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98 Marijuana Legalization Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Marijuana Legalization Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Policy Brief: Why Marijuana Use Should Be Legalized in the Us
    In this perspective, it is valid to argue that marijuana users may be undergoing long incarcerations in US jails due to the misconceived fantasies that took root in the public mind in the 1930’s, and […]
  2. Marijuana Must Not Be Legalized
    According to the national institute of drug abuse, the active chemical in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, act on the region of the brain responsible for time awareness, sensory, attention, thoughts, memory and pleasure.
  3. The Effect of Legalization of marijuana in the Economy of California
    It has been predicted that if the government legalizes the drug, there will be a lot of changes pertaining to the demand for the drug in the market and as a result, there will be […]
  4. Marijuana Legalization and Crime Rates
    The possible outcome of this effort will be the safe consumption of the drug, easy monitoring, and creation of awareness to the public on the dangers of excessive use of the drug and lastly the […]
  5. Why Is Marijuana Legalized In Some States And Not Others?
    I consider the legalization of marijuana to be a positive step as its prohibition entails intrusion of personal freedom and just like any other substance it is only harmful when it is not taken in […]
  6. The Reasons Why Marijuana Should be Made Legal
    Among the reasons that support the legalization of marijuana include: the medical basis that marijuana has some benefits and that the state could gain revenue from the trade of marijuana as opposed to the costs […]
  7. Minor and Major Arguments on Legalization of Marijuana
    Premises 1: If marijuana were to be legalized it would be impossible to regulate its’ sell to, and use by the minors. Making marijuana illegal is denying them a right to the use of this […]
  8. The Problem of Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp
    Many individuals tend to believe that the use of Marijuana is morally wrong as it alters the mental state of the user and leads to dangerous addictions and actions in the end.
  9. The Moral and Ethical Reasons Why Marijuana should be legal
    It is my humble opinion that the billions of dollars being spent on the war against marijuana should be diverted to more useful projects like feeding the less fortunate in the society.
  10. Reason on Why Marijuana Should Be Legal
    This is an important consideration since data on the prevalence of Marijuana indicates that the US is still the world’s largest single market for the drug.
  11. Argument About Legalizing Marijuana in America
    Therefore, if at all the government of the United States is to prohibit the use of marijuana in the country, it should be ready to cater for the high costs that come in hand with […]
  12. The Debates on the Legal Status of Marijuana
    This means that the use of marijuana encourages the consumption of other drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes. Additionally, the use of marijuana is associated with increase in crime and consumption of other illicit drugs.
  13. Does Legalizing Marijuana Help or Harm the United States?
    The latter measure is not merely being advocated by the proponents of marijuana use since the legalization of marijuana has been supported by NAACP not because it fully backs the smoking of marijuana.
  14. Issues with Marijuana Legalization in the United States
    This is the reason why the debate on the legalization of marijuana has been on the increase since the past 10 years.
  15. Federal Government Should Not Legalize the Use of Marijuana
    On the other hand the use of marijuana actually increased in the country. It is not only the DEA or the federal government that is reluctant in the legalization of marijuana.
  16. Legalization of Marijuana: Arguments For and Against
    It will therefore be difficult to regulate the use of marijuana among young people and other unauthorized people if it is legalized. It should be noted that marijuana has various negative effects to the health […]
  17. A Case for Legalizing Marijuana
    Marijuana is one of the drugs that the government policy targets and as it currently stands, the government uses a lot of resources in prosecuting and punishing marijuana consumers through the legal system.
  18. Arguments on Why Marijuana Should Be Illegalized
    The greater part of the population believes that the sustained use of this product is beneficial in numerous ways. Therefore, it is clear that the negative effects of the drug outdo the constructive ones.
  19. Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized?
    The government should save that money it uses in prohibiting the use of marijuana as it has no proved harm to the users.
  20. Should We Legalize Marijuana For Medical Use?
    In addition to that, the use of Marijuana especially by smoking either for medical reasons or to heal ailments, is a social activity that will help bring them together and improve their social ties.
  21. Legalizing Marijuana: Arguments and Counter-Arguments
    On the other hand, many groups have outlined that the legalization of marijuana would lead to an increase in the rate of crime in addition to opening up of the gateway to the abuse of […]
  22. Reasons for Legalization of Marijuana
    The legalization of the drug would bring to an end the discrimination of the African Americans in marijuana-related arrests, reduce the sales of the drug and its use among teenagers, encourage the development of hemp […]
  23. Marijuana: The Issues of Legalization in the USA
    To understand all the possible effects of the marijuana legalization, it is necessary to pay attention to the definition and classification of the drug with references to determining the most important social and legal aspects […]
  24. Supporting of Marijuana Legalization Among the Adult Population
    Proponents argue that legalization of marijuana will lead to increased revenues for the government amid economic challenges. Legalizing marijuana will not lead to cancer and deaths but will spark the debate for apparent effects of […]
  25. Should Be It Legal to Sell the Marijuana in the United States?
    What I want to know is the reasons of why so many people use such serious psychoactive drug as marijuana of their own accord and do not want to pay special attention to their activities […]
  26. How New York Would Benefit From Legalized Medical Marijuana
    The arrests resulting from possession of marijuana in New York is quite huge compared to those in California and New Jersey states in America.
  27. Should Marijuana Be Legal?
    It is perhaps very essential to be acquainted with an account of laws that surround marijuana in order to understand the reasons why the drug ought to be legalized.
  28. Debates Around Legalization of Medical Marijuana
    The supporters and opponents of the legalization of marijuana have opted to focus on either the positive or the negative aspects of the effects of the drug to support their views on policies to legalize […]
  29. History and Effects of Legalization of Marijuana
    As predicted, the legalization of marijuana in several states has led to an increase of marijuana abuse among youngsters Studies have shown a pattern of the use of cannabis and risky behavior of the individuals.
  30. Legalizing Marijuana: Pros and Cons
    The focus of this paper will be on the impact of the legalization of the U.S.economy with possible positive and negative sides of the matter.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Marijuana Legalization

  1. Public Safety and Marijuana Legalization
    Some of the states have failed to tax marijuana. Hence, it is difficult to get the precise figures in terms of tax values that states could collect from marijuana.
  2. Marijuana Legalization in Illinois
    The case for legalization of marijuana in Colorado evidences the need to alter federal laws prohibiting marijuana for its legalization law to have both statutory and federal backing in the state of Illinois.
  3. Concepts of Legalizing Marijuana
    Although in most cases, most individuals associate Marijuana with numerous health complications and social problems, for example, brain damage, and violent behavior hence, supporting its illegalization, such individuals take little consideration of its significance in […]
  4. The Legalization of Marijuana: Regulation and Practice
    It is imperative to note that legalization of marijuana is a topic that has been quite controversial and has led to numerous discussions and disagreements.
  5. Controversy Around Medical Marijuana Legalization
    The consideration of the problem of marijuana legalization from the perspective of public safety involves such points as crime rates and traffic accidents. The fact of economic benefits of the Cannabis legalization is also apparent: […]
  6. Legal Marijuana Market Analysis and Taxes Impact
    Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to understand the impact of taxes on the financial stability of the market for legal marijuana with the help of the law of supply and demand and […]
  7. Medical Marijuana Legalization Rebuttal
    The claim of fact is that A.C.A.continues to be beneficial despite the arguments of Republican politicians and current challenges. The claim of policy is the appeal to Republicans and Democrats to work together on the […]
  8. Medical Marijuana Legalization by National Football League
    However, it must be realized that some of these players are usually in excruciating pain to the point that some may have lost consciousness.
  9. Legalization of Marijuana in the United States
    It should not be forgotten that it is a cause of numerous tragedies. Also, some studies show that the use of marijuana is especially dangerous for young people.
  10. Marijuana Legalization in California
    The muscle relaxation effect of marijuana also appears to be a positive effect that should be used to argue for its legalization.
  11. Marijuana Legalization in 5 Policy Frameworks
    The legalization of marijuana is still one of the debatable issues at the federal and state levels. For instance, the use of marijuana is prohibited at the federal level while the recreational and medical use […]
  12. Marijuana Legalization and Its Benefits for Society
    The example of several states that have already introduced the appropriate law provides the ground for vigorous debates about the absence of the expected deterioration of the situation and emergence of multiple problems associated with […]
  13. Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
    Marijuana legalization is a topic of social trends and beliefs that are based not only on health but political and economic factors as well.
  14. Medical Marijuana: Legal and Research Concerns
    However, while the purpose of recreational marijuana is often disconnected from its long-term effects on people’s health in scholarly discussions, the use of medical marijuana is viewed from the point of patient’s health and the […]
  15. Medical Marijuana Legalization Concerns
    This change raises political concerns and requires the government to review its economy to adapt to the use of MM. The representation of the legal process highlighted the history of previous legislations and reported on […]
  16. Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Help or Harm?
    Nowadays, a majority of people worldwide support the legalization of marijuana, and it is possible to predict that this support will keep getting stronger in the future.
  17. Marijuana Legalization and Consumption Among Youth
    The most popular excuse among drug consumers is the instrumental use of the drug. As long as the drug influence is undermined, the number of college students willing to experience the marijuana effects will be […]
  18. Marijuana: To Legalize or Not to Legalize?
    Marijuana, which is also known under dozens of nicknames such as weed or pot, is now the most widespread illegal drug across the US. Moreover, the vast majority of marijuana abusers claim pot to be […]
  19. Medical Marijuana: Pros of Legalizing
    It must be admitted that at the time of the passage of these laws, histories from some, but not all, heroin users indicated that the use of marijuana had preceded the use of heroin.
  20. Logical Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana
    This will be a source of revenue to the government; when the revenues increase, it means that gross domestic product for the country increases. It will be a source of income not only to the […]
  21. Arguments for Banning the Legalization of Marijuana
    Marijuana is a dangerous drug that should not be legalized even if it is in the context of it containing the medicinal value.
  22. Marijuana Legalize: Advanatages and Disadvantages
    The truth that marijuana is illegal and prohibited is suitably caused by the number of funds invested in the war against drugs.
  23. Ethical Perspective of the Legalization of Marijuana
    In spite of a popular view of the medical benefits of marijuana, doctors insist that the use of marijuana provides the same dangerous effect as other drugs.
  24. Legalized Marijuana: Negative and Positive Sides
    The economy and finance from the very beginning were anticipating that this law will bring the largest income to the state’s budget and create plenty of job opportunities under the rule of law.
  25. Marijuana Legalization: Chronic Seizure Treatment
    With that said, despite numerous states already having legalized one or both applications, the federal government remains opposed to either form of legalization, and marijuana possession and use remain federal offenses.
  26. Legalization of Recreational Use of Marijuana
    The role of the Supreme Court in the specified case boils down to stating the conditions, in which the prescription and the following use of marijuana by the patient, can be deemed as legitimate.
  27. Pros and Cons of Legalization of Medical Marijuana
    It is evident that medical treatment with the use of marijuana would be beneficial for both: patients and the government because of the opportunity to earn on taxation.
  28. The Relationships Between Marijuana and the Legal System
    The most common ideas discussed within a framework of this debate are connected to the issues of permission to keep marijuana at home for personal needs such as medical needs, and a total ban on […]

⭐ Most Interesting Marijuana Legalization Topics to Write about

  1. Analyzing Arguments Against Marijuana Legalization
  2. America Requirements Medicinal Weed: Marijuana Legalization
  3. Arguing for Medical Marijuana Legalization
  4. Benefits Associated With Marijuana Legalization
  5. Analysis of Marijuana Legalization in Canada
  6. The Relationships Between Marijuana Legalization and the DEA
  7. Governmental Regulation of the Marijuana Legalization
  8. Exploring the Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization
  9. Defining the First Steps Toward Marijuana Legalization
  10. Going Green: Analyzing Marijuana Legalization
  11. How Marijuana Legalization Will Affect Public Health
  12. Debate on Whether It’s Time for Marijuana Legalization
  13. Economic Benefits of Marijuana Legalization
  14. Marijuana Legalization and How It Affects the GDP
  15. Link Between Marijuana Legalization and National Debt
  16. The Relationships Between Marijuana Legalization and Taxation
  17. Marijuana Legalization: Arguments and Criticism
  18. Benefits of Marijuana Legalization for Society
  19. Marijuana Legalization: Cause and Effect
  20. Benefits of Marijuana Legalization for Medical Purposes

✅ Simple & Easy Marijuana Legalization Essay Titles

  1. Marijuana Legalization Could Lower Crime Rates
  2. Social Issues Associated With Marijuana Legalization
  3. Marijuana Legalization: The Reasons for Legalizing Marijuana and for Keeping It Illegal
  4. Medical Marijuana Legalization and Controversy
  5. The Link Between Modern Liberalism and Marijuana Legalization
  6. Marijuana Legalization Could Reduce the Amount of Money the Government Spends on Prisons
  7. Principles of State and Federal Marijuana Legalization
  8. Marijuana Legalization: Good for the Nation?
  9. Support for Marijuana Legalization Against First Age
  10. Marijuana Legalization: Growing the Economy or Destroying Lives?
  11. The Controversy Over Marijuana Legalization
  12. Marijuana Legalization: Implications for Property or Casualty Insurance
  13. The Cross-Border Spillover Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization
  14. Marijuana Legalization: Should the Federal Government Legalize the Use of Marijuana?
  15. The Debate Over the Controversial Subject of Marijuana Legalization in the U.S.
  16. Marijuana Legalization: PREPARE and IMAGINE Models
  17. Overview of Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative
  18. Marijuana Legalization: Adverse Health Effects
  19. The Problem of Marijuana Legalization and Criminalization
  20. Analysis of Marijuana Legalization and Possible Effects

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