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Impact of Virtual Worlds on Marketing Strategies and Goals of Major Corporations

Importance of Internet Marketing Despite the fact that there is a fast-growing tendency to integrate World Wide Wed to the marketing, the success and importance of the Internet for business is still identified by the nature and quality of products and customer’s demands (Chaffey, 2006, p. 33). So, if a company specializes in providing the […]

“Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Overprescribing Goal Setting” Article

Goal setting has always been regarded as the efficient method for increasing the overall performance of employees and organization. Particular goals predetermine directions and time limits to achieve results. The role of goal setting has been overestimated as far as there are side effects that negatively influence employees’ behavior and organizational culture. The article under […]

The Millennium Development Goals: Polices, Progress and Challenges

Introduction Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) comprise eight goals that all the Nations which form the United Nations agree to achieve by year 2015. The main aim of coming up with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was to ensure that the level of social and economic development in the developing countries and by extension to oversee […]

Communication must be improved to ensure achievement of organizational goals.

Communication is a very important aspect of an organization’s regular operations. The research focus is on the Mayo experiment on communication. The research is on the Columbine High School massacre precipitating from a communication catastrophe. Communication must be improved to ensure achievement of organizational goals. The Mayo’s Hawthorne plant research shows the importance of the […]

Elements of SMART goals

The process of setting goals is integral to the strategic planning process (Berkowitz, Fredrick, Roger, Steven and William, 1998); this is because goals are very important to an organization because they help in controlling the planning process, motivate individuals and teams effort towards a common goal. They also enable a consistent approach on all the […]

Standards, Goals, and Objectives are very critical in enhancing the learning process

Introduction According to Lalley and Gentile (2009), having very clear objectives is one of the important components of the learning process. In this regard, the teacher should have clear goals that serve as the guidelines for the learning process. The goals will help the teacher to be in a position to have an understanding of […]

Were the Goals of Hampton/Tuskegee Consistent with the Democratic Ideals of self-Determination and Equality?

Education is an essential part of human life. Considering the problem of education in different parts of America and the history of its development, the education of Afro-Americans in the ex-slaves status can be interesting to dwell upon. It is possible to consider the problem of democratization of the society and an attempt to make […]

A Critical Discussion of Wal-Mart’s Superordinate Goals

This session focuses on illuminating Wal-Mart’s superordinate goals and how they fit with the dimensions of staff, skills, structure, strategy, style and systems. The session concludes by providing recommendations that could be employed to enhance organizational performance. Extant literature describes superordinate goals as “…the set of values or aspirations which underpin what a company stands […]

Understanding Goals of Human Resource Management in the Context of Human Capital Theory

Labor economics currently depends on several marketable skills of employees that invest in various spheres of organizational activities. This dimension of human resource management is essential for understanding both the wage system and investment incentives. The theory of human capital, therefore, states that human resources are represented through a set of “skills, experience, and knowledge […]

Goals of business

Introduction In the 1970s, Milton Friedman argued that the only purpose of business was to maximise profits. This was based on the assumption that such action would benefit the society through increased employment. Friedman maintained that taking part in other activities would render a company less competitive and consequently less beneficial to the society, employees […]

The Role of Technology in Linking the HRM with Organization Goals and Vision

Strategic HRM The integration of information technology into the HR development leads to newer capacities for an organization. This includes a definition of the information interface among staffs, an exchange of their contributions and their participation in virtual enterprises (Wang 2005). Rapid organizational restructuring needs are calling for new ways of HRM to stimulate administrative […]

Recommendations for Organisational Goals for Mergers

There are recommendations for a company who wants to have a united organisational goal when merging with another company, especially among United Kingdom organizations (Grayson, 2011). The recommendations are as follows: The organizational goals must focus on engaging in the same market segment. There is better synergy if the merging entities are engaged in the […]

Language Management Relative to Gender, Cultural Background, and Goals of Interaction

Introduction Language is a channel of communication that exists to ensure that men and women are able to talk to each other. It allows people to express their thoughts and feelings and to be understood. Without language, whether verbal or non verbal, it may be practically impossible for people to live and work together. A […]

MDG poverty goals may be achieved, but child mortality is not improving

Article Summary The news article under analysis, titled MDG poverty goals may be achieved, but child mortality is not improving, appears in the Guardian newspaper. The article was authored by Claire Provost and details the progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), especially by developing countries. Provost begins by stating that two-thirds of developing […]

Goals and Achievements of Impressionism

The name impressionism basically attempts to help people understand the work and achievements of impressionist painters. This artistic approach was more prevalent in the 1870s and 1880s.The painters applying impressionism intended to focus the direct impressions of color and light that a person sees and feels when interacting with the environment (Cunningham & Reich, 2010). […]

Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization in Britain.

Introduction There has been a continual change in the global society since the history of man. Communities have continued to grow, interact and integrate with one another in all aspects of the society. Globalization is an aspect of the global community whereby there is increased integration in terms of politics, trade, technology and communication among […]

Rhetorical situations in the Experiences and Goals Letter

Communication skills are one of the most important skills in the work place since it defines a person’s character more than anything else does. Any form of communication especially the written one should be clear enough to be understood by any relevant person irrespective of their level of education. It is important for an individual […]

Career Goals in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology faculty is the integrative part of Northern Colorado State University. The University offers the Master of Arts and the doctor of Philosophy degrees in Educational Technology. According to the admission criteria for the Graduate School, each applicant should write about his/her career goals in this educational establishment. Consequently, the aim of the […]

Importance of Setting Goals and Strategic Planning In an Organization

Introduction With the ever-increasing competition and changing business environments, proper planning and setting of achievable strategic goals have become an integral part of all organizations, as they are two of the primary determinants of an organization’s level of productivity. In addition, these factors are also important when it comes to defining an organization’s purpose and […]

Goals and Objectives

Introduction The terms goals and objectives have been used interchangeably as though to imply they are synonymous. Although the line that distinguishes these two is very thin, there is a difference between these two concepts. This discussion focuses on the differences between goals and objectives and why each of them is important to an organization. […]

Millenium Development Goals

Over many years, many people have not valued education especially the uneducated parents most of who are in the developing countries with Africa being the most affected. As the cost of living is drastically increasing, education is becoming more and more essential in enabling one to live a more comfortable life through provision of employment […]