Global Warming Essay Examples and Topics

The Kyoto Protocol and Desertification

Diplomatic history of the multilateral agreement on desertification A look into the history of desertification reveals that desertification is a problem that has lived with humanity for a long time. Moreover, desertification has grown in scope, making a substantial number of people to refer to it as one of the leading environmental problems in the […]

Overview of policies/economic instruments to reduce firms’ toxic substance emissions

Introduction Background to the study City growth has diverse environmental impacts such as loss of natural ecosystems, increased congestion, and reduced water quality. The recent evolution of cities emanates from various factors such as the emergence of national and international markets. Social factors have also played a fundamental role with regard to urban development. Currently, […]

Effectiveness of Carbon Tax in Environmental Sustainability

Introduction The question of environmental sustainability remains the most appropriate subject in ecological economics. With the evident increased knowledge on the effects of emitting pollutant gases into the environment, nations around the world continue to struggle to minimise environmental degradation using various mechanisms. On this end, greenhouse gases are one of the most feared causes […]

The Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the US

Introduction Climate change refers to a “statistically significant variation in either the mean state of the climate or in its variability, persisting for an extended period”. In the last century, the temperature of the earth rose by 1.40F. In the United States, atmospheric temperature rose by 20F in the last five decades. Additionally, the country’s […]

Metholdogy for economic discourse analysis in climate change

Implications for Using Genre Analysis and Rhetoric Analysis The analysis of economic writing requires as multi-dimensional approach with regard to many reasons. One of them is confined to the idea that economic discourse has always presented the economy as it really was. Its objective existence, therefore, can be predicted and interpreted through many models and […]

Global Warming and Natural Disasters

Global warming has been perceived to increase flooding effect across the continent. The previous research analyzed the causes of global warming, and its cause, whether by human activities or natural occurrence. The research failed to address whether global warming increased the natural disasters in the society. This research will enable the government institutions to enact […]

Ideology of Economic Discourse in Climate Change

Findings Section While developing a rhetorical genre-based approach to analyzing coalitions’ ideologies, it is imperative to define how specific social functions of environmental and economic views are realized in terms of discourse structure. At this point, the ideologies of a climate change advocators and climate change skeptics are disguised by rhetoric devices that serve to […]

Global Warming: Impacts, Adaptations and Mitigation

Global warming is the average increase in the atmospheric temperature caused by natural and human causes. It results from increased greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere (IPCC, 2006). Emission in the atmosphere can be reduced by a decrease of fossil fuel consumption. In addition, reduction in fossil fuel consumption leads to a reduction of greenhouse […]

Types of Carbon Sequestration

Introduction The world is suffering from effects of environmental damage; as people exploit natural resources, the environment is damaged. Other than overexploiting or misusing natural environment, individuals and companies are disposing their wastes in appropriately resulting to further damage to the environment. Environment conservers have advocated for different methods of protecting the environment and restoring […]

Issues with Carbon Credits in a worldwide economy

A carbon credit is a value that has been assigned to reduce carbon emissions, it is an international precaution to control the increase of green houses gases. A carbon credit is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide or any other emitted gas depending on the market rules. Industrial emissions are the major source of […]

Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth

Introduction An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that talks about global warming as championed by Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States. In the film, Al Gore explains the effects of climate change caused by global warming and the reason why leaders across the world need to address climate change as an […]

Carbon Energy Taxations

Introduction For many years, companies, businesses, individual, and other entities have used fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide during combustion. Carbon dioxide is a gas that emanates from the reaction of oxygen and carbon during combustion of fossil fuels. However, carbon dioxide is not friendly to the environment as it leads to various negative effects […]

Somewhat Flat World

Introduction Outsourcing stands as the major factor in determining business success in the modern world. In its meaning, outsourcing simply refers to the utilization of resources that lie from without an organization hence found within other countries or companies. The traditional notion of industrialization was centered on the use of many workers to join forces […]

Global Warming is Real

When speaking about global warming, I would like to highlight the fundamentals of the phenomena. So, first of all, there is a need to point out that global warming seems to be not only an environmental and climatic issue, but also one of the most important mechanisms of evolution. In other words, global warming is […]

Environmental Injustice in Modern World

The environment is made up of the living and non-living things that are involved in complex interactions. The culture where individuals inhabit and the institutions in which they interact in is known as the social environment. Environmental injustice is the process by which humans and other living things contribute negatively to their surroundings. Humans have […]

Seriousness of Global Warming

Global warming is considered to be one of the most significant problems. The problem touches upon the rise of temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the influence of gaseous emissions and combustion gases, which are the reasons for the ecologists and scientists’ concern. Therefore, the anthropogenic factor comes into effect. There are a […]

Concepts of Global Warming

Introduction Life sustenance and the survival of living organisms primarily depend on the prevailing environmental conditions. On the other hand, it is important to note that, these prevailing environmental factors have varying impacts on global economic, social, and political systems. This is because; the backbone of most global economies is agriculture and industrialization, factors that […]

Global Warming Causes

Global warming refers to the continual increase of the average temperatures of the atmosphere over long periods of time. This warming of the earth has had a lot of effects. The main effect is the fact that it causes unfavorable climatic changes which cause draughts, hunger, migration of disease vectors, etc. Global warming has also […]

Global warming – The biggest threat in 21st century

Introduction According to Solomon (2008) “global warming has become a question for citizens and not only for scientists (p.1).” “Global warming has implications on our quality of life-it affects our nutrition, and brings about adverse changes in natural phenomena such as increased severity of tropical storms, hurricanes and so on” (Solomon, 2008, p.1). Tackling it […]

Global Warming and Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are the so-called rainforests of the sea; they represent the most diverse marine ecosystems, but they are at the same time in the greatest danger of extinction. The density of the coral cover has reduced by one-third to more than two-thirds worldwide within the past half of a century (Knowlton & Jackson, 2008). […]

Global Warming Effects

Global warming is defined as sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth due to activities that cause green house gas emissions. Evidence shows that different economic activities lead to massive consumptions of energy that is derived from the burning of tones of fossil fuels. The burning of these fuels release tones of green […]

Global Warming Should not Cause Panic

Among some of the controversial issue facing humanity in the contemporary world, today is the issue of global warming. Global warming has been ranked among the top critical concerns that have disturbed both the scientist and federal government. For a long time, human beings across the globe have been engaging in heated debate on what […]

The Ways of Greenhouse Gases Reducing

Introduction Global warming is a global problem that has raised a lot of concern. This issue has attracted attention of many researchers with the aim of finding ways of address it. The environment is vital for human survival. Both plants and animals entirely depend on the environment for growth and development. Casper (2010, p. 94) […]

The Global Feedbacks of Greenhouse

Introduction The greenhouse effect entails conditions that allow short wavelengths from sunlight to be absorbed through transparent media. However, these media cannot permit the passage of long wavelengths that are re-radiated from animated substances. Therefore, high temperatures that occur due to overheating are usually experienced. This arises because the long wavelengths are tapped and thus […]

Car Air Pollution

Air pollution occurs when substances known as pollutants are in excess in the environment (What Is Air Pollution? n.d.). These substances are divided into two broad categories namely primary and secondary pollutants. Primary pollutants include carbon IV oxide and sulfur IV oxide that are emitted directly into the air. On the other hand, secondary pollutants […]

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Executive Summary Global warming poses a unique challenge to world major economies including US. Yet, current mechanisms adopted by national governments specifically United States are insufficient to prepare for the negative impacts caused by this disaster. According to (Bily, 2006), global warming is the average persistent increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth’s surface […]

Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Introduction Global warming refers to “the rising average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans” (Houghton, 2004, p. 14). The rise in the temperature of the atmosphere began towards the end of the nineteenth century and is expected to continue rising. This report has been written due to the adverse effects associated with global warming. […]

Global Warming: Fact of Fiction

This paper looks at the debate concerning global warming. At one extreme end is the camp that is convinced that human activities are responsible for global warming. This is countered by another camp that argues that global warming can only be attributed to natural and not human causes. This paper provides an introduction to the […]

Global Warming: Consequences and Effects

As a result of man’s increased activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, global temperatures are increasing rapidly, with severe consequences to climate patterns, the wildlife, flora and fauna, and the health of mankind as well (IPCC para. 1), with human activities such as burning of fossil fuels is believed to have significantly contributed […]

“Waste” by Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry, the author of “Waste”, makes a convincing argument that people cause as well as suffer from the problem of waste. In the article, the author recounts how he has become acutely aware of the waste problems in his rural area. He notices trash polluting the rivers near his farm. He infers that his […]

Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Introduction Global warming can be defined as the increasing average temperature in the atmosphere. Generally, the increase in global temperatures leads to the rising of sea level, hence changing the pattern of precipitation (Houghton, et al 53). Global warming can also be caused by green house gasses in the atmosphere, which lead to rising temperatures. […]

Global Warming: Arguments For and Against

Arguments for Global Warming Global warming has been thought as a theory that global average temperatures have been rising and will continue to rise as a result of mankind activities. As an effect, this paper critically discusses the argument put forward by the believers & the argument put forward by non- believers of global warming. […]

Are human activities behind the exacerbating level of global warming?

Abstract Global warming has caused a lot of destruction in various ecosystems. The worse part of it is the fact that a consensus is yet to be reached on what actually causes it. This fact has led a number of individual scientists and research organizations to conduct research in a bid to establish what the […]

Global Warming: Causes and Effects

Introduction Global warming is one of the greatest problems facing the world today, because of its frightening effects that are evident in the present world. Global warming is the tremendous increase of the global temperatures, which results due to the trapping of heat in the atmosphere. Signs of global warming are evident all over the […]

Global Warming Causes, Effects and Solutions

Introduction The issue of global warming has been characterized by substantial controversy. This controversy has been brought about by the fact that a large faction of the human population does not want to take responsibility for the ever increasing levels of global warming. Thus credible research and real life experience have both served to prove […]

Global warming is occurring

Introduction Global warming refers to the rise in the normal temperature of the earth’s near-surface atmosphere and water bodies ever since the middle of the twentieth century and its predictable continuation. As reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, in the year 2007, the universal surface temperature rose by 0.74 to 0.180C for […]

Global Warming Threats and Solutions

Introduction There is little doubt that our earth is undergoing a gradual increase in temperature: global warming is real. Baffling statistics by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) indicate that the earth’s temperature has risen by roughly 0.6 degrees Celsius, the highest since the mid 1800s, further reports indicate that the duration from 1997-2003 […]

Global Warming Exploration

Despite the controversy that surrounds the causes of global warming, human beings are slowly beginning to appreciate the fact that much of the heating up of the earth’s surface is attributable to their activities. Given the fact that the causes of global warming are seemingly apparent, one wonders why it has taken man decades to […]

Global Warming Advantages

Advantages Global warming can change the climatic conditions and atmospheric temperature of the earth. Severe cold zones will experience warm climate which can enhance plant and animal growth in that regions (Global Warming: Pros & Cons). The temperature required to warm the frozen areas will come down due to global warming. This means, saving a […]

Impact of global warming on Arctic wildlife

Global warming, which is a phenomenon of the recent times occurring within the 20th century, results from rising of the average temperatures of the atmosphere and oceans of the world. The rise in temperature leads to warming of climatic systems, of the world, especially the Arctic and Antarctic regions (Polar Regions) leading to devastating effects […]

A World without Ice: Effects of Global Warming on Polar Regions

Introduction When one hears the term “Global Warming”, different ideas come to mind. Many people associate global warming with high temperatures, industrial revolution, factories, and pollution. Global warming is affecting all regions and areas that are parts of this earth. It makes them warmer and warmer by time (Bo et al., 2009). What happens to […]

Climate Change in Saudi Arabia and Miami

Ar Rass in Saudi Arabia (latitude 25.8697) is on the same latitude with Miami, Florida (latitude 25.7738889) yet, the two have varied climates. Climate of a certain region is dependent primarily on the quantity of solar radiation and its distribution, which varies extensively with latitude. All the same, the atmosphere as well as oceans plays […]

Effects of Global warming on the Environment

Introduction The universe is composed of an exceptional community of life, humanity being part of it and other ecological systems. Existence in this source of life to many creatures, plants and other organisms is vital, demanding and uncertain, probably due to the forces of nature. In the process of acquiring survival techniques and well-being, depletion […]

Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems?

Tradeable emissions and pollution rights are increasingly finding use as an environmental policy tool to facilitate in the control of environmental pollutants. Consequently, a number of firms are now in a position to acquire the rights to emit specific pollutants. This trend started with firms in the United States and the original aim was to […]

Human Factor in Global Warming

Introduction In the last two centuries, there has been a significant rise in the average global temperature. Scientists estimate the increase to have ranged from 0.4 to 0.8 degrees within the said time. In the next one century, this rate is expected to increase to about 3.0 degrees. If this becomes the case, then this […]

Global Warming: Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases

One of the biggest climatologic concerns that are capturing the minds of not only scientists but also general public is global warming. As such, global warming is a dramatic increase in the average temperature of our planet’s near-surface air and ocean waters. This increase has been especially observed within the twentieth century, when the average […]

Global Warming: Its Reasons, Outcomes, and Connection to Human Activities

Introduction Global warming is considered to be one of the most burning issues for consideration during a long period of time in many countries. This very phenomenon is characterized by considerable increasing of temperature that is caused by the use of fossil fuels and developing industrialization. Lots of scientists offer more and more own predictions […]