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Global Warming is Real Essay

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Updated: Aug 16th, 2019

When speaking about global warming, I would like to highlight the fundamentals of the phenomena. So, first of all, there is a need to point out that global warming seems to be not only an environmental and climatic issue, but also one of the most important mechanisms of evolution. In other words, global warming is considered to be the reason of evolution.

Moore states that “The dire forecasts of global warming hinge on a prediction that human activity will provoke a continued upsurge in atmospheric carbon dioxide” (par. 4). Many scientists are sure that it is human activity, which causes the phenomena.

For instance, they say that “the burning of fossil fuels, the release of methane from agricultural activities, the escape of other chemicals into the air over the next few decades will lead to an effective doubling of greenhouse gases sometime in the next century” (Moore, par. 4).

When speaking about the expected effects of global warming, one is to keep in mind that such climatic changes mostly affect agriculture and fishing.

Most of extractive industries, however, do not suffer from destructive climate shifts. Among potentially disastrous effects disappearance of island countries is considered to be one of the most essential consequences of global warming, as sea level rises and polar ice melts.

Generally, global warming seems to be a complicated problem, as some scientists say that the phenomenon is a global public good. Due to certain scientific and economic uncertainties, there is no opportunity to say for sure how to slow or prevent serious climate shifts.

Global warming is related to numerous disciplines. Ecologists are concerned about ecosystems, marine biologists see global warming as “a problem arising from ocean acidification, utilities as a debit to their balance sheets, and coal miners as an

existential threat to their livelihood” (Nordhaus 5). Businessmen and politicians consider the problem of global warming as a great opportunity and as a source of financial aid. An opportunity to balance the economic costs and ecological benefits is considered to be one of the key problems.

They say that human activity and social behaviors are the key aspects of global warming. There are numerous perspectives and theories sociologists rely on to investigate the reasons of global climate changes.

From the sociological point of view, the primary goals of the investigation on global warming include identifying key areas of sociological knowledge concerning climate shifts; outlining important gaps in sociological studies on the above-mentioned topic, facilitating interaction among the workers in sociological sphere, motivating sociologists to study the reasons of climate changes, etc.

“The role of multi-national corporations in producing and responding to climate change (sometimes simply by “greenwashing” their products) has been well documented by environmental sociologists” (Nagel, Dietz & Broadbent 15). Taking into account technological innovations and adaptations, it becomes obvious that the era of the so-called informational war has also impacted on climate changes.

It is evident that people’s health depends upon the health of our planet. Generally, one is to understand that health doesn’t mean only the absence of some problems (mental or other ones).

The diseases are often caused by various changes, including those ones, which are related to biodiversity, watersheds or climate changes. So, global warming hurts not only animal and plants, but it also impacts on people’s health. Such phenomenon as global warming affects many parts of the planet.

When plants die, the animals lose their food. Of course, the animals can adapt to some environmental changes, but nobody will deny the fact that they also can die. People lose their sources of food. The described events are mostly associated with a break in a chain reaction. Potentially, the above-mentioned perspectives are possible.

Global climate change is considered to be “a long-term environmental and societal challenge that affects numerous generations of people in every nation around the world. It is subtle in some ways, blatant in others and will exert a powerful and potentially crippling influence on the world” (“Guidelines for K12 Global Climate Change Education,” 2).

So, when speaking about solving the problem of global warming, it is necessary to point out that people are to do their best to save the planet.

For instance, solving global warming will improve our lives by cleaning up air pollution while investing in clean energy, green jobs and smart energy solutions that get the U.S. economy moving again.

We need to drive smarter cars, save money with energy efficient homes and offices, and build better communities and transportation networks (“Global Warming,” par. 2).

On the other hand, it should be pointed out that according to the opinion of some scientists, global warming is considered to be a natural process, and there is no problem at all.

Of course, it is difficult to believe that the destructive process can be a part of a natural cycle; so, a person’s consciousness is one of the most significant issues the ecologists are to remember about to solve a problem.

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