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Goals Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Goals Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Millenium Development Goals
    The UN has already put strategies to abolish school fees with the aim of promoting continuity of primary education for the poor especially in many parts of Africa such as the sub-Sahara regions.
  2. Goals and Objectives
    Mission and vision though often confused as to mean the same things are different in that mission is the purpose of existence of an organization while vision is what the organization hopes to achieve. The […]
  3. Importance of Setting Goals and Strategic Planning In an Organization
    With the ever-increasing competition and changing business environments, proper planning and setting of achievable strategic goals have become an integral part of all organizations, as they are two of the primary determinants of an organization’s […]
  4. Goals and Achievements of Impressionism
    For an artist’s work to be exhibited at the salon it had to be evaluated by the salon officials to establish if it conformed to the elements of art and design and those that were […]
  5. Career Goals in Educational Technology
    The University offers the Master of Arts and the doctor of Philosophy degrees in Educational Technology. One of the spread and reasonable career goal for an applicant is to achieve success in the field of […]
  6. Rhetorical situations in the Experiences and Goals Letter
    The goal of the reader requires that the reader will get the relevant information from the document and finally the context is in relation to the situation that reader expects the document to address.
  7. Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization in Britain
    Britain has from time immemorial been the pacesetter for globalization due to the fact that it was among the first countries to achieve economic and political stability and was in a position to colonize other […]
  8. The fire station goals, objectives and missions
    The New York City fire station is for the third time publishing its goals and objectives, enabling it to successfully implement its services to the community.
  9. World Hunger and Millennium Development Goals
    The chart below shows the statistics of hunger in the world: The majority of poverty stricken people who happens to be suffering from hunger live in Africa, the Pacific, Caribbean, and Asia.
  10. Goals of the Monetary Policy
    In addition, the relatively high levels of unemployment necessitated the maintenance of low fund rates to increase of money supply in the economy.
  11. Two important policy goals of the government and the Fed
    However, for it to be sustainable, different policies are employed to ensure that the rate of inflation and unemployment are minimal as the GDP growth rate increases at a rate of 3% annually.
  12. Millennium Development Goals, MDGS
    It is located along the Indian Ocean in the Eastern parts of Africa and is boarded by Somalia to the East, Tanzania to the Southern West, Uganda to the West, Southern Sudan to the Northern […]
  13. Reaching the Career Goals: In Search for a Place under the Sun
    Quicksilver Nespresso Fastsing Narrowing the Choice Down to Three Options While the list provided above offers a fairly detailed account of the career options that I can possibly use in order to achieve success in […]
  14. Goals and Achievements of Impressionism
    The painters applying impressionism intended to focus the direct impressions of color and light that a person sees and feels when interacting with the environment.
  15. MDG Poverty Goals May be Achieved, but Child Mortality is not Improving
    The progress in achieving the first goal- to cut the number of people living in poverty by half- is evidenced by the high growth rates in China and India.
  16. IBM Promotes Social Responsibility Goals
    The company’s responsibility is notable in many places of the society since it has a number of projects that target the betterment of the lives of challenged persons in the society.
  17. Language Management Relative to Gender, Cultural Background, and Goals of Interaction
    The importance of language can not be over emphasized and where people are not able to speak a language, they have the option of learning sign languages so as to be able to communicate.
  18. Recommendations for Organisational Goals for Mergers
    Businesses are entered into to accomplish the merged company’s goals and objectives, not to compete with the goals and objectives of the other entities joining the merger.
  19. How the DTC Major Supports Your Career Goals
    Digital technology and culture ensures that the knowledge people have in art is updated depending on the modern technology and everyone for communication to be effective understands the language used.
  20. Goals for Medical Records Clerk
    It has already been mentioned that one of the tasks the clerk will be expected to carry out is the extraction of daily charts to be used in appointments the next day.
  21. Millennium development Goals
    Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger According to the UN Report, the first target of this goal is to cut by half the number of people whose daily income is below $ 1 between […]
  22. Goals for Motivation Employees in HRM
    This paper shall therefore focus on the goals of motivation, motivational theories, and measurement of the outcome of motivation. This is essential in the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization.
  23. The Role of Technology in Linking the HRM with Organization Goals and Vision
    Adoption of technology in HRM practices depends on the success of HRIS, HRM department sizes and the resources used to train employees to increase a firm’s performance.
  24. Goals of business
    The aim of this paper is to critic and analyse the claim that the main goal of businesses is profit maximisation. CSR is the obligation of businesses to offer social, legal and economic support and […]
  25. Understanding Goals of Human Resource Management in the Context of Human Capital Theory
    It should also be stressed that contextual factors, including technology, unions, market conditions, and business approaches are significant because they have a direct impact on the costs linked to alternative methods of HRM practices to […]
  26. A Critical Discussion of Wal-Mart’s Superordinate Goals
    The company’s leadership is actively aware that to continue maintaining competitiveness and performance into the 21st century there must exist an acceptable “fit” between the company and the environment, and managerial skills in the areas […]
  27. Company Details and Business Goals
    Consultation and clear information circulation will be the major aspect of the management in order to prevent confusion and conflicts, which have the potential of derailing the achievement of the desired goals.
  28. Standards, Goals and Objectives: Learning the Essentials
    With that in mind, it can be suggested that the lesson should be focused on training the skills for comprehension of the English language and the ability to perceive the message in the shortest amount […]
  29. Were the Goals of Hampton/Tuskegee Consistent with the Democratic Ideals of self-Determination and Equality?
    Thus, considering the situation which took place in late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it is possible to state that proclaiming democratic ideas in the education, the main goals of Hampton/Tuskegee idea were directed at […]

🥇 Most Interesting Goals Topics to Write about

  1. Standards, Goals, and Objectives are very critical in enhancing the learning process
    Measurable objectives The objectives of this learning goal will be to equip the learners with the skills that will enable them to recognize the plural forms.
  2. Elements of SMART goals
    It also clearly states the market that the company is targeting and is measureable as it defines the metrics that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the goal i.e.to achieve a 15% market […]
  3. Communication Must be Improved to Ensure Achievement of Organizational Goals
    The Mayo’s Hawthorne plant research shows the importance of the attitudinal relationship between the workers and the supervisors in securing the workers’ cooperation with management in terms of attaining organizational goals.
  4. The Millennium Development Goals: Polices, Progress and Challenges
    The main aim of coming up with the Millennium Development Goals was to ensure that the level of social and economic development in the developing countries and by extension to oversee a sense of unity […]
  5. “Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Overprescribing Goal Setting”
    The main idea of the article is that too specific or challenging goals may lead to the unethical behavior, distorted attention to various significant aspects, the decrease in intrinsic motivation, and worsening of the organizational […]
  6. Impact of Virtual Worlds on Marketing Strategies and Goals of Major Corporations
    Despite the fact that there is a fast-growing tendency to integrate World Wide Wed to the marketing, the success and importance of the Internet for business is still identified by the nature and quality of […]
  7. Achieving Goals
    Knowing that will give you the motivation you need to give your life the best shot as you work towards your goals.
  8. Theories of Development and Millennium Development Goals
    The Millennial Development Goals and Dreze and Sen suggest that people are in the center of all development and should be the focal point if nations want to develop.
  9. Treatment of Forensic Populations and Professional Goals
    The following discussion evaluates the characteristics of forensic populations, treatment options, and the actualization of professional goals. The uniqueness of the populations evokes the need to evaluate the decision-making capabilities, general life skills, and interpersonal […]
  10. Teaching Social Studies: Reasons and Goals
    It should be noted that the researches have shown that when the teachers are dedicated to the whole process and find the ways to make the students believe that this subject is vital together with […]
  11. Drive-Through Cafe Marketing Goals
    In the proposed drive-through cafe, the idea that comes across is that the establishment will be interested in offering the best products and services using a blend of innovative concepts with old-fashioned ideas.
  12. Dell Incorporation Environmental Goals
    The new developments at Dell will lead to a positive payoff in future because the world is going ecofriendly, and thus most customers, as well as organizations will prefer to purchase products that are eco-friendly […]
  13. The Online Presence Company Business Goals
    The technology provides a web-based platform and a user interface unique to the needs of each client for the development of websites designed to meet customer needs and expectations.
  14. Students’ Educational Standards, Goals and Objectives
    According to the norms, adopted by State Board of Education of Public Schools of North Caroline, third-grade students should be able to “represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division”. By achieving these goals, a […]
  15. Thomas Jefferson’s Goals: Life, Liberty and Happiness
    Prior to the writing of this phrase, the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness were not acknowledged by the political systems of the day.
  16. US Education: Goals, Methods, and Equality Issues
    Despite the fact that nowadays, in the 21st century, honoring diversity has become an almost a common tradition, recognizing the need for diversity in education is still a controversial issue in the sphere of education.
  17. Self-Directed Learning: Goals, Theories, Process
    First, I found a recipe of the cake I want to bake. I was able to apply one of the models of learning.
  18. Teacher Development: Fields and Goals
    The primary field of personal teaching development concerns the basic goal of the education, which is promoting a contact with the learners.
  19. Education’s Goals in Krishnamurti’s View
    The analysis of the author’s thoughts reflected in the article demonstrates that the primary aim of education is to help young people understand the nature of the universe, the purpose of their lives, and the […]
  20. New Urbanism Neighborhoods: Elements and Goals
    According to the new urbanism charter, the aim of this concept is to develop neighborhoods that can accommodate big and diverse populations.
  21. Gulfport Transit Company’s Challenges and Goals
    In a bid to shed more light on this subject, this paper will analyze the challenges and opportunities facing Gulfport Transit as it seeks to expand its strategies to meet the current demand within the […]
  22. Educational Goals of the Beauty and the Beast Tale
    She volunteered to take the place of her father in the castle under the beast’s confinement. Belle became close to the beast after it saved her from a pack of wolves that had attempted to […]
  23. Public Education, Its Goals and Natural Law
    Thus, natural ethics calls for the creation and maintenance of common public schools in fulfillment of the state’s obligation to pass on to the succeeding generation all the knowledge of the preceding generation.

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