooding of coastal areas, hence affecting the settlement and individual living patterns (Houghton pp. 3-9).

Migrations patterns of most animal that survive in the cold zones are another clear manifestation that for sure global warming is a threat. Foe example, current research findings have proved that there exists an increasing rate migration of some animal and plant species to the cooler northern areas. Some of these animal and plant species include the alpine vegetation and some specific species of the butterflies and animals of the fox family.

Another clear manifestation of global warming is the unpredictable weather patterns that come with many associated calamities. Global rain patterns have changed overtime, where in some regions there is increased snowfall and precipitation, factors that have led to many calamities associated with floods. In addition, due to this unpredictable weather patterns, globally many countries are currently facing food shortages, something that results due to poor and unpredictable climatic conditions.

For example, consider a country like Ethiopia, this country in the recent past has faced many drought spells, a case that is likely to continue because of some effects that have resulted due to global warming. As scientists predict, precipitation amounts in some arid areas for example North Africa is likely to reduce by almost 10 Percent in the next fifty years, something that calls for some urgency in formulation of mechanisms of curbing global warming.

The debate on global warming is incomplete without considering its impacts on world economies. This is a subject of debate because global warming has no direct link to economic instabilities many countries are facing.

However, it is important to note here that, global warming has an indirect impact on world economies in the sense that, nations are spending many funds in trying to develop systems that alleviate emissions of green house gases from their industries, a fact that is a threat to industrialization.

In addition, many nations in the recent past have incurred many losses in terms of property and life because of calamities associated to global warming for examples tsunamis, diseases and hurricanes. On the other hand, considering that agriculture and industrialization forms the backbone of many economies, due to the ever- changing climatic conditions, which in turns affects production economies are bound to fluctuate even more than it s the case right now (Cline pp. 51-67).


In conclusion, due to such effects its important for all individuals to acknowledge that, for sure global warming exist, hence unless individuals do not join forces and ensure that they adopt measures that will mitigate the increasing global temperatures, then global warming poses great threats to the survival of the living species.

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Book summaries

1. Cline, William. Global warming and Agriculture. Massachusetts: Peterson Institute press, 2007.

The book tries to analyze impacts that of global warming on nations whose economic development depends primarily on agriculture. To determine impacts of global warming, the writer applies general circulation and agricultural based methods that clearly illustrate the impacts of global warming on world economies. To prove his assumptions cline uses temperature, precipitation, and degrees of agricultural development estimates; hence, the derivation of provable statistics.

2. Houghton, Theodore. Global warming. Cambridge: Cambridge University press, 1997.

This book tries to study concepts of global warming, where it analyses the effect of human practices on the environment. In addition, it examines both short and long-term impacts of global warming; hence, clearly illustrating that, global warming is a major threat to living organisms. This book not only examines concepts of global warming from an environmental perspective, but also it tries to correlate global warming to social, economic, political systems of different nations; hence, illustrating how they affect each other.

3. Horner, Christopher. The politically incorrect guide to global warming and environmentalism. Northwest, Washington DC, 2007.

The book explains the how individuals (primarily the west) have politicized the issue of global warming; hence, imposing on people practices they think are right to avert global warming.

Top prove his point the writer analyses many policies that the western nations have imposed on other nations on grounds that, global warming is a global threat; hence, needs serious implementation of measures to curb it. To prove this the writer examines some concepts of some western leaders for example, Al-gore, McCain, and Liebman have said as concerns taming global warming.

4. Philander, George. Is the temperature rising? : The uncertain science of global warming. New Jersey: Princeton university press, 1998.

The book examines concepts of global warming as argued by different individuals. The writer discusses in different human practices that have caused the escalation global temperatures, whereby the analyses the impacts of the proliferation of CFCs, and other industrial and human emissions on the environment. In his conclusion, the writer clearly illustrates how human beings can combine forces ant tame global warming, where he emphasizes the importance co-operation.

5. Weart, Spencer. The discovery of global warming. Cambridge, Massachusetts; Harvard University Press, 2003.

The book vividly explains global warming concept by analyzing the history of the global warming theory. In addition, the book explains complexities associated with global warming primarily the vast weather characteristics; hence, simplifying major concepts of global warming. The history clearly forms affirm basis of understanding the concept, hence making individuals understand global warming ad its taming mechanisms.

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