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Sony Netbooks for Education and Entertainment Essay


Nowadays, it is not a difficult task to sell something to someone. Lachani (as cited in BusinessNews Publishing, 2013) says that “the best time to sell more is when people are buying”. People like the idea of buying. Still, some advertisers and sellers make a mistake thinking that their products are necessary to everyone. Therefore, due to the existing variety of options and ideas, some sellers face difficulties in introducing or selling their products and services. The product that is introduced in this project is worth people’s attention because it has a purpose and a clearly identified audience, and it meets other crucial elements of the PAIBOC approach that is used by commercials.

Product Identification

The technological progress has already influenced a number of spheres, and the field of education is not an exception. Students like to use their smartphones and notebooks to complete their tasks, search information, and get access to a number of sources from different parts of the world in a short period of time (Keengwe, 2015). It is hard to predict what future and technological innovations are waiting for students and their teachers in 2020 (Nickerson & Zodhiates, 2013; Selwyn, 2013). Still, it is possible to observe what students and teachers want to achieve now: fast and effective exchange of information, easy access, and multiple options. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine modern students’ life without such technology as a netbook. It is as functional and effective as an ordinary notebook is. It is as compact, and light as the majority of smartphones and iPads are. It is not expensive, and its price is usually affordable for many students.

As soon as students comprehend the importance of netbooks in their education, the time to think about the company comes. Why not pay attention to Sony Corporation? It is one of the most fascinating and successful companies of all the times that began as a music innovator and creator and turned into a powerful electronic, gaming, and financial conglomerate (Neate, 2014). Sony netbooks are frequently used by many people around the globe. Sony netbooks help to make an academic life of every student easier and fascinating. Sony netbooks open students the door to a new world full of smart and easy to comprehend technologies.

The PAIBOC analysis will help to make the right decision and clarify if the offer is appropriate for a certain group of people.

PAIBOC Analysis


Our task is to provide people with technological comfort by offering the best Sony netbooks for E2: education and entertainment. It is not enough to sell a netbook. It is necessary to explain to a person when the netbook is the best solution at the moment. Students may want to buy a netbook in order to have fast and comfortable access to their educational material, academic sources, and projects.


Netbooks are in demand among different customers. Still, students are the main audience because a netbook is an ideal option for students, who have to replace their writing and searching for activities with the speed of the world. Students may want to save their money for new entertainments and experiences. Still, they cannot neglect their academic needs. Therefore, students are the best representatives who should be eager to buy a netbook.


Some people are still not confident in what a netbook is all about. They believe that netbooks may not be as useful as notebooks or light as cell phones. However, the current technological success demonstrated by Sony proves that the company is able to take care of its design and technological features at the same time (Neate, 2014). Sony has a long and proved history as a high-technological expert and a credible provider of the best services and products. There are many reasons to trust the company and its product, and the choice of students will be the choice in trustful and fair relations. Sony offers the best options and products for the price students afford.


There are many benefits students can get when they decide to buy a netbook with Sony. First, the company provides its customers with guarantees. Second, portability and lightness will be available to all customers. Then, it is necessary to underline that students cannot stop moving. Therefore, work and life on the move are the main characteristics of the work with netbooks, as well as of student’s life. Finally, a netbook is the best and the cheapest replacement of an ordinary notebook for students.


Some students may have additional questions and doubts about the choice they make with Sony. As a rule, these doubts are based on such issues as limited power and low hard drive storage. Covering these doubts, it is necessary to underline the purpose of this product and the goals people try to meet when they choose netbooks. There is no need to play games or watch 3-D movies. Our goal is to provide students with a good product for typing, Internet searching, and fast communications. There is no need to say that a netbook is the best substitution for everything. It has its own disadvantages and shortages. However, in regards to the needs of potential customers and the prices set on the product, a Sony netbook is the best option millions of students could rely on.


The choice of a netbook is the choice of all prospective customers. Those who are in need of portable electronic devices should not wait for too much to find a good alternative. Notebooks are too heavy and usually big for carrying them all the time. Smartphones do not have big enough screens to provide students with a chance to observe all documents or to type new projects. Finally, a netbook is a product that does not cost a lot, and almost every student could buy or rent it any time they want.

Students could listen to music while typing their texts, use different garnitures to facilitate the working processes, and enjoy their photos and videos from any available place in a visible and appropriate format. Finally, it is necessary to admit that many Sony netbooks have working applications that support the function of synchronisation and backup. Dropbox software is the best example for many students to rely on because many tasks and courses are introduced with the help of this software.


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