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84 Marketing Management Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Marketing Management Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The M&M’s Company’s Marketing and Management Strategies
    For instance, their introduction of the opportunities they give to customers to choose the color that they want their products to possess is a very strategic policy.
  2. Marketing Management for the Manor House Country Club Hotel
    It has to be noted that in the Singapore market, there is lack of differentiation i.e.all the hotels do the same things save for different prices and the different locations of these hotels.
  3. eBooks eXpress Management and Marketing Overview
    The online book store will ensure that the Colorado market caters for the lesson plans of the schools and colleges in a bid to ensure that learning in the region is not only digitized, but […]
  4. Marketing as the Most Important Function of Management
    There are different categories of events that can be used by different companies or organizations, for instance, cake and flower producing companies or organizations may use personal events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays in […]
  5. BlackBerry Marketing Management Analysis
    It is important for BlackBerry to understand major impacts for the purposes of developing marketing mix strategies capable of appealing to the preferences of intended target market. In such a case, consumers prefer multipurpose phone […]
  6. Kiai Marketing Group: Laptop Skin Marketing Management
    It will also enable the realization of a profit of $5,000 in the first year as envisioned by the founder, Roger Mills and to defray for printing costs for the skins, brochures, posters and business […]
  7. Marketing Blog: Brand Management
    For instance, the touch points of the brand recognized by customers and the brand experience of the targeted market should be consistent with advertisements.
  8. Marketing Management: Segmentation and Communication
    In relation to McDonald and Dunbar writing, marketers engage in the market segmentation in the aim of understanding the importance of finding a sufficient customer-base to cater for the needs.
  9. Global Scale Strategic Management and Marketing
    It needs to restructure its services and operations in such a way that it retains its market share in the market, at the same time maintain the existing customer base, and solicit for new customers […]
  10. The Various Aspects of Marketing Management
    The paper will end by explaining the marketing plan that will be used to launch and market the product in the targeted markets.
  11. Cable TV Provider Marketing Management
    The database is then categorized based on the services and products required in the market. The value of cable TV services will be adjusted based customers and locations differences as well as product differences.
  12. Strategic Plan to Improve Marketing Management of Beauty Products in Unilever Company
    The plan focuses on the marketing management of beauty products of the company. The Unilever Company is one of the most treasured companies in the world with its assets and intermediaries located in various parts […]
  13. Event Management: Using Events as a Marketing Tool
    Once the intricacies of the products have been identified and well listed, the managers then identify the people who are likely to purchase the company’s products. The event marketing strategy has the effect of selling […]
  14. Marketing Management and Strategy of L’Oreal
    The application of FP1 in the firms’ micro-cosmos assists in shifting the customers’ focus on the structure of the integrated activities and the derived quality.
  15. Marketing Strategy and Management at the Sainsbury’s
    The firm however, has been able to regain its strength, and the recent reports have indicated that it is currently the second largest retailer in the United Kingdom.
  16. Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Management
    In the evaluation of the impacts of social media and viral marketing on the movie industry, the paper defines social media and viral marketing in the context of application of the terms in marketing before […]
  17. The Development of an Effective Marketing Plan and Its Management
    The discussion in this paper explores the issue of marketing management in relation to situation analysis and its essence in the development of a marketing plan.
  18. The Future Trends for Marketing Management
    In order to deal with the challenge, marketing managers are increasingly focusing on marketing management as one of the business functions which can contribute towards the survival of the firm as a going concern entity.
  19. Marketing Management: Concepts of Customer Value
    Customer value can also be described as the perceived preference of a customer and his or her assessment of the attributes of different products, performance of the concerned attributes, and the consequences that could arise […]
  20. Social Marketing: Customer Relationship Management
    Stages of a customer life cycle relationship Customer relationship begins with identification followed by initialisation and marketing where the company presents opportunities to the customer. Utilisation is where the customer reviews the product and the […]
  21. Destination Marketing and Destination Management in Tourism
    The purpose of this task is to discuss reasons why misunderstanding of the concepts of destination marketing and destination management leads to poor sustainable tourism planning and management of tourism impacts.
  22. Hospitality Strategic Management and Marketing
    The school puts an underscore on the importance of an entity with regard to the context in which the entity operates.asserts that the environment is essential as it is referred to while testing the viability […]
  23. Strategic Marketing Management of Tim Hortons
    The company has managed to improve the quality of its brand through marketing. For instance, it has managed to increase the quality of its brand across the world, the fact that has sigjnificantly contributed to […]
  24. Microsoft Corporation Marketing Management
    There is faster and instant means of information sharing through the use of desktop applications as well as line of business which eliminates the essence of spending a lot of time in locating and communicating […]
  25. Marketing Management of Freshbins
    In order to provide marketing advices to the marketer of the product, this paper will focus on introducing the background information of the invention, conducting an environmental analysis consisting of the PESTEL analysis and the […]
  26. Destination Management and Destination Marketing
    Destination marketing refers to the proactive and strategic approach to the financial and cultural progress of a location. These factors keep on changing and as the behaviour of the tourist changes there is a need […]
  27. Strategic Marketing Management of Coca-Cola
    It is a subsidiary of the Coca cola Company that manufactures and distributes Coca cola products such as Sprite and Fanta not only in the UK but in many parts of the world.
  28. Marketing Management Portakabin Limited
    The first part of the report is the introduction which gives a brief explanation of marketing management and the relevance of marketing management in the organization.
  29. Marketing Management: Rivanna Natural Design Inc.
    The company’s mission statement determines the fact that despite Rivanna products’ goal of expressing gratitude, celebrating excellence, and rewarding performance, the core objective is to ensure that neither the planet nor the consumers of the […]
  30. Marketing Management: Rivanna Natural Design
    On reception of orders, the company arranges for the shipment of the same to the particular location of the ordering customer.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Marketing Management

  1. Biblical Principles and Marketing Management
    Therefore, one can say that the ideas expressed in the Bible can help people working as marketing managers. Apart from that, the work of marketing managers is impossible without the ability to overcome failures and […]
  2. Marketing Management Concept Overview
    It is illustrious that customers who belong to a particular company form its market, and it is the responsibility of these companies to decode their customer’s demand force. It is the role of insight in […]
  3. Marketing Management and Market Orientation of Coca Cola Company
    More precisely, market orientation highlights the ability of the firm to anticipate and respond to fluctuations in the market. A modified version of the questionnaire by Narver and Slater was administered on four executives in […]
  4. Coca Cola Company – Marketing Management
    Harriso is of the view that the organisation can exploit the strategy to monitor the market and gain a competitive edge in one particular section of the market.
  5. Marketing Management and Strategies
    The aim of marketing management is to collect information relating to the tastes and preferences of consumers and creating goods that satisfy their needs.
  6. Marketing Management: Building Brand Equity
    The approach taken to make the products available to the customers is another important factor that would determine the strength of the products in the market.
  7. Marketing Management in Hong Kong
    The living standards of the people of Hong Kong will determine the success of the market. The country currency is one of the strongest in the world where it remains stable against the dollar; it […]
  8. Classic Airlines Marketing and Management Challenges
    Although Classic Airlines is one of the market leaders in the provision of airline services to more than 240 destinations, there are myriads of marketing and management challenges that the company is still grappling with […]
  9. Starbucks – Marketing Management Perspective
    Consumers, competitors, and suppliers all are part of the system and have to be included in a marketing function and operation.
  10. Business Function Integration: Linking Marketing and Human Resource Management to Enhance Performance
    In focusing on the two business functions, employers seek to develop a positive image of the firm in the midst of the employees in order to enhance their performance at their places of work.
  11. Elements of Project Management: Workplace Health and Safety, PPE, B2B Marketing
    However, I was not able to balance the ability to oversee and proactively supervise the project since the risk mitigation was in the hand of the project supervisor.
  12. TNT Company’s Marketing Management and Strategy
    Through the company’s mission that shows the purpose of the company, principle aims the company wants to meet are well outlined to clearly show the activities of the company, and the future position where the […]
  13. Analysis of International Marketing Management
    The criteria of self-reference and its importance to the emergent firm in the international markets In the twenty first century, international marketing remains one of the most important factors for corporations engaging in the international […]
  14. Unilever Company Marketing Management Project
    The purchase of Helene Curtis and America’s Best Foods in the 2000s gave Unilever a strong presence in the U.S. The company has over 30 brands in the UAE market.
  15. Miami Hospitality Industry: Marketing and Management
    The hospitality industry in this country has been expanding due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the region. The second factor is the strategy that the firm will use in this highly competitive […]
  16. Nike Company Management and Marketing
    Applied research is heavily used here since it is a short term activity and it is less expensive and not characterized by heavy risks to the organization The management of this organization is in the […]
  17. ASDA Group Limited: Marketing Management
    The firm ranks as the second largest retailer in the UK and it intends to position itself as the best-value retailer in the UK by exceeding the customers’ needs and expectations.
  18. Amada Senior Care Company’s Management and Marketing
    This approach has successfully levelled the playing ground for all non-medical care entities, such as Amada Senior Care, allowing them to improve their performance in the marketplace while bringing to an end a number of […]
  19. Careem Company’s Marketing Management
    The leaders of the company ensure that only the best professionals in the field are employed in Careem to provide the services of the highest quality to the clients.
  20. Burberry Company’s Marketing and Management Analysis
    The report places special emphasis on how Burberry successfully adjusted its market segmentation strategy to leverage the brand in the midst of the global recession of 2008 and 2009.
  21. Millennials Marketing in Arts Management
    It is essential to understand the needs and values of Millennials. Among the latter there is the need to trust a brand and the pursuit of experiences.
  22. Airline Marketing, Communication and Management
    An analysis of the marketing communication mix is necessary when forming an optimum promotional package to reach out to all the customers targeted by the airline. The percentage of sales method is applied to determine […]
  23. Business Research: Management, HR and Marketing
    The main research question therefore in this article will be; what is the definition of marketing? The theory and empirical research that is presented in the article seeks to suggest that a new school of […]
  24. McCain Foods Company Marketing Management
    The company is among the leading chip producers in the world with a market share of about 33% and presence in several continents.
  25. Budgeting and SWOT Analysis in Management and Marketing
    Knowledge about threats in the market is also important because the intelligence analyst will need to know how to deal with threats based on the current available resources and capabilities of the firm. The senior […]
  26. Motomachi Restaurant: Marketing Strategy and Management
    The success of international market penetration is determined by a multitude of factors that need to be acknowledged in the development of an entry strategy.
  27. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Marketing Management
    The main goal of this paper is to evaluate the implications for marketing management in the next decade to address the five most significant changes that are likely to occur in the general marketing environment.
  28. Media Asset Management System for Product Marketing
    The main functions of the media asset management system can be effectively used at the stage of preparing the launch of a product in the market.
  29. Marketing Analysis and Company Management
    The belief was that the concept was complicated and could not necessarily be applicable in analyzing the market of the company.
  30. Kellogg’s Brand Management and Marketing
    When we speak of a brand’s personality, we are describing the way a brand expresses and represents itself. Brand personality entails past impressions of a product in the mind of a consumer1.

⭐ Simple & Easy Marketing Management Essay Titles

  1. Nike Company’s Management Decisions and Marketing Research
    The management decision facing Nike is whether the company should continue promoting its sportswear using product-based advertisements that it used to undertake or whether it should stick to the new mode of advertisement that is […]
  2. Topcars E-Commerce Company’s Marketing Management
    Within the first 3 years of operation, we expect to raise the sale of accessories and car design to generate most of our revenue stream.
  3. Sony Company’s Marketing Management
    The main objective is to develop an understanding of the failure in sales of the PS3 console, and to provide viable recommendations to ensure the situation does not recur in the future.
  4. Marketing and Brand Management Training Journal
    To comprehend the essence of the IMC process, it is necessary to understand how the process of communication works. To learn the material on the necessary level, it is obligatory to investigate brand names and […]
  5. Service Management and Marketing in Different Counties
    I got interested to know what actually the cause of all the mayhem was; I found out that the problem was brought by the attendants’ poor services.
  6. The UK vs. UAE: Marketing Management
    Some of the factors that I have taken into account in the process of analyzing my career prospects in the two countries include cultural diversity, the working environment, the likelihood of achieving my career development […]
  7. Advertising, Marketing and Brand Management
    In line with the product, advertisement is aimed at ensuring that the target audience is well informed of what the product or service is, what it can do, how efficient as well as what it […]
  8. Public Health Management and Social Marketing
    The Health Department has in the past 15 years not been responsive in fulfilling the above responsibilities as demonstrated by the increased prevalence of obesity and related diseases, lack of physical exercise programs in schools […]
  9. Understanding of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
    It is the primary tool a company has that can affect the perception of the company and its products by consumers, and so it significantly contributes to the popularity of a product or service, especially […]
  10. PG&E Marketing Management Issues
    The mistakes of PG&E impacting the outcomes of their marketing efforts can be corrected with the help of thorough planning based on studying customers’ attitudes to energy-saving and the development of advertising materials for specific […]
  11. Smartphones in Europe & Asia: Marketing Management
    Therefore, to market the organization producing smartphones for Europe and Asia, one will need to build the competitive advantage that will allow target audiences to pay closer attention to the brand in question. The key […]
  12. It’s Popcorn Time Company’s Marketing Management
    The marketing manager will have to conduct market surveys and identify competition in these areas to successfully establish business in new locations.
  13. Tomoko Car Manufacturer’s Marketing Management
    The case is associated with the Marketing Manager of the company, Mr. The present battery technology is not sufficient for the company to launch the Econocar by 2010.
  14. Chief Marketing Officers in Top Management Teams
    To check whether the performance of a company changed because of the absence or presence of a CMO, the authors used standard performance parameters such as sales growth, return on assets and return on sales […]
  15. Management & Marketing Consultancy in Asia-Pacific
    Proper management and marketing is the key to the path of success for every organization. In the year 2006, Asia pacific market generated CAGR of 3.
  16. Tesco: Marketing Management in the Company
    In this paper, we are going to examine the policies of Tesco in respect of its new supermarkets and to predict the rate of success that can be reached by Fresh & Easy supermarkets, if […]
  17. Accurate Management by Marketing Metrics
    To become a good entrepreneur one needs to have a good framework in the area of marketing and customer service. The leader of a team must be a person who can effectively communicate with members […]
  18. A Perspective on the Evolution Marketing Management
    Some people keep to the point that indecent representation of women in magazine advertisements is a mere display of their attractiveness and sexuality whereas others state that it is offending, humiliating and demeaning to women, […]
  19. Marketing Management by Kotler, Levy, Hirshman, Vargo, Lusch
    At the same time, Vargo and Lusch support the approach formulated by Kotler and Levy and argue that the purely product-oriented vision of marketing is outdated and obsolete.
  20. Industrial Risk Management. Industrial Marketing
    Global marketing calls for elaborate industrial marketing research to sanctify the need of goods and services to a given society. The third disadvantage of global marketing to industrial marketing is the logistical costs incurred in […]
  21. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods’ Marketing Management
    Upon convincing consumers of the greater role of the manufacturer and his product, retailers have to go the extra mile of convincing the buyer about the quality and other benefits of buying from this particular […]
  22. Marketing Management: Marketing, Branding and Metrics of Chocolate Milky
    On the whole, variation in the marketing and sales processes calls for special attention to be accorded to the different strategies chosen for use in the sales and marketing, especially monitoring their scope of performance […]
  23. Game on Decision-Making Skills in Marketing and Management
    During the first quarter, I had to make several strategic decisions, including the selection of the company name, target segments, and the location of the first store.
  24. Nike Inc.’s Marketing Strategy and Management
    In athletic sportswear, Nike competes with brands such as Adidas which has a respectable market share and similar market capitalization, a close second to Nike in the world of professional sports attire and retail sales.

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