Google Essay, Research Paper Examples

How to Write a Google Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

Google essay writing may be challenging for some students, as it requires extensive research. At the same time, essays on Google are interesting and engaging assignments that allow students to learn more about the company and its products.

Such papers can cover various issues, from technology to corporate culture. Our tips will help you to write outstanding university and college level Google essays.

Here are some examples of Google essay topics we have selected for you:

  • The benefits and disadvantages of Google’s censorship
  • How Google can improve the lives of its users
  • How access to Google affects the value of games
  • Google as a motivator for changes in employee behavior
  • Review of the algorithms Google uses
  • Google: History of company development and SWOT analysis
  • History of Google

Feel free to use one of the topics and titles we have suggested and remember that there are many other Google essay ideas, too. You can ask your professor about them or find them online. Now that you have selected the topic for your essay, let’s start working on the paper.

Important “do’s” to remember:

  • Research the issue you have selected for the paper. Become an expert in your field and help your reader to understand the problem too.
  • Select the sources you will use within your paper. If needed, consult your professor about the ones that will be suitable for this assignment. For example, you may not be able to use personal blogs for reference.
  • Develop an outline for your paper. Include introductory and concluding paragraphs along with the body of the paper. We would recommend using a separate paragraph for each of your main points.
  • Provide background information about Google. Discuss the company’s history, its creators, and values. It will also help you to keep the reader engaged. If you are discussing Google’s product, provide general information about it too. Remember that your reader may not know much about the subject.
  • Start the introductory paragraph with a hooking sentence. It can be a question to the audience or an interesting fact about Google.
  • Present a thesis statement at the end of the introductory section.
  • Use formal language, if the instructions do not state otherwise. Avoid using jargon and colloquial phrases.
  • Support your arguments with evidence. Include in-text citation whenever you are using information from outside sources.

You should consider some “don’ts” too:

  • Do not copy other people’s works. Make sure that your paper is plagiarism-free. Use online sources and apps to identify plagiarism in your essay, if possible.
  • Avoid making grammatical or structural mistakes. Review the paper several times before submitting it. Ask your peers to check the paper for you if you are not sure that it is mistake-free.
  • Do not hesitate to check out Google essay examples online. It can help you to see how you can structure your paper. It is important not to copy the information you will find and only use it for reference.
  • Do not disregard your professor’s instructions. Pay attention to the required number of sources, word limit, and citation style.
  • Do not make claims that you cannot prove. You should use in-text citations throughout your paper to make the facts more reliable.

Don’t hesitate to check out our free samples below and get useful ideas for your essay!

Google’s Strengths and Weaknesses in China

Google’s History, Development and Growth As stated by Jeremy (2005), before introduction of libraries of data, information could be commonly accessed from both institutional and public libraries. However, storage of information in such libraries posed several challenges such as tedious selection, cataloguing and classification of information for easier accessibility, slow criteria of adding books into […]

Google’s Corporate Culture and its Success

Google’s culture can be analyzed through evaluating various artifacts. However, of great essence is the fact that Google corporate culture is integrated and constitute of four major elements namely reward, mission, fun and innovation. This corporation’s corporate culture has extensively depicted success and the significance of adopting a strategically suitable culture. The culture at Google […]

Google Company

Introduction Google Incorporation is one of the leading internet-related firms that operate in the global market that has been in operations since 1996. The case study reveals that this company has achieved success in the market because of its unique strategic plans it has been using in the market for the last one decade. A […]

Google Industry Outlook

Introduction Google is a leading search engine and provider of online advertising services. The main focus of Google is in the search platforms, operating systems, advertising and mobile phone products. The company has a wide of products that serve as the factors of customer attraction. In 2013, Google enjoyed a market share of 67% in […]

Case Study Analysis: “Google’s Strategy in 2010”

Competition in the Search Industry In recent years, strategic management literature has been focused on the organization’s endowment of strategically competitive resources as critical determinants of the organization’s capacity to maintain efficiency, effectiveness and profitability over the long-term (Foon, 2009). As demonstrated in the Google case scenario, the search industry is one of the largest, […]

Google Cloud Products in Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit institution located in Mountain View, California. The institution produces a wide range of free edifying online videos for mathematics and other science related subjects. Millions of learners and scholars across the globe frequently access these videos via the institution website and YouTube channel. The website boasts of the tutorials with […]

How Google Governs the Internet

The extent to which Google governs the internet today is unsurpassable. Google has tactfully developed products and services that are ubiquitous in the cyber realm, in addition, these products and services are user friendly designed to meet the consumer needs, encompassing current and potentially future market trends. Google seems to set standards for the industry […]

Business Level Strategy and TOWS Matrix of Google

Business level strategy is one of the three levels of strategic management that looks at the general objectives formulated at the corporate level and converts them to specific objectives to fit various business units of the organization (Warren, 2008). To acquire a competitive edge in the industry, an organization’s business unit can employ cost leadership, […]

Employee Motivation and Reward: Google case Study

Introduction Employee motivation is considered as one of the factors that enhance organisational performance. Motivation is the process of satisfying the inherent needs of employees. Without employee motivation, it is hard for an organisation to achieve its goals. Employees should have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities critical in realising organisational goals. Nevertheless, they need to […]

Google’s operations and supply chain strategy

Executive summary Google is a US international giant corporation that deals with Internet-based services and products. In the recent years, Google has been experiencing unprecedented growth and currently the corporation manages more than a million servers and attends to a billion plus search engine appeals in a day. The initial operations of Google servers were […]

Google analysis

Critical analysis of the current business performance and strategies Google has been performing very well since it was started. It recent years, it has become more entrenched leading to increased profitability. In 2009, it reported total revenue of $ 23.6 billion. In 2010, total revenue realized was $29.3 billion. At the end of last year, […]

Google Company Success

The history of Google began in1996 when the company was known as BackRub. To analyze the success of the company which became the largest world search engine in 2000, it is necessary to concentrate on the peculiarities of its business strategy. The company develops according to the principles of business-level strategies and accentuates such aspects […]

Google Inc in China

A Problem in the Case Study One of the problems evident in this case study is the conflict between Chinese government and Google over censorship of content displayed on the internet. There is specific information that the government of China considers harmful and feels that it should be censored. The information is not necessarily harmful […]

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Introduction The world is growing too fast in terms of technology since the emergence of the internet. The internet remains important in bringing about technological change, thus influencing changes in human behavior. In the view of many, the internet has greatly contributed to the growth of knowledge and research. However, although the internet has greatly […]

Google Company Strategies on the China’s Market

Google is a multinational company, and it servers millions of customers around the globe, including the Chinese. Recently, the company raised concerns following hacking attacks by the Chinese. Like any other company, Google also adopts different strategies on its attempt to remain competitive in the market. However, their efforts are surrounded by several setbacks; for […]

Analysis of Google’s Corporate Strategy

Introduction Google Inc. (Google) is a relatively new company that started as a project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to organize websites (Duthel 27). After the company’s incorporation in 1998, Google set up its headquarters in Mountain View California. Although Google’s initial business strategy focused on the search engine business, its success has surpassed […]

Google Company Inc.: One of the Best Secretive Companies in the World

Introduction Google Company has emerged as one of the most popular companies in the 21st century. It is a global technology company that focuses on improving the generation and sharing of information in the world. Advertising is the largest contributor to the money generated by the organisation. By 2011, the company’s core business was primarily […]

Analysis of Google Business Plan

Google Inc is one of the most successful global organizations in terms of growth, financial stability, and marketing. The American multinational company deals with cloud computing, internet search, and advertising technology. Its founders are Sergey Brian and Larry page. The most important components of Google’s business plan are marketing, products, mission and vision, financial strength, […]

Google Organization theory and design

Introduction Strategic positioning involves the formulation of strategies that will govern an organization’s future operations, while taking into account the prevalent environmental position that the company is in. Strategic managers evaluate the company’s present as well as foreseeable developments and harmonize them in a way that they are able to achieve the company’s goals and […]

The Google Company’s Financial Strains

Introduction Google is a multinational American company which offers internet search services. It has also developed to offer advertisement services through the internet. This paper seeks to discus the entrepreneurial aspects of the company from a case study. The paper will give an overview of the case study, answer application questions about the study and […]

Google Corporation Challenges in China

The case study of china involving a powerful Google corporation is an interesting social responsibility considering their business mission declaration “Don’t Be Evil”. The biggest challenge Google has to face is the fact that china offers an enormous profitable market considering its populace. There has to be a dilemma regarding marketing and the legal, cultural […]

Google’s view on the future of business

Thesis Statement Recent developments in the internet and software business especially the level of commercial aggression arising from competitors such as (Microsoft, Apple and Facebook) is making it quite hard for Google to conclude that its business model is secured in the near future and the distant future. Considering that Google’s main source of revenue […]