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133 Samsung Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Samsung Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Comparison: Nokia E73 Mode, Motorola EX115 and Samsung R360 Freeform II
    It has an internal memory of 250MB and a card slot of up to 16GB and comes with a free 4GB memory card implying that the phone has the highest storage capacity.
  2. Comparative Study of Business Strategy for Apple and Samsung
    The operations of Apple’s supply chain was strong enough to warrant speculations by observers that the company’s grasp on the supply chain was enough to dictate the terms of other players in the chain.
  3. Apple Lawsuit against Samsung
    However, after a month of trial, the jury stipulated that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents and it was supposed to pay $1.
  4. Samsung Galaxy SIII Product Features
    The phone has one of the best hardware as well as software designs in as far as the smart phone market is concerned.
  5. SWOT Analysis for Samsung
    This analysis will help in understanding this firm, and in knowing some of the factors that have propelled it to its current position in the market.
  6. Report on Samsung Group’s Supply Chain Management
    The Samsung Group of companies began to implement the technique shortly after it was founded in 1938. In 1994, The Group decided to exploit the potential synergy linking supply chain management and Six Sigma.
  7. Samsung’s S.W.O.T. and T.O.W.S. Analysis
    The company has a pool of experienced employees who are able to make unique products which the customers want. As a result of massive investment in technology and products improvement, the company’s products are ahead […]
  8. Samsung company analysis
    Therefore, the most important question that is supposed to bother a firm like Samsung is not whether the market is foreign or domestic but whether there are differences in business environments of its target markets.
  9. The marketing strategies of Sony and Samsung
    The Sony Corporation on the other hand is a conglomerate of several media and electronic companies that specialize in the electronic business unit and the entertainment industry as a whole.
  10. Management Information System of Samsung Company Report
    The scope of Management Information System is defined as, “The combination of human and computer based resources that results in the collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for the purpose of efficient management […]
  11. The Impacts of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and iPad 2 From on the Individuals and on the Business
    Samsung and Apple Inc.are one of the leading companies in the field of Information Communication and Technology by manufacturing products that meet the needs of individuals in the digital era.
  12. Marketing Concepts- Apple Inc. And Samsung
    Accordingly, both companies have managed to improve quality, performance, and features of their products in order to rock the market with appropriateness despite the mentioned weaknesses.
  13. Comparison of three tablet computers: Ipad2, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy
    The most common tablet Pcs in the market includes Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, and Ipad2. Thus, the operating system and camera resolution of Ipad2 is more advanced than that of Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy.
  14. Current Event- The Samsung Galaxy S III: One Huge Display and a Whole Lot of Software
    The course nurtures the aspects of creativity and innovation, facts that are evident in the article with respect to the Samsung’s Galaxy S III’s case.
  15. Business Report of Apple and Samsung companies
    The report analyses the macro and micro-environmental forces that influence performance of these companies. These are more popular and acceptable in the market.
  16. Analysis Report of SAMSUNG Branding
    Managers of Samsung appreciate that the company is one of the leading dealers in electronic items globally. The rich are highly loyal to the brand.
  17. Persuasive portfolio of Net-A-Porter and Samsung Smart TV
    The next step to affect the target audience’s behaviour is the manipulation of the notions typical for the fashion industry and observed in the magazines to develop associations.
  18. Samsung Marketing Strategy
    However, the organizational structure of the company is illustrated in a simplified format below – Figure 1: The organizational structure Source: Samsung Electronics Samsung has experienced outstanding growth in spite of the adverse impact of […]
  19. Technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook
    While many netbooks and laptops have been launched with great technological features, the thing that sets this Netbook apart from others is that its lid carries a solar panel on the top that allows the […]
  20. Marketing Communications Mix: Apple vs. Samsung
    Finally, the paper compares the IMC strategies used by Samsung and Apple Inc to market their products to dominate the laptop industry.
  21. Strategic Thinking and Effective Change: Samsung
    The findings are used to recommend the most appropriate strategy that can support the strategic needs of this organisation in Asia. That being the case, the firm focuses on powerful approaches in order to deal […]
  22. Samsung: Market Expansion Towards Year 2025
    In the last pages of the report, it will give recommendations on the leadership style to be adopted in the venture.
  23. The Samsung Galaxy Tab
    It should be noted that the Galaxy Tab is based on the successes of the Galaxy S.whereas Apple’s iPad was the first of such gadgets into the market; Samsung already had Galaxy S in the […]
  24. Marketing Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness in Samsung
    The firm’s brand is recognized in many parts of the world and this has strengthened the value of its products in various global markets. In the mid 1990’s, several management initiatives helped the firm to […]
  25. Situation Analysis of Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch
    Following the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch in the market on September 4, 2013, the management of this firm must understand some of the external forces that will affect its operations.
  26. Marketing Plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    This paper discusses the marketing plan for the successful development, commercialization, and introduction of the Samsung galaxy tablet into the market.
  27. Samsung and Apple
    In regard to the opportunities, the clamor for quality, mobile advertisement, and the growth of Indian market can help to expand the company’s market share profoundly.
  28. Apple Inc. and Samsung Company
    Apple Incorporation “produces revolutionary devices such as the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad”. Samsung Group and Apple have been trying to solve their patent dispute within the last 3 years.
  29. Digital Platforms: Samsung
    The use of a single model increases the efficiency of management and enhances implementation of IT systems. Due to the uniqueness of the ways of doing business, Samsung has adopted a low level of integration […]
  30. Samsung Advertising its Brand Using Pancakes During the Pancake Day
    The company has a set period of operating the business campaign of one day and it cannot be decided whether the objectives serve the short-term or the long-term objectives.
  31. Marketing Communications Campaign for Samsung Galaxy S8
    The campaign will be used to market the product in China. The print and electronic media will be used to market the product.
  32. Six Sigma: A Case of Samsung Supply Chain Management
    The anticipation of the Samsung Group is that the supply chain management six sigma will lead to enhancement of performance within the supply chain management function owing to greater understanding of the supply chain in […]
  33. Benchmarking Description on Apple iphone 4s vs. BlackBerry, Android and Samsung Galaxy
    The BlackBerry OS is the most difficult smartphone technology to crack and this gives it competitive advantage over the iPhone 4s.
  34. Apple & Samsung Group Strategic Management
    One thing that has helped Samsung to establish its operations in the market has been the ability to be a fast follower by learning from its competitors.
  35. Apple and Samsung Companies Virtual Public Relations
    According to Gregory, a website is like an ambassador of the firm to the world, and the impression it gives will be assumed to be the real image of the firm it represents.
  36. Apple Versus Samsung Smartphones
    With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung competes with Apple’s iPhone. The screen, look and feel of Samsung smartphones is strikingly similar to that of the iPhone.
  37. Samsung Electronics Company Performance Appraisal
    To do the foregoing, the company has a performance appraisal system that involves self-evaluation, competence evaluation and performance evaluation. One of the main benefits of performance appraisal at Samsung is that, the company is able […]
  38. Apple and Samsung Companies Products Comparison
    The company has its facilities in different countries, but the majority of them are located in the US. The production of the products is also mainly located in Asia even though the company has its […]
  39. Samsung Company Decision-Making, Strategy and Performance
    In this case, the potential risks, inputs of the company’s production, introduction of new products, assessment of the changes in prices and profitability, marketing analysis, and the evaluation of the various strategies, which are not […]
  40. Samsung Company Main Challenges
    According to Chang, Samsung has become the leading electronic firm in the global market because of the pricing and market communication strategies.
  41. Samsung Electronics Company: Information and Products
    In the late 1960s, the company initialized operations in development and distribution of electronic goods. As earlier mentioned, Samsung Electronics Company is a global corporate entity that operates in diverse areas of interest within the […]
  42. Samsung Company Strategic Corporate Communication
    Conversely, communication is essential since it will enable the Samsung company officials to understand and implement the needs of consumers that vary with time.
  43. Samsung Company Smartphone Marketing
    The article gives a summary of the Smartphone market controlled by Samsung and the ensuing advertising expenditure from mobile marketing and advertisements because of the strategy employed by Samsung.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Samsung

  1. Samsung Corporation in the UAE
    The marketing objectives outlined in the company in its UAE outlets are similar to the set of objectives developed for its presence in the Middle East and North Africa.
  2. Samsung & LG Electronics: Product Differentiation
    The reason is that all the items appear to have the same qualities to the consumer. The pressure to weaken the prices of the items is aimed at reducing the level of competition in the […]
  3. Samsung’s Gear S Smart Watch: Market Capture
    The first point to note in defining the type of innovation that suits Samsung’s smart watch is that it is a Product Innovation type.
  4. Samsung Company: Globalisation Effects on Growth and Performance
    Samsung Electronics is such a giant electronics technology conglomeration that has taken advantage of globalisation and the dynamic advancement of technology to expand its business internationally. The pursuit of technology and globalisation has influenced various […]
  5. Samsung Group: Organizational Structure
    Samsung Group is one of the leading companies in the global electronics industry. Samsung began to market its diverse products to different consumers in every part of the world.
  6. Samsung Flat-Screen TVs: B2B Marketing Activities
    First of all, it is a segment that focuses on quality and brand. Samsung should gather the information about sales because it is the ultimate goal of the company.
  7. Samsung Company: Creating Offerings
    The company should extend the product line, and a few new models of a product should be considered. It is necessary to manage the life cycle of a product on each stage.
  8. Samsung Flat-Screen TVs: Customer Value Strategies
    A marketing channel is a system of distribution that allows the customer to choose the product and buy it. The creation of an efficient marketing channel is essential for the overall success of the marketing […]
  9. Samsung Flat-Screen TVs: Marketing Communications
    The first objective of marketing communications is to grab the attention of the customers from the start of the new marketing campaign through various means.
  10. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo Product Hierarchies
    The first section of the paper will briefly discuss the performance of mobile and wearable products in the Dubai market, followed by a discussion of the positions of the five companies in Dubai city.
  11. Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba Product Hierarchies
    In order to do so, this paper would assess the performance of the consumer electronics market in Dubai, briefly discuss the position of the five companies in Dubai, form a PEST analysis, create product hierarchies […]
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Product Recall and Influence
    The way the company responds to the public and will be mentioned as well as its outcomes. It cannot be denied that this issue led to the embarrassment of the company.
  13. Apple Inc.’s and Samsung Electronics Company’s Finances
    The primary objective of this research is to carry out a financial analysis of Apple Company. To determine the suitability of Apple company for investment as well as for employment.
  14. Samsung Electronics Company’s Six Sigma Activities
    In its initial quest to undertake the concept, the company faced the challenge associated with poor execution, which regards the wrong application of the concept by the human resources and the management.
  15. Apple’s, Samsung’s, IBM’s, Tesla’s Innovation and Creativity
    Apple is the best-known example of innovation and creativity in the world. Samsung is another modern company that is famous for the promotion of creativity and innovations.
  16. Samsung Laptops, Changes in Technology and Prices
    At the same time, business people are also looking for new markets for their products and investment opportunities through the internet and this means that the demand for this product continues to escalate. In addition, […]
  17. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone’s Security Issue
    The exploding smartphones have shown that, although the Samsung Company’s status and quality of products were supposed to be at the highest levels, they are not trustworthy from the consumers’ point of view.
  18. Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Product Launch
    The paper at hand is devoted to the analysis of the launch of Samsung Gear VR from different perspectives: the product development model, the business analysis, its technical implementation, etc.
  19. Samsung Electronics Co.’s Ethics and Greening
    The Coalition underlined the fact that Samsung spent millions on the advertisement during The Olympic Games in Beijing, while the Recycling Programs were in need of investments.
  20. Samsung Electronics Co.’s Challenges in Canada
    The decision by Park to continue the production of the same was wise as it would not have made sense to kill the products that formed the base of the profits.
  21. Samsung as Color TV Manufacturer in China
    At the time, China’s market was the third greatest in the world after NAFTA and EU in TV sales. As for the market environment, the first mover enjoyed major advantages such as the loyalty of […]
  22. Samsung Electronics v. Apple Company: Legal Case Analysis
    In the current case, the petitioners were the company of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd; they petitioned to revise the previous court decision, in which the plaintiff, Apple Inc, won the case.
  23. Samsung Group’s Gamification in Marketing
    The case “Samsung and the gamification of marketing research” reveals a number of issues surrounding the use of gaming to meet companies’ business needs.
  24. Samsung Company’s Financial Performance
    The purpose of this report is to present financial analysis of the performance of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. The current ratio for the fiscal year 2013 and 2014 presented shows that Samsung has a ratio […]
  25. Samsung’s and Procter & Gamble’s Open Innovation
    Chesbrough’s definition of open innovation is based on the theory that in order to prevent the exhaustion of the internal resources, the leadership of a company is to engage the external opportunities of obtaining creative […]
  26. Apple and Samsung Companies: HR Practices
    The company identifies and attracts competent individuals who can revolutionize the world through the provision of premium products. Student programs encourage students to be part of the company and achieve their aims.
  27. Failure Analysis: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    The risk of failure of Smartphones is mainly in the memory access violation and mobile phone hardware such as the batteries and the shell [2].
  28. Samsung Company: Strategic Planning and Formulation
    The strategy formulation and planning phase is executed by the needs of the consumers. The company has been producing superior smartphones and mobile devices that support the needs of more customers.
  29. Samsung’s Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor
    The paper will critically analyze the ethical dimensions of the dilemma from the perspective of the utilitarian ethical theory. It will be argued that according to the fundamental principles of the theory, the company’s behavior […]
  30. Samsung Electronics Recalls as a Business Issue
    Standard tests and assessments should be used to make sure that all the demands are met, and a product is of high quality.
  31. The New Samsung Razr MZR Features
    Open the package containing all the phone’s components including the battery, phone covers, and charger. Install the phone battery in the battery socket and ensure that this installation is done correctly.
  32. Samsung Company’s Approach to Quality Electronics
    The purpose of this report is to convince the board members of Samsung Company to adopt viable steps to enhance the quality of the items the company manufactures.
  33. Samsung Electronics Co.’s Quality Production Study
    This report will address growth-oriented and credible performance issues established to steer the production of electronic facilities in Samsung Corporation. It will be useful to use secondary data in this report based on their validity […]
  34. Proposal Letter to Audit Samsung Electronics
    The cost of the services will depend on the amount of work that we are to accomplish and the level of expertise required.
  35. Apple and Samsung Companies’ Financial Accounting
    A company’s revenue should be determined only when the reward and risks of ownership are transferred to the buyer, and the amount of consideration can be measured. The matching concept is a practice whereby expenses […]
  36. White v. Samsung Inc. Case in 1993
    What are the style and the legal citation for your case? What is the legal history of this case?
  37. Why Samsung Is Considered a Design Inspiration?
    The reimagined camera is one of the key features of the Samsung smartphone that reflects the inspirational design. Samsung employs the horizontal integration strategy in the production of its smartphones and other products.
  38. Use of Diversification by Samsung in the Penetration of the Saudi Arabian Market
    The purpose of this study is to find out whether the use of diversification by Samsung in the penetration of the Saudi Arabian market has been successful.
  39. Samsung Company’s Background, Mission and Vision
    In 1968, Lee invested in the electronics business, culminating in the establishment of Samsung Electronics, which is a subsidiary of Samsung Group.
  40. Financial Reporting: Apple and Samsung
    This report contributes to this argument by comparing and contrasting the application of the principle and rule-based models of accounting in the consumer electronics market.
  41. Which Phone Is Superior Samsung Instinct or Apple iPhone?
    With the intuitive design and powerfully packed innovative and easy to use features, Samsung’s Instinct is certainly giving the apple iPhone a run for its money. The display of both calendar and world clock is […]
  42. Samsung Company: The Pricing Marketing Principle
    Samsung is the company which is famous for its electronic products, more over it is world brand, but the pricing policy of Samsung Company is influenced by other companies and the Samsung prices also influence […]

🥇 Good Research Topics about Samsung Electronics Company

  1. How Samsung Compete in the UK Cellular Phone Market?
  2. Analysis of Samsung Marketing and Brand Strategies
  3. Critical Evaluation Of Apple And Samsung
  4. Analysis of eBusiness Solutions Providers: IBM, Wipro Technologies, Samsung
  5. Analysis Of Samsung’s Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Analysis of Samsung Electronics in Korea
  7. How Global Trends Influence the Strategies Used by Samsung?
  8. Industry Analysis of Samsung
  9. Analysis Between Xiaomi And Samsung
  10. Competition in Global Semiconductor Industry a Case Study Analysis on Chinese Threats to Samsung Electronics Superiority
  11. Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis (Apple vs Samsung)
  12. Marketing Analysis: Samsung Electronics Company
  13. Quality Circle in Samsung
  14. Samsung Pestel Analysis
  15. Should Samsung Make Changes of the Orientation Program?
  16. Samsung Competitive Analysis
  17. Samsung Business And Corporate Level Strategies
  18. What country should Samsung expand into?
  19. Samsung’s influence on South Korea
  20. What Is Samsung’s Strategy?
  21. What makes the Samsung brand successful?
  22. What Strategies Should Samsung Electronics Incorporate To Overcome Its Leadership?
  23. Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market in Hong Kong?
  24. Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters Samsung?

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Samsung Company

  1. Investigation of Strategic Changes Using Patent Co-Inventor Network Analysis: The Case of Samsung Electronics
  2. Equity, Cash Flow, and Notes Analysis of Samsung Electronics
  3. Company Overview, History, and Business Strategy of Samsung Electronics
  4. Business Report on The Samsung Group
  5. Factors That Triggered the Growth of Samsung
  6. Branding Strategies Of Samsung Mobile
  7. Business Level Strategy of Samsung
  8. Samsung And South Korea
  9. Comparing Sony and Samsung
  10. Competitive Advantages at Samsung
  11. Ethical And Legal Consequences Of Samsung
  12. Global Value Chain Analysis on Samsung Electronics
  13. Internal Weaknesses Of Samsung Galaxy
  14. Korea and Japan: Electronics Items Between Samsung and Sony
  15. Marketing Communication of Samsung
  16. Marketing Design Of Samsung Mobile
  17. Marketing Plan For Samsung Inc
  18. Marketing Strategy of Samsung in India
  19. Organisational Structure of Samsung Electronics
  20. Operation Management for Manufacturing Samsung Electronics
  21. Rhetorical Analysis Of Samsung Galaxy Xcover Snowfield Advert
  22. Samsung: A Multinational Corporation Biased Out Of South
  23. Samsung And The Global Mobile Device Marketplace
  24. Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility and Awards

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