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Product Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Sun Peaks Resort from Consumer Perspective

Sun Peaks Resort with its mountain views, various opportunities for skiing, sledding and engaging in other winter sports, alongside the availability of sports school, private lessons, festivals, and events create a unique appeal to diverse [...]

British Petroleum Company’s Products Marketing

Different research tools will cater for different audiences and needs, for instance, online surveys will be used to reach BP products' consumers throughout the world while observation tool will be used in the local market [...]

Cube Kits as a Portable Educational Toy

The construction of the cubes would be relatively simple since all that would be needed is a solid square surface to act as the base, six thin square magnets to be placed on each side [...]

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Product Launch

The paper at hand is devoted to the analysis of the launch of Samsung Gear VR from different perspectives: the product development model, the business analysis, its technical implementation, etc.

John Deere Air Conditioning System Marketing

Since the primary business strategy of John Deere company is to distinctively serve customers that are involved with working on the land, the company should look into the expansion of the brand in the area [...]

Ford Fiesta: Analysing the Market

Among its benefits, there is a significant improvement in the quality of the product and service line resulting in an increase in market share, and understanding the consumer tastes and preferences better.

Nike Vapor Strobe Glasses: Market Analysis

Nike vapor strobe glasses will overcome such a strategy by extending the general market of the product. This indicates that a new product may be developed, which may affect the sales and marketing operations of [...]

The Tastykake’s Product

Regardless of the oppressing deadline, Schutz and her team were able to find the perfect formula for the majority of the snacks supposed to go into production after the period of testing. This trial and [...]

Herb’aVors Vegan Drive-Thru Product Business Model

As a result, the wide public will be able to receive the brand-new service with the excellent health promotion characteristics and traditional cultural implications of fast-food. The breakthrough of the offered concept is the vegan-based [...]

Acuvue Product Marketing Campaign

The case of Vistakon helps to clarify the main issues of a successful marketing campaign and identify the steps that should be taken by managers, who want to introduce their products and services in the [...]

Sony PlayStation’s Online Display Advertising

The newest word in the advertising and brand-promoting strategy is Online Display Advertising. It is obvious that the analysts at Sony realize the importance of using advanced advertising techniques such as display adverts.

The Smart Cart Product Marketing Project

Seeing that the B2B market is currently viewed as the target area of the company's operations, retail organizations that require shopping carts for their business need to be considered as the target market.

IPhone’s Indirect and Direct Distribution Channels

Apple experts operating in the field of distribution management understood that the channels of promotion of iPhone products should be strikingly different from those used for the promotion of existing products such as Mac or [...]

Nehi Soda Product Marketing Campaign

As such, the segment will be more willing to buy the commodity compared to those who never interacted with it in the past. This attribute will be useful to the marketing of Nehi soda.

Dubai Private Hospitals’ Product Hierarchy

The concept of product is increasingly becoming popular in the business sector, especially when it comes to explaining the sequence of movement and distribution of products on the basis of demand and market competition.

Product Hierarchy in the UAE’s Industries

The following flow chart shows the product hierarchy for the health industry in the United Arab Emirates: As presented in the flow chart diagram above, the focus of the product hierarchy for the health industry [...]

The Wonder House Paint Product’s House of Quality

However, some of the products and services developed fail to adhere to address the needs and requirements of the customers. These are listed below: Durability Variety Cleanliness and easy to wash Affordability User friendly The [...]

Sporting Celebrity in Product Marketing

The currency of the question and the necessity of the discussion depending on the range of endorsements on the screens and in magazines and on the popularity of this type of advertisements with the public.

Etihad Airways’ New Destination Analysis

In particular, the company should focus on the availability of flights to the new destination. It should be noted that nine major companies serve this destination, and one can assume that the market share of [...]

Ergonomic Chairs: Product Marketing

The best chair should accommodate the needs of the targeted worker. This situation explains why our company has produced superior chairs in order to support the health needs of every worker.

Apple’s iPod Product Marketing Campaign

The main advantage of this media player is the unique design that distinguishes it among other products. Furthermore, it is important to consider the increased fragility of hard drives incorporated in this player.

Spicy Walkers Crisps: New Product Launching

Inspired by the increased customers' interest in the cultures of Asian and Latin American countries, Walkers, the leading manufacturer of snack foods in the United Kingdom, currently launches new 'Luxury' spicy Walkers Crisps.

Energy Drink Product Marketing

As far as the objectives regarding the brand in question are concerned, it will be imperative that the introduction of the product into the global market should trigger at least a 10% increase in the [...]

Marketing Plan: the iPad Jr.

The second step is targeting where the company will select the group it wants to focus on and communicate with it through adverts thereby increasing the awareness of its products to the group.

Samsung Company Smartphone Marketing

The article gives a summary of the Smartphone market controlled by Samsung and the ensuing advertising expenditure from mobile marketing and advertisements because of the strategy employed by Samsung.

Why Barbie Has Been so Successful?

It also boosts the sales revenues from the brand and helps in brand growth Barbie was introduced to the market as a doll and has continued to grow and Mattel Corporation has introduced many other [...]

Cookie Five Product’s Marketing Issues

To demonstrate the opportunities that the given venture is going to have in the organic food markets, one has to introduce a graph that depicts the ratio of the price, the number of customers and [...]

EIAST Company’s Space Tourism Services

In this paper, the financial analysis of the venture is performed in relation to the opportunity identified. The institution has the technical and technological capabilities to achieve the objective.

BlackBerry Handset in Arab World

It is one of the five top devices on the mobile market, which underlines that it is in great demand with the population."On August 1, 2010, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of The United Arab Emirates officially [...]

Amazon.com Website Products Marketing

Through a comparison of price, delivery time and amount of effort needed in order to purchase a mass produced product or a customized product, it is anticipated that this paper will be able to showcase [...]

Nike Company Social Media Marketing

Nike promotes a large variety of women's running shoes both in its website and in other social media sites. The company incorporates a number of attractive products in its social media marketing sites when promoting [...]

Elite Mobile Company Product Marketing

The performance has been very promising in the European and the Asian markets, especially for the high market segment. The brands mainly target the high-end market segment in the Asian and European market.

Marketing: McDonalds and KFC

The analysis of the two companies shows how the theory of marketing has been implemented in our society in terms of the market segmentation, target markets, and strategic marketing.

Chanel Cosmetics

The management of this firm has been keen on adopting new market trends, which has ensured that the firm remains relevant in this industry.

Market Research – Butteroil

As a result, this product has largely been competitive in the market due to its uniqueness and superiority in terms of usage for various purposes.