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Environmental Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Environmental Conditions in Tunnels

The choice of tunnels as an alternative to surface roads has rather escalated the levels of pollution and hence, there is an urgent need to consider the environmental issues associated with road traffic.

Energy, Its Usage and the Environment

Wind power is the energy captured from wind turbines which are used to generate electricity. Geothermal power plants have high output and have the capacity to serve the energy needs of many consumers on a [...]

“The End of Nature” by Bill Mckibben

According to McKibben, it is not only that 'global warming' is the by-product of humanity's continuous advancement, but also that it is something that will eventually lead to the 'end of the world', at least [...]

Biology and Environment Issues

Species diversity refers to the abundance of organisms within a certain area. Ecology refers to the study of the relationship between organisms and organisms' environments.

Evacuation: Hurricane Quasimodo

My route will depend upon the amount of time that I will have at my disposal. Plant City is not located in the evacuation zone, and the effects of hurricanes will not be so disastrous [...]

Coal Pollution in China as an Environmental Problem

Thesis: Coal pollution in China has been a significant cause of environmental pollution-China being one of the largest coal producers in the world- therefore, necessitating the development of appropriate measures to reduce its severity.

Natural Storms and Environmental Studies

Hurricanes are more violent than thunderstorms and tornadoes because of their violent nature and the fact that they can last for several weeks. Ethanol is one of the many alternative fuels that are produced from [...]

Australian Volunteers International: Public Relations

The intention of this proposal is to endorse a conservation volunteer campaign that is aimed at reducing the pollution levels in China, which is among the countries that have high levels of environmental degradation in [...]

Environmentally Sustainable Society

The environment to sustain society can be achieved if policies that advocate for the protection of the environment are enacted. The curriculum has been introduced in some of the education systems to incorporate policies that [...]

The Perception of Healthy Human Environment

The combination of these attributes affects the survival and wellbeing of the said organism. Taking care of the environment should be the collective responsibility of every member of society.

Environmental Sustainability Understanding

In May 2001 126 countries and the EU agreed and adopted the text of this global treaty, referred to as the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants How can you prevent water pollution?

Environmental Geology and Sustainability

Taking soil as an example, one will have to admit that the changes in the soil will necessarily pose a threat of extinction to several plants. The carbon cycle can be referred to as an [...]

Global Warming as Environmental Injustice

A good example of environmental injustice is the issue of global warming. Developed nations should help developing nations deal with the negative effects of global warming.

Sustainable vs. Unsustainable Development

Sustainable development is the type of development that satisfies the current needs of the society without interfering with "the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs".

Carbon Credit and Amazon Carbon Project

The project had the purpose of reducing GHG emissions from swine waste and improving sustainable development in the area. The project primarily concentrated on the reduction of GHG emission through the capturing and combustion of [...]

Hotspots: Global Conservation Priorities

To be considered a hotspot, an area must satisfy two parameters: the area must have a minimum of 1,500 species of vascular plants as endemics and must have suffered a minimum of loss of at [...]

Santa Catalina Island and Its Developmental Issues

One of the primary concerns of the authorities and the people living on the island is a shortage of water. One reason for the development of a comparably small community on the island is its [...]

Year-Round Water Access in South Asian Countries

A number of strategies can be employed by the policymakers to ensure that the problem of water scarcity is resolved once and for all. As a result, there would be conflicts in regard to the [...]

Fuel Cell Vehicles Preventing Environmental Hazards

The combination of hydrogen and oxygen in the engine results in the formation of heat, which gives rise to steam; it is this steam that is channeled to the pistons of the engine to mechanically [...]

Demographic Transition Model and Food Security

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the demographic transition model and the specifics of global food production. At the first stage, the population grows slowly, and in the second stage, the population growth [...]

Environmental Problems in Literary Fiction

While the year is never specified explicitly, it is apparent from the description of the technology that the novel describes the United States of the second half of the twentieth century.

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

Despite the fact that the book must be recognized as a groundbreaking accomplishment in the struggle for preserving the environment and improving the quality of life across the globe, one must admit that the lack [...]

Grundfos: Environment and Society Results

Self-assessment is conducted via surveys that are distributed to other players in the industry; annual self-assessment indicates whether the company is capable of controlling the trends in each area.

Environmental Health Assessment of Home

It is possible to say that the HEAL provides all the necessary information to drive environmental improvements at home and can be of help for both the professionals and the households.

Endocrine Disruptors Study Report

The process starts with the manufacture of chemicals and progresses in a series of events that end in the presence of such substances in the blood of humans or animals.

Panama Canal and Its Environmental Impacts

The construction of the Panama Canal has profound local environmental impacts which are based on socio-political management of the project that has demonstrated the infrastructural and ecological interdependence of its service as a global transportation [...]

Various Aspects of Environmental Issues

A variety of assignments prepared over the course of the class allowed for a better understanding of important environmental issues and improved many of my skills.

Environmental Ethics and Human Population

Because of the threats to the well-being of the global population, the introduction of a more sustainable approach toward managing the available resources, in general, and food, in particular, have been developed.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Water Quality

The blistering rise of industry, the high pace of globalization, and the growth of the number of population preconditioned a significant deterioration of the environment.

DEWA: Life Cost Analysis of Transformers

The aim of the paper is to explore the application of life cycle cost analysis and its benefit to engineering asset management of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, which is a utility company for supplying [...]

Solar Power Revolution

The following paper will discuss the benefits of the solar power revolution that is intending to change the entire world, its population's lifestyle, economics, ecology, and many other important factors influencing the environment.

Argument Against Buying Clothes

The only way the madness within the textile industry is for the consumers to take the initiative of influencing change within this industry.

Papua New Guinea Environmental Analysis

The following report aims at determining the suitability of Papua New Guinea as a target market for introducing our product environmental measuring equipment for monitoring and logging the quality of water in waterways around the [...]

Kampgrounds of America: Climatic Differences

To assess the climatic differences between the two locations, statistical comparison of temperature and precipitation in Hot Spring and Billings will be made. The results of the study revealed that the difference in temperature between [...]

Eco-Built Homes Company: Montana Energy Project

Analysis of data shows that there are no statistically significant differences between the means of the annual temperature, HDDs, and CDDs recorded in the last five years and the past sixteen years.

Environmental Issue: Hunting on Whales

The case study at hand presents an environmental issue involving the Makah tribe that had hunted whales over two thousand years until the 1920s when this practice had to be discontinued due to the decline [...]

Water Quality as a Concern for Urban Areas

The analysis of the study by Boulay et al.showed that many pure water sources on Earth are polluted, and the most of the clear liquid delivered to people with the help of plumbing is usually [...]

Energy Consumption and Its Indices

The relationship is observed by comparing the correlation between CDDs and electricity consumption to the corresponding index in other states of the sample.

Politics in Climate of Doubt

The new documentary, Climate of Doubt, presented by Frontline as a part of PBS Election 2012, discovers the institutions that confronted the science concerning the significance of climate change issues. It also caused skepticism in [...]

How Saudi Arabia Can Overcome Economic Water Crisis?

In Saudi Arabia, the water sector has undergone significant transformation as the government tries to mitigate water crisis. The problem of the economic water crisis in Saudi Arabia cannot be attributed only to natural causes.

Pollution in the San Francisco Bay

The rivers provide fresh water for domestic use to many civilians, and it is apparent that the authorities have given the power plant the freedom to test the quantity of chemicals in the waste water.

Noise and Vibration Hazards

Noise and vibration hazards are some of the risks that employees and public in general are often exposed to by the leading companies, especially in the manufacturing and transport sectors.

The Importance of Saving the Environment

Toxins and contaminants pollute the environment and consequently interfere with the health of man and other animals. In other words, the future is guaranteed if the environment can be safeguarded and preserved at the current [...]

Biofuel: Renewable Energy Type

The purpose of this essay is to discuss this statement and evaluate its accuracy in accordance to the latest studies, as well as the pros and cons of biofuel in general.

Marketing Plan for Solar Panels in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, the use of solar energy is becoming popular because of the consistency and intensity of sunlight throughout the year.

Green Building and Green Practices Promotions

One of the aspects of LCA is life cycle costing, which evaluates the financial cost of the design and maintenance of the building and is important for estimating the expenses associated with green buildings' characteristics.

Amount of Energy Used by the Country

The population is one of the top factors that determine the amount of energy used by a country. In this section, the researcher will focus on common fuel sources, emissions, and total energy consumption in [...]

Drinking Water Availability and Quality in the USA

To understand the importance of the issues of drinking water quality and availability in the Southwestern United States, factors such as local climate, population changes, consumption of local and imported water, wastewater treatment, and recycling [...]

Habitat Loss, Land Use and Conservation

As for the benefits of preserving the collection of plants, it needs to be said that it allows preventing many useful species from extinction and, therefore, contribute to a more positive ecological situation.

The Dakota Access Pipeline Controversy

Although the project is expected to bring millions of dollars to the local governments and communities, as well to create permanent and temporary positions on constructions sites, it has been marked as controversial because it [...]

Dioxins and Furans in Japan’s Environment

However, there is a concern that the industrial sector is releasing a high amount of dioxins and furans which are very dangerous to human health. According to Wittich, the primary health concern of dioxins and [...]

Low Carbon Indigenous Innovation in China

In 2011, the installation of the three wind turbines in Minnesota caused a 42% increase in the import of the Chinese solar cells by the United States with over 30 times exports of the US [...]

“This Changes Everything” a Book by Naomi Klein

There are two main ideas that the author tried to convey to the readers in the final chapters of her book that pollution negatively affects the fertility of humans, plants, and animals, and that for [...]

“This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein

The second argument is that geoengineering is not quite as reliable and predictable as we are lead to believe, and the results of a failed experiment, even on a local scare, might have far-reaching consequences.

The Benefits of “Green” Concrete

For instance, the E-Crete, a "green" geopolymer concrete offered by the company of Zeobond, has the potential of considerably reducing the amount of CO2 emissions involved in the production of concrete.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE

The three main forms of CSR in the UAE include emiritization, corporate philanthropy, and environment. This is driven by the teachings of Islam that value giving to the needy and mitigating the pain and suffering [...]

Practical Application of Biofuels

It is important to understand that biofuel is not a novel concept, and have been considered for use since the beginning of the 20th century and the development of the first cars.

Natural Resources, Their Classification and Impacts

Resting on the great importance of natural resources which are considered the basis of the functioning of our society, the precise analysis of their global significance and the way they promote the prosperity and development [...]

The Switch to Cleaner Forms of Energy

Due to the fact that the resources of renewable energy are not predictable from the standpoint of their potential amount, it is rather problematic to perform a precise assessment of the method's cost-effectiveness.

Degradation of Mangrove Forests

The overall goal of the management of degraded mangroves is to halt the destruction and through controlling and regulating human activities that cause mangrove destruction. The research will focus on the degradation of mangroves and [...]

Human-Environment Interdependence

The problem of the environment change and the attitude of people to their own culture remains one of the most curious and urgent problems of modern time.

Bananas’ Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

However, the progress of technologies and the extension of the industry also triggered the great changes in the environment and contributed to the significant deterioration of its state.

The Environmental Bonds Mechanism

For instance, operators conducting a resource activity are required to pay financial assurance to cover the risks that can occur to prevent or minimize the harm by rehabilitating the original state of the environment after [...]

United Nation and Climate Change

However, the key limitation of the given measure is that the UNO has not yet come up with the strategy of classifying the effects of the climate change and whether UNO is able to embrace [...]

Nuclear and Coal-Fired Power Generation

In conclusion, while energy manufacture through coal-fired stations could be essential regarding the absolute enormousness of worldwide energy necessities, it is unblemished that nuclear power ought to have a much greater part in the upcoming [...]

Economic View on Water and Pollution

Some of the water is found in the continents' rivers, lakes and in the subsurface. This research tries to explain the importance of water especially in an economist's perspective by explaining the uses of water [...]

Green Liberal Solutions to Ecological Problems

Green liberals acknowledge the dynamic aspects of the global systems but emphasize on the minimal damage of the environment and helps in the restoration of the damaged areas.

Air Pollution in Los Angeles

The escalation of congestion in the city has worsened the problem of air pollution because of the volume of unhealthy air emitted in the atmosphere.

Sustainable Development Definition

There is also need to implement the use of new technology in the management and interaction processes. In economic terms sustainability can be defined as the adjustments done within the processes of running businesses based [...]

Noise Pollution Project

Besides these two, noise also has an effect on the learning of an individual so that it distracts the individual in a way that s/he is not able to learn, as would be the case [...]

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The subject of environmental and natural resource economics is important in that it provides an understanding of the significance of natural resources in any country, and largely their contribution to the economic growth of any [...]

Ecological Dimensions of Globalization

Globalization refers to "the growing economic interdependence of countries through the increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services; international capital flows; and rapid and widespread diffusion of technology".

Environmental Influences and Psychology

Natural environments, therefore, have provided me with opportunities to improve my health. Restorative effects of natural environments on me have profound health benefits and allow me to appreciate them.

The Knoxville City’s Environmental Pollution

It is necessary to address some pollution management issues and think about the measures to reduce pollution rates and help people survive any kind of environmental problems.

Dubai’ Environmental Analysis

Fundamentally, environmental analysis involves the application of scientific tools and techniques in the analysis of pollutants in various components of the environment such as water, soil, and air.

Environmental Studies: Energy Wastefulness in the UAE

The local issue related to this campaign is the sustainability of electrical energy and management of hazards caused by electricity. The article focuses on the campaign to reduce and avoid the wastefulness of energy in [...]

Bioplastics Features and Limitations

Another example is that bio plastics cost more than petroleum-based plastics, although, the price difference between petro plastics and bio plastics can largely be attributed to the immaturity of the bio plastics industry.

Marine Pollution and the Anthropogenic Effects upon It

Marine pollution denotes the introduction of harmful materials or chemicals in our oceans which may disrupt the marine ecosystem, cause other harmful effects to marine life or change the chemical properties of the water.

Production Externalities: Negative and Positive Aspects

Externalities may be defined as the positive or negative effect of a product or process of production, which may affect a stakeholder who is otherwise unrelated to the whole process of production or consumption of [...]

Nuclear Energy and Its Risks

The situation became difficult when the power in the reactors reduced and could not be enough to be used by the operators.

The Ocean Pollution Problem

Ocean pollution is the unfavorable upshot due to the entrance of chemicals and particulate substances into the ocean. The land is the key source of ocean pollution in the form of non-point water pollution.

Global Population Innovation and Sustainability

The depletion of resources at a soaring rate and the global warming has necessitated human being to adopt consumption and production habits that are sustainable and that provide adequate food for all.

Oil Spill: Environmental and Human Risk

The chemical dispersant Corexit 9500 was used in order to hasten the sinking of the oil on the seabed to protect the beaches and wetlands from the spill.

Legal Change in Public Safety Administration

In 1970, the Congress enacted the Clean Air Act as the first significant federal environmental laws to ensure clean air. The law allows the Environmental Protection Agency to introduce the National Ambient Air Quality Standards [...]

Contrasting Environmental Policies in Brazil

Therefore, Brazil preferred use of ethanol from sugar cane in the production of biodiesel to minimize use of fossil fuels. In the meantime, rate of deforestation in Brazil forests has declined due to use of [...]

Possible Complications of Environment

That is why the ability to take into account a combination of reasons and conditions, which influence a company at the moment, is the main advantage of PESTEL framework.

Freshwater Providing to Arid Regions

The need to increase the amount of fresh water in arid regions of the world has led to the development of dams, construction of boreholes, and use of pipelines in arid areas.

Vehicle Impacts on Environmental Safety in Dubai

The current data collection plan is aimed to assist the Dubai Municipality to conduct a survey on the impact of excessive vehicle use on traffic congestion and environmental safety in Dubai.

Water Related Conflicts in Africa

The population of Africa is in bad conditions due to water scarcity, and as it is noted in the articles I have read, African women and children are affected by this problem badly.

Adapting Wilderness Stewardship

Some of the ways that can address these issues include the ideas by Cronon in his claims about the trouble with wilderness, or by the application of Kidner's critique of the social construction of nature.

Environmental Issues of Energy Innovations

This leaves much of the world disconnected from the rest of the globe, and handicapped in terms of engaging in banking or business above the most basic level.

Energy Development and Global Warming

It is based on these factors that this paper will delve into the various factors that prove the existence of global warming and will attempt to create a method by which such a problem can [...]

Climate Change in United Kingdom

It is, therefore, not a surprise that China, the country leading in the emission of greenhouse gases, has experienced some of the worst effects of climate change. The local government is in a better position [...]
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