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Environmental Management Essay Examples and Topics

American Indian Environmental Movement in Arizona

The presence of the ethnic-cultural minority population in the state largely contributes to its multicultural diversification and enrichment as even new generations prefer to live up to the unique values and worldviews passed to them [...]

Water Crisis Resolution and Investments

Based on the factors mentioned above, it could be said that the primary goal of the paper is to discuss the issue of the water crisis, as it is of paramount importance for the survival [...]

The Term “Proactivity”: Life and Study Skills

Therefore, it is important to involve as many people in the achievement of greater ecological efficiency and safety as possible. Later, I plan to communicate my findings and achieve the implementation of potentially effective solutions [...]

Environmental Risk Assessment

The thing is that the process of risk assessment is often criticized and questioned in the framework of its value and credibility.

Ethanol Fuel and Offshore Drilling for Oil

The high cost of production discourages energy companies from switching to ethanol production. Accordingly, ethanol production and use shift the population to use renewable energy that is friendly to the environment.

Common Ownership of Oceans and Regulations

The "common ownership" problem relates to the pollution and unsustainable use or overexploitation of a common access resource. Regulations that address the problems of overexploitation and pollution are required to preserve marine life.

Sustainable Development in Society and Business

Although sustainability applies to different aspects of a society, sustainability manifests in the well-being of members of a society. Generally, sustainability refers to the ability to live within particular parameters, understanding relatedness among economic, social [...]

Nuclear Energy: Safe, Economical, Reliable

Thus, nuclear energy is viable and safe in meeting the current and future demand for energy across the world. Nuclear energy has significant implications for the environment and population health in case of an accident [...]

Corporate Sustainability Management in Australia

Therefore, the report analyzes the urban situation, community attitudes to the environmental state of the urban area, resource management, policy development, and recommends probable solutions The findings entail the urban form in Australia, community attitudes, [...]

Energy Consumption and Minimization Methods

The paper is devoted to the evaluation of recent research studies on the issues of excess energy consumption in manufacturing systems as well as the strategies for minimization of electricity waste.

Environmental Strategy for Groundwater in Abu Dhabi

Ground water is increasingly becoming critical in the emirate of Abu Dhabi because of its extensive use in agriculture, landscaping, and afforestation. The stakeholders must ensure that there is sustainability in the use of ground [...]

Healthcare Waste Management and International Pacts

Where a private contractor is involved in the collection, transportation, and disposal of the waste, the duty of care principle requires the health care facility to conduct supervision to ensure that the processes are carried [...]

Potable Water Supply in the Gulf Region

The tendency toward rapid growth in the region and the associated increase in population has been laying a foundation for the further deterioration of the water supply and the increased significance of the issue.

Nebraska Pollution Prevention Project

The article is about Nebraska's Partners in Pollution Prevention program and the benefits it has brought to the state in the reduction of pollution caused by small businesses.

Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries

The major factors that affect the management of waste in cities in developing nations are an ever-increasing quantity of waste generated, overburdened municipal resources because of the increased cost of waste management, and insufficient understanding [...]

Environmental Risks in the United Arab Emirates

With this in mind, the primary objective of the given study is the deep analysis of the main environmental risks that the UAE faces and the creation of the appropriate risk assessment method in order [...]

Water Control Issue in the United Arab Emirates

The second considerable consumer of the water supplies in the United Arab Emirates is the domain of the private household. The fundamental problem, which brings some serious problems to the household management of water, is [...]

Energy Consumption in Utah

The rate of energy consumption is considerably high in the State of Utah, with the geological surveys indicating that the region is position thirty-ninth among the American States in issues of power consumption measured through [...]

US Position on International Environmental Concerns

The United States of America being of one of the most powerful countries in the world is attempting to lead from the front by discouraging pollution and abuse of the environment by employing environment management [...]

Water Quality Control

With regards to the first strategy, it is important to touch the hearts and minds of the next generation's leaders and policy makers. They have to see and experience the benefits of their actions.

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management

The Barwon Coast Committee of Management is the preferred committee of management for this report. Founded in 1995, the Barwon Coast Committee of Management is in charge of managing coastal reserves between Collendina and the [...]

Australia Coastal and Catchment Management

In addition, the country has the best water storage capacity per person, which is necessary for sustainable agricultural activities and water supplies for domestic consumption, particularly during prolonged dry seasons. For centuries, water has been [...]

The Bellarine Committee of Management

The Bellarine committee of management regulates the work of many reserves in the region, including such reserves as the Edwards Point State Faunal Reserve, the Portarlington Recreation Reserve, and the Salt Lagoon State Nature Reserve.

Managing Farm Dams to Support Waterbird Breeding

The frequent fires and forest clearance in these areas have led to extensive migration of different species of birds. For example, they should take some of the endangered birds and breed them separately in a [...]

Nuclear Safety Culture

This research will focus on nuclear safety issues by looking at some of the major nuclear accidents and incidents around the world and what can be done to counter such accidents.

Australian Mining Industry’s Environmental Strategies

However, it has created a new debate about its viability to introduce sustainable change and the potential for adopting alternative strategies of environmental protection, such as the direct action strategy and the emissions trading scheme, [...]

Environmental Technology and Its Disruptive Impact

One of the tendencies of the modern world is the promotion of the environmentally friendly technologies and sources of energy. Although the use of environmental technologies can be claimed good or evil depending on the [...]

Curb Plastic Waste: Intervention Stages

Given the adverse effects of plastic wastes on the environment, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans, in particular, an intervention needs to be developed to help curb and mitigate the scope of the problem.

E-Waste Management for the Local Environment

The negative consequence of poor e-waste management, such as poor e-waste disposal, might cue the thoughts of the locals on the need to improve on their environmental awareness, thus joining the local environmental organization proposed.

Water Pollution and Management in the UAE

The groundwater in UAE meets the needs of 51% of users in terms of quantity mainly for irrigation. Surface water is the source of groundwater and plays a major role in groundwater renewal.

Setting Up a Safari Zoo in the UAE

The paper below focuses on the barriers to setting up a safari zoo in the UAE. Through this, the study will identify the animals that are more likely to be comfortable in the zoo.

Environmental Management and Human Impact

Due to overpopulation or expanding of the slums, people are engaged in activities that harm the environment since the supply of amenities such as water, sewerage and energy becomes difficult.

America’ Major Environmental Challenges

The government has to acknowledge that the US and the international community still require fossil fuels and therefore regulation procedures as well as policies governing new technologies like coal-to-liquids conversion plants have to be reviewed [...]

Oil and Natural Gases in Eurasian Region

In other words, the oil and natural gas industry is an investment that holds the economy of the various states in Eurasia, and, therefore, the energy sector holds the power of the survival of these [...]

The Fishing Industry of Atlantic Canada

The Northwest Atlantic rose exponentially throughout the centuries proving quite significant to most of the North Atlantic regions, especially to the Canadian population, by forming the most reliable economic backbone to the Canadians as well [...]

Environmental Risk Management in the UAE

The assessment of health risks is important in public health because it provides perspectives, which are important in the prevention and management of diseases that emanate from exposure to hazardous materials in the environment.

Decentralized Natural Resource Management

Democratic decentralization of natural resources would enhance development where local people and local governments have freedom to rule with the least involvement of the central government.

The Water Nexus Model in the UAE

The aspects of the water nexus model in the UAE sustainability projects entail the sources of water, the demand, and supply to the Emirati people, importation, and exportation of the highly valued resources. The primary [...]

Wildlife Parks Visitor Management Issues

Administrators of wildlife parks have to employ different strategies of visitor management to ensure that they have a balance of demand by visitors and the available regeneration capacity of the wildlife parks.

The Resource Paradox in Nigeria

The primary goal of this assignment is to discover and identify the areas, which are actively exploited and determine the principal reasons for the lack of the investment of the revenues into the local economy.

Landfill System Issues

Poor management of landfills causes several issues that include disruption of infrastructure, pollution of the environment, wildlife disturbance, reduction of property values, and pollution of land and water reserves.

The San Antonio River’s Taming

The San Antonio community witnessed the risks posed by living along the banks of a wild river during the first half of the 20th century, and this prompted the erection of countermeasures to mitigate the [...]

Urban Environmental Justice

The concept evaluates the increasing differences in economic, health, and the environment among ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups toward the end of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century.

Investment in Renewable Energy Sources

Thus, it is possible to say that climate crisis can prove to be a catastrophe that can profoundly influence people living in various regions of the world; more importantly, the existing policies are not sufficient [...]

Drinking and Bathing Water in Sabah

There is the need to establish industries in remote regions to ensure water is tapped from the sea for their use and also for the local communities. This is a private company that offers water [...]

Water and Environment Engineering

The village is situated in the Northwestern part of the state, near the seacoast. However, one of the village residents made an offer to the turtle and the latter allowed humans to use water from [...]

Science in Environmental Management

The environmental flows of a river are influenced by the shape and size of the river basin, the distribution of the marine habitat and plant species, the structure of the marine habitat and the nature [...]

Chesapeake Bay Environment Protection

The prevention of water pollution was made possible through a rule that controlled the amount of pollutants discharged into the ocean by the players in the manufacturing industry.conducted a research and it followed that, according [...]

How should we live?

In the Netherlands, there has been well documentation of public support for "Room for River" policies and this support is found out to be high.

Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

Miller et al.also present field and laboratory tests to identify the influence of compaction conditions on the characteristics of soil water to highlight the fact of discrepancies between the application of laboratory tests and those [...]

Sustainable Resource Management

The purpose of examination is to compare the results of sustainable water management with the current level of pollutants within the waters that feed into Lithgow's and Sydney's water supply in order to determine the [...]

The solutions presented

In the first presentation, solutions to protect the Great Barrier Reef, which is endangered from rising acidity levels due to methane extraction, were given while the second, third and fourth presentations focused on the measures [...]