Environmental Studies Essay Examples and Topics

The Dangers and Risks of Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases

Introduction The dangers and risks involved in handling flammable and combustible liquids and gases call for extra vigilance in the processes of packaging and transporting. Since harmful effects associated with careless handling are irreversible and long-term in nature, safety precautions must be considered. As such, firms and governments have put standards and measures to ensure […]

Ethical Decision Making Models in Guerrilla Government

This paper gives an account of various ethical issues that are affecting decision-making models by taking the case of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Seattle Regional Office. Ethical challenges emerge when workers face certain dilemmas when determining the proper action to pursue at an individual or organizational level. In this case, when EPA’s staff members […]

Corporate Sustainability by Jonathan Atwood

Corporate sustainability by Jonathan Atwood (Drivers of change) Corporate sustainability aims at ensuring a long-term corporate growth coupled with meeting the needs of the stakeholders while considering social issues and protection of natural resources, which are critical for the future generations. Social and environmental issues are essential in the growth of business and many companies […]

The Human Population, Demographic Transition: Phase IV

Defining Demographic transition A demographic transition is a process that shows how a country’s population changes due to high and low birth and death rates (Soares & Bruno, 2008). Developed countries experienced demographic transitions in the 18th century and the process is still in progress (Soares & Bruno, 2008). On the other hand, developing countries […]

Report on the introduction of climate change MOOCs at UMUC

Executive Summary Mass Online Open Courses (MOOCs) present a vital opportunity for universities to offer free online courses on essential challenges and development areas. UMUC delegated the mandate of assessing the feasibility of venturing into MOOCs to a taskforce. The following report represents the proposal of the Taskforce on the Implementation of MOOCs on Climate […]

Population Growth Impacts on the Environment

Introduction Problem Statement The environment plays a significant role in life. Meanwhile, humans influence natural environment they live in through pollution, and greenhouse effect which has become part and parcel of our everyday life. It goes without saying that our growing populations does not only indicate that people use more and more resources, but also […]

King Fahad Medical City

Executive Summary Hospitals face serious challenges in effective handling of medical wastes. However, modern healthcare facilities have adopted new method of handling medical wastes. King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) shall adopt the Pneumatic Waste Transport System in order to replace old methods of medical waste management. Medical wastes have both occupational and environmental challenges. There […]

Design of Behavior Change Program for Promoting Energy Saving Quest at Mr. Faud’s Household

Introduction This report discusses a designed behavior change program aimed at promoting energy saving quest at Mr. Faud’s household. Programs that promote behavioral changes are important in various contexts. Concurrently, environmental sustainability involves making appropriate decisions when executing activities that safeguard the natural biosphere for future generations. It has become a very significant issue as […]

The Haiti Earthquake

Introduction An earthquake is occasioned by the tremor of tectonic plates on the surface of the earth. Materials on earth’s crust are dislocated by pushing forces from either side (Oliver, 2010). When the friction holding the surface rocks are overwhelmed by the forces, the plate of rocks are more likely to slip over each other […]

Heriot-Watt University Future Strategy

Introduction Heriot-Watt University Based in Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University is the leading university in Scotland. The university has a special place both within the country as well as on the global map because of offering practical solutions the current global challenges without neglecting its basic mission of providing appropriate education to local and international students. The […]

Animals with Rich Histories

Reflecting on the history of animals in India, Rangaran remarks that nature was not static but dynamic. Change did not and does not always require human actors. However, today human actors play a great role in destroying the animal’s habitat, especially lions’. The author asserts that humans arrived in India long after the lions had […]

“Clarke: Transformation for Environmental Sustainability” by Laszlo, McCabe, Aheam and Ghatde

Issues Despite the fact that the tidal wave of environmental concern, which started in 1990s, seems to have died down in 2010s, the recent introduction of the sustainability principle into not only management of various natural environments, but also the field of business and economics, has provided the premises for an innovation approach in the […]

“Limits to Growth: The 30-year Update” by Meadows and Randers

Overshoot The symptoms of the world in overshoot are all over the place, especially following the recent studies by numerous scientists around the globe. According to Meadows, Randers and Meadows (2004, p. 14), the need to develop the economy in various countries has led to the massive exploitation of the natural resources. The main problem […]

Problems of Public Meeting

Public meetings make it easier for societies to come up with the best solutions to their problems. The purpose of public meetings is to address certain challenges affecting different communities. They encourage more people to come together and express their opinions. The targeted public meeting focused on the issue of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The […]

Emerging Issues Management

Introduction Environmental consciousness is an evident phenomenon assumed by numerous organizations globally. This conforms to the demands of upholding considerable corporate social and environmental responsibilities. Evidently, businesses are increasingly becoming involved in environmental issues such as becoming energy efficient, curbing CO2 emissions, preventing global warming, recycling used resources, and minimizing pollution (Alcantara 2008). In this […]

Environmental Issues and Management

Introduction The ISO 14000 is a set of standards which guide business organisations on how to implement good environmental practices. The most dominant standard in the ISO 14000 series is the ISO 14001, which deals with environmental management systems. The ISO 14000 standard outlines various environmental issues which business organisations need to comply with. Organisations […]

Technology Industrial and Energy Sectors

Introduction Investors look at a world that has numerous opportunities at the moment. These opportunities are in many sectors. However, some sectors are appearing to be taking a sizeable chunk of opportunities. This paper looks at three sectors where such opportunities are immense. They include the energy sector, technology sector and industrial sector. Although others […]

Enhancement Of Geothermal Electricity Production In Africa: The Kenya’s Perspective

Introduction Power outages have become a common occurrence in Kenya and Africa in general. Such power outages often occur during dry seasons when the water levels in hydroelectricity generating dams are below the Minimum Operating Levels (MOL). Therefore, Kenya’s overdependence on hydroelectricity is not tenable in the long term (Ministry of Energy 2011). However, Kenya […]

Transforming the Economy to Address Climate Change and Global Resource Competition

America’s challenge is the reduction of greenhouse emissions without increasing spending. The recommendation by the National Academy of Science is to focus national policies towards increasing energy efficiency and conservation efforts to eventually meet an effective social cost (Parker, Blodgett and Yacobucci 2). America is trying to develop economic and environmental policies to reduce carbon […]

Critique on Creating Shared Value

In the January –February 2011 issue of ‘The Harvard Business Review,’ Michael porter and Mark Kramer wrote an article titled “The Big Idea-Creating Shared Value”. According to Porter and Cramer, the concept of shared value can be defined as “policies and operating practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic […]

Managing for Sustainability: The Case of Agricultural Producers & Coal Mining in Australia

Although coal continues to play a fundamental role in the economic matrix of Australia, particularly as a primary energy source as well as a leading foreign exchange earner, it is now undeniable that the expansion of the coal mining industry in the country can no longer be said to be a foundation for sustainable economy […]

Fire Management Practices

Introduction Fire is one of the biggest factors that determine management and development taking place in forests around the world. Evolution of certain forest ecosystems has been associated with frequent fires resulting from either human or natural causes while other ecosystems are impacted negatively by forest fires. Cases of massive destruction of forests from fire […]

Natural Disasters

Amin, S. & Goldstein, M. P. (2008). Data Against Natural Disasters: Establishing Effective Systems for Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction. Washington, DC: World Bank Publication. Amin and Goldstein (2008) inform that “natural disasters have become a constant feature of the global landscape” (p. 1) from the very beginning. Their main purpose is to inform the reader […]

Is wind power “green”?

What is “green” power? “Green’ power refers to the power that is formed from renewable, pollutant free, and harmless sources like breeze, biomass, spoilt materials, lunar, and geothermal (the high temperature of the earth)(Gipe 6). As the growth in manufacturing and utilization continues to go up, the dilapidation of the natural surroundings of the earth […]

Is wind power considered green?

Apparently, power has always been considered to be benign to environment irrespective of few reservations (Kammen 85). In this regard, there is a huge and growing controversy over how certain power generation modes have resulted to global warming, green house effects and other forms of environmental pollution. Currently, there emerged green technologies that are perceived […]

Renewable Energy Sources: Existence, Impacts and Trends

Sources of energy have been important since the times of antiquity. Ancient civilizations in western countries were characterized by the industrial revolution. During this period, most energy sources were discovered and used to improve the industrial productivity. Energy sources are classified into two major categories; renewable or non-renewable (Twidell, 2006). Whereas renewable sources cannot be […]

Report on Climate Change and its Global Implications in Hospitality and Tourism

Summary These days, climate change has become one of the most urgent questions, especially for sectors that are dependent on the environment, such us tourism, for example: “weather and climate have a strong influence on the tourism” (Scott, 2003, p. 1). This paper presents and discusses the issues concerning the relationships between the climate change […]

The Mazeltov Nuclear Radiation Leakage Report

Executive Summary This paper presents a report of science and technology committee report written to the mayor about nuclear radiation leakage from the Mazeltov submarine. The submarine was located at the 32nd street on the Navy Pier in San Diego. The leakage resulted in unknown amounts of plutonium-239m in the air, causing contamination. Radioactive dust […]

Natural and the Environmental protection

Introduction The impact of business operations on the environment has emerged to be a major concern especially in the developed economies. This is accompanied by the rising external pressures and internal motivation for environmentally sustainable business practices (Delmas & Toffel 2005, p.4). Various causes have significantly contributed to the current environmental crisis. Those who argue […]

The Nature of Hurricane Katrina

Introduction Hurricane Katrina was a destructive storm happened in the United States that affected most individuals psychologically and physically. It led to massive destruction of property, death of many individuals and damage of the eco-system. Indeed, Hurricane Katrina presented immense impact along the US coastline that resulted in social and economic disintegration. The disastrous event […]

The Natural Resource Curse

The natural resource curse affects countries with abundant natural resources. Studies done to investigate this phenomenon reveal several paradoxical issues relating the presence of natural resources in a country. For instance, countries that rely on natural resources for budgetary financing seem to have an inverse economic growth in relation to the percentage of the national […]

The Environment, Resources, and Their Economic Effects

Introduction According to Paltseva and Roine (para. 1), natural resources contribute to spending, labor income, and jobs. These resources support numerous jobs and offer employment to the residents of a country. Natural resources and the educated workforce are interconnected and it is of great importance for the state to generate a quality labor force via […]

Communications: McDonald’s

Introduction Corporate environmental responsibility has of recent years played a pivotal role in shaping many business agendas and a central ingredient of many organisations social responsibility endeavors. Although it is difficult to understand by one general definition limit what corporate environmental responsibility can be taken. A crucial importance is that most companies are embracing the […]

Reduction of Fire-associated Deaths Since 1977

Introduction Fire brigade or fires and rescue services entangle private and public organisations that give fire-fighting services coupled with rescue services from dangers associated with fire. These organisations provide services within a particular jurisdiction area such as county or municipality. These areas of jurisdiction are termed as districts of fire protection. Every fire brigade has […]

Usage of Water

Introduction The results of the investigative study into the daily water usage within households in Abu Dhabi show a mean average of 135 gallons/per day for the 15 households that were involved in this project. When comparing this average with that of the U.S. which is estimated at 145 gallons per person it can actually […]

Should Animals be kept in Zoos?

Cover Letter This essay explores the dilemma of keeping animals in zoos. In this essence, the legitimacy of restricting the animals is investigated. Moreover, the essay seeks to establish harmony between advocacy for abolition of zoos and the need to preserve some species of animals. In addition, there is the necessity to control the interaction […]