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Global Warming Essay Examples and Topics

Global Warming Skepticism and Reliable Facts

Principally, this has been majorly based on the fact that much of the human life greatly depends on the rather shifty environmental patterns; that is why scientists and environmentalists have been at the forefront of [...]

The History of Drought in Cape Town

About 63% of the water is used for domestic and industrial use, and the rest for agriculture and other uses. Drought and cities running out of water is a scenario that many cities would face [...]

Global Warming and Anthropocene in Anthropology

One of the most notable aspects of today's living in the West is that, along with making possible the invention of new technologies, the ongoing scientific process also results in encouraging people to choose in [...]

Global Warming and Human Impact: Pros and Cons

These points include the movement of gases in the atmosphere as a result of certain human activities, the increase of the temperature because of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of the oceans' level that [...]

Meat Consumption and Its Input to Global Warming

However, reduction, shift to other sources of protein, and consumption of organically manufactured proteins, are some of the alternatives that environmentalists suggest to save the environment and reduce global warming.

Global Warming and Its Impacts

In particular, one should focus on the main effects of global warming; for instance, it is possible to speak about the transformation of agricultural production and the threats to food security.

The Kyoto Protocol and Desertification

Therefore, one of the reasons why nations under the auspices of the United Nations increasingly show commitment to the fight against environmental degradation is that the levels of degradation pose a danger to the sustainability [...]

Global Warming and Natural Disasters

As most people in the society are unaware of any relationship between global warming and flooding, the research aims at imbibing knowledge on the changes that are expected on the water levels in the society [...]

Types of Carbon Sequestration

When the above approach has been adopted, the main concern of the users is to ensure that the rate of carbon emission in the atmosphere is reduced.

Issues with Carbon Credits in a worldwide economy

Furthermore, they claim that the worth of emissions is regularized by the government and not changes in the market hence enabling predictability of energy prices, and that when credits go beyond the third generation new [...]

Carbon Energy Taxations

In addition, application of the strategy extends to the use of fuels and the amount of carbon emitted in the process of production.

Somewhat Flat World

The rate of affordability of the IT hardware and software on the other hand pushed the need for its adoption of the process and hence the realization of the economic gains that had become elusive.

Global Warming is Real

So, first of all, there is a need to point out that global warming seems to be not only an environmental and climatic issue, but also one of the most important mechanisms of evolution.

Environmental Injustice in Modern World

This has led to the accumulation of gases and deforestation hence affecting the environment negatively. Agricultural activities have led to the destruction of forests for settlement and cultivation thus affecting the environment negatively.

Seriousness of Global Warming

The problem touches upon the rise of temperature of the Earth's atmosphere as well as the influence of gaseous emissions and combustion gases, which are the reasons for the ecologists and scientists' concern.

Concepts of Global Warming

This is because; the backbone of most global economies is agriculture and industrialization, factors that depend on the stability of the existing environmental conditions.

Global Warming Causes

Others believe that the reason behind the occurrence of global warming is the negligence of people in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Global warming – The biggest threat in 21st century

According to Solomon "global warming has become a question for citizens and not only for scientists"."Global warming has implications on our quality of life-it affects our nutrition, and brings about adverse changes in natural phenomena [...]

Global Warming and Coral Reefs

The frightening evidence of the devastating tendencies in coral reef reduction can be illustrated by the case of the coral cover of the Rio Bueno, a coral reef site on the North East of Jamaica [...]

Global Warming Effects

The burning of these fuels release tones of green house gases into the atmosphere which significantly contribute to the sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth.

The Global Feedbacks of Greenhouse

In fact, the temperature of the earth is dependent on the atmospheric actions of the greenhouse effects. Temperatures of surfaces and those of the atmosphere respond quickly to variations in the absorption of greenhouse gases.

Car Air Pollution

Further, NO2 can prevent the flow of oxygen in the blood to other parts of the body like the brain. These toxic substances settle in the lungs and disrupt the normal flow of air in [...]

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

According to, global warming is the average persistent increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth's surface leading to changes in global climate patterns over a given period of time.

Ways to Reduce Global Warming

The objectives of this report are to identify the causes of global warming, to highlight the expected effects of global warming and to identify ways of reducing global warming.

Global Warming: Fact of Fiction

In fact, the argument is that human activities are not substantial to cause global warming. They believe that changing human economic activities to reduce the impact of global warming is very expensive and is not [...]

Global Warming: Consequences and Effects

As a result of man's increased activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, global temperatures are increasing rapidly, with severe consequences to climate patterns, the wildlife, flora and fauna, and the health of mankind [...]

Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Solutions

When carbon dioxide emissions are released to the air, they remain in the atmosphere for over 100 years, and with time causing the temperature on the earth to increase, which results to global warming.

Global Warming: Arguments For and Against

In proving that global warming is not a theory but a fact, believers claim that, it impacts like: melting of arctic sea ice, rise in the sea level, surface temperature rise, melting of glaciers and [...]

Global Warming: Causes and Effects

Although people are not only aware but have also have tasted the impacts of these effects, very few individuals have taken the required action to save the earth from destruction, as most people still embrace [...]

Global Warming Causes, Effects and Solutions

This paper is an in-depth evaluation of the facts surrounding global warming, and it seeks to establish the causes and effects of the phenomenon, and proposes solutions for mitigating the effects of global warming.

Global warming is occurring

Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth's near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation.

Global Warming Exploration

Despite the controversy that surrounds the causes of global warming, human beings are slowly beginning to appreciate the fact that much of the heating up of the earth's surface is attributable to their activities.

Global Warming Advantages

Global warming will become a threat to it, and will save a lot of money that may involve in clearing and keeping the ice blocks off the roads.

Impact of global warming on Arctic wildlife

High surface temperatures lead to "the melting of ice in Polar Regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions causing a rise in the ocean and sea levels, which affects the amount and pattern of [...]

Climate Change in Saudi Arabia and Miami

Consequently, the planet might as well become inhospitable to harbor life in future, due to the rising global warming that is accompanied by catastrophic events that might cause extinction of life.

Human Factor in Global Warming

This has brought out the need of examining the link between global warming and radiation of the earth, factors which manipulate the conversion of the sun rays on the earth and the effects of human [...]