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  1. A Comparative Analysis of Apple & Sony Retail Stores
    It is imperative to note that Sony and Apple have continued to employ a multiplicity of tactics in their marketing mix strategies in the hope of attracting more customers to their stores.
  2. Sony Ericsson Merger – Case Study of Joint Ventrue and Acquisitions
    The merger had great impact in the market and the coming together of the companies changed the market share in the mobile market.
  3. New Business of Sony
    However, although the business started recovering from the very beginning of 2010, the recent creeping inflation, and the slight presence of recession that started from September 2011, has again caused a sudden drop on the […]
  4. Sony Corporation Global Supply Chain
    This process is often governed by internal guidelines of Sony and the relevant laws.”The other approach relates to production processes and involves providing the necessary support to realize global supply chain from such standpoints as […]
  5. Sony Corporation
    1 3 Strong and competitive brand in the industry 0. Market surveys and researches indicate that imitation of its products is on the increase.
  6. Sony CSR Review
    Sony is also committed to meeting the needs of the community as a part of its global citizenship. In addition, the innovation of its products and services is geared towards contributing to society.
  7. Property Marketing Plan for Sony Corporation
    During the sporting period During the sporting season, Sony will take the advantage of the massive number of fans visiting the stadium to watch their team performing on the pitch.
  8. Sony Company’s Decision Making
    In making these allegations, they argue that “one way of understanding modern organizational decision making is by supplementing the microeconomic study of strategic factor markets with an examination of the internal operation of the business […]
  9. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo
    These strategies depend on the needs of the target market and the level of competition in the market. Other than the Wii, the company’s other products like the DS, DS Lite, and Game boy satisfy […]
  10. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Competition
    Companies dealing in technology products engage in product-orientation approach to attract more customers than the other players in the market. The focus on younger generation customers who form the bulk of the customers contributed to […]
  11. Sony and Ericsson
    This paper discusses the motivations behind the formation of SEMC, the problems encountered in the joint venture, the strategies used by both organization to address the problems, and the factors, which led to the decision […]
  12. Effects of Technology on Sony Corporation Inc
    The company has embarked on the use of technology to automate its internal process; some of the areas involved are the use of integrated supply chain management, this is a system where different sectors of […]
  13. Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    The formation of Sony BMG Music Entertainment was born out of the 2004 perilous merger between Sony Corporation of America and BMG Music Group.
  14. Analysis of Sony PS3
    As a gaming console the PS3 promised, and subsequently delivered, games which would literally astound gamers with the depth of the graphics and the greater degree of in-game features not present in the previous generation […]
  15. Sony-Ericsson’s Marketing Ethics
    Marketers should ensure that their actions do not result to people distrusting the marketing system and upholding ethics in the course of marketing.
  16. The marketing strategies of Sony and Samsung
    The Sony Corporation on the other hand is a conglomerate of several media and electronic companies that specialize in the electronic business unit and the entertainment industry as a whole.
  17. The Significance of the Partnership for Sony in Terms of Target Market and Brand Image
    In addition, since the focus of Sony is sale of electronics, Sony would benefit in the sale of televisions, which would be useful in watching the competitions.
  18. Sony Evolving Human Resources
    The fact that the global approach of recruitment will pool in workers from different parts of the world will mean that these workers need to be able to cope with one another and communicate well.
  19. Sony Corporation-Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain
    Another important consideration in this context is the integration of the organization’s departments in order to consolidate its operations and match the current business demands with promptness.
  20. Sony Company’s Human Resource Development Policy
    The biggest part or percentage of the employees at the company receive local training in their respective countries, whereby the training programs are designed specifically to meet the set standards as well as the demands […]
  21. Sony Corporation and Its SWOT and PESTLE Analyses
    The corporation is the parent organisation of Sony Group, which was founded in 1946; the corporation manages all the business activities of the entire group.
  22. Mitsubishi and Sony companies
    The reports also address the CSR strategies that the companies are planning to undertake Scope and Limitations of the Report This paper will focus on the differences between the reports of the two companies.
  23. IBM PC and Sony Walkman
    Furthermore, the convenience of its size was unrivaled in the PC market. It was relatively easy to penetrate the market at the time because the Walkman was the first of its kind.
  24. SONY’s Eco Innovation for Televisions: A Memo
    Considering the existing opportunities which Sony will use to follow a more environmentally friendly policy, one must admit that the differences between the units which are sold in the new markets and the ones which […]
  25. Sony’s Evolving Human Resource Challenges
    If the company is to have an adequate pool of international talent and managers, the first approach is to embrace the issue of diversity.
  26. Sony Corporation
    The firm is involved in designing, improving, manufacturing and sales of electronic equipment and instruments, marketing of softwares and game consoles to final markets.
  27. Sony Television: Company Analysis
    The President and CEO of Sony Corporation also attested to the harshness of the market and environment in which their television business operates.
  28. Quality Management: Sony Corporation
    With the current trend of transformations in the business world, notably as a result of the many changes in technology, there are numerous ways through which entrepreneurs can establish and sustain high performance strategies in […]
  29. Organizational Change: Sony Corporation
    The negative cash flow and the failure to realize their objectives were unacceptable to the shareholders and therefore a major change needed to be initiated in order to bring back Sony Corporation to the top […]
  30. Sony PlayStation TV Micro-Console Marketing Project
    The lack of concern for the quality of the product gives a lot of reasons for concern; for the company to regain its position within the global market, an introduction of a new brand of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Sony

  1. Sony Company Products: GoPro Camera Competitive Analysis
    The policy and goals of the company make it special and attractive to consumers, who may any person passionate with sports, an active style of life, and the intentions to capture and share personal lives […]
  2. Sony Company in Japan and the USA
    On the other hand, although the yen was by then weak against the dollar, it rapidly appreciated in 2008, making it hard to operate using the currency.
  3. Sony Ericsson Company Strategic Management
    The company must allocate managers strong enough to deal with the divaricating strategy, decide on the control over the business, and evaluate the strength of the company to engage in such a venture.
  4. Sony Corporation Financial Reporting
    The company’s strength is vested in its total fixed assets of 12,013,511 Milion Yens in 2009 and 12,866,114 Million in 2010.
  5. The Sony Watch Product’s Marketing Opportunities
    In the UAE market, Sony Watch is a product that will specifically appeal to new group of consumers who are considered to be living with diabetes.
  6. Sony Corporation Hacking and Security System
    The organization had to stop the hackers and ensure information did not flow freely but it was unfortunate, as the company sought the services of the California court because it had no capacity to deal […]
  7. Sony and Nintendo in the Video Game Industry
    The firm has manufactured several generations of the home console since the 1980s, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in the early 1990s, and the Nintendo 64 that was […]
  8. Sony Company’s Human Resource Management
    The HR and the entire management need to be updated about the financial data to help with the validity of the SWOT analysis.
  9. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo Product Hierarchies
    The first section of the paper will briefly discuss the performance of mobile and wearable products in the Dubai market, followed by a discussion of the positions of the five companies in Dubai city.
  10. Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba Product Hierarchies
    In order to do so, this paper would assess the performance of the consumer electronics market in Dubai, briefly discuss the position of the five companies in Dubai, form a PEST analysis, create product hierarchies […]
  11. Sony Corporation’s Mismanagement as Decline Factor
    In 1971, the company went ahead to invent the Walkman, which was a portable improvement of the cassette recorder. It is evident that the lost opportunities have led to the company’s loss of value.
  12. Sony Playstation’s Online Community
    PlayStation Forums is the name given to the online community used to support this brand. The company uses the PlayStation Forums as an online community to support the brand.
  13. Sony PlayStation’s Online Display Advertising
    The newest word in the advertising and brand-promoting strategy is Online Display Advertising. It is obvious that the analysts at Sony realize the importance of using advanced advertising techniques such as display adverts.
  14. Sony Netbooks for Education and Entertainment
    Still, students are the main audience because a netbook is an ideal option for students, who have to replace their writing and searching for activities with the speed of the world.
  15. Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 and Nintendo
    However, due to the company’s policy on protection of intellectual property rights, the reluctance to license its technology to competitors, it lost its market share to inferior technologies. With a price tag of $600, PS3 […]
  16. Sony Corporation’s Financial Losses and Rivalry
    Sony Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products in Japan and worldwide, anticipates losses for the 2011-2012 fiscal year at $ 1 billion against the backdrop of strong yen, floods in Thailand, and […]
  17. Sony PlayStation Creative Strategy
    The purpose of the project is to advertise the new PlayStation console among the target market with the help of the Internet, i.e.social media, and draw the consumers’ attention to the product by means of […]
  18. Boeing, Sony and Nestle Companies Core Competencies
    Due to this strategy, the company understands what their customers require and creates its products according to the desire of the consumers, so the final product just waits for the client to buy it.
  19. Sony Corporation: Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain
    However, following the commitment of the company to focus on small screen, portable television set in the early 1960s, Sony acknowledged the need to constantly re-evaluate the company’s scope in consumer electronics, and this philosophy […]
  20. Sony Company’s Marketing Analysis
    The stories of the companies and the people who managed to find their own formulas for rapid success belong to the number of the most popular topics for discussion among people connected to media.
  21. Cyber Attack on Sony Company
    The main goal of this paper is to analyze the case of cyberattacks on Sony, discussing the existing evidence and alternative decisions that could have alleviated the negative impact of the incident on customers.
  22. Sony Corporation’s Strategy and Porter’s Diamond Model
    The dismantling of the silo culture contributed to a more compact and centralized command center for the firm. The reorganization would also result in cost-cutting leading to a more competitive firm.
  23. Sony Company’s Marketing Management
    The main objective is to develop an understanding of the failure in sales of the PS3 console, and to provide viable recommendations to ensure the situation does not recur in the future.
  24. Sony Corporation’s Strategy in Context
    Inspired by the idea of creating new markets, Sony played the role of a pioneer and occupied the leading position in the sector of consumer electronics.
  25. Sony Pictures Hack: The Criminals Won
    Sony’s CEO would have to evaluate the risk of releasing the film without changes and compare the outcomes that this move would have in regards to the company’s reputation with the overall strategic vision.
  26. Sony Electronics: Basic Marketing Plan
    4% of margin, this marketing plan will suggest a number of conditions & solution in how the company will market the required goods successfully by the year 2009 through a special attention in segmenting, targeting, […]
  27. Sony: Company of Electronics
    They have to discuss the procedures and policies so that the goals and responsibilities of one department could be reached with the help of the other departments within the Sony business organization.
  28. Business Consultancy: Sony vs Panasonic
    The dominance has had its low moments with the electronics powerhouse opting out of some fields due to the high levels of competition evident in this field as demonstrated by the emergence of very many […]
  29. Sony Corporation of America vs Universal City Studios
    The Supreme Court decided that the respondents, Universal and Disney had no case against Sony, stating that the use of Betamax Video Tape Recorders to record movies and shows does not make Sony guilty of […]
  30. Analysis of Sony Company After the CEO Change
    The issue gains importance in the context of the state of affairs that were evident in the company’s policy before the shift Stringer emphasized the problem of the incoherence of Sony’s subdivisions, namely electronics and […]

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  1. Company Analysis of Sony and Pioneer
  2. Company Analysis of Sony Vietnam
  3. Analysis And Strategies Of Sony Corporation
  4. Analysis Of Sony Corporation And Its Competitors
  5. Analysis Of The Long Time Sony Corporation Co Founder
  6. Pest Analysis for Sony Corporation
  7. How to Improve it the Sony Customer?
  8. Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc
  9. What is Sony’s Business Model?
  10. How Sony is the Company’s World Customer Value?
  11. Why has Sony Succeeded when so Many Other Companies Have Failed?
  12. What Is Sony’s Corporate Strategy?

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  1. A Look at the Corporate History of Sony Corporation
  2. Evaluation of Sony Corporation’s Strategy
  3. Corporate Culture : Sony Corporation
  4. Business Strategies Of Sony Corporation
  5. Plan to Restore Sony Corporation’s Quality & Service
  6. Sony Corporation and Business Laws of Japan
  7. Sony Corporation And Its Framework Of Corporate Governance
  8. Sony Corporation And Its Impact On The World
  9. Sony Corporation Financial Statement
  10. Sony Corporation – Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain
  11. Strategic Alliance : Sony Corporation And Toyota Motor
  12. Strategic Planning – Key Options and Limits Of Sony Corporation

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