Product Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

EarRing Product Business Project

Abstract This paper presents a report about a business project called “EarRing”. The project represents an innovative product –earrings that can also be worn as rings. The manufacturers of the product will offer a great variety of designs and styles of earrings. The products will be sold online and at the stores. The business will […] Website Products Marketing

At the present, consumers are assailed by a variety of mass produced items ranging from shoes, clothes and food to electronics, bed covers and a plethora of other products that an average consumer may need. From the perspective of Kotha, mass production on a global scale of consumer products has enabled goods to be produced […]

Nike Company Social Media Marketing

Existing strategy Nike promotes a large variety of women’s running shoes both in its website and in other social media sites. Some of the social sites Nike uses to promote women’s running shoes include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. The company incorporates a number of attractive products in its social media marketing sites when promoting […]

Elite Mobile Company Product Marketing

Background information The Elite Mobile Company specialises in customised smart phones in the Asian and European markets. The products are Cynosure and Panacea. These products have performed relatively well as compared to the products of its six competitors such as the Red, and the Blue among others. The performance has been very promising in the […]

Charles Chocolates Company Product Marketing

Location and Layout It should be mentioned that the stores of this company are located mostly in tourist destinations such as Boston’s Back Bay and Bar Harbor. Moreover, the products of this organization can be purchased through various retailers and ship terminal locations. The main limitation of this approach is that it makes Charles Chocolates […]

Marketing: McDonalds and KFC

Executive Summary The manufacturing sector has been involved in the production of consumer products for a long time. The goods have been produced and selected to suits specific segments in the market. Different positioning strategies of the products’ development were examined before the goods have been supplied to the market. While doing the market segmentation […]

Marketing Sports Drinks: What They Don’t Tell the Youth

The modern marketing scene has been bombarded by a multiplicity of advertisements that ostensibly claim to market health products aimed at assisting the youth achieve trendy shapes and looks that are more mystical than real. Young men, in particular, have been brainwashed by some TV commercials to a point where they make it routine to […]

Health marketing: Positioning and Differentiation

This paper offers an insight on strategic marketing in health care and giving out the information on competitive edge in the health care field. It will highlight the effeteness’ of the strategies used by the two care centers. The approaches include the managed care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, physician practices and social marketing. Even though, most clients […]

Chanel Cosmetics

Introduction Chanel is one of the leading fashion shops in the United Kingdom. Started out as a simple fashion shop on a brick and moter basis, this shop has grown to become a giant shop that operates an online shop, besides its physical shops. The management of this firm has been keen on adopting new […]

Marketing Research and How Marketing Information system is Organized in Middlesex Insurance Company

Middlesex Insurance Company conducts market research on demand to help the management make informed decisions on available products, new products and market trends and segmentation. Market research also helps in identifying specific product attributes that match the capabilities of the target market. Market research on available products also assists the firm address matters relating to […]

Creating Demand And Marketing Of A New Fictional Product. A New Software

Executive Summary The marketing plan relates to PeFlo Incorporation which operates within the US information technology industry. In its operation, the firm deals with production of a wide range of software products. In an effort to enhance its competitive advantage, the firm has identified a potential market opportunity with regard to consumers buying process. From […]

A Strategic Marketing Plan for the Coca-Cola Amatil Company

Executive Summary This paper was written in order to develop a marketing strategy for the Coca-Cola Amatil group (CCL). The main focus was not on the entire product line of the group but for a new product, Coke Zero. The CCL has enjoyed a lot of success for its internationally known brands such as Coke […]

Market Research – Butteroil

Brief Synopsis of Alfreshco Butterroil Butterroil is an anhydrous milk-based product consisting of dairy fat at its purest form. This product consists of different types of lipids having varying melting points, which makes the products multi-purpose. Notably, Alfreshco Butteroil is a unique product as it can be used in a variety of food processing practices […]

The Runners World Marketing Strategy

The Runners World primary business was to sell shoes and provide advice to people in the booming jogging business as identified in the case study. The Runners world have shown commitment to marketing concepts evident in the problem recognition process based on the facts that a market can only exist when there are unsatisfied needs, […]

IKEA: Overview of Marketing Strategies

Founded in 1943, IKEA company specializes in producing ready-to-assemble furniture and home products for designing the interior. The main strength of the company’s strategies lies in a one-stop shopping for customers. It means that customers will not have to attend several shops to make the right choice. So, the role of the sale representatives is […]

Monitor Marketing Strategies and Tactics: BBQfun

Strategies and tactics used to monitor and implement the promotional activities BBQfun is a leading chain store organization in Brisbane. Due to the level of market saturation, and hence competition, it aims to expand its operations and market share alike, through a marketing strategy that has been formulated by its management (Kotler, Adams, Brown & […]

Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization

Kudler Fine Foods is a retailer dealing with food products. The retailer deals with local products and foodstuffs from other countries. Kudler Fine Foods is located in San Diego, and owns three stores within the environs of the city. The company has been doing well in the sale of food products in the geographical area […]

Bellperre: Marketing Strategy

Introduction Marketing a product could be difficult especially when product being marketed, are either expensive or do not meet the customer demands. In the UAE, the marketing of electronics is that which the marketers refer to, as interesting and fulfilling careers. Notably, this is the career that uses principles, which concern specific issues of solving […]

Promotional Strategy IMC for given Product

Introduction The following essay is the analysis of Porsche Dubai promotion strategy. The study contains suggestions on how the company may improve its integrated marketing communication program in order to increase its sales. The integrated marketing communication is a marketing strategy that incorporates all the aspects of marketing with an aim of increasing the brand […]

Report Proposal on Unilever Marketing Strategy for Phase Dawn Butter Flavour Cooking Oil

Executive Summary The history of Unilever Company can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Unilever’s first decade (1930s) is no easy ride: it started with the great depression and ended with the Second World War (Unilever, 2012 p.4). It can be noted however, Unilever Company did not exist from the beginning […]

Daisy Roots Children Shoes Market Strategy into the global markets

This report will take a marketing plan format forming the foundation for the introduction of Daisy Roots, domestic footwear in the UK produced by the Daisy Roots footwear company limited. The product has been doing very well and that seems so unique thus needs to spread its market to the global market. The paper will […]

Market penetration strategy

Increase our penetration to the market by intensifying the organisations efforts to more of the market Market penetration strategy refers to the firm intensifying its efforts to capture a larger share of the market by selling more of its product to its already existing customers (Ataman, 2003; Smith, Drumwright & Gentile, 2008; Myron, 2007; Kara, […]

Market opportunities of IKEA in USA

The company selected for the market opportunity analysis is IKEA in USA. The Swedish company basically deals in textiles and furniture, and operates in more than 38 countries of the world (IKEA, 2011). IKEA is considered as the world’s largest furnishing business. Hence, it has a global demand. IKEA has also high demand in the […]

Rococo Chocolates

Introduction The fundamental motivation behind the establishment of Rococo Chocolate was the window of opportunity that existed in London. However, the passion of the founder of Rococo was also a key driving force. In addition to passion, profit maximization is also a main reason for the establishment of any business. A marketing plan critically examines […]

Pricing and Promotional Strategies in Health Facilities

Pricing and promotions are elements of marketing mix, organisations whether is the service or goods industry need to set a price that is competitive in the market and offer maximum returns. To attain this goal, there are different approaches to pricing and promotion. This paper looks into pricing and promotional strategies that a company can […]

Marketing Mix of Yorkshire Tea

Abstract The aim of the research was to determine the right marketing mix for price, promotion, product, and place for Yorkshire Tea to put it at a competitive edge with its key competitors by identifying and determining the right market and their needs to tailor its product to meet customer needs. Introduction Yorkshire Tea is […]

Marketing analysis – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the most popular and exclusive brand of lingerie, fragrances and beauty products in United States, Canada and other countries. Leslie Wexner the founder of Victoria Secret started this brand in 1982 by purchasing a small chain of lingerie products in San Francisco. He made the merchandize to look good and […]

Marketing the Wireless Robotic Car

The marketing of a new product presents numerous challenges. Levinson, Levinson and Levinson [1] state that, “marketing is a very slow process”. The efficacy of a product may not save it from shoddy marketing. In fact, an inferior product may perform better if it is marketed better. In the field of robotics, the challenge increases […]

Marketing: Kripsy Kreme Company

Background Kripsy Kreme Company (KKD) currently with headquarters in North Carolina was established in 1937. The company specializes in production of baked products such as doughnuts and supplies various retail shops and groceries. There was great improvement in production processes when the company adopted mechanized and computerized system of making doughnuts. However, it was until […]

Organizational Buyers

A large share of the market for goods as well as services is accredited to organisational buyers as opposed to individual consumers. Organisational buyers include wholesalers, retailers, producers and institutions. They play key role in stimulating demand in the production chain (Palmer, 1999). However, organistional buyers who are charged with the responsibility of making buying […]

Advanced Marketing Strategy of Adidas Group

Introduction The business sector for a long time has recognized the significance of marketing strategies in the overall success of any organization (Andreasen & Kotler 2003, p. 3; Claycomb, Germain & Droge 2000, p. 219). The sport sector has not been left behind either and is beginning to embrace strategic marketing as well. Marketing strategy […]

NIVEA and its marketing strategy

Consumer driven marketing strategy focuses on the needs of the customers. It can be advantageous to businesses by offering an edge over competition (Anderson, et al., 2004). As such, companies utilizing this strategy may focus their marketing efforts only on consumers who directly benefit from the product. Beiersdorf, the company that manufactures and sells NIVEA, […]

Marketing of New Services – Set up Information Literacy Talks for Mature

Introduction Service marketing is a sub-component of the wide discipline of marketing. It essentially refers to B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Client) services that embrace the marketing of various services such as financial, telecommunication, air travel health care, literacy seminar services, and professional services among others. Marketing of a service is a […]

Marketing: Blackberry

Introduction New Smartphone technology made it possible for consumers to send e-mail while, at the same time, make phone calls. There are several convenient phone features incorporated within BlackBerry which reinforces its quality within international market. Such features include unique mobile operating system as well as appealing appearance. In addition, the phone has inbuilt sensors […]

Marketing Strategy of Kellogg’s

Brand Personality Brand personality is defined as the personification of brand characteristics. In other words, brand personality refers to the act of giving human characteristics to a particular brand. In the business world, brand personality is highly beneficial in enhancing reception of a given product (Rakocevic 2011). It should be noted that businesses will always […]

Marketing: The Product and the Factors That Enhance Its Popularity. Median Income, the Associated Traits and the Relevance to the Product

Introduction: Skechers’ Shape Up and its Current Rates Promoting sportswear is not an easy task; even though sport has become an integral part of many people, a great chunk of the population still considers sport as something to be taken professionally. Therefore, promoting sportswear is quite a complicated task; however, with a careful marketing plan […]

Marketing Strategies for Laundry Detergent “Finish Dishwater Tablets 25 Pack”

Definition of Marketing Marketing could be defined as the art of connecting the consumer market with products and services for the purposes of satisfying their needs as well as company’s profitability. Introduction The product is “Finish dishwater tablets 25 Pack” which is a laundry detergent manufactured for consumer use. The product has the capabilities of […]

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, (MSO)

Introduction Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) is a well renowned, brand name. When the Chief Executive officer is the “brand”, it can be difficult to separate their personality from the identity of the company they represent. The values of the company are bigger than those of the founder, this is evident from the continued success […]

Kudler Fine Food Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Kudler Fine Food was established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler whose vision was to create a store with all the necessary products for a gourmet cook. The vision and mission of the organization is to support customers with the freshest ingredients for reasonable prices gathered from different parts of the world for passionate gourmet cooking. […]

Pricing and Distribution Strategy: Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Introduction Dairy queen is in Minneapolis. It develops licenses and services. Dairy queen introduced blizzard in 1985. Blizzard is used during summer due to its coldness. It includes flavors such as Oreo cookies, mint Oreo, chocolate chip cookie dough, and seasonal flavors such as pompkin pie. It has been facing challenges such as customer dissatisfaction […]

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Marketing mix entails a combination of marketing activities such as production; distribution, promotion, and pricing that are controlled by firms to enable it meet the needs of customers being targeted. Goods and services are conveniently availed at favorable prices to customers who are well informed about the firm and the product itself. Generally, marketing mix […]

Nokia Pricing Strategy

Background of the company Nokia is an electronics company, founded in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam; the company started as a paper manufacturing company but in the 1970s, it changed its line of business to electronics (Nokia Official website ,2010). It has a strong brand; some of its products include phones and laptops. In 2009, it […]

Dell Inc Company Strategic Marketing

Abstract This research paper will delve into a scrupulous analysis and discussion of the modern drift in strategic marketing probing deeper into how it interlocks with the overall organizational goals and objectives. For the purposes of this study, Dell Inc, a colossal company offering a wide assortment of computer products and services will be reviewed […]

Strategic Marketing Plan for a New Energy Drink

Executive Summary Carpe Diem Beverage Co. is a small limited liability company that has been established to manufacture and distribute healthy energy drinks in the US market. The Mission of the company is to be a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of healthy, nutritious beverages in the USA and to satisfy consumers’ needs while […]