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Environmental Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Nuclear and Coal-Fired Power Generation

In conclusion, while energy manufacture through coal-fired stations could be essential regarding the absolute enormousness of worldwide energy necessities, it is unblemished that nuclear power ought to have a much greater part in the upcoming [...]

Economic View on Water and Pollution

Some of the water is found in the continents' rivers, lakes and in the subsurface. This research tries to explain the importance of water especially in an economist's perspective by explaining the uses of water [...]

Air Pollution in Los Angeles

The escalation of congestion in the city has worsened the problem of air pollution because of the volume of unhealthy air emitted in the atmosphere.

Sustainable Development Definition

There is also need to implement the use of new technology in the management and interaction processes. In economic terms sustainability can be defined as the adjustments done within the processes of running businesses based [...]

Noise Pollution Project

Besides these two, noise also has an effect on the learning of an individual so that it distracts the individual in a way that s/he is not able to learn, as would be the case [...]

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The subject of environmental and natural resource economics is important in that it provides an understanding of the significance of natural resources in any country, and largely their contribution to the economic growth of any [...]

Ecological Dimensions of Globalization

Globalization refers to "the growing economic interdependence of countries through the increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services; international capital flows; and rapid and widespread diffusion of technology".

Environmental Influences and Psychology

Natural environments, therefore, have provided me with opportunities to improve my health. Restorative effects of natural environments on me have profound health benefits and allow me to appreciate them.

Dubai’ Environmental Analysis

Fundamentally, environmental analysis involves the application of scientific tools and techniques in the analysis of pollutants in various components of the environment such as water, soil, and air.

Bioplastics Features and Limitations

Another example is that bio plastics cost more than petroleum-based plastics, although, the price difference between petro plastics and bio plastics can largely be attributed to the immaturity of the bio plastics industry.

The Ocean Pollution Problem

Ocean pollution is the unfavorable upshot due to the entrance of chemicals and particulate substances into the ocean. The land is the key source of ocean pollution in the form of non-point water pollution.

Legal Change in Public Safety Administration

In 1970, the Congress enacted the Clean Air Act as the first significant federal environmental laws to ensure clean air. The law allows the Environmental Protection Agency to introduce the National Ambient Air Quality Standards [...]

Contrasting Environmental Policies in Brazil

Therefore, Brazil preferred use of ethanol from sugar cane in the production of biodiesel to minimize use of fossil fuels. In the meantime, rate of deforestation in Brazil forests has declined due to use of [...]

Possible Complications of Environment

That is why the ability to take into account a combination of reasons and conditions, which influence a company at the moment, is the main advantage of PESTEL framework.

Freshwater Providing to Arid Regions

The need to increase the amount of fresh water in arid regions of the world has led to the development of dams, construction of boreholes, and use of pipelines in arid areas.

Water Related Conflicts in Africa

The population of Africa is in bad conditions due to water scarcity, and as it is noted in the articles I have read, African women and children are affected by this problem badly.

Adapting Wilderness Stewardship

Some of the ways that can address these issues include the ideas by Cronon in his claims about the trouble with wilderness, or by the application of Kidner's critique of the social construction of nature.

Energy Development and Global Warming

It is based on these factors that this paper will delve into the various factors that prove the existence of global warming and will attempt to create a method by which such a problem can [...]

Climate Change in United Kingdom

It is, therefore, not a surprise that China, the country leading in the emission of greenhouse gases, has experienced some of the worst effects of climate change. The local government is in a better position [...]

Causes of the Seasons

On either the 21st or 22nd day of December, the winter solstice takes place. On the 21st day of June, the North Pole is inched closer to the sun.

Preventing Animal Extinction in the UAE

In essence, the UAE has been at the forefront of protecting endangered species from extinction and promoting an increment in their population, by putting up breeding programmes which help in multiplication of such animals.

Greensburg City Sustainable Development

This will reduce the cost of establishing the envisioned green city since they already have the framework of construction. This support will enable the authorities to implement the project without resistance of the public.

Environmentalism in “Gyre” by Chris Jordan

The concept explains how human activities such as pollution and "production of plastic wastes" continue to affect the universe. The term "Gyre" and the artwork encourage human beings to conserve the environment.

Dealing With Air Pollution

Polluted air contains nitrogen oxides and other toxic substances that dissolve in the atmosphere to return to the Earth in the form of acid rain, which is detrimental to the ecosystem.

Solar Energy Panels in UAE

This report will examine the future of solar energy and the incentive schemes that can be put in place to develop the United Arab Emirates solar energy industry.

Green Communities in Urban Planning

Under such circumstances, much attention is paid to green communities as the most appropriate form of living in balance with nature one of the examples of such a green community in Copenhagen.

Nuclear Power & Environment

The use of nuclear energy is one of the issues that are debated by environmental scientists, economists as well as engineers.

Environmental Sustainability Concept

Sustainability is one of the complex concepts as it entails different activities that aim at achieving the wants of the current generation without violating the potential interests of the future generation to meet their needs.

Trash Management System in San Antonio

Therefore, there is the need to use packages that will preserve the food and enhance the shelf life of the same. The second crucial service is the actual processing of the actual solid waste from [...]

Seveso Dioxin Leak Disaster

Also, the potential health effects of the exposures and the nature of the risk associated with the disaster will be discussed.

Rangers of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Some specific duties of a park ranger include protection of the park and property, collecting and disseminating scientific information about the park, developing and interpreting park materials for visitors and investigating all forms of complaints [...]

Creation Theory, Its Science and Misgivings

The path towards the description of the origin of life is inherently insulated with nebulous philosophical and scientific propositions. His proposals further sours the understanding of life origin, it is very incomplete in its assertions.

The Venice Beach Clean-Up

Incidentally, the scores of people who visit the beach, form the bandwagon of unscrupulous individuals who litter the beach with all sorts of materials; that cause harm to the environment.

Spent Caustic’ Disposal and Recovery

Spent caustics are known to be the most problematic of all industrial wastes in terms of disposal. In this case, the product becomes refined oil while waste is in form of spent caustics.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

There are actually no precise indicators as to when exactly plastics started accumulating in the Gyre however it is assumed that the accumulation began at the onset of the creation of petroleum based products for [...]

Natural Science as a Discipline

Natural science is a subdivision of science that constitutes biology, astronomy, physics, and earth science. Briefly, science is referred to as the truth of things.

Alternative Sources of Energy and Their Use

The US government should continue offering such incentives to consumers that turn from petroleum designed products to use devices that use alternative sources of energy as a strategy to motivate more Americans to adapt the [...]

Genetic Engineering Effects

Genes used in genetic engineering have a high impact on health and disease, therefore the inclusion of the genetic process alters the genes that influence human behavior and traits.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster in US

Responders also need to be given the necessary psychological support and training in anticipation of the imminent trauma that they will be exposed to by the devastating effects of the floods.

Environmental Studies: Green Technology

Skeptics on the other hand state that such an assumption is inherently fallacious in that it has been shown by various studies that the oceans and the rapid proliferation of algae have in effect enabled [...]

Mining in Florida

It is based on this that it can be seen that for an area that is roughly a quarter the size of Texas and given the rate of domestic and global demand for phosphates from [...]

Reducing Chemical Contamination on Water

This report pays particular attention to the chemical contaminants, their sources, effects on health and the potential remedy that can improve the safety of water thus improving health for both humans and animals.

Indoor Air Quality

It is imperative to analyse and understand the possible causes of indoor air pollutants and possible likely signs or symptoms of effects of poor air pollution before employing any method of improving air quality. The [...]

Global Warming and Its Consequences

As for the secondary problem that the opposition is facing in relation to the species extinction due to the increase in the pace of global warming, the change of the natural habitat of the species [...]

Buffalo’s Extermination

The repeated mentions of bison in the Journals of Lewis and Clark describe them, with rare exceptions, as dramatically numerous, a perception which may have contributed to their near-extermination in later decades.

Global Production of Unleaded Gasoline

If exported, the commodity is left in the hands of the retailers who would be responsible for the distribution of the product and the selling of the same to the consumer.

Man-Made Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

As far as man-made greenhouse gases emissions are mostly related to the consumption of energy in the form of fossil fuel combustion, the USA is recognized to be the major contributor to anthropogenic emissions.

Environmental Enrichment for Serval Cats

The servals in the local zoo may be failing to reproduce due to a lack of environmental enrichment. There are various types of environmental enrichment, but this paper focuses on sensory, physical, and nutritional categories [...]

Environmental Service: Road Cleanup

On the issue of the environmental effects, industries may be causing a lot of strain to the environment but the proposed solutions counters on intoxication and cleanup management techniques.

Green and Sustainable Lifestyles

These concerns have led to an increased number of movements and organizations that enlighten people on the importance of environmental conservation and campaign in support of green and sustainable lifestyles and have achieved significant influence [...]

The Louisiana Oil Spill’ Effects

This article highlights the effects of this oil spill on the environment and human beings. This is due to the presence of notably high amounts of NOX and SO2.

Environment Destruction: Pollution

Pollution usually causes a destabilization of the ecosystem through the intrusion of foreign materials into the environment. These forms of pollutants affect the environment through air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution.

The Aral Sea’s Environmental Issues

Prior to its destruction, the Sea was one of the biggest water bodies, rich in different species of flora and fauna; a case that is opposite today, as the sea is almost becoming extinct.

Recycling Problems and Its Solutions

When comparing the past and present world, it is not wrong for one to argue that there are likelihoods of extinction of all living species if pollution continues with the present rate.

Electric Car and the Environment

Other factors that contributed to the rise in demand of electric cars included a rise in oil prices and the need to conserve the environment by controlling the rate of greenhouse gas emission. One of [...]

Safe Drinking Water Importance

The project has the potential to decrease illness and premature death from water-borne organisms among both children and adults, improve the potential for full participation by girls and women in the life of their community [...]

Oceanography Discipline Aspects

While oceanography students need to understand these aspects of ocean management, this paper focused on marine ecosystems, as a broad and useful topic in oceanography studies.

Oil-Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

The oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico elicits the potential of negative impacts to marine and wildlife of animals in the surrounding environment.