Environmental Management Essay Examples and Topics

Investment in Renewable Energy Sources

Attention Grabber Although scientists and policy-makers continuously pay attention pay attention to the risks of oncoming climate crisis, many people find it rather difficult to imagine the world in which environment is completely destroyed and people can no longer get access to natural resources. Unfortunately, the contemporary society has profoundly transformed many of the biological […]

Jordan River’ Water Issues and Hydropolitics

Freshwater is one of the most vital resources in the modern world. This resource is valued even higher in the mostly arid Middle East region. When common water resources have to be shared among different nations in the region, the existing political differences result in tension and disputes over water management. River Jordan is one […]

Assessment on Drinking and Bathing Water in Sabah

Introduction Ethnobiology refers to a scientific approach of studying the relationship between human beings and their interactions with the environment (Bornstein 2010). It is evident that the human population is going to pose serious health risks if corrective measures are not adopted. This paper is an assessment on drinking and bathing water in Sabah. Background […]

Water and Environment Engineering

Introduction Village Background Buayan is located in Sabah state in Malaysia. The village is situated in the Northwestern part of the state, near the seacoast (Kennedy, 2011). The name of the village is predetermined by a long history. According to the account of one of the representatives of Ulu Papar generation, Buayan suffered from a […]

Solutions to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Watershed Pollution Problem

Introduction The degree of water pollution in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area is very high. This has led to its watershed having some of the most polluted water in the country. If the situation is left unattended, the quality of water in the watershed can be expected to get even worse as the metropolitan experiences […]

Science in Environmental Management

Introduction The research paper will focus on Geo science and the environmental flows that are found in the Murry Darling River in Australia which covers an area of 1.06 million kilometres per square metre. The economic output that is generated from the Murry Darling River is approximately $23 billion in Australian dollars. From this amount, […]

The Ancient And The Medieval Worlds: The Use Of Water Power

Before the introduction of the water turbine in the 1830’s, the horizontal wheel was widely preferred to the vertical wheel for use due to its practicality, simplicity of manufacture, and affordability. The vertical wheel was in two forms, the ‘undershot’ and the ‘overshot’ configurations. Unlike the horizontal wheel, it was far more efficient than its […]

What role should business and government play in advancing the sustainability?

Introduction Recent trends in the business world have raised concerns as to whether businesses and countries will be able to successfully have resources to sustain production in the future. Issues of environmental pollution and depletion of resources have led governments, leading industrial companies and even regulatory bodies together with other organizations like the United Nations […]

Chesapeake Bay Environment Protection

Introduction The world is a host to many different types of people with different backgrounds and holding different cultural views. Therefore, it necessitates formulation of rules and regulations, which are intended to help these individuals to conduct them in a way that will maketheir life simpler and sober (Kerwin & Scott, 2010). This is done […]

How should we live?

Introduction As a consequence of global warming and human activity, some countries across the world are likely to encounter high river water levels in the nearest future. There also going to be increased levels of river degradation and in the present day, river degradation is a significant issue of natural resource management that is facing […]

Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

Article Critique Brief Overview of the Article The article under analysis called Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste is written by Hanson et al. (2). The paper investigates the compaction characteristics of solid waste located in Michigan landfill received from laboratory data. In general, the article has great significance for environmental and economic studies because […]

Sustainable Resource Management

Introduction One of the major challenges facing Australia today comes in form of managing its water supply in the face of rising water demand, an increasingly drying climate brought about by global warming and subsequent industrial pollution, which has affected overall water quality in locations such as Lithgow. Sustainable resource management in this particular case […]

The solutions presented

Introduction The four presentations suggest solutions for alleviating flooding and preserving the Great Barrier Reef. In the first presentation, solutions to protect the Great Barrier Reef, which is endangered from rising acidity levels due to methane extraction, were given while the second, third and fourth presentations focused on the measures to manage the effects of […]

Environmental Justice and Water: Quality, Affordability and Sustainable Use. Facing the Dilemmas of the XXI Century

Introduction: Water Supply in the XXI Century. Threats and Opportunities The nature-vs.-nurture conflict will, probably, never go away. Posing a number of ethical questions to the entire population of the Earth, it persuades people to make choices that define the quality of their future life. The question regarding water quality and supply is one of […]

Environmental Policy Making in Developing Countries

Introduction The interdependent relationship between the government and businesses leads to changes in economy and market, demanding proper environmental and economical practices. Economic stability is largely linked to the governmental institutions, in connection with the society and public demands. A business setting or functions of an organization involve an intricate cooperation between the government, society […]

Political Ecology and Water Resources

Introduction Many people would attest that access to water is an intrinsic human right. The rationale is that majority of the earth’s surface is composed of water. However, over 90% of the water is in the seas and oceans leaving only about 3% of water for human consumption. As such, competition for the resource is […]

Watershed river basin management

A watershed is one of the units discovered to play a role in conservation of the environment (Carlsen 44). It is through watersheds that water is regulated ensuring sufficient water for the present need and the future to come. The watershed has a joint role of preserving the environment and also maximizes its use by […]

Green Buildings and Their Efficiency Water Consumption

Introduction Green buildings or high-performance buildings incorporate design and construction standards that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of the building on the environment and occupants. Green buildings essential elements of focus include sustainable site, safeguarding water and its sources, energy conservation, conservation of materials and indoor environmental quality. Property developers are beginning to […]

Sustainable Urbanisation Challenges that Paralyze the Development of Rural Communities

Introduction The challenges of urbanisation are no longer something that urban dwellers have to contend with alone. In the contemporary society, communities living in rural areas can feel the effects of urbanisation as well. The scarcity of clean fresh water is just one example of how the urban population is exploiting natural resources, resulting in […]

Water consumption in the UAE: Analyzing the past mistakes, designing the future strategy

Water is one of those life sustaining elements that are often taken for granted. Taking a major part of the Earth surface and required for a normal functioning of not only human body, but basically every single living creature or plant, water is the substance without which the mere existence of humankind would be impossible. […]

Globalization and Security Environment: Visions of Prosperity and Peace

Abstract The three main resources in the UAE are water, oil and human capital. The economic dominance of the UAE in the Arabian Peninsula makes it vulnerable to resource-based conflicts. Such conflicts can affect the regional security of the Middle East. The policy initiatives needed to ensure that the country remains stable are as follows. […]

The Water Distribution System of Springfield City

Water was first distributed to Springfield Area by a privately owned company named Aqueduct. The company was in charge of the city’s water distribution from 1865 to 1897. The city’s Water and Sewerage Commission then took over the water distribution duties in Springfield and adjacent areas. After the Commission took over the water distribution, major […]

Environment, Disease and Crime in Egypt

Introduction It is notable that environmental problems, diseases and criminal activities affect the development process in a country. Indeed, an environmental problem, which distorts people’s ability to gain livelihoods eventually, affects their well-being. Similarly, the prevalence of diverse diseases in Egypt limits the citizens’ ability to attain sound health. This eventually causes the demise of […]

The History of the Ertan Dam and Its Use for Generating Electricity

Introduction Man has always invented ways of making his life comfortable. Availability of electrical power is one of the very basic needs for the modern civilization. One of the ways through which power can be obtained is through the construction of dams which are used for generation of hydroelectric power. This paper examines one such […]

Water Distribution System in Spain

Introduction Among European Union countries, Spain emerges as not only one of those with cheapest water tariffs but also where clean and safe drinking water is accessible to all its citizens. Statistically, approximately 98 percent of the town or city inhabitants and 93 percent of the countryside inhabitants are linked to sewers, whereas the rest […]

Water Distribution System Used by the State of Texas

The history of water service in the State of Texas dates back to 1878, when Houston’s City Council decided to build a water works facility. In part, this decision was triggered by the necessity to cope with devastating fires, which occurred on a regular basis (Smyer, p 2). At that moment, the entire consumption of […]

Groundwater Pollution: Impact of Agriculture and Its Prevention

This fact sheet is aimed to inform the reader about the danger that is around groundwater resources and is caused by the impact of agriculture. It will summarize the activities that influence groundwater development, describe the risk, under which groundwater as well as health can be, and analyze the methods of control that can be […]

Water Resources Management

Impact of human activities on water resources This has adverse effects on the population of fish that are set to dwindle due to the destruction of their food resources or by killing them through mercury poison. The mercury poison comes from industry effluents. Adverse temperatures that results from dumping of hot water from the industries […]