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Environmental Management Essay Examples and Topics

Relationship Between Population and Environment

The results revealed after the statistical analysis was performed that there is a negative relationship between the population increase and the emissions of carbon dioxide in the case of developed countries while on the other [...]

Nuclear Power: Is It Sustainable?

Another controversial aspect of nuclear power is its effects on human health and the environment. Finally, the use of nuclear energy is a significant political and ethical concern.

Fiji Water’ Environmental Effects

Fiji Water is one of leaders in the market of bottled water. Production of bottled water results in contamination of air, land and the ocean.

Sustainable World’s Development

The source of energy for cooking, lighting, heating water and space and supporting other appliances is renewable and emits less harmful gases into the atmosphere. The home designs and the materials used in the construction [...]

Status of Kyoto Treaty and Montreal Protocol

Scientists, the World over through the United Nation have mobilized nations to be signatories of these treaties to curb the depletion of the Ozone layer. Surprisingly, of the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol, it is [...]

Increasing Sustainability of Forestry in Brazil

The genetic process seeks to increase the adaptability of plants to the dry climate of forest areas in Brazil. The socio-ecological approach is described in the report to connect the social welfare of rural areas [...]

Sustainable Watershed Management Plan

The sustainable resource management program has evolved, planning the process of water usage as it becomes difficult to receive sufficient water supply to maintain the land in the future.

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Responsibility

Nevertheless, the overuse of the natural resources which is typical for the country and caused by the lack of the necessary supplies and the incorrect usage of these resources result in negative effects for the [...]

Biomass Energy, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Biomass energy is a source of energy that involves the use of natural living matter such as plants and animals. As stated, biomass energy is cheap and accessible to the majority of people.

The Implementation Deficit in the Niger Delta

The aim is to analyze Deficits of oil-related regulations in the Niger Delta and the existing gaps in the current literature on the emerging socio-environmental deprivations of the region in the context of oil exploitation.

The Sustainability of Lifestyle

The sheer convenience of the machines that I use as well as the attitudes I bring towards utilising water in general have made it so that I think nothing of the amount of water that [...]

The National Ganga River Basin Project

The National Ganga River Basin Project is one of the latest ideas supported by the World Bank Group. The total project cost that comes from the World Bank Group and other invited non-bank sources is [...]

Environmental Damage vs. Better Living Standards

The improvement of people's standards of living is directly proportional to the growth of science and technology. Some people have gone ahead to assert that the annihilation of the environment is an unavoidable corollary of [...]

Strategic Environmental Sustainability

It is apparent that the world has focused on targeting big companies and industries in the quest to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the pollution of the environment.

Energy Future in Casper, Wyoming

Therefore, this is one of the best ways to produce energy in the region. The family uses a renewable source of energy to heat the house.

Water Management: Soft-Path Approach in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, rapid population growth, exponential changes in lifestyle, shortage of water resources, and the increased reliance on desalinated water are all major challenges to the water sector.

Integrated Sustainable Water Management in the UAE

The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 was unveiled by the Ministry of Energy in 2017 to ensure that access to water during an emergency and normal conditions are sustainable within the internal standards, local regulations, [...]

Integrated Sustainable Water Resource Management

The major problem associated with understanding the future demand and supply of water is centered on the failure to comprehend the uncertainties associated with socioeconomic development in many countries and the influence of climate change [...]

Heavy Crude Oil Emulsification in Water

Proponents argue that the emulsification of heavy crude oil in water helps to lower the viscosity of heavy crude since water is a continuous phase while the oil molecules are the dispersed phase.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Sustainable Management

Integrated sustainable water resource management is currently one of the major areas of focus for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, the body responsible for ensuring that there is regular supply of water and electricity [...]

Trends in Water Supply and Sustainable Consumption

The Netherlands is one of the countries with the best water supply in the world. The focus of this paper is to explore trends in water supply and consumption with the aim of proposing ways [...]

World Future Fund: “Law of Mother Earth”

Singer argues that it is necessary to change the attitudes toward nonhumans completely."Law of Mother Nature" proclaims the equality of people, animals, and plants.

Plan for Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil

One of such activities is fracking, or the process of drilling natural gas, which is one of the ways of obtaining more resources but, at the same time, damages land and harms people's health.

Groundwater Management and Monitoring in Australia

The main national government institutions tasked with the management and monitoring of groundwater include the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and the Office of the Water Science, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Geoscience Australia, and the Commonwealth [...]

Best Water Management Practices

The use of spray irrigations to water gardens contributes to the loss of water. The government has invested in the creation of public awareness of the various water conservation strategies.

Water Management: Best Practices

Australia is one of the developed countries that are faced with the problem of dwindling supplies of clean water as some of the reliable rivers become smaller in size than they were in the past.

Business and Sustainability in Costa Rica

Using the case of Costa Rica, the argument presented in this paper is that the involvement of different stakeholders in the sustainability agenda is necessary if the world's biodiversity is to be maintained.

Sustainable Development as an Aspiration

The concept of 'sustainable development' takes its origin in the times of the post-war environmentalist movement, when the negative effects of human development upon the planet were fully recognized.

Coal-Fired Power Plants and Counterarguments

The rise of the level of interest to these issues is not accidental as now we can observe the gradual worsening of our environment and the appearance of numerous problems related to it.

Drinking Water Distribution System

Within the framework of the current research paper, the investigator will review the existing state of affairs in order to produce a number of recommendations concerning the safety of drinking water distribution systems and draw [...]

International Sustainable Development Policies

Attempting to address the problem of excessive emissions of CO2 and the pollution of the atmosphere, policymakers are put before a choice they either have to restrict the number of vehicles used worldwide or the [...]

“World Energy Hits a Turning Point” by Tom Randall

The intended audience is varied, and the article will be of interest to investors or researchers in energy-saving technologies and ordinary people curious about the topic. The applied evidence is effective and contributes to the [...]

Qatar’s Climate Policy and Economic Issues

In Qatar, this recognition exists on the highest level, as the government has defined four main areas for the development of the country and listed environmental issues among them: the so-called fourth pillar of the [...]

Student Behaviors and Energy Consumption

For example, focusing on the change in the method of transportation, it is possible to mention the transition to cycling when the cycle is to be charged with the help of special batteries and the [...]

Masdar City: Project of a Modern Ecological City

As it is mentioned in the introduction section, the city of Masdar is a project of an ecological territory that is currently being developed by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Environmental Quality International in SIWA

The main objective of the Environmental Quality International is to protect the local culture as well as the habitat of this region against the effects of modernity.

The Concept of Environmentalism: Review of Studies

Scholars from around the globe were trying to explore the damage globalization caused to nature and identify specific efforts that could be targeted at resolving the current issues and promoting the concept of environmentalism in [...]

Ethical Dilemma and Environmental Surveillance

Companies, for example, Planet Labs and Digital Globe have dispatched many miniaturized satellites in the most recent year with the objective of recording the status of the whole earth in real-time.

Car Recycling: Direct and Indirect Energy Use

It is also suggested that one of the potential dangers of lack of attention to how minimizing the weight of a car can reduce energy consumption and improve various aspects of the recycling process is [...]

California Water Shortages and Long-Term Solutions

The supply of water to the reservoirs is dependent on the rainfall in the state. In addition to this, the growing population of the state creates an increase in the demand for the available water [...]

Environmental Issues: the Use of Biofuel

The use of biofuel can be viewed as one of the safest and the cleanest ways of improving the current environmental issues and promoting the concept of sustainability as the foundation for the change on [...]

Preserving of the Drinkable Water Worldwide

Water pollution is associated with the period of liberal economic reforms and the weakened control over the degree of pollution of natural waters as plenty of dangerous chemicals, industrial production, hydraulic engineering, and transport systems [...]

Green Building Programs Assessment

Each of the initiatives evaluates the impact that buildings have on the environment as well as the way these buildings were built and how they can be disposed of in the future. The main objective [...]

American Indian Environmental Movement in Arizona

The presence of the ethnic-cultural minority population in the state largely contributes to its multicultural diversification and enrichment as even new generations prefer to live up to the unique values and worldviews passed to them [...]

Water Crisis Resolution and Investments

Based on the factors mentioned above, it could be said that the primary goal of the paper is to discuss the issue of the water crisis, as it is of paramount importance for the survival [...]

How Countries Respond to Carbon Emissions?

The Environmental Protection Agency is the one that regulates carbon emissions in the United States. Many of the developing countries are unable to fully regulate carbon emissions.

Environmental-Based Dilemma and Kant’s Ethics

The officials of the aquarium discussed sponsorship of BP to have another venue but the BP name was to be retained. To solve the dilemma of the BP oil spill, specific virtues are required by [...]

The Term “Proactivity”: Life and Study Skills

Therefore, it is important to involve as many people in the achievement of greater ecological efficiency and safety as possible. Later, I plan to communicate my findings and achieve the implementation of potentially effective solutions [...]

Deep Borehole Disposal for Nuclear Waste

22It is noteworthy that the issue of the feasibility of these projects is still questionable, and the US is unique in actually preparing to test it.

Environmental Risk Assessment

The thing is that the process of risk assessment is often criticized and questioned in the framework of its value and credibility.

Environment and Business in “Bidder 70” Documentary

The story of brave environmental activist Tim DeChristopher proves that non-violent revealing measures in contrast to radical ones are the only way to unite the people in the fight for the prosperity of the Earth.

Ethanol Fuel and Offshore Drilling for Oil

The high cost of production discourages energy companies from switching to ethanol production. Accordingly, ethanol production and use shift the population to use renewable energy that is friendly to the environment.

Common Ownership of Oceans and Regulations

The "common ownership" problem relates to the pollution and unsustainable use or overexploitation of a common access resource. Regulations that address the problems of overexploitation and pollution are required to preserve marine life.

Sustainable Development in Society and Business

Although sustainability applies to different aspects of a society, sustainability manifests in the well-being of members of a society. Generally, sustainability refers to the ability to live within particular parameters, understanding relatedness among economic, social [...]

Nuclear Energy: Safe, Economical, Reliable

Thus, nuclear energy is viable and safe in meeting the current and future demand for energy across the world. Nuclear energy has significant implications for the environment and population health in case of an accident [...]

Corporate Sustainability Management in Australia

Therefore, the report analyzes the urban situation, community attitudes to the environmental state of the urban area, resource management, policy development, and recommends probable solutions The findings entail the urban form in Australia, community attitudes, [...]

Saudi Arabian Wind Power Plants: Status and Future

In the globalized society, the issue of climate change prompts stakeholders to take part in the establishment and implementation of strategies that enhance the sustainability of the environment.

Photovoltaics Electricity Generation and Politics

While solar energy is not being politically promoted on a large scale, the United States is trying to invest in the SunShot initiative for decreasing the overall cost of solar energy by 2030.

Energy Consumption and Minimization Methods

The paper is devoted to the evaluation of recent research studies on the issues of excess energy consumption in manufacturing systems as well as the strategies for minimization of electricity waste.

Environmental Strategy for Groundwater in Abu Dhabi

Ground water is increasingly becoming critical in the emirate of Abu Dhabi because of its extensive use in agriculture, landscaping, and afforestation. The stakeholders must ensure that there is sustainability in the use of ground [...]

Disposable Water Bottle Usage by Youth Population

In particular, personal observations show that the Facebook newsfeeds of the young audience often feature information bits about the disadvantages of bottled water and advertisements of refillable bottles.

Healthcare Waste Management and International Pacts

Where a private contractor is involved in the collection, transportation, and disposal of the waste, the duty of care principle requires the health care facility to conduct supervision to ensure that the processes are carried [...]

Potable Water Supply in the Gulf Region

The tendency toward rapid growth in the region and the associated increase in population has been laying a foundation for the further deterioration of the water supply and the increased significance of the issue.

Nebraska Pollution Prevention Project

The article is about Nebraska's Partners in Pollution Prevention program and the benefits it has brought to the state in the reduction of pollution caused by small businesses.

Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries

The major factors that affect the management of waste in cities in developing nations are an ever-increasing quantity of waste generated, overburdened municipal resources because of the increased cost of waste management, and insufficient understanding [...]

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

All players need to be trained in significant areas of business so as they can handle them with care and beware of the potential they have in causing damage.

Environmental Risks in the United Arab Emirates

With this in mind, the primary objective of the given study is the deep analysis of the main environmental risks that the UAE faces and the creation of the appropriate risk assessment method in order [...]

Water Control Issue in the United Arab Emirates

The second considerable consumer of the water supplies in the United Arab Emirates is the domain of the private household. The fundamental problem, which brings some serious problems to the household management of water, is [...]

Food and Water Waste Disposal in NYC

As Grogan observes, many of the problems that are associated with the process of waste disposal are due to the corruption in the state government.

Energy Consumption in Utah

The rate of energy consumption is considerably high in the State of Utah, with the geological surveys indicating that the region is position thirty-ninth among the American States in issues of power consumption measured through [...]

US Position on International Environmental Concerns

The United States of America being of one of the most powerful countries in the world is attempting to lead from the front by discouraging pollution and abuse of the environment by employing environment management [...]

Environment: Oil and Gas’ Field Development Onshore

The main purpose of this report is to consider the development and planning of an oil and gas field onshore, licensing of the industry and the characteristics of the operating companies and contractors.

Saudi Arabia Sustainable Development

Sustainable development can be defined as the right approach to meet the needs of todays resources without compromising the needs and resources of tomorrow.

Water Quality Control

With regards to the first strategy, it is important to touch the hearts and minds of the next generation's leaders and policy makers. They have to see and experience the benefits of their actions.

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management is the preferred committee of management for this report. Founded in 1995, the Barwon Coast Committee of Management is in charge of managing coastal reserves between Collendina and the [...]

Australia Coastal and Catchment Management

In addition, the country has the best water storage capacity per person, which is necessary for sustainable agricultural activities and water supplies for domestic consumption, particularly during prolonged dry seasons. For centuries, water has been [...]

The Bellarine Committee of Management

The Bellarine committee of management regulates the work of many reserves in the region, including such reserves as the Edwards Point State Faunal Reserve, the Portarlington Recreation Reserve, and the Salt Lagoon State Nature Reserve.

Managing Farm Dams to Support Waterbird Breeding

The frequent fires and forest clearance in these areas have led to extensive migration of different species of birds. For example, they should take some of the endangered birds and breed them separately in a [...]

Nuclear Safety Culture

This research will focus on nuclear safety issues by looking at some of the major nuclear accidents and incidents around the world and what can be done to counter such accidents.

Australian Mining Industry’s Environmental Strategies

However, it has created a new debate about its viability to introduce sustainable change and the potential for adopting alternative strategies of environmental protection, such as the direct action strategy and the emissions trading scheme, [...]

Environmental Technology and Its Disruptive Impact

One of the tendencies of the modern world is the promotion of the environmentally friendly technologies and sources of energy. Although the use of environmental technologies can be claimed good or evil depending on the [...]

Curb Plastic Waste: Intervention Stages

Given the adverse effects of plastic wastes on the environment, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans, in particular, an intervention needs to be developed to help curb and mitigate the scope of the problem.

E-Waste Management for the Local Environment

The negative consequence of poor e-waste management, such as poor e-waste disposal, might cue the thoughts of the locals on the need to improve on their environmental awareness, thus joining the local environmental organization proposed.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: Mission

This report illustrates the significant contributions to the issue of environmental protection, which are provided by the global non-profit organization, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Water Pollution and Management in the UAE

The groundwater in UAE meets the needs of 51% of users in terms of quantity mainly for irrigation. Surface water is the source of groundwater and plays a major role in groundwater renewal.

Setting Up a Safari Zoo in the UAE

The paper below focuses on the barriers to setting up a safari zoo in the UAE. Through this, the study will identify the animals that are more likely to be comfortable in the zoo.

Environmental Management and Human Impact

Due to overpopulation or expanding of the slums, people are engaged in activities that harm the environment since the supply of amenities such as water, sewerage and energy becomes difficult.

America’ Major Environmental Challenges

The government has to acknowledge that the US and the international community still require fossil fuels and therefore regulation procedures as well as policies governing new technologies like coal-to-liquids conversion plants have to be reviewed [...]

Solar Energy: Definition and Ways of Usage

Observers believe that the energy from the sun has the potential to satisfy the world's energy requirements. Energy from the solar is free, and we can never deplete solar energy.

Fracking: Process, Regions and Benefits

The gas component is trapped on the surface of the well. The dense shale deposits are used to extract natural gas to the benefit of the local economies.
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