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66 Prison Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Prison Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Unethical and Ethical Issues in Prisons (Corrections)
    This is one of the unethical practices that are evident in the prison systems. In this case, prison warders and authorities are usually noted to be actively involved in the business.
  2. African Americans in America’s Prison Systems
    Statistics by various federal bureaus about the incarceration rates in United States reveals that there is a steady rise on the number of crimes and this is the reason why U.S.prisons experience a constant increase […]
  3. Stanford prison experiment
    One of the results that were realized from the experiment was the level of rebellion that the prisoners developed after some time within the prison set up.
  4. Jails and Prisons
    Since penitentiaries began in each of the states in the United States of America, there has been a sharp increase in the number of prisoners in state prisons. The other factor contributing to the growth […]
  5. Strategies to decrease recidivism upon an inmate’s release from prison
    However, it is not always the case since some of the members in the society do not abide by the laws set in the society that ensures that people live in harmony.
  6. Women in Prison: Issues and Challenges Faced by Female Inmates
    Incarcerated Women and Abortion One of the rights that women have championed and gained in the 21st century is the right to access abortion services.
  7. Why lack of awareness leads to the spread of HIV/AIDS in New York prisons
    The health department in US intends to expand testing of HIV to the inmates because they found that twenty percent of the inmates are HIV positive.
  8. What is the Relationship between Race, Poverty and Prison?
    The inherent problem with this is that it becomes a “self fulfilling prophecy” in that a higher predilection to suspect minorities for crimes does indeed result in minorities being arrested for crimes but this leaves […]
  9. “Ousted Tunisian leader sentenced to over 15 years in prison”
    Ben Ali who was the president tried to defend himself by saying that he had given out his best and his governance was directed to serve the Tunisians. The Saudi Arabia welcome of Ben Ali […]
  10. Stanford Prison Experiment
    The leader of the team, doctor Zimbardo, was also the person who conducted the analysis of the course and the results of the experiment.
  11. Michel Foucault: his views on prisons and/ psychiatric hospitals
    The main concern of Foucault consists in the way technology has influenced quest for power among the ruling class in the society, and also the reason as to why the society is violating the rules […]
  12. The History of Prisons in pre-1900 America
    The researchers provide rather opposite views on the prison system of the 19th century; that is why, it is important to discuss the history of prisons in pre-1900 America from many perspectives, focusing on the […]
  13. Prison Term Policy Recommendation
    It is hard to conclude on the right recommendation in a society that believes on the adage that “do the crime, do the time”.
  14. Jeff Henderson’s Life after Prison
    This is one of the problems that the author is forced to encounter. This is one of the reasons they were reluctant to deal with him.
  15. A Grand Escape From the Prison of Chauvinism: Awoken and Ready to Fight the Society Prejudices
    Despite the fact that Edna, the leading character of Kate Chopin’s Awakening, is the focus of the story and the character whom the readers are most likely to relate to, the rest of the female […]
  16. The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Twelve of the participants were assigned to the role of prison guards while the remaining twelve were assigned to the role of prison inmates.
  17. The significance of the Prison Films
    The storylines of the films that fall into the film noir category of the period were mainly inspired by the criminal outcrops that arose in the United States in the period after the Depression.
  18. The Concept of Vipassana Prison Program
    Vipassana, in the prison setting, is a revolutionary idea because it gets to the root-cause of the recidivism problem. Supporters of this kind of approach claim that spirituality is a natural way of helping criminals […]
  19. Prisons Role in Society
    While jails are run by local governments or sheriffs and are designed for housing people serving short sentences or awaiting trial, prisons on the other hand, are run by Federal Bureau of Prisons and state […]
  20. Differences between Jails and Prisons
    These include their mode of operation, the size of facilities, the source of funding and the length of sentence for offenders.
  21. Prison life in the United States
    The failure of the state to amend the insensitive sentencing procedures and rules has led to the elevated population of inmates.
  22. Temperance, Women’s Rights, Education, Antislavery and Prison Reform: New Objectives, New Concerns
    Among the most memorable reforms of that time, the innovations in the system of treating the convicts and the prisoners must be the reform that reflected the very essence of the XIX-century social ideas.
  23. The policy process and outcome for privatization of prisons in the United States of America
    Consequently, this model is believed to be in favour of the interest of the political elite at the expense of the interests of the disadvantaged and politically disorganized.
  24. The Justice System: Prison Congestion
    The criminal justice system often fails to respond to crime in a humane and efficient manner hence in most parts of the world, prisons display elements of violation of human rights.
  25. History from the inside out: Prison Life in Nineteenth-Century by L.Goldsmith
    For instance, in the Charleston prison, records indicated certain patterns of behavior among prisoners and guards that are unique to the correctional institutions.
  26. Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?
    What you have to understand is that the current prison system within the U.S.does not rehabilitate at all and in fact promotes greater instances of criminal behavior.
  27. Criminology: Prisons Role on Crime Rate
    While prisons are intended to reduce the crime rate in society, they can contribute to increases in the crime rate since the prison system often leads to the production of delinquents.
  28. Criminology: Prison Life
    Inmates in jails are locked up together regardless of the crimes they committed, or are suspected of having committed while those in prisons are put behind bars in different areas and according to the degree […]
  29. Prison Overcrowding
    As mentioned in the introduction, building more prisons is just one of the many solutions to the problem of overcrowding in prisons.
  30. Prison-Based Drug Treatment Approaches
    To measure the effectiveness of this kind of treatment, it is necessary to apply relapse treatment outcome model. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the effectiveness of TC drug treatment can be measured […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Prison

  1. Aging Offenders in Prison
    The increased number of elderly inmates is partly due to the introduction of longer sentences in the 1970s and 1980s as US took a tough approach to crime.
  2. Prison in the USA: Solutions to Reducing Overpopulation
    First of all, it is necessary to improve the justice system which is the reason of overpopulation in prisons. Secondly, it is necessary to rethink the life of inmates in prison.
  3. Prison Gang
    It is obvious that if there are two or more gangs on the territory of a prison they are going to fight for the sphere of influence.
  4. California Prison Gangs: Disrupting and Dismantling
    This would also evaluate the effectiveness of the programs in reintegrating the individual back into society by the elimination of stigmatization of the gang members.
  5. Prison Issues in “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn
    He talked about the survival of the human race, the redistribution of power and wealth, and the destruction of the prison.
  6. Imprisonment Effects: Prisons’ and Society’s Role
    The USA’s inmate population is the largest in the world. Is it the prison departments, the society, or the inmates themselves?
  7. Prison System Classification in Virginia
    This paper looks at the purpose of classification in the prison system as well as how classification systems are used to place offenders. Similar to other states, classification of offenders in the prison systems is […]
  8. Security Threat Groups and Prison Gangs
    The hate and cruelty seem to be guiding powers of the Brotherhood; the words of John Greschner, the member of the gang and the former commissioner sentenced for the murder, characterize the main position of […]
  9. Prison Privatization: Pros and Cons
    Privatization of the prisons may allow the prisons to expand faster because the private sector has the financial ability for the same.
  10. Blacks’ Prison Experiences in Hip Hop Culture
    Though considering the controversy that has been the “elephant in the room” for quite a time, Dyson clearly takes his argument to an admittedly high level of convincingness, it is not only the consideration of […]
  11. Supermax and Prison Regimes in the UK
    The prison regimes of Supermax and prisons in the United Kingdom are similar in that they classify criminals, according to their age, gender, crimes committed, and the risk they pose to the prisoners, prison guards, […]
  12. Policy Analysis on the Prison Rape Elimination Act 2003
    Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is the first federal law in America to ever tackle the issue of prison rape, which existed ever since the conception of the modern prison system, but has been […]
  13. Public Administration: Reducing the Number of Prison Inmates
    Therefore, there is an urgent need to consider the adoption of the strategies that will help reduce the overcrowding rates so that the threats associated with the phenomenon ) could be avoided successfully.
  14. Ethical Dilemmas in Prison’s Research
    The present paper aims to discuss the applicability of confidentiality and privacy provisions to prison research by addressing both the general rules regarding confidentiality of information in research and the specific considerations that apply to […]
  15. Aging Population Issues in American Prison System
    A case of an increase in the number of elderly people in prison was reported in 2000 when the number of elderly prisoners was only 3% of total America’s prison population, but in 10 years […]
  16. American Prison Overcrowding and Its Future
    Of course, the inmates will be detained and monitored, but it is the government’s attitude to the problem that will change.
  17. Boot Camp, Prison, and Community-Based Corrections
    This is why it is safe to say that the time spent in a boot camp is better than the time spent in prison.
  18. Stanford Prison Experiment and Criminal Justice
    The researchers used cameras and microphones to assess the behavior of the correctional staffs and inmates. The capability of managing the correctional facility depends on effective communication between the inmates and the prison guards.
  19. The Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo
    This work provides a brief introduction and summary of his work, analyses the data, discusses its relevance to criminal justice, and compares the study to the real-life Abu Gharib’s situation. In the same article, Zimbardo […]
  20. Prison and Social Movement in Black Feminist View
    Arguably, much of black feminist theories have insisted not only that the state has a particular perspective, but that the state’s perspective differs significantly, and problematically, from that of the black women in general and […]
  21. Prison Life in the USA
    The fact that the number of offenders who live in prison increased greatly attracts the attention of experts and the representatives of the general public.
  22. Prison Overcrowding: A Persistent Problem
    It was found that overcrowding contributed to the reduction of the mental well-being of prisoners and the correctional staff; nevertheless, there was no relationship between the decrease in crime rates and the increase in the […]
  23. The US Prison System: Qualitative and Quantitative Research
    The term can also be used in the field of academics to refer to the study of programs, policies, and theories that are related to the practice of corrections.
  24. Gender and Conflict in Prisons
    The aim of this paper is to discuss the gender differences between incarcerated populations in terms of the likelihood of engaging in violence as well as interpersonal and racial conflicts.
  25. Public and Private Prisons
    The purpose of jails is to confine the offenders so as to ensure their safety, that of the prison personnel, visitors, and society in general.
  26. Private Prisons’ Ethics and Capital-Driven Corruption
    The promotion of private prisons in the U.S.context was a response to the identified crisis. Even though there is a slight propensity to justify the idea of private prisons as the tools for containing prisoners […]
  27. Prison Life: Understanding and Opinions
    The three-strikes law is among the fundamental causes of why the population in prisons increases and contributes to the rise in the number of permanently ill inmates.
  28. Prison Privatization Policy and Its Benefits
    Supporters of the idea affirm that privatizing prisons is beneficial to the criminal justice system and the public and those who oppose the idea strongly affirm that it is a waste of resources.
  29. Religion in Prison: “Dead Man Walking” by Prejean
    CCC2266 states that the initiatives of the government to control the spread of conduct detrimental to individual’s privileges and to the fundamental rules of civil society are in accordance with the prerequisite of protecting the […]
  30. Children in Adult Prisons: Reasons for Concern
    The fact that some children in the United States are sent to adult prisons is of great concern to many researchers and policy-makers.
  31. People With Schizophrenia Diagnosis in Prisons
    As a result, the behavior of the individuals with the condition is a threat to the members of the family and the society.
  32. Establishing Therapeutic Environment in Prisons to Address Recidivism in the USA
    The financial aspect of the issue is one of the most sensitive topics related to the discussion of the correctional system due to the overall financial situation in the country.
  33. Gangs in Prison: Black Guerrilla Family
    The fact that the gang members were called “Disciples” and the ten rules were a reference to the Ten Commandments demonstrate that inmates seek to find a purpose to follow.
  34. The Needs of Prison Inmates Serving a Life Sentence
    The purpose of the treatment group is determined by the reason for the chosen population’s vulnerability and their conditions of life.
  35. Opioid Dependence in the Prison Environment
    The rationale for this study is to understand the current state of misuse of prescribed opioids in prisons and measures taken to address the issue of diversion of these drugs.
  36. Supermax Prisons and Its Legal and Ethical Issues
    Therefore, the placement of prisoners in supermaxes, which are known for their ill-treatment and cruelty, can result in the violation of laws and human rights.

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