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159 Google Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

👌 How to Write a Google Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

Google essay writing may be challenging for some students, as it requires extensive research. At the same time, essays on Google are interesting and engaging assignments that allow students to learn more about the company and its products.

Such papers can cover various issues, from technology to corporate culture. Our tips will help you to write outstanding university and college level Google essays.

Here are some examples of Google essay topics we have selected for you:

  • The benefits and disadvantages of Google’s censorship
  • How Google can improve the lives of its users
  • How access to Google affects the value of games
  • Google as a motivator for changes in employee behavior
  • Review of the algorithms Google uses
  • Google: History of company development and SWOT analysis
  • History of Google

Feel free to use one of the topics and titles we have suggested and remember that there are many other Google essay ideas, too. You can ask your professor about them or find them online. Now that you have selected the topic for your essay, let’s start working on the paper.

Important “do’s” to remember:

  • Research the issue you have selected for the paper. Become an expert in your field and help your reader to understand the problem too.
  • Select the sources you will use within your paper. If needed, consult your professor about the ones that will be suitable for this assignment. For example, you may not be able to use personal blogs for reference.
  • Develop an outline for your paper. Include introductory and concluding paragraphs along with the body of the paper. We would recommend using a separate paragraph for each of your main points.
  • Provide background information about Google. Discuss the company’s history, its creators, and values. It will also help you to keep the reader engaged. If you are discussing Google’s product, provide general information about it too. Remember that your reader may not know much about the subject.
  • Start the introductory paragraph with a hooking sentence. It can be a question to the audience or an interesting fact about Google.
  • Present a thesis statement at the end of the introductory section.
  • Use formal language, if the instructions do not state otherwise. Avoid using jargon and colloquial phrases.
  • Support your arguments with evidence. Include in-text citation whenever you are using information from outside sources.

You should consider some “don’ts” too:

  • Do not copy other people’s works. Make sure that your paper is plagiarism-free. Use online sources and apps to identify plagiarism in your essay, if possible.
  • Avoid making grammatical or structural mistakes. Review the paper several times before submitting it. Ask your peers to check the paper for you if you are not sure that it is mistake-free.
  • Do not hesitate to check out Google essay examples online. It can help you to see how you can structure your paper. It is important not to copy the information you will find and only use it for reference.
  • Do not disregard your professor’s instructions. Pay attention to the required number of sources, word limit, and citation style.
  • Do not make claims that you cannot prove. You should use in-text citations throughout your paper to make the facts more reliable.

Don’t hesitate to check out our free samples below and get useful ideas for your essay!

🏆 Best Google Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Google in the 21st Century: Why it remains A Market Leader
    From its inception, Google has been in the business of providing search and advertising services with the primary objective of organizing and monetizing information channels around the world.
  2. Google Refused Trademark for Nexus One
    When Google applied for the ‘Nexus One’ trademark back in December 10th 2009, the they were shocked to learn that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had earlier given the ‘Nexus’ trademark to a […]
  3. Google’s view on the future of business
    Googles mission and vision is to provide simple yet leading technology to the millions of people using the internet, and therefore in order for Google to succeed in doing this the organization must make sure […]
  4. Google Corporation Challenges in China
    Arguably, Google played a role in enhancing conditions for the attack by giving in to the rule that encourage bullying of human rights by the government.
  5. Google Search Engine and Yahoo Search Engine
    Once retrieved, the contents of the site are checked in order to get a proper way of indexing in the search engine.
  6. The Google Company’s Financial Strains
    The provision of funds by the parties that partnered with Google Company helped in the successful establishment, development and expansion of the company to its current level at which it is a recognized multinational company.
  7. Google Company Future Sustainability
    This growth prompted the company’s founders to redefine the company’s mission and goals because there was a strong need for the company to stay true to its initial mission and goal, as opposed to fragmenting […]
  8. Google
    The Company’s success is attributed to factors such as Google’s design to suit the final user and its simplicity in terms of design that has attracted many internet users over the years.
  9. Google Organization theory and design
    This means that with their wide array of products and especially the chrome operating system, they will capture more customers as well as new revenue flows as their loyal customers will want to have their […]
  10. Analysis of Google Business Plan
    Google Inc is one of the most successful global organizations in terms of growth, financial stability, and marketing. According to Pinson, the mission of Google is “To Organize the world’s information and make it universally […]
  11. Google Company Inc.: One of the Best Secretive Companies in the World
    In the paper, the author will address the various reasons why the Google Company is considered as one of the best companies in the world.
  12. Flexible Firms: The Case of Google
    Google exercises flexibility in the place of work and flexibility in the scheduling of work hours by allowing their employees to telecommute.
  13. Analysis of Google’s Corporate Strategy
    Nonetheless, despite the complexity of Google’s strategy, it is important to understand that the main component of the company’s strategy is advertising.
  14. The Functionality of Google as a Corporation in China
    Google claimed that the Chinese government launched the cyber attacks in order to preview emails of the human rights activists with the purpose of ensuring its safety and enforcing more security.
  15. Compensation Philosophy of Google – Structure & Benefits Essay
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the contribution of Google’s compensation plan to its efforts to motivate and retain talented employees.
  16. The Acquisition between Google and Motorola Mobility
    The other reason was to enhance the Android system in order to counter the influence of competitors in the market. This was a blow to Google as the company had hoped to enhance its presence […]
  17. Google Company Strategies on the China’s Market
    Rivalry The essence of Google extending its services to the Chinese was a strategy to reduce the potential market, for its competitors.
  18. Google Success Strategy
    It has grown to acquire an impressive 54% share in the internet search market, with about 80% of internet references provided by Google. Google has employed one of the most effective business strategies thus its […]
  19. The History and Growth of Google
    On the other hand, Google has yet to become very successfully in the developing countries not because of government censorship, but due to the inaccessibility of the web to many people.
  20. Comparison between Google and Wolfram Alpha
    For the purpose of comparison between Google and Wolfram Alpha, the medical community has been chosen to demystify some of the facts.
  21. Google: Business Administration
    Investment in innovation is the most recommended course of action because it is the basis of generating new products and services and improving the existing ones.
  22. Google Company’s Corporate Culture
    The rules and norms of Google tend to be unwritten and informal; the driver of the company is constant innovation fueled by open access, and the company favors a communication style that allows full access […]
  23. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
    In the view of many, the internet has greatly contributed to the growth of knowledge and research. However, although the internet has greatly contributed to the growth of knowledge, it has been opposed by a […]
  24. Google Inc in China
    Introduction of internet censorship by the Chinese government was also not ethical because it caused Google Inc to go against its principles. It was therefore forced to offer its services by conforming to the rules […]
  25. Google’s Strategy in 2009
    This was an enhanced technology and a threat to the main source of revenue for Google. It was accused of trying to dominate libraries and thereby diverting the attention of the users of the libraries […]
  26. Google’s Strategic Use of Information Technology: Profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility
    One can just imagine the confusion, anguish and despair felt by the residents of the city in the aftermath of the disaster.
  27. Google’s Competitive Strategy
    The company has developed its own infrastructure that ensures that its customers experience efficient and fast search; and this allows the company to maintain its competitive edge over other search engines.
  28. Google Company Success
    The key strengths of the development are the constant growth of revenues, advertizing directed to the possibilities of the Internet. The current ratio of Google in 2009 can be used for the discussion of the […]
  29. Strategy of Google Company
    This has seen it develop some products that are widely accepted in the market. The main threat of this company is the competing firms in this market.
  30. Google and Yahoo – Detailed Business Comparison
    Directory and other applications also provide the company with a window of opportunity for new business and income streams as organizations increasingly realize the need to advertise online.

🥇 Most Interesting Google Topics to Write about

  1. The FTC vs. Google and Apple antitrust case of 2012
    Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, Google has served as the default search engine.
  2. Google analysis
    The extent to which a company is able to understand the local culture and adapt to it will determine how it will perform in that market.
  3. Google Prepares Markets for Digital Economy
    The move by this firm to involve students and corporate bodies in the activities of this firm has increased the knowledge base and creativity of the firm.
  4. Google’s operations and supply chain strategy
    As the founders of the company, Sergey Brin and Larry Page jointly own 16 per cent of the total shares of the company.
  5. Employee Motivation and Reward: Google case Study
    One of the factors that make most of the employees wish to work with Google Company is that the company offers an environment that promotes employee growth and development.
  6. Google’s Business Strategy
    The global market for mobile devices continues to grow, which will has a direct impact on the company’s operations in the market. This approach has enabled the firm to stay competitive in its industry.
  7. Company Analysis – Google
    To categorize information and make it helpful and easily reached in the globe is the mission of the company. Another subsidiary of the company established later established in August the year two thousand was incorporated […]
  8. Comparison between Google and Microsoft Products
    The Google Company’s strategy is bases upon the internet technology while Microsoft dominates management of the desktop applications with a wide range of software.
  9. Business Level Strategy and TOWS Matrix of Google
    To curb these competitors, the company has also employed a grand strategy of product development from time to time to rebrand its products and services so that they remain appealing and attractive to their customers.
  10. Approach of Leadership the Management at Google Should Use to Keep Bisciglia Happy
    Since a decision in situational leadership depends on the nature of the job, the management at Google will support Bisciglia in terms of both finance and morale, hence encouraging him to stay within the company.
  11. Google’s Motto Strategic Management
    Google’s motto of “do not be evil” is best expounded in its corporate values that have greatly shaped the business ethics of the company and significantly driven its success in the industry.
  12. The Case of Google Inc
    It has also given the company stability needed for the company to focus in its core business of innovation and design of new products that continue to strengthen the Company’s position in the industry.
  13. How Google Governs the Internet
    The first one is Google Plus, second link is the World Wide Web, the third link is Videos, the fourth link is Maps on the Internet, the fifth link is to leading news items worldwide, […]
  14. Microsoft and Google Companies Financial Management
    Despite Microsoft’s slight dependence on leverage, it still is the stronger of the two companies in terms of fixed asset turnover ratio, return on equity and return on assets. 9x Inventory Turnover Industry Comparison – […]
  15. Google Cloud Products in Khan Academy
    The study will mainly focus on a number of challenges experienced by the institution at the initial stage, the ways the Google Cloud Platform or a specific Google App Engine was presented as a solution, […]
  16. “Google’s Strategy in 2010”
    In spite of the fact that aspiring entrants may cause elevated damage in many sectors of the economy, especially by arming themselves with new capacity to dislodge old players, this force is least likely to […]
  17. Google Company Analysis
    In the case of Google, the company has got the following strengths. Recent new items As a company which is in the information sector, Google has been working towards establishing links and coming up with […]
  18. Google.cn in Chinese Economy
    As the Chinese government ensured that some of the information was filtered, Google provided the users with the information of sites that were filtered.
  19. Google Industry Outlook
    Despite the competition challenges and the competitive rivalry in the industry, the prospects for Google are good. For example, the urge by the players in the industry to attain a substantial market leads to differentiation […]
  20. Google Company
    The case study reveals that this company has achieved success in the market because of its unique strategic plans it has been using in the market for the last one decade.
  21. The Case of Strategic Analysis of Google Inc.
    The company’s strategy has been focusing on the acquisition of companies Motorola Mobility Center and Keyhole that helped in the diversification of its products.
  22. Google Inc Performance and Strategies
    The IPO was a phenomenon success because by the end of the first day of trading, there was an 18% appreciation of the firm’s shares in the market. To remain competitive in the market, the […]
  23. Google’s Corporate Culture and its Success
    The culture at Google fits all the needs and demands of the marketplace and the corporation itself. Through Google’s corporate architectural culture, the company has been capable of instituting individuality before the public and its […]
  24. Google’s Strengths and Weaknesses in China
    As stated by Allen, hacking and a security related rift between Google and the Chinese government poses the uncertainty of closure of the Google Company that may lead to losses to the company and unemployment […]
  25. Google Case: Investments
    Thus, the advantage of the open source approach includes: It is stable: Modification of software keeps the manufactures in the business.
  26. IT Security in Google
    The Google’s New Privacy Policy is just an attempt to ensure high-level security of an individual’s data and improvement in the search field.
  27. Google Business
    A business-level strategy refers to a set of commitments, plans, and initiatives that businesses, corporations, and organizations use to develop competitive advantage through exploitation of strengths of certain products in the market. Google should strive […]
  28. Google and Its Expansion Strategy
    The popularity of mergers and acquisitions has become especially evident in the XXI century; however, it was not until Google, Inc.decided to establish stronger links with the Android, Inc.in August, 2005 that the world of […]
  29. Organizational Analysis: Google Company
    The informal structure of the organization or the informal dimension represents the autonomy, mobility, and sovereignty of members of an organization and the impact they have on the general decision-making process in the organization.
  30. “The Prince” on the Dominance of Google
    Machiavelli states that the prince needs to make large profits to gain the ability to venture into greater enterprises. It is a disadvantage to Google because it cannot maximize profits, according to the available space.
  31. Google Corporation in Japan
    This paper pays a close attention to its Japan operations by exploring its current activities in the country, the challenges it faces in this market, and possible strategies for improving its performance in the Asian […]
  32. Google and Twitter: On Their Way to Global Dominance
    With the recent and quite radical changes in the IT sphere, major companies specializing in providing the related services were forced to reconsider a range of their strategies and shift to new and improved techniques […]
  33. The Change Analysis: Google and Twitter
    When it comes to defining the rest of the images of managing change, one must admit that, in Google and Twitter, these are somehow downplayed.
  34. “Google: Don’t Be Evil Unless…”
    When this happens, Google should not have to use other background means to access information from such a user because the intention not to use Google’s services was explicitly demonstrated by the user’s actions.
  35. Leadership Styles of Yahoo, Blackberry, and Google
    Using the identified characteristics of transactional and transformational leadership styles in the literature review, the paper attempts to specify the leadership styles that each of the three organizations deploys using the primary data from the […]
  36. Organizational Culture of Google Incorporation
    This essay examines the culture of Google Incorporation. Google uses a powerful approach to empower and guide its employees.
  37. Employee Engagement in Google
    The proposed research will examine whether the engagement strategy motivates employees to stay longer at the company. The HR managers may be interested to know how the firm’s engagement strategy addresses the diverse needs of […]
  38. Social, Technical and Financial Aspects of Google Company
    2009-2014:- Google Voice and Google Ventures were invented and launched.-In 2010, Nexus Line, Google Crisis Response, and the Google Tv were brought to existence.-In 2011, the company developed the Google Art Project and Larry Page […]
  39. Individual Case: Google Incorporation
    This shows that the profitability and the efficiency in the utilization of the assets of the company declined over the period.
  40. Google in Corporate Business World
    The identified opportunities available to the company include the venture into android software- a factor that has been necessitated by the gradual shift of the internet to mobile devises.
  41. Google Operations
    This case report entails an analysis of the innovative strategies in Google’s business model, and the company’s innovations in maintaining its position in the search market and changing its business model.
  42. Google Operations in China
    The decision to stop censorship of its search results in China and the possibility of reviewing its business operations in China was purely a decision of Google’s United States executives.
  43. Global Business Strategy – Google Inc
    Political factors Government regulation of the internet services Taxation policies Regulation on excess capacity The world is in the process of employing a free trade policy whereby the market is the one that determines the […]
  44. Why Google Failed in China Mainland
    In the light of these circumstances, it becomes important to examine the role played by the Chinese government and the law relating to internet that adversely impacted Google in China, eventually leading to its failure […]
  45. Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities
    In this paper, I will discuss the Google Docs as a one of the prominent tools for collaboration, and try to present the challenges that are faced in its implementation, and how they are overcome.
  46. Google Corporation Analysis
    The inability of the company to realize the expected benefits from the acquisition is another major challenge facing the Google Company.
  47. Google in Asia
    The Japanese economic system is the major factor that has led to the success of the foreign companies in the market.
  48. Google and Microsoft’s Financial Management
    This means that in 2009, Google’s efficiency in the use of the firm’s asset to generate returns to the owners had improved but in 2010, Google was less efficient in generating returns to the providers […]
  49. Communications and Media: Case Study of Google Company
    Perhaps the most outstanding achiever in the global business realm is the most renowned international search engine company known as ‘Google Company.’ The global population and researchers in specific have remained speculative of the uniqueness […]
  50. Google and Ethics
    The purpose is to show that a company like Google must behave ethically and all the decisions made by managers and other superiors should be guided by the highest morale and respect to the surrounding […]
  51. Google Company Overview
    Google has the largest market share of the search engines. Google has enhanced the entertainment industry, and shopping is just a click of a mouse.
  52. Google
    This is an opportunity Google can exploit and stamp its control of the internet service market. The second recommendation is that Google needs to reorient its organizational structure and culture to promote development of its […]
  53. Case Analysis: Google
    Due to dynamic and competitive nature of technology market, Google endeavours to articulate its vision and mission in a bid to align to recurrent market forces.
  54. Five-Forces Model in Google
    Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. There is low threat of substitution because Google’s products are dominant in the internet and software industries.
  55. Management Interview in Google
    According to the manager, the corporate organization management model offers a sense of responsibility to the workers and the result is the greater contribution to the organization’s objectives.
  56. Google Does No Evil
    Google has played a great role in delivering the right content to users of the search engine. Google has brought the world from darkness to the light, and people should never dream of a world […]
  57. The Role of Line Manager in Enhancing Employees’ Performance in Google
    The study conducted in Google represented the technology industry and remain the focus area to understand the role of line managers in enhancing the employees’ performance.
  58. Google in 2008
    The paper also focuses on the corporate strategy of the company and in the end, it comes up with recommendations to increase its performance in the short run and in the long run.
  59. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
    As a result, the intensity of their work is reduced, and the “obsession” of people with Internet surfing leads to impulsiveness and a loss of ability to leisurely and in-depth intellectual activity.
  60. Google Self Driving Car’s New Idea
    The main disadvantage of this project is that this car is just being developed and it is rather difficult to introduce it to the market.
  61. Google, Yahoo and Apple Companies Stock Markets Report
    At the beginning of the period, the prices for the company dropped by 0.33%. In week five, the stock prices dropped by 0.
  62. Google-Motorola-Lenovo Case Study
    The acquisition of Motorola is a good deal for Lenovo because it has competitive abilities that are likely to make Motorola more successful than Google.
  63. Google AdSense for Restaurant Business
    Google AdSense is one of the programs that exist due to the introduction of Web 2.0. 0 and the tools it provides are currently employed by a variety of businesses that realise that to remain […]

🎓 Simple & Easy Google Essay Topics

  1. “Marry Me” through Google Glass
    Google Glass is now omnipresent because of the new media in a postmodern advertisement. It is a perfect example of a postmodern advertisement in the era of the new media.
  2. Google, Apple and Microsoft Strategies
    For Google, the first and the foremost sphere is the advertisement; the Internet applications and mobile phones come at close second, according to the case study.
  3. Google as a Monopoly of the Web Search
    The company has dominated the market by acquiring more than half of the market share. This has led to the company acquiring a relative higher fraction of the market.
  4. YouTube and Google Video
    The failure of Google video is attributable to its initial lack of a way to view actual videos and finally Google’s acquisition of YouTube.
  5. Salesforce, Google and Microsoft
    This paper briefly compares cloud computing and cloud storage and goes on to discuss cloud computing services offered by Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.
  6. Google Company Performance and Compensation Policies
    At the beginning of the year 2000, Google enhanced its computer solutions and introduced a ‘MentalPlex idea,’ which enabled the Google search engine to visualize the search results of the users.
  7. How Google Chooses Employees?
    As a matter of fact, selection of the best employees from the incoming pool of applicants is the biggest challenge that faces Google today.
  8. Google’s Innovation and Recruitment Management
    Policies have been put in place to foster the use of advertising agencies and spokespersons to conduct marketing, a factor that has seen it gain popularity and experience exponential growth.
  9. Google Company’s Ranking and Antitrust Law
    The plaintiff maintains that the company has been altering the search algorithms in favor of those companies already subscribed to Google shopping services.
  10. Google’s Driverless Cars and Renewable Energy
    Some of the firms are testing the technology with the application of low-powered green energy. The violations of the road regulations are not the only issue with the driverless car technology.
  11. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Stage and Prognosis
    In this stage, the new technology can be said to be in the form of competition with the old technology where the old technology acts on the part of the defense while the new technology […]
  12. Google Glass Innovation’s Strengths and Weaknesses
    These are some of the main advantages that this device can offer. In particular, they should focus on the development of software that can maximize the benefits of this wearable computer.
  13. Google Chrome Strategies
    Chrome is well poised to remain the number one choice for web users because it is available in both desktop and mobile platforms.
  14. Google and Amazon Companies Leadership Styles Comparison
    Applying behavioural leadership style theories in Bezos and Schmidt’s case reveals that the Amazon CEO is an autocratic leader while the Google CEO is a democratic leader.
  15. Google Glass Product Operations Strategy
    The paper will first try to understand the general environment of the Google Glass and the objective and goals of the company for the product.
  16. Google Company’s Full Range Leadership Development
    Seeing that the competitive rates in the IT field have risen in a truly gargantuan fashion, the success of Google Inc.can only be explained by the fact that the company leader incorporates the principles of […]
  17. Google Company’s Self-Directed Teams Empowerment
    Instead of foisting the entire weight of decision-making onto the employees, the company managers allow the staff to make choices only in the domains that the staff is entirely proficient in and regarding the issues […]
  18. Google Company: Organizational Culture Profile
    Its network of operational outfits offers the necessary support for actualization and propagation of basic ideals and aspirations that suffice with regard to its presence in the market.
  19. Google Company’s Situational Leadership
    The current CEO of Google, Larry Page, is a considered a great leader because of his ability to apply situational leadership skills in resolving some of the problems that threaten the success of the company.
  20. Google Company: Larry Page’ Leadership Style
    In Google’s case, there is a favorable fusion of personal and organizational values that define its operations in the technology market.
  21. Google Company’s External Environment and Leadership
    Google’s mission has been “to organize the world’s information and make it accessible to every person”. Google has produced the best apps to support the needs of these individuals.
  22. Google Company as an Open Systems Organization
    The purpose of this report is to describe Google through the prism of the open systems theory and provide recommendations for how the selected organization can strengthen its open world mindset.
  23. Google Company’s Recruitment and Retention Strategies
    Therefore, it is possible to conclude that recruitment and retention strategies employed at Google are effective as they contribute to employees’ and the company’s performance.
  24. Google Company’s Personal Development Plan
    First, there can be no easy decisions when it comes to diversity and the use of quotas is quite a controversial practice.
  25. Google Company’s Success
    Industry analysts believe that the objective of crafting these cultures is to boost the innovative and creative capabilities of employees, not to mention the fact that they are also used to increase the success and […]
  26. Google Inc.’s Organizational Behavior and Creativity
    It is important to understand that moods and emotions may have direct impact on the quality of work environment hence the output of employees.
  27. Google Glass: Advertising of the Technology
    This objective is realistic since the brand recognition and reputation of the manufacturer are rather high and are viewed as the factors that will make a direct impact on the popularity of the video and […]
  28. Google Company’s Ethical Analysis
    On the one hand, the use of these copyrighted materials can be vital for the competitiveness of Google and its ability to attract users.
  29. Google Company’s Alliances
    Some believe, due to the market structure, alliances become inevitable, and the type of market determine the reason for the alliance.
  30. Google Company’s Major Challenges
    It is important to add that the changes will start with the notes to employees concerning the need for change. The employees should know the agenda and they will be informed about the major challenges […]

📌 Good Essay Topics on Google

  1. Google Android OS: Strategic Plan
    One of the plans for the company is to be the choice company for smartphone manufacturers in the choice of software required for the manufacture of the phones.
  2. Google’s Corporate Values and Goals
    One of the most striking features about the Google Company’s policy towards its employees is that the company incorporates the efficient use of company values as a guide for their employees and the key principles […]
  3. Google: Human Relations & Political Economy Model
    Political economy therefore “refers to the study of trade and production, and how the two relate to the distribution of income and the law”.
  4. Google’s Project Oxygen and Its Issues
    It is also imperative to test the sustainability of the project through a two-year data collection and testing process in order to determine if the members of the target group aspire to become better managers.
  5. Google Inc.’s Competitive Advantage and Future
    Another factor that contributed to the early success of Google was its focus on the needs of users. With Google alone controlling 85 percent of the entire share, the answer to the question would be […]
  6. Google and Amcor Companies’ Intrapreneurial Practices
    The present work will focus on the intrapreneurial practices of Google and Amcor and conduct a thorough analysis of the said companies in terms of leadership, corporate culture and ethics, strengths, weaknesses, and, most importantly, […]
  7. Google Inc. in the Internet Portal Services Industry
    The observable variables that Google can use to track the demand for its products include the search volume and frequency of visits from customers.
  8. Google Inc.’s Current State of Affairs and Future Plans
    With Google’s capability of producing returns by means of AdWords, the monetization of a product is impartially forthright on the condition that an adequate number of individuals want to utilize it.
  9. Rhetoric in “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Carr
    An overview of the essay revealed the application of a careful appeal to the reader’s emotions, the establishment of the writer’s credibility, logical presentation of relevant information, and the subtle entreaty using shared experiences.
  10. Google Company’s 10-K Report for 2012 Fiscal Year
    The five items that the 10-K report highlights about Google constitute the acquisition strategy, which enabled the company to acquire Motorola Company, the use of different digital platforms such as Google play, Google plus, Android […]
  11. Google’s Compensation Strategy and Reputation
    The firm wanted to change the reputation such that the perception has now changed to indicate that the company is the best place to work.
  12. Google Corporation: Business Profile
    Google Corporation is an American company providing one of the most powerful search engines in the world. Administrative Google Company Level is the highest level which includes specialists in charge of the administrative work for […]
  13. Google Company’s Leadership
    The mission statement of the incorporated is presented as follows: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.
  14. Google Inc.’s Motivation, Principles and Methods
    This paper looks into the theories and methods used by Google to motivate its employees and the issues that the company is able to solve due to this practice.
  15. Carter Capital Management’s Google+ Advertising
    One of the most important steps is opening a Google+ page, which enables the company to start interacting with potential customers and partners across the social network.
  16. Google Company’s Monopoly
    The ability of a monopoly to raise its prices indeterminately is harmful to the consumer and, by extension, to the economy.
  17. Google LLC Corporation: Major Impact on the Results
    The main goal of this paper is to discuss aspects that had a major impact on the results of Google IPO.
  18. Google Chromebooks Distribution Strategy
    The distribution for the Chromebook computers should be based on the traditional channels. For instance, Google can make a deal with the Ingram Micro corporation, one of the leading distributors of computers and technologies in […]
  19. Google Trends Analysis of Childhood Obesity
    The problem of obesity in the United States is massively researched by scholars and is deemed to be one of the most serious health-related issues for all groups of people.
  20. Google’s Project Oxygen and Managerial Role
    Thus, the company puts a lot of emphasis on the proper treatment of employees, in turn, encouraging the development of proper relationships between the employees and the management. The key issue that can be deduced […]
  21. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr
    Nicholas Carr, in his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” mainly discusses the basis and impact of the way the Internet affects or impacts our reading, reasoning, and writing habits as well as the way […]
  22. Google+ Shut-Down and Its Causing Changes
    For the summative assessment, it was chosen to analyze the recent changes in Google that resulted in shutting down the Google Plus social network. In brief, Google was chosen for the summative analysis due to […]
  23. Google Inc.’s Strategy and the Right to Be Forgotten
    In terms of scientific and technological development, one of the values of the company is the belief that the possibilities to satisfy the most diverse needs for information are unlimited.
  24. Google Incorporation: Organizational Technology
    The second one is a Customer Relationship Management System and is used to monitor the experiences and expectations of different customers.
  25. Google Analytics as a Business Intelligence Tool
    Google Analytics is considered a powerful freemium tool for Web site and mobile app analysis, making it one of the most successful BI tools with superior return on investment.
  26. Google Chrome Browser and Operating System
    Google Chrome is an application, whereas Google Chrome O/S is a computing system that contains several applications. As for Google Chrome, it is necessary to note that this application meets many requirements of users.
  27. Google Analytics and Its Marketing Benefits
    It also addresses the case on how to improve the financial status of the company and those planning to join the industry.
  28. Exploring Landscapes with Google Earth
    In terms of the overall overlook on the map of Australia, the most distinctive feature is the desert which covers the central part of the continent, extending towards the west.
  29. Google Company’s Design Strategy
    According to the latter, the company exists to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”; at the same time, striving “to provide access to the world’s information in one click” is […]
  30. How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs?
    One of the columns was to carry the walker’s name, while the second was for recording the amount the walker raised, and the third to fill in the organization with which the walker was affiliated.
  31. Innovation From Google as Free Food Strategy
    Since the beginning of its operation, Google has only attracted more users yearly and thus the need to have employees that are willing to function without the need for supervision.
  32. Google Inc.’s Experience Facing Current Events
    This strategy is an appropriate example of business environment analysis due to the rate of India’s economic development and enormous economic potential.
  33. Google Corporation: Emerging Technologies for Solving Problems
    It is important to prevent the harmful influences that the problems may have on the company’s status in the IT market.
  34. The 2010 Dispute Between Google and China
    The issue of the 2010 dispute was in the desire of Google to show uncensored search results and thus protect the privacy of the users.
  35. Google Corporation: Technology Implementation Plan
    One of the possible advances in this respect can be the implementation of blockchain technology which can reduce the cost of transactions, simplify the record-keeping, and provide data privacy.
  36. Google Incorporation’s Development
    This paper aims to examine Google, its creation and worth, as well as the meaning of the company in the context of media.

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