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92 President Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Top Ranking U.S. Presidents
    The head of state and government of the United States of America falls under the auspices of the President who oversees the executive branch of the federal government as well serves as the commander-in-chief of […]
  2. Twentieth Century President
    Based on the above insights, Theodore Roosevelt had the greatest domestic policies while Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the greatest foreign policies of as United States presidents of the 20th century.
  3. Fiscal Policies by President Barrack Obama
    This research paper will further offer a comparison of the two as employed by the current president of United States of America then describe a statement of polices adopted by the White House.
  4. President’s tools available to influence bureaucracy
    In comparison to other tools, power of appointment is considered as the primary tool to a president for manipulation of bureaus.
  5. Comparison of the U.S. president and the President of Mexico
    The U.S.president serves as the head of state, the head of the government, the person in charge of the executive arm of the federal government, and he is also one of the two nationally elected […]
  6. Barack Obama as President of the United States
    Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States of America and was often referred to as one of the ablest presidents of the progressive era.
  7. Jefferson, the President
    Firstly, following the prevailing chaos of the then US because of overdependence, Thomas set out to instigate what is currently referred to as the Declaration for Independence of the US. President Jefferson’s service is highly […]
  8. President Obama’s State of the Union Address on January 1, 2011
    Among the notable issues that the President addressed in the speech were the country’s economic policy, development and employment issues. However, despite the economic growth, the president acknowledged that many American citizens still lack jobs […]
  9. Getting Behind the Scene: The Image of an Ideal President
    One of the brightest examples of the politician whose ambition to take the first position despite the circumstances is Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA.
  10. Memo to President Obama on the Possible Insolvency of the Postal Service
    The Postmaster General, in a prepared testimony that he is to deliver to the Congress, has stated that the Postal Service is in danger of insolvency.Mr.
  11. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
    In his view, Roosevelt was convinced that a good nation must be able to pass its resources to the future generation increased and not depleted.
  12. Government spending and tax legislation signed by the president
    This is mainly because most of its expenses go to defense. This will influence change in fiscal policy as more revenue is received.
  13. American Jobs Act Proposed By President Obama
    By accepting, passing, and enacting the bill as a whole, the US will be strengthening the economies of other countries at the expense of her own.
  14. Why did president Obama fail in his attempts to stop israel building settlement and prevent the Palestinians from applying for UN membership?
    Powerful states have strong influence in the international system and use of force is sometimes justified to bring peace and tranquility.
  15. Why Was Andrew Jackson One of the Best Presidents?
    The main aim of the movement was to end control of government by the elites and to encourage citizens to participate in government. The war of the Bank is the name given to the disagreement […]
  16. Does the Vice Presidency have power because the office has grown or because power is tendered by the sitting President?
    The argument has been whether the power is in the VP office or the sitting president decides to share his/her powers with the vice president.
  17. Critical Analysis of Document 28-1 President Lyndon B. Johnson Describes the Great Society and Document 30-4 President Ronald Reagan Defends American Morality
    In this way, he tries to attract the attention of the audience, emphasizing that the future of the country depends on the new young generation which will solve the problems and develop the new course […]
  18. The Views on the Debate of President Obama and Romney on 10/3/12
    The president received the backing from the Supreme Court when implementing the stipulations of the healthcare act. President Obama was right by supporting the enactment of sound policies that improve healthcare for average Americans.
  19. The American President Thomas Jefferson
    According to Jefferson the Sedition was the source of revolution and was leading the country into war. This was due to his presidential blunders he had done in the American history.
  20. President Cleveland Where Are You?
    He gives the money to his brother who purchases a corsage for Sally and a new black shoe for the dance.
  21. The Effects of Three American Presidents’ Administrations on Immigrants’ Families
    In 2001, the family of my uncle felt comfortable living in the country and hoped for the further stabilization of the economy.
  22. Power and Influence of the French President and the Japanese Prime Minister
    The emperor is expected to encourage the citizens and the soldiers to fight for their country and the prime minister is expected to oversee the logistics of the war.
  23. President and congress
    The Congress may also propose constitutional amendments and thus redefine presidential powers such as limiting the terms of office of the president. The Congress also has the power to impeach the president as seen in […]
  24. The Vietnam War: Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Leadership Roles
    On November 1, 1995, Eisenhower’s action to give military training to the government of South Vietnam marked the official start of the U.S.involvement in the Vietnamese conflict.
  25. The U.S. President’s Powers
    During the early years of the inception of the U.S.presidency, presidents had limited executive power. However, a ‘unitary executive’ has helped in increasing the powers of the Executive Office of the President.
  26. Avoiding Power Abuse: When the Actions of the President Have to Be Restricted by the Congress
    Despite the fact that in the resent-day world, the leader of a state controls every single sphere of the life of the state, the restrictions imposed on the leader by qualified exceptionalism principle allows for […]
  27. Role and Powers of Presidents
    In the above view, the president has the responsibility to act in the interest of the public, ensure all situations are right for the interest of his people and make right judgments because they directly […]
  28. Lifespan & Personality: Towards explaining President Barrack Obama’s Personality Traits
    President Barrack Obama from the perspective of developmental psychology by applying two theories of personality in the analyses of the influences throughout the lifespan.
  29. Four Freedoms by President Roosevelt
    Throughout the discussion we shall elaborate the four freedoms in a broader way for better understating; we shall also describe the several measures that were put in place in order to ensure the four freedoms […]
  30. Analysis of media coverage of president Obama’s activities
    This was criticized by the media bitterly but when such amount was set for the Obama’s inauguration it seemed to be accepted by the media and the media did not raise a finger to question […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on President

  1. What can the U.S. president do to help or hinder the economy and thus the well-being?
    The president of the United States plays an important role in formulating the government’s strategy of fiscal policy, which is the main source of government revenue and impacts directly to the aggregate demand in the […]
  2. The Assassination of President Kennedy in 1963
    The assassination of President John Kennedy was a great turning point in the history of Americans and the world. After the death or assassination of President John Kennedy, there were increase in violence and deaths […]
  3. The Role of the US President in World Affairs
    Many people in the US were happy with the way Eisenhower handled things but scholars accused him for handling the matters of the state with many consultations.
  4. Fiscal policies of president Bush and president Obama
    This has as a result led in implementation of a number of economic bailouts so as to increase the viability of the economy in the long run.
  5. Article Analysis on the Petition to the President of the United States
    The purpose of the article is to petition the United States President to take decisive step in the use of atomic bomb against Japan in the prevailing war.
  6. President Obama: Manager of the Economy
    According to the speech of president Obama, God gives freedom and it is the responsibility of people to secure it all the time.
  7. President Obama’s Foreign Policy
    Thus, Obama wanted to establish a foreign policy to change how the U.S.was perceived by the Muslim world and improve the relations.
  8. President Obama’s Duties as the American CEO in his Second Term
    As the president and the chief executive of the United States, President Obama, under the federal constitution, is granted the powers to execute the laws, to appoint key federal officials and to grant pardons as […]
  9. Republican Presidents Theodore Roosevelt & Taft
    And so he set out to work as the president of the United States consequently becoming known as one of the vigorous presidents that the country had ever had.
  10. History of President Eisenhower
    In addition to his leading role as a peace and desegregation crusader, prior to his election as the 34th American president and even after his rise to the top seat, Eisenhower was a well known […]
  11. President Obama’s National Export Initiative
    The conclusion will offer the author’s own opinion about the export initiative The proposed strategy that the National Exports Initiative is expected to follow has the following steps: 1) The government is to provide the […]
  12. President Reagan’s thoughts on abortion
    In prochoice view, the rights and happiness of the mother supersedes the need to protect the life of the unborn child.
  13. Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American
    It discusses the individual perceptions, learning theories, and how to leverage on the value of self efficacy to ensure a holistic success in the management of the organization Individual perception is a psychological term that […]
  14. American History Analysis. Reflecting on the Life of President Reagan
    Reflecting on the life of President Reagan, this book, written in prose form defines the thoughts of President Reagan on various aspects of America from the social, political, security, and the need for appreciation of […]
  15. President Obama’s Higher Education Agenda
    Higher education in the United States of America has been dwindling for the last few years. He has been reinstating that economy of the United States of America relies heavily on education.
  16. Division of Power between Congress and the President
    The national security planning is mainly the responsibility of the executive branch under the chairmanship of the president, The National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  17. President vs. Congress
    Congress and president should listen and react according to the views and the opinion of the people or the voters. The people elected the president to act and create things to happen and by electing […]
  18. Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson: the Civil Rights Movement
    The social historians have managed to cogently present the politics that surrounded the civil rights movement. The movement also managed to gain the support of the aims of government, the executive, legislature, and even the […]
  19. The President’s and Congressional Committees’ Responsibilities Regarding National Security Policy
    The restraints of power have both positive and negative consequences on the US national security establishment, complicating the decision making as to the country’s involvement into Iraq, Iran and North Korea issues, causing the disagreements […]
  20. Has President Obama’s Presidency Changed the US?
    Obama’s Presidency and Transformation of the US From the time the US acquired its independence, all presidents of the United States of America have had their failures and successes in terms of changing the nation.
  21. President Barack Obama’s Healthcare Reforms
    It is important to note that healthcare is one of the basic human needs in the world and specifically in the United States of America.
  22. President Clinton’s Impeachment
    Investigation and charges The events that led to the investigation of Clinton began when Clinton was still the governor of Arkansas.
  23. Donald Trump: His Political Course and Contribution as a President
    Donald Trump was the fourth child in the family, and alongside his siblings, he was raised to be inconceivably ambitious and hard-working, with the belief he was “destined for greatness as a king”.
  24. Kenya’s President Elections
    The final results of the exercise were never released after the transparency of the tallying process was compromised. Kibaki and Raila agreed to share power on a 50-50 basis, with the former retaining the post […]
  25. All the President’s Men
    However, the reality in All the President’s Men is depicted vividly and completely, and it is possible to speak about the successful representation of the documentary facts in the context of the highly artistic work.
  26. Wendy’s Restaurant Vice President of Operations
    New Barkery Company is owned by Wendy’s and is tasked with the responsibility of supplying buns to some of the restaurant’s branches.
  27. President Bill Clinton Speech Critique
    The president begins his speech by thanking the governor of Oklahoma and acknowledging the families of the bereaved as well as the people of Oklahoma.
  28. Remarks by the President on National Security
    The article explains why the United States should be part of the world. The article rejects the use of these means of interrogation.
  29. President Barrack Obama 2013 Inaugural Speech
    He asserts that the process of inaugurating a president is part and parcel of the constitutional order to elevate the status and sovereignty of a nation.
  30. US President Vs. the Canadian Prime Minister
    As the leader of the executive, the President must appoint the top officials in all of the major federal agencies such as the CIA, NASA, and the Federal Reserve Board.

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  1. Growth of the US President Office
    The establishment of the office of the president by the United State’s Constitution towards the end of the 1780s marked a significant milestone in the country’s history.
  2. Egypt’s Presidents and Their Contribution
    The contribution of leadership style of each of the presidents to the economy of the country will be identified and then discussed in detail with an effort of isolating its strengths, and weaknesses.
  3. President Johnson in the Civil Rights Movement
    The problem of gay and lesbian rights appeared to be rather challenging and disruptive to the society. They include hippies and other social layers that were not eager to change things while others were trying […]
  4. Did President Obama Save the Auto Industry?
    As a result of all the failure, such industry giants as General Motors and Chrysler were unable to pay their bills, and to avoid a collapse had to plead for the government’s help.
  5. Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt Was Most Popular Presidents?
    His administration left a lasting mark on the history of the American people because of the way he handled the two largest threats to the world’s stability namely the Second World War and the Great […]
  6. President Wilson’s Fourteen Principles
    Wilson’s 14 points were a set of principles proposed by President Woodrow to end the First World War and to mitigate the recurrence of similar wars in the future.
  7. Struggle for Democracy: President Interview
    In a recent episode of the 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl mentioned some of the problems on the tip of the tongue of many Americans, addressing the pillars that the American political system had been founded […]
  8. President’s Day in the United States Then and Now
    Today, however, more people are referring to the holiday as the President’s Day, highlighting the fact that it honors not just George Washington, but also every person who has been the head of the United […]
  9. US President’s Office and Congress Power Relation
    Any kind of talk regarding the power relation between the Office of the President and the U.S. The gulf that separates the Presidency and Congress was by design, in accordance with the legal requirements stated […]
  10. The Puerto Rico Crisis and the President’s Role
    The primary purpose of the article is to outline the responses to Trump’s posts on social media criticizing the relief efforts undertaken by the Puerto Rican officials.
  11. Law Enforcement Trends and President’s Policies
    The first trend implies the improvement of various partnerships between the national police and other community organizations. The use of force by the police was discussed at the professional and public debate event.
  12. President’s Power and Executive Orders
    This order demonstrates the original ideology of Trump’s presidential campaign as it reveals the focus on national businesses and the opposition to foreign workers. According to the officials, this EO was not acting in line […]
  13. President Nixon’s Impeachment After the Watergate Incident
    For that matter, it is crucial to argue that President Nixon could have been impeached due to his illegal deeds and the misuse of the presidential office.
  14. The Best American Presidents from 1824-1865
    As a president, he successfully relocated the native Indian tribes living in the Southeast of the Mississippi river to the Southwest.
  15. Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford as Presidents
    In addition to excellent academic performance, Nixon was also the leader of the student’s body in the college. In the Navy, he rose in ranks to a lieutenant commander and served in the pacific especially […]
  16. Vladimir Putin: President’s Success
    What also inspires me, in respect to how modern Russia positions itself in the arena of international politics, is that it does not bow to the foreign pressure to allow the representatives of sexual minorities […]
  17. President Obama’s State of the Union Speeches
    In this case, the political stream is the concern of the public about the environmental problems and the use of dirty energy.
  18. President’ Policy Decisions in the USA
    Some of the gun control laws are in the Gun Control Act 1968 and the National Firearms Act 1934. Shootings in the recent past informed the decisions of most Americans to advocate for strong and […]
  19. Presidents of the US: Absolute Power
    The organizational theory implies that all executive body has to be in the hands of the president. In this case, the unitary executive theory is of help to the president of the United States.
  20. President Ronald Reagan vs. Premier Mikhail Gorbachev
    In his second term, he capitalized on strengthening the US foreign missions by bombing Libya, ending the Cold War, and oversaw the weakening of the Soviet Union.
  21. Ronald Reagan as a President and a Person
    He was against the ideas of communism, and he thus worked hard to ensure that communism did not find a place in Hollywood.
  22. George Bush: President of the USA
    The President of the USA is one of the most influential persons in the world.and all his actions and words are given great attention.
  23. President Eisenhower. “Ike’s Final Battle” by Pipes
    It explains one of the most critical events in the history of the United States the Little Rock fight, which has become a turning point in the struggle for racial equality and desegregation.
  24. Presidents’ Power over Judiciary in the US
    The essay will prove that today, the level of polarization and the increase in the politicization of the judicial system has changed the freedom of autonomy the judiciary once enjoyed.
  25. President Trump’s Impact on Economy
    However, it is of high importance to analyze how practices and policies, implemented by the president, has impacted the economy of the nation. In conclusion, it should be stated that, based on the current policies […]
  26. Turnover Rate at President Trump’s White House
    The meme was inspired by a series of appointments and quick dismissals from the office that followed numerous politicians during Trump’s time in the office.
  27. Georges Clemenceau’s Letter and President Wilson’s Fourteen Points Speech
    That is why Germany has a massive responsibility for World War I, and it is precisely thanks to the policy of intimidation, espionage, deception, and tyranny that post-war Germany inspired fear and anxiety for the […]
  28. President Trump’s Impeachment: For and Against
    Trump has been the target of a probe that tried to check the claim that his presidential campaign collaborated with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election until the middle of 2019.
  29. Is America Ready to Elect the First Female President?
    The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the current willingness of American society to elect a woman as the U.S.president. However, the major part of the society subsequently considers the idea of a […]
  30. What Is a Successful President?
    In order to govern efficiently and promote policy for the betterment of the country and its residents, a president must not only follow a specific political ideological agenda but rather display empathy, open-mindedness, integrity, and […]
  31. The President’s Czars: Undermining Congress and the Constitution
    Rozell “The President’s Czars: Undermining Congress and the Constitution,” which elaborates a comprehensive definition of a czar, offers a history of the phenomenon, and provides analysis of the matter. The major part of the book […]
  32. Leadership Influence Processes: Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Presidents
    The purpose of this paper is to apply the concept of influence processes to three leaders who adopt diverse styles to transform performance.

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