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Google’s Business Strategy Report (Assessment)


Google is one of the few global companies which has the privilege of being listed in the Fortune 500 list. The company has managed to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing technology industry. The global market for mobile devices continues to grow, which will has a direct impact on the company’s operations in the market.

It is estimated that by the end of 2013, mobile devices will have been used more than personal computers and laptops for accessing the Internet. This shift in consumer behavior will have a large impact on the company’s operations. Social networks, cloud IT services and the demand for information will continue to increase consumer demand in mobile devices across the world. Google will have to prepare for cut throat competition from other firms, such as Microsoft, Samsung and Apple (Pettey).

There is an increase in the number of people, seeking different mobile applications and other mobile web support services. More consumers are looking for smart phones which have strong applications that can perform a variety of functions. Google’s Android software for mobile devices has been competitive in the market because of its compatibility with different mobile applications.

The firm will have to improve the design of its Android software to make it more capable of handling larger web applications that run on HTML 5. This approach will enable the company to compete effectively with other firms in the market. More consumers and corporate firms are gradually shifting to IT cloud services as their preferred mode of saving crucial data and information.

Cloud services enable users to access their files and information from any location without any difficulties. Therefore, Google needs to invest more in research and development to enable it to come up with innovative products in the market (Manyika).

Google’s strategic goal is to improve the competitiveness of its current products in the market to make them more competitive among consumers. The firm seeks to improve the manner in which people access information on different devices to make it friendlier to their lifestyles.

In 2011, the firm obtained Motorola Mobility’s patent for more than 12 billion dollars, showing the company’s intention to strengthen its position in the mobile devices market. The firm intends to improve its performance by making Android the most preferred mobile operating system in the whole world.

It seeks to protect Android’s market share because it faces a lot of competition from rival operating systems, produced by Apple and Windows. The firm’s strategic focus is to increase Android’s market share to make it benefit more from advertising revenue targeting mobile users.

The growth in mobile consumer markets has made it possible many firms reach out mobile device users to increase sales in different global markets (Schermerhorn 206).

Google seeks to grow its profile in emerging markets which have a lot of new middle income consumers. The firm is going to increase its market share in these markets to enable it to grow its revenues. Asian and Latin American markets have a lot of middle income consumers with a high purchasing power who seek quality products.

The firm intends to build strong synergies with developers of mobile apps to enable more Android users to have access to useful apps. This will help improve the company’s profile in the market, thereby improving its competitive edge. The firm intends to build on its reputation in different markets to help it attract more consumers. The firm also seeks to encourage more users to develop apps on their mobile devices to encourage innovation and creativity (Schermerhorn 209).

Google has focused on making information more accessible as part of its financial strategy. The firm seeks to come up with new technologies to strengthen its position in the market. Google’s financial strategy takes note of innovation as a key driver of growth and performance in the company.

The firm’s management has initiated concepts, which will help it produce relevant products that satisfy consumers’ needs in different markets.

They hope this strategy will help the firm access more international markets to help it increase its revenues and profits. Google seeks to take advantage of opportunities in Asian, Latin American and African markets, to increase its market share globally. Its aim is to build partnerships with other firms to help it extend its influence into other markets (Bender and Ward 78).

The company has renewed its focus on research and development to help its stay competitive in the global market. For a long time, Google’s strategy has been driven by innovation which has helped the firm stay competitive in the market. The firm’s main source of revenue has been advertising though in the last decade, the firm has diversified into other areas.

The firm seeks to increase its returns on the large investments it has made in the last few years. The firm also intends to increase revenues it obtains from advertising by developing applications, which allow users to view adverts through their Android smart phones. This will enable the company to have different advertising revenue streams to enable it to improve its performance in the market in the long run.

Research has shown that more people are relying on mobile devices for web browsing compared to personal computers and laptops. Google intends to capitalize on this shift to attract more mobile users to adverts, carried through smart phones that operate on Android (Bender and Ward 87).

The firm has a favorable corporate culture which helps it retain employees who are technically gifted and competent. The firm offers a lot of benefits to its employees which motivate them to improve their performance. Google has a relaxed working policy which focuses more on results obtained. Workers have more autonomy when performing their responsibilities that has made its staff be more responsible.

The firm’s organizational culture encourages its workers to be more committed to their workplace duties. The firm has a favorable working environment which helps its employees perform duties assigned to them effectively (Mawhinney 89). Managers involve workers in decision making, as such improving results obtained by the firm in different work place procedures. This approach has enabled the firm to stay competitive in its industry.

Google encourages its employees to collaborate on different assignments. This helps to improve performance and results obtained from different work tasks. The firm offers employees who achieve positive results, perks and bonuses which strengthen their loyalty. This approach has enabled Google to retain its talented employees as well as save on costs associated with recruitment of new workers.

Google’s workplace environment allows employees from different backgrounds to work together to help the firm achieve positive results (Price 122). This approach has enabled the firm to have efficient operations which contributed to increased earnings in the market.

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