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74 Franklin Roosevelt Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt
    He was the party leader of the Democratic Party and during his tenure as the president of the United States; he influenced a number of policies that laid the foundation for the American liberalism in […]
  2. Franklin Roosevelt and Veto Power
    In the United States, and as per the constitution, every bill passed by the House of Representatives is given to the president for assent.
  3. Four Freedoms by President Roosevelt
    Throughout the discussion we shall elaborate the four freedoms in a broader way for better understating; we shall also describe the several measures that were put in place in order to ensure the four freedoms […]
  4. Rhetorical Analysis: Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address
    The major aim of the President was to encourage people to take certain steps. The President’s speech was successful as Roosevelt obtained the necessary support of the Americans.
  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal
    According to the program, the federal government would take more roles so as to improve the citizen’s economic welfare. A majority of the laborers had migrated to the west as an escape strategy from the […]
  6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Plans to Combat the Great Depression
    He came to power in 1933 when the United States was in the middle of the Great Depression, and left in 1945 when the world, including the USA, was grappling with the effects of the […]
  7. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Plans to End the Great Depression in His Presidency
    President Franklin Roosevelt rose to power at the time when the U.S.was facing hardships in the economy with the great depression badly affecting the economic activities of the country.
  8. The Monroe doctrine and its Roosevelt corollary
    The main statement of the doctrine was that, any further attempts by the European nations to either colonize or interfere in any manner with the Northern or Southern American states would be perceived as an […]
  9. Roosevelt’s Plan to End the Great Depression
    When he assumed the presidency in 1932, Franklin acknowledged the challenges of the nation, and also the way to get them out of the great depression.
  10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Era
    Roosevelt’s plans were intended to provide relief from the great depression, increase jobs and ensure the safety of the environment through conservation and restoration.
  11. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Presidential Era
    Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States of America. Roosevelt was involved in reviving the economy and the recover started immediately he was sworn in as the president of the United States.
  12. Roosevelt’s New Deal and Joining World War II
    It led to the restructuring of the American economy and the establishment of the new model of relations between business, labor force, and the state.
  13. Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt Was Most Popular Presidents?
    His administration left a lasting mark on the history of the American people because of the way he handled the two largest threats to the world’s stability namely the Second World War and the Great […]
  14. Roosevelt’s Camapign for Japanese Americans
    Once President Roosevelt had occupied the main position in the American government, he issued an announcement that ordered to free all representatives of the Asian nation from internment camps in the territory of the USA.
  15. Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler: Leaders Ways
    This paper aims to reveal the cause of the problems faced by the United States and Germany as identified by their leaders in inaugural speeches and the ways Roosevelt and Hitler were planning to solve […]
  16. Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency and Its Influences
    Accepting the position of the President of the United States on March 4, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt in his speech promised to apply the most vigorous measures to combat the crisis.
  17. Roosevelt’s First New Deal and the Second New Deal
    This decision enabled the federal government to construct dams along the Tennessee River to stop flooding and initiate the generation of affordable hydroelectric power for the resident communities. In August, FDR signed the Social Security […]
  18. Franklin Delano Roosevelt as an Admirable Historical Figure
    His role in the Second World War established the United States as a world leader and a force to be reckoned with.
  19. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Definition of Freedom
    The case of Nicola Sacco can be seen as the starting point of the introduction of Roosevelt’s definition of freedom as liberty for all American citizens.
  20. F. D. Roosevelt and L. B. Johnson: USA Presidents
    It provided a relief to the needy people in the society through the creation of employment opportunities, and improvement on agriculture.
  21. Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech on Unemployment Reaction
    As, I sat down to listen on the FDR’s speech over the radio, and being one of the unemployed labor in the country, I did hope that a better future was on the way.
  22. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Great Depression
    The crash of the stock market in 1929 first was regarded as the beginning of the end, as it provided complex problems in the economy of the United States but it is not considered as […]
  23. American History: Presidents Starting From Roosevelt
    This was all ongoing during the Cold War against the Soviet Union and a part of the strategy was to create the National Security Act of 1947 and this Act gave birth to the CIA […]
  24. “The Presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt” by Oscar Bernal
    A good starting point to analyze the presidency can be the category of crisis leadership, in which the president has to be ranked according to his ability to manage the country during times of crisis.
  25. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Office Term
    The rationale for President Roosevelt running for these additional terms in the office was the perilous times in the early 1940s, as American faced the possibility of war in 1940 and was in the midst […]
  26. Franklin Roosevelt: The Evolution of an American Idea
    The following paper is intended to discuss and explain why the first inaugural speech of Franklin Roosevelt, the retirement announcement made by Lou Gehrig, John Kennedy’s inauguration address, and Martin Luther’s “Dream” disclosure are considered […]
  27. Franklin Roosevelt’s Speech Analysis
    Roosevelt starts his speech from a question of fact Japanese attempts at causing damage to USA by saying that “one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American Island of Oahu, the […]
  28. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Biography
    His credits as a leader are tied to his successful leadership amidst the alarming economic depression that was a challenge to his administration. These are just a few of the great thing Roosevelt achieved during […]
  29. Roosevelt’s New Deal and Its Influence on the Society
    The meaning of the policy of “New Deal” was described by Roosevelt in a speech to the voters, as elements of economic planning for a “more equitable distribution of wealth and goods and supplies, the […]
  30. Stories From the Great Depression: President Roosevelt
    At the same time, the era of the Great Depression was the time when many Americans resorted to their wit and creativity.

📌 Simple & Easy Franklin Roosevelt Essay Titles

  1. The New Deal Was A Series Of Efforts Put Forth By Franklin D. Roosevelt
  2. Persons Of Influence: Albert Einstein And Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  3. How Successful Was Franklin Roosevelt in Achieving His Domestic Policy Objectives During the 1930s
  4. The Critical Thinking of Franklin Roosevelt Ensured America’s Triumph Over Japan
  5. The Policies Pursued by Franklin Roosevelt and Its Effect on the Americans
  6. The Great Major depression By Eleanor Roosevelt Dissertation – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. The Use of Rhetorical Techniques to Inject Faith in the American People in the Fireside Chat of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. The Positive Impact of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal Program
  9. The Impact of Franklin Roosevelt’s Arsenal of Democracy Speech on American Patriotism
  10. What Were The Immediate Challenges Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  11. The Theme of Infamy in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Speech on the Pearl Harbor Attack
  12. The Political Career and Challenges of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in U.S. Politics
  13. The History of the New Deal and the Presidential Terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  14. The Objectives of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Program After the Great Depression
  15. The Social Security Reform During the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  16. Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Great Man
  17. The Life of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and How He Dynamically Changed Unites States
  18. The New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt That Provided Relief to Millions of Americans
  19. How President Franklin Roosevelt Handled the American Depression of 1920s

👍 Good Essay Topics on Franklin Roosevelt

  1. The Ideas Brought Out in Franklin Roosevelt’s Message to Congress in January 6, 1941
  2. The Significant Role of Franklin Roosevelt in Shaping the History of America
  3. The Early Life and Achievement of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  4. The Role and Impact of Franklin Delano Roosevelt During World War II
  5. Three Important Conferences Held During WWII with Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. The Issues Surrounding the Effectiveness of the New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. The Best Policies Brought on by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Legislation
  8. The Original Objectives and Impact of Franklin Roosevelt’s 1944 Economic Bill of Rights
  9. The Life and Political Service of the Paralyzed President, Franklin D. Roosevelt
  10. The Life and Contributions to American Government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Very Powerful Words That Moved A Nation
  12. Political Leaders: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt
  13. The Relationship Between Winston Churchill And Franklin Roosevelt
  14. Motivational Leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  15. The Importance of Franklin Roosevelt in the History of US Presidency
  16. The Effects of New Deal Program by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression
  17. The Early Life, Education, Family and Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  18. The Outside Influences of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Program
  19. Isolationism: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and United States Government
  20. The Life and Achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt a President of the United States
  21. The Influences on the Signing of Executive Order 9066 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  22. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Attack on Pearl Harbor
  23. The Contrast of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speeches
  24. War, Social Upheaval, and the Legacies of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  25. How Franklin Roosevelt Dealt with the Great Depression in America

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